Sunday, August 16, 2009

Big Brother 11Live Feeds Sunday 8/16 Into the Evening

Captain Unitard plays cards with Natalie

Kevin tells his schemed lie to Jeff trying to save his own butt in the game.

Even with all the drama as of late, Sundays are boring in the house. There are no comps. Although the show's scheduled happenings have been impacted, there were no nominations and definitely no PoV. Here are the day's events from inside the Big Brother House of Cards:
  • Michele has Jordan worrying that Russell will target Jeff.
  • I honestly don't think he will. He kept his word to Jessie. I think he'll keep his word to Jeff. He's not an ungracious Lydia.
  • Jordan said of Lydia, "I'm sorry. But that girl's weird."
  • Don't be sorry. It's not your fault, Jordan. She is weird.
  • So am I. But I'm not on national television and the Internet showing all my weirdness for the world to mock.
  • Jordan is still planning to put Natalie and Lydia on the block. But now she's leaning more towards a Lydia exit if she's being honest with Michele.
  • Jordan is also worried about fumbling in any speeches she might have to read off of cards.
  • Russell thinks that Kevin might win if he can make it to the final two.
  • He could. But can he get to the final two is the question.
  • Oh! Excitement is afoot! Russell ... get this ... is deep cleaning the refrigerator!
  • I apologize. I didn't mean to get your hearts rushing.
  • Breaking news: Natalie took a shower.
  • She only took one to wash her hair before Lydia braided it.
  • Jordan told Jeff she thinks Russell is going overboard with the paranoia. He's very worried he might go on the block.
  • Natalie and Lydia think it sucks that America might have a jury vote.
  • Heh.
  • Natalie and Lydia caught that Michele just quickly rinses her hands after using the bathroom and will now make comments on that for days on end.
  • Michele, although not HOH now, got her HOH camera and wrote her blog entry for the CBS site.
  • Kevin is desperately trying to scheme to save his butt. He thinks his only choice is to try to convince Jeff that Russell is targeting him. It's a lie, but he has to do something.
  • I'm pretty sure Jeff realizes it's a lie, but he acts all concerned and grateful to Kevin.
  • I think that Jeff and Jordan don't trust Natalie and Lydia at all, don't trust Kevin but can stomach his gameplay, and remain a bit leery of both Russell and Michele.
  • Jordan trusts Russell less than Jeff does. But Jeff hasn't told Jordan everything that Russell has said to him.
  • That's about it.
  • But remember ... Natalie took a shower. That made this report all worthwhile.


Laurie said...

Off Topic: I used to braid my daughters' hair after washing it so they could have big wavy hair after it dried. Nice memory.

On Topic: I think that Jeff can see right through Kevin and his lies. They should all be expecting lies from the opposing group this week. Lie and deny ... that's how it's going to be and Jeff is sharp.

Why would Russell think he is going up? Because of someone winning the POV? He doesn't think Jordan would put him up, does she?

Judy/JKSP1957 said...

nasty Natty worries about michelle not washing her hands not long enough after using the bathroom. ooooookkkkaaaaayyyyyy,,,,and she showers how often a week?

Nana from the NW said...

Off Topic: I just changed my avatar and hope it works. It is my dog Josie--she is NOT suppose to be on the furniture!! LOL

On Topic: I think Russ is just feeling out Jeff/Jordan to be sure they are solid. I still haven't figured Michelle she really with J/J to a F3 or is she with Russ in F2?? Kevin is a fool to not cut his ties with Nat. and Lydia....especially since Jeff seems to be indirectly offering him an alliance.

As my wv says: bedly I am tired, it's time for bedly!

Mimi said...

I cannot believe that Jeff fell for Kevin's lie! He is up in the room with Jordan talking about back-dooring Russel! He is convinced that Kevin is telling the truth the way it sounds. I will be devastated if he really fell for it.

Nana from the NW said...

No worries Mimi--that group(K/L/N) will self-destruct by Thurs. Lydia can't seem to tell the same lie two times and Jordan is a pretty good read of people. She will figure him out. Of course, I am keeping my fingers crossed that I am right!! LOL

I really need to go to bed and quit reading Joker's....

PDX Granny said...

Goodnight, Nana!!

Good dog, Josie! You jump up on that furniture any time you want! You have every right to be as comfortable as Nana. After all, how would she like to be on the floor all the time???? LOL

WV = plessess
Plural pleases, as in please, please, please Jeff don't fall for Kevin's lies!

Anonymous said...

Apparently J/J/M are planning on still getting Nat out this week and then Russ next, possibly getting kevin to make a final four deal with them.

I actually think this is smart as Russ is a big threat as far as comps go and would be hard to beat in the final 2 anyway. Up to this point I think he has played the game the best and deserves to win out of all of them and it would be wise of them to get him out before Kevin and Lydia who don't seem to win anything.

If Kevin does manage to make it to the final two though he has a very good chance of taking it all cuz of the jury members. Finally he seems to be playing the game, if only he completely abandoned Nat and Lydia and joined with the other side sans Russell he would have a good shot. I personally don't dislike him but I also don't think he deserves to win it all, he's mostly just coasted through the game riding other people's coattails.

ChicMc said...

I think that Lydia is totally playing the HGs. During Jessie's wake she couldn't keep her eyes off the camera! It looked like she was smirking the whole time. IMO that girl knows how to play crazy to her advantage. Reverse psychology, act like you want evicted, oh too bad , you're staying.

I am not too surprised that Jeff might believe Kevin, Russell has turncoated enough times to diminish his word-keeping times.
Also given that Jordan already distrusts Russell, this might be a backdoor for him. I hope not would really like Natalie out of there before the foursome dissolves.

ChicMc said...

You should remember that the gg aren't the sharpest when it comes to being double-crossed. Laura gone, Casey gone, Kevin and the girls do have history on their side. I hope it soesn't work, but I won't be shell shocked if it does. JMO

Joanie said...


I have the same worries as Mimi, I've been watching BBAD and at one point when Jeff and Jordan were having their conversation, one of them actually said, "Why would Kevin lie?"

I stated laughing so hard I started to cry.

Anonymous said...

Michelle just told Jordan that she remembers having that conversation yesterday with Russ even though the whole thing was made up by kevin and nat. wtf??
looks like they want russ out soon, perhaps even this week if someone is saved by the veto. i truly don't get michelle she seems not to be able to remember things that happened just a day ago and always seems like she's lying when she gets all flustered and twitchy. lot of crazies in the house this year.

Anonymous said...

i'm starting to root for russ to win it all

TerryinCA said...

I think Jordan is adorable...
I think they need to get rid of L/K/N as soon as they can
I think most of the jury wouldnt vote for Russell to win they all hate him so much. If it comes down to J/J/R/M it will be a good race to the finish
THANK YOU JAX..she really took a shower?

PDX Granny said...

It sounds like Jeff and Jordon are all confused, not knowing who to believe. One minute they're both saying to get out Nat, then Russ next. Then Jeff will say to backdoor Russ this week, and Jordon says no, she wants Nat to go. Then it switches, and Jordon's ready to let loose of Russ and Jeff's all for keeping him.

They finally decided someone is lying, and they just need to figure out who. Jeff even had the thought that Kevin made up the whole story of overhearing Russ & Michelle just to get them to vote out Russ. Ya think????

Come on, Jeff!! Keep thinking those thoughts!! You're on the right track! Don't believe Kevin!!! GET OUT NAT!!

ChicMc said...

What was the big rush to get a new HOH and then wait so long for the new nominations? Was it to give the HGs a rest? I don't think so.

My opinion is the delay was to give the "other" side a chance to regroup. And that is exactly what they did.

The cosy foursome has become uncomfortable.

Laurie said...
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