Friday, September 04, 2009

Big brother 11 Live Feeds Friday Daytime 9/04

Natalie's HOH robe, crown, and shades put Dustin's to shame.

Here are the day's events from that Big Brother House of Lazabouts:
  • Both Jordan and Michele think they might be making progress with deals with Kevin and Natalie.
  • I don't think so.
  • Kevin and Natalie have a final two pact that they're just not bringing up for discussion with Michele and Jordan. As a matter of fact, they're denying it. Natalie told them they only had a final four deal.
  • Ants and more ants. I hope they give Natalie bug nightmares.
  • Natalie and Jordan talked about how they don't trust Kevin.
  • Sigh. Jordan thinks Natalie's being truthful.
  • Natalie still plans to nominate Michele and Kevin. Of course, she doesn't want Kevin to leave.
  • During an outdoor lockdown, a smaller table was put in the kitchen.
  • Kevin and Natalie are still plotting to drive Michele bonkers. Apparently the diary room has nixed all of their plans.
  • Good.
  • Michele is probably bonkers enough being in the house with them.
  • The feeds have now been blocked with trivia for a while. I'm assuming it's the nominations ceremony.
  • BB was building something for the POV earlier, but since they haven't had nominations yet ...
  • I'll update when I find out.


AlbGlinka said...

The first comment????

Now I can't think of anything to say....

Lars said...

Win POV Michele..
I'm afraid Jordan would remain clueless and still vote out Michele if the nominations remained the same.

I'd give her props if she voted Kevin out.
I don't understand why Jordan is way out in left field, for this reason I don't believe she deserves to win, of course I don't want Natalie but she has played much better than Jordan.

chris said...

i know jordan seems to have gotten dumber and dumber
she was not clueless in the beginning
but she just may vote michelle out if she did win veto
michelle please win the veto!!
get kevin out

mammaroos said...

ok if kevin and michelle are on the block and michelle wins it she won't use it she will let Jordan evict kevin... worse case senario is Kevin winning POV then jordan or michelle will go home..i honestly believe it will be a 3 girl finale.. Now who is gonna break the tie from the jury house there is only 6 ppl in there what happens next

Anonymous said...

America's vote

Anonymous said...

Nat does not get to play in POV due to Pandora Box

Anonymous said...

So apparently the Pandora's Box twist this time is Natalie was offered a visit from a loved one in exchange for not playing in the veto comp. Natalie will not be able to play for the veto!

The visitor was her boyfriend who spent 20 minutes with her and proposed to her! Unbelievable! If he still wants her after seeing what a disgusting, horrible person she is then he is a complete idiot and he can have her - I'm sure no one else (except Joe) would want her. Even thinking about being in the same room with her makes me sick to my stomach!

Karma's Biotch said...

You've got to give Nat (and Kevin) credit for playing this right. They know that POV is all that matters so, by nominating Kevin, the lie that they have no Final 2 deal with each other looks plausible. As a result, it is possible for Kevin to negotiate with whomever wins POV (if it isn't him) to keep him in the game.

Nattie may be Nasty, but she's no fool when it comes to playing BB.

Anonymous said...

Natalie got 8 lbs of Red Vines?!? She eats everything like a prehistoric animal and I can't even imagne how disgusting it would be to have to watch and listen to her eat Red Vines. I will have nightmares thinking about her noisy open mouth chomping. What a pig! Please, please make her go away.

Anonymous said...

The story with Nat and her BF is a LIE LIE LIE madeup by nat and kevin, but she can't play in POV

JimmyB said...

I like Red Vines. But I don't like Natalie!

I'm all-in for Michele. Let's hope Jordan's dumbness doesn't get in the way.

Anonymous said...

Fri 6:23 PM BBT Nat is giving more and more details about the proposal. NT - elsiejean

Fri 6:17 PM BBT Keving is just looking at Nat, not saying a word. NT - elsiejean

Fri 6:16 PM BBT Jordan seems disbelieving - she says "why weren't you crying?" - JimHo
Natalie says she didn't cry. Natalie says she came up with some sort of prank just after she got proposed to. Michele says she is "living in bizarre world" - doesn't understand why Natalie would think to "prank" right after getting proposed. Natalie says all they did during the 20 minutes was talk and he gave her a "twistie" for a ring. Her boyfriend didn't talk game but talked about family and noted that she's "cooking" (lolz).

Fri 6:13 PM BBT Natalie tells the other houseguests that they "got got" by and 18 year old - JimHo
She says it was a prank. Michele claims she didn't believe her. Natalie refuses to believe that Michele saw through her lie.

Natalie is telling them "the truth" now - that she met with her boyfriend and gave up the ability to play in the PoV.

Jordan's jaw drops while she listens to Natalie's story: "Omigod"

Jordan says "shut up" when Natalie says her boyfriend proposed to her. Jordan asks her if this is a joke.

Fri 6:09 PM BBT Nat said her boyfriend was in the room and he proposed to her. NT - elsiejean

Fri 6:09 PM BBT P Box: BB history Pandora - Zap
A loved 1 can come into the house. But she can not play in PoV. She spent 20 mins and her BF proposed to her!!!

Fri 6:06 PM BBT Kev tells Nat that she needs to come up with a good story to explain the PB thing to others, that it must be believable. NT - elsiejean

Fri 6:04 PM BBT Kev talking to Nat about the PB thing and tells her that it will make the other nervous, as they will think she will have a power. NT

Anonymous said...

Natalie and Kevin continue to try to think of ways to mess with Michelle. Thankfully BB is stopping most of their "pranks" which are sick and mean spirited. Natalie also continues to threaten anyone if they touch her stuff while she feels she is allowed to do whatever she wants (including steal) everyone else's stuff.

Growing up without a mother will never excuse her cruel, sick, lying behavior or her inability to see that she is the epitome of everything evil and America hates her. She will have quite a rude awakening when she returns to real life. She is going to need some therapy when she finds out what people think of her.


tbc said...

I hope dragonflies are released at the wedding. :)

monty924 said...

mammaroos said...
ok if kevin and michelle are on the block and michelle wins it she won't use it she will let Jordan evict kevin...

That would be equivalent to pulling a "Marcellus".

Michele will use the veto on herself, Jordan will go up, and Michele will be the lone vote to evict. Bye-bye Kevin!

mammaroos said...

ok now how will america vote the winner will they have us vote before the show or what see i have never seen where there could be a tie sorry for all the questions my brain isnt working lol

Lisa said...

I hope Jordan or Michelle win

Billy Brown said...

Ya know for all of Natalies wrong doings and cruel moments Kevin isn't any better as he just stands there and watches or participates. What they have been trying to do to Michele isn't strategic it's just mean. That said, I would love for a giant dragonfly to come and carry off Nat into the sunset when she loses or wins. I'm really hoping against the win though not just because I don't like her or think she deserves it, I also don't like to vomit and the chances of that happening increase the further I see her go.

Sydney said...

Lynne, and Billy --I totally agree, and

TBC -- LOL!!! dragonflies released at the wedding! That's TOO funny!

HI Albglinka!!!