Sunday, September 06, 2009

Big Brother 11 Live Feeds Into Dawn Sunday 9/06

The big event of the night was their fashion show -- something BB wanted them to do, but they didn't want to do. But, once they got started, they had fun. For a while alliances, misery, lies, and evil were put aside for a good time.
  • They declared Natalie the winner. I think Michele and Kevin did much better.
  • They had beer and wine.
  • Once again no one questioned why the show is allowing an 18-year-old to drink alcohol.
  • Although I think Kevin has doubts with Natalie, it doesn't appear he will turn on her.
  • It still looks like Jordan, Kevin, and Natalie in the final three.
  • Of those three ... I guess I'd like Kevin for the win.
  • I guess.


RJM in SC said...

Of those three, I would like Jordan to win because I think she needs the money the most. Natalie winning would make me throw up in my mouth!

chris said...

just the thought of nat winning makes me throw up

Dottie in NC said...

I'd like to see Kevin man up and get rid of Nasty Nat and for once in this game think for himself.

RyzandShyn said...

I had hopes for Kevin to turn in Natalie so that she'd be a big target for eviction, but I'm going to give him credit for being a faithful alliance guy even if he suspected/knew the real story.
He probably thinks he could do better against J&N rather then J&M in the last set of comps too. From what we've seen so far, he'd be correct.

Looks like Jordan is the one to bring to F2 now. I'm guessing the JH votes for strong game play would not go to her.

Too bad for Michele. I would have liked to see her have a chance to get to the end.

I'll continue to expect the unexpected and wait to see how it all plays out.

Laurie said...

Good Sunday morning everyone! *yawn*

I apologize to Kevin, who is my guy in the pool. I predicted he would be out in the first two weeks. I was wrong.

Now I'd like to see him win the game by playing on his own.

Anonymous said...

We don't know if the others need the money just as much as Jordan. Jordan doesn't deserve to be in the finals, I can't stand her dumbness, doubt its an act, she's to dumb to know how to act!
It's suppose to be a game, thats how a winner is determined.
Don't we all need money. I know many people who've had their homes taken back from the banks.
I can't feel sorry for dumb people.
I had a hard learning time in school my sister still calls me big dummy, maybe thats why I dislike watching Jordan.

JimmyB said...

I dunno. Dumb people usually come by it honestly. Her lack of willingness to really play the game IS Jordan's fault. She can't blame that on stupidity!

Anonymous said...

I agree that Jordan is dense and I do think she is selfish. I also have a hard time feeling sorry for anyone who complains about her family being so poor, yet, gets a boob job. Priorties are messed up and no, she has not played well. She only got this far because of Jeff.
Natalie on the other hand, ironically in her speech described herself when saying the terrible things about Michele. She is a terrible excuse for a human. If her bf did propose, he has something wrong with him as well.

sizzie said...

If they don't win then what was this summer about for----

Michelle? She won an entertainment system, and said they needed a TV, and her husband got some national exposure for his stand up routine. She never would have met and bonded with Jordan..or even a girl like Jordan...and I think they have been good for each other in some ways.

Jordan? She has seen the world outside her home town area. I think this experience will help her decide what the next step is in her life. I am not talking Jeff. I mean, I think she is realizing home is where she is happiest. She misses her friends and family. She misses fitting in. She visited the greener grass and decided things were pretty good back where she belongs.

Jeff? He has national exposure and a popularity with the public that might turn into a new career. He thinks he is too old to model. He would like to act on soaps (I think I heard him say that?)or be a stand up comic. BB was a summer long audition for him. He will need an agent to get busy quickly if any doors are going to open for him, though.

Russ? I think Russ, in a way, is like Jordan. I think the BB house showed him he had a good life and he wants to go back to it.

So? what do you think? Is there a way to win without winning the top two prizes in BB?

sandaroo said...

I'm sure Michelle will be going home this week, & after Jeff leaving she's the one I wanted to win. But between Natalie, Kevin & Jordan I would much rather see Jordan take it all!! So what if she had a boob job!! She seems to be a good human being unlike the other two. I liked Kevin & then I didn't, can't stand Natalie but I've always liked Jordan so out of the three I'd rather see her win. yes she's a bit of dingbat but it's not an act & she's a sweet girl. I hope she pulls it out.

Laurie said...

Sizzie, I love your take on the show and what else the contestants "won" by being there.

I have nothing to add at the moment but it's a good thing to think about for this show and for life in general. Even if you don't get what you went after, what did you gain from the experience? I like it.

RyzandShyn said...

I like this idea you started!

I think Laura learned that maybe having a perfect bikini body is nice, and maybe it opens some doors, but that people want to know the person inside too.

I think Kevin learned that acceptance is growing for alternate lifestyles, that not everyone is quick to judge on that basis alone. The people he shared the house with were all raised by people who taught tolerance. It's nice to know.

I think Chima learned that perhaps she needs more time and more help to heal from the trauma she suffered.

AlbGlinka said...

I'd watch Jeff on a soap opera and I can't stand soap operas... just a random thought on a Labor Day Sunday when I am soo to be laboring.

Thanks for all the updates Jackie!!!

AlbGlinka said...

make that "soon" to be laboring.

joy n said...

Sizzie, that is a good way to look at the seemingly dismal ending we're facing on BB11.

I love Jordan but don't feel she deserves to win. If the BB gods do deign her a winner, then good people don't always finish last. Just doubt that will happen.

Kevin seems to me to be a follower and will most likely follow Natalie to the end of this debacle of a season. The fact that he is now following her lead as an unnecessarily mean-spirited player makes me dislike him, too.

All that can be said about Natalie's choice of gameplay has been said but it just goes against my grain to see she or Kevin win after such a horrible display of poor sportmanship.

It's looking to be an inevitable climax.

But thanks, Sizzie, for giving us another way to look at things.

PlaidChick said...

Joe-- you asked in the previous post about the nom speech..

I found it on another reliable BB site.. Natalie rehearsed it infront of Kevin before the nomination ceremony...

After the nominations.. Jordan was saying the speech felt rehearsed to her.

I wanted to post it because I suspect it will be heavily edited tonight, and I wanted everyone to get the full gist ot it.

DKNYNC said...

In case anyone had any doubts that Natalie was lying about her BF proposing...Natalie DOES NOT EVEN HAVE A BF! In an interview with Diane Henry before she entered the house she says she had a BF for 2 years but they broke up eight months ago, and recently started talking but have not reconciled. She makes it clear she is single. This is not a rumor, it's right out of Natalie's mouth.

Here's the link:

So, who is Jason, and what's up with the letter from dad? Did they plan this whole lie together?

Sasha said...

Kudos to whoever said that Natalie's comments about Michele apply (more) to Natalie. I had the same thought to a large degree.

I don't really feel that lying in the BB game should be judged by our same everyday standards. By its nature/definition BB is all about lying, scheming, alliances and eventually betrayal of the alliances.

I also try to remember we don't really know how these people are in "real life". That being said, I, too, would love to believe that the 'nicer' and more 'likable' people will triumph. It's rare though and it's all in the perception of the beholder. I'm in the minority who never liked Dr. Will so I don't think it happened that season either though many would argue with me on that.

I also don't like the character I see in Natalie this season but I can't fault her gameplay based on the fact that she lied her way through and appears to lie to herself as well. That's BB and we watch it. LOL

I do feel a bit badly for Michele but that's just MHO. And I don't think we'll see Ronnie eat any crow...he'll probably believe, as will Jessie and Natalie that everything he said was 'true'. I don't agree but they will see everything the way they want.

I think I should post more often so they're shorter. Sorry :)

Anonymous said...

Since Jessie outted Nat on the age lie. I'm guessing whoever gets sent there Tuesday will mention Natalie's (fake) engagment - and they will also put together the "i really met w/ a Jury member" lie.

I think there is a fine line with jury members between smart game play and lies...and just don't see this resulting positively for Natalie.

joy n said...

Sasha, it's not just about the lying anymore. It's the fact that Natalie has taken the game to another level. She is reveling in her own meanness to Michele. So unnecessary.

chris said...

If we give michelle the americas choice money it will speak volumes to the other houseguests that hated her and hated on her!
remember how wamber reacted when her precious dustin was ousted my america.
so vote michelle for the money if they give us the chance this year!
wv criess
chris criess at the thought of natalie winning a half mil

Sasha said...

Joyn...I agree! I think my (overly long) post probably was unclear. I don't fault Natalie on lying BUT I don't like her and think she is mean, conceited and full of herself, at least that's my perception of her in the house. That's why I think her reported comments about Michele are more a projection about herself.

It's not even pot-kettle-black because I think Michele comes across as an ok person, mostly alone in the game, and probably out of her element...and still she's done so well!! I'd rather see M win over N any time but I doubt I'll get that wish.

Anonymous said...

I could stand to see Kevin win if he got rid of Natalie...other than that Jordan all the way. Michelle was probably the best of them at this point, but did not come through in the POV =(

america's vote could decide it all in the end.

DKNYNC said...

I wonder if Jessie will be allowed to tell the other jury members about meeting with Natalie? If so then her lies about her age and her BF's proposal may make them think twice about how many other lies she told and how easily she tells them.

I think the jury members are and will be really offended by all her lies. They will feel used and exploited. It's one thing to lie if necessary to further yourself in the game, it's another thing to use people so heartlessly.

Imagine if you allowed yourself to be all excited about someone's engagement only to find out they don't even have a boyfriend and were laughing at you the whole time.

I hope it all comes back to bite Nat in the a** . I have a feeling Nat will gloat about lying to everyone when the jury questions her. I hope the jury is so disgusted by her dirty gameplay that they don't vote for her.

joy n said...

I'd love for your wish to come true, too, but also doubt highly that Kevin would make it so.

sizzie said...

One thing about liars is that anything they say becomes suspect. I was thinking back to so many comments Nat has made in the house. All now come into question. I can't remember the phone conversation. Did we hear any of it to know if the dad did talk of the bf coming over? I do remember Nat talking about it and she brought up that her bf would propose and use a twisty tie. That was back when Russ let her have the phone call. It isn't important, just that I wonder how long she has been working on the bf lie. I think it is a good one to bring into the house at the first of the season. It protects hgs from having to get involved in a showmance, if they don't want it, etc.

Right now Nat is in HOH with Kevin talking about her nom ceremony speech. She must have worn the ridiculous outfit during the ceremony. She is practing on Kevin what she wants to say to Michelle. Kevin wants her to edit it to leave him out of responsiblity for it. I think DR might have told her to do some damage control on her harsh words. She wants Michelle to know that the costume and the mean words toward Kevin (what?)and were so that Michelle would think Kevin was the target and not Michelle and it would make Michelle relax on the Veto, thinking she was safe. And then Nat says and it worked. The words and outfit were all staged to make Michelle feel at ease. What?

Poor Nat, she believes whatever she hears herself say.

My wv is cheas which fits. Geesh!

Anonymous said...

One thing seems to be a certainty - being in power goes to your head.

I think that Nat is becoming a little too confident of her win and she is lying so much more than necessary now that it may be her downfall.

I really do think she is a pathological liar. A pathological liar is usually defined as someone who lies incessantly to get their way and does so with little concern for others. Pathological liars have little regard or respect for the rights and feelings of others. They don't value the truth, especially if they don't see it as hurting anyone. Sound like someone we know?


Laurie said...

Nat seems to me to be one of those people who always needs to have something going on. I don't see her as someone who just be quiet and still and be introspective. I think meditation would be torture for her.

I think that is part of what is driving her to do the pranks and do all the mean talking, etc. Things just need to be stirred up for her to be comfortable.

Just my opinion, of course. As a person who enjoys solitude and meditation, she would drive me crazy in a very short time.

PlaidChick said...

Kevin knows the engagement is a lie. Natalie and Kevin were going back and forth about F2, and
Natalie swore on her engagement that she wants to go to final two with Kevin. He then calls her on it saying "That is fake" and Natalie snarls at him "You better not say I'm making that sh!t up!"

Sizzie, she did wear the outfit.

I have no words for Natalie anymore. I think Dingo sums it up perfectly: habitual liar, sore loser, and gloaty winner as a personality.

sizzie said...

Good point, Laurie, about Nat not being still or satisfied ever. And joyn, I agree Kevin is a follower. I remember liking him a lot when he was quiet and not letting on what he was thinking. I was always sure he was seeing something is a good light and was playing the game well.

I still am not sure what he is thinking, but he haa been going along with and in agreement with Nat on all their Lucy and Ethel plans. He is Ethel, though, very much the comic side kick to Ambition.

And R & S, good comment about Laura, I missed almost all of her time in the house and I think she could have seen through some things the others missed.

Every season at this time, I try to see if any player could be where they are in the game (either out, or in the jh, or still in the house) without having someone else helping them.

lynn1 said...

I believe Natalie's father said that her BF was coming over to watch every BB show with him and that they had been out for dinner once or twice. Natalie seemed very pleased about that.

I wonder since Jessie told Russ & possibly Jeff that he had planned to vote for Jeff to win it all, if when Natalie secretly met with Jesse, she could have bragged to Jesse about some of her more mean spirited actions in the house if the JH folks compared notes would they be inclined to reward her for great game play or penalize her for being mean spirited.

Karma's Biotch said...

Natalie might call Jason her "boyfriend" even if they aren't strictly speaking "going steady". And, if he is a lie, told to Jessie for whatever reason, more power to Natalie: she came to the house with a plan!!!

Frankly, I hope the boyfriend is a total lie, it would make Natalie all that much more worthy of the win. (IMHO) After all, it proves she was playing this game hard not only from day one but from before she even entered the house!

Anonymous said...

How is lying about having a boyfriend a plan that can be interpreted as good? So someone is gross enough to date non-showering Nastalie, big deal!

RyzandShyn said...

Yes, I recall Natalie's Dad saying that the BF and he watched the shows together, and Natalie was pleased. Maybe she left for the show not really knowing what was what or if he would come by her Dad's or not.

I don't think it would help her to have Jesse be the one to come back to the JH with tales of greatness.
He didn't reveal the age lie like he thought it was a great move, he seemed rather disgusted. I took the reactions as "who does she think she is?"

lynn1 said...

Joe, I don't think Natalie was lying about her BF as far as him existing.

When I was talking about her bragging to Jesse I was not referring to her Bf I meant things like trying to mess with Michelle's contact solution which she did not do,stealing Michelle's gloves or her speech to Michelle about being a Christian.

I was wondering how Jesse would see that and if he might tell the other Jury members about it and how they would see it.

You may be correct that they would see it as brillant game play. I don't know, but I was wondering how people other than myself would see it.
Although I don't always agree with everyone's opinions I do enjoy hearing what they think.

lynn1 said...

R&S, I had a similar impression of Jesse's reaction as you did. Although I am not a big fan of Jesse and his narcisstic ego, he does seem to have some values and scruples that I have not seen in Natalie yet.

Karma's Biotch said...

Anonymous said...
How is lying about having a boyfriend a plan that can be interpreted as good? So someone is gross enough to date non-showering Nastalie, big deal!

9/06/2009 6:32 PM

I'm not saying it is a good or even useful lie...although I don't really know what she was thinking. My point was that she was PLAYING from the very beginning. Which, frankly, is more than you can say for Jordan or Michelle.

So, no one wants to be friends with Natalie. She doesn't care. I don't feel the need to like the winner. I hate Jimmie Johnson, but I can't say he's not a good driver. I dislike Tom Brady, but I can't say he's not a good quarterback. I despise what Michael Vick did (come back, Petals :( but I can't say he wasn't an exciting player. I think Barack Obama is charismatic even though I think he is ideologically corrupt. I can separate the two in my mind, maybe y'all can't. That's fine. For me, Natalie played the game the best of anyone in the house this year, that's enough for me to be comfortable with her winning.

Nina said...

I would like to see Nat win b/c it would make u all so mad. Get over it, Jeff was not good at the game and he lost.

But I also think Kev played it all really really smart and it would be very well deserved were he to win.

Karma's Biotch said...

Nina said...
I would like to see Nat win b/c it would make u all so mad. Get over it, Jeff was not good at the game and he lost.

But I also think Kev played it all really really smart and it would be very well deserved were he to win.

9/06/2009 6:59 PM

Careful, Nina, they have teeth in here. LOL

sizzie said...

I think having the boy friend lie (if it is a lie and I am talking any hg doing that as a game plan) could work. Just like the age lie has worked. It is up to other players to find out when someone is lying. That makes them a good player and their not doing that is what has stumped me with Natalie all season. Her lies are outrageous and she gives off all kinds of signs when she is lying and yet, for the most part, those hgs who are living with her, don't see it.

Good points on Jessie and the jury house. I had not thought that the HOH meeting with a jury member could work against the hg. I only saw it as a reward for them. Sneaky BB ! If the hg, in this case Nat, revealed too much, then the jury member (Jessie) could hurt them in the voting.

I have read some places that perhaps Nat and her dad worked out clues for his letter or if they had any contact.

Since we know Nat has been playing the game from the first minute in the house and we know that before she came in she had already decided to play the game as an 18 year old, then it follows that she might have set up some clue to get while in the house.

Nina said...

I think Kev has a really good chance at beating Nat for votes. You guys are overlooking Kev's personality. He will just need to be persuasive. I think Nat can convince the others that her game was better but if she comes over arrogant, Kev might win. (Nat did well though. She really played like a female Dr. Will and that is somewhat impressive to me. Though her game was nothing on Dan's or obviously Will's) I'm really totally cool with either Kev or Nat winning : )

Maybe Jordan will win favorite Juror but that will probably go to Jeff. And Jordan will probably feel so happy for Jeff. I can't believe she was willing to give up her own game for Jeff. That was so pathetic.

Nina said...

And Sizzle, that's ridiculous. Nat played a good game, not a great one. She didn't come up with some sort of elaborate scheme to win. The others were incredibly stupid (e/o except Michelle) or incredibly socially retarded (Michelle). And that's the only reason Nat's lies were not uncovered by the others. Most of her opponents self-destructed, e.g. Russell, Chima, Ronnie and the list goes on.

lynn1 said...

I have to agree that Natalie is much more deserving of winning than Jeff, Jordan, Russ and possibly Kevin.
I am not sure I can say she is more deserving than Michelle. Michelle did no strategic play that I saw, but on her own merits won comps and whatever plans she made were not dependent on having another person carry out her plans. Not saying that is a good thing just a fact. Michelle is not going to be in the final 2. Too bad cause I did like her.

I am the first to admit that the reason I am not enthusiatic about Natalie winning is I simply see her as a mean spirited person. It has nothing to do with how she played the game. Lies and minipulations are necessary to win BB. IMHO she went way beyond that.

I am not mourning the lost of Jeff. He did not play wisely and he lost. Tuff nuts.

I think it is a high probability that Natalie will win. Good for her. I still don't like her.

Anonymous said...

I believe Nat's dad said "Jason" had been coming over for dinner and to watch BB with him. I don't think he actually said it was her bf.

If all her lying doesn't come back to bite her in the butt, then kudos to Nat for being a successful sociopath. I wish her luck surviving all the negative things coming her way.

I think however (and Lydia gave us a hint of this) that the jury members are going to feel betrayed in a very personal way by her lies because so many were not to further her game but just for the sake of lying. Lydia said lying about her age "was wrong on so many levels"

I hope Jessie finds out that Nat claimed he told her he loved her and wanted her to leave her bf for him and was mad at her because she shot him down. I think that may be enough for Jessie to refuse Nat his vote.

If Michelle and Jordan end up on the jury I hope they learn that Nat met with Jessie and didn't really get a proposal from her bf.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I miss P. The other one, I could live without.

Anonymous said...

Nice shot of Jordan, by the way. Not fat looking at all.

sizzie said...

Nina, I agree it would be ridiculous to say Natalie was more than a good player.

meb said...

This is an older post Jackie, but I know you'll read this... the picture of Jordon on this post looks quite a bit like Bonnie Hunt, don't you think?

wv is twiteer... Jackie does, I don't.