Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Big Brother 11 Live Feeds Into Dawn Tuesday 9/08

You can almost guess what's been going on even without watching the live feeds! But let me tell you the happenings from inside that Big Brother House of Plotting Polliwogs:
  • Jordan napped a lot. I've lost any hope that she's going to rally for a win.
  • Natalie still wears her twist-tie ring.
  • Michele is still trying to work on Kevin for a final two deal. She told him there's no way he could win against Natalie with the jury, but they (Kevin and Michele) give him an edge towards the big win.
  • Kevin told Michele that Natalie has said she'd turn the jury against him if he goes against her will and she leaves the house first.
  • Kevin humored Michele and seemed very sympathetic to her plight, but I don't buy his act. He's a Natalie minion for life.
  • He later told Natalie the whole thing and both Natalie and Kevin reaffirmed their final two commitment.
  • Natalie suggested that Kevin go to Jordan to have her throw the final comp to him -- promise to keep her in the final two.
  • I don't think even Jordan is that dumb!
  • When Kevin spoke to Jordan, she said she's sure that Natalie and Kevin would pick each other for the final two.
  • Jordan doesn't think she can beat Natalie in the final two with the jury.
  • Both Natalie and Kevin have hinted that the diary room seems to want them to keep one over the other (Jordan, Michele) but I can't get a handle on which one. I believe it may be Michele but the feeds kept getting blocked every time they talked about it.
  • Natalie is worried that Kevin will betray her and keep Michele.
  • Natalie is also planning to throw the endurance part of the comp and is wondering how long after Jordan she should fall.
  • Kevin denies he will betray Natalie.
  • I wish he would. As much as I think Jordan is a sweetie, I think Michele would be a better final three competitor for us to watch.


RJM in SC said...

Well, at least Jordon and Jeff will see each other soon if things as BB wants. sigh

DKNYNC said...

Why does everyone allow Nat to bully them into doing what's best for her? Kevin, wake up! If you take Nat to final 2 you lose. If you vote her out she won't turn the jury against you - they'll respect you for getting her out. It's a game! Jeez it's Yvette and Maggie all over again except Natalie is even more despicable than Maggie and that's saying something

Thanks for everything Jackie. Don't know how you can stand watching Nat but we appreciate it.

Joe in NY said...


Your argument is rooted in the belief that Michelle wouldn't turn around on Kevin and take Natalie to the F2. If you're Michelle, I don't think it is clear or automatic that taking Kevin to F2 gives you a better chance to win. Kevin was part of the same alliance, Kevin has Lydia on the jury, Kevin peformed better in comps than Natalie.

I think Natalie and Kevin get all the same votes vs. Michelle with the exception of Lydia and Jessie who might go the other way. But, while Jessie might vote for Jordan because he dislikes Kevin, I doubt jessie votes for Michelle because of the whole Ronnie thing. (Ronnie was Jessie's boy, remember.)

So Michelle vs. Kevin probably goes:

Michelle: Jeff , Jordan, America (Russell???) - although Jeff and Jordan said some awful things about Michelle also
Kevin: Lydia, Jessie, Natalie, (Russell???)

So, it is IMHO all up to Russell.

Michelle vs. Natalie probably breaks about the same way.

In the end, I could actually see J/J voting for either Nat or Kevin against Michelle which would result in a rout.

Tough call, if I'm Kevin. But getting Michelle out and keeping Jordan would certainly seem to make the final comp easier to win. In that case, Kevin doesn't have to worry about whether Michelle or Nat will throw him under the bus: he has his future in his own hands.

Anonymous said...

Okay, so there are so many things that seem unfair in the house lately. Can anyone explain to me...

1) How is BB allowing Natalie to steal Michele's gloves! Michele is looking all over for them and Nat went through her things, took them out of her bag and hid them. Why is that being allowed?

2) Natalie knew that Ronnie gave his space princess suit to Lydia but Michele and Jordan did not know that. So the HOH question about Ronnie attending a sci-fi convention in his costume was an unfair question. Only Natalie knew that was impossible.

3) How did BB allow Natalie to receive potentially game changing info from her BF. He told her she has a lot of haters online (which definitely gives her an unfair heads up as far as America's jury vote). She said she asked him if it was a good move for her to evict Jeff. and he said, "Yes." How did BB allow any game talk with an outsider?

4) What's up with the "technical problems" with the last POV. Michelle implied they played separately and Kevin said he has extra time to think about his answers? Does anyone know what really happened?


and one more thing: I read BB put an ad out for Pandora's Box Part 2 and it stated that "this time, the Jury House will be packing the punch." What is that about?


sizzie said...

Thanks for the update, Jackie. The outdoorsiness of Survivor is going to be so welcome, isn't it! The house is closing in on them and us, I think.

I, too, think Jordan is DUN. She lost the rest of her confidence in that last Veto. Unless the HOH has questions about Jeff and only Jeff. She could, if she thought of it, turn the game around by doing something to leave...something like an illness or injury....so she went to the jury house and wasn't expelled. That would make it necessary for Michelle to stay. this is fantasy, I know. I am just saying

Michelle, should be hitting Kevin with how he will be received on the outside of the house. She should by pass the jury and make him see what his post house life will be. If she only talked about what his boy and his friends think and the blunder he is making (in their eyes) she might have a shot of it. Again just taking a flight of fancy because things are very predictible right now. Kevin admires Nat and it could be he is always the subservient in a relationship.

Jackie, on yesterday's post you gave advice to Michelle. Run, as fast as you can from nat, it isn't worth the money to be around her. And, that I agree with. Michelle will be lucky to be released soon and start resurfacing back into her life.

DKNYNC said...

Joe in NY,

Kevin should be thinking of whether he has a better chance of beating Nat or Michele with the jury, and of which one he can trust to take him to final 2 instead of letting Nat bully him into doing whatever she wants.

I think it should be more than obvious to him that Nat is a liar who cannot be trusted! I think Michele is more likely to be thankful he saved her and stick to her agreement to take him to final 2.

I can't see Michele taking Nat to final 2. Nat has been horribly mean to Michele and she probably thinks (since Nat's hands are clean and she made nice with everyone before they left) that she would lose to Nat. She's more likely to keep her word and take her chances with Kevin.

DKNYNC said...

I see it playing out like this: Kevin has a chance against Michele but almost no chance against Nat.

Kevin vs Michele: too close to call
Jessie - Kevin (vote same as Nat)
Lydia - Kevin
Russell - Michelle
Jeff - Michelle
Jordan - Michelle
Natalie - Kevin(never vote Michele)
America - ??

Kevin vs Natalie no contest
Jessie - Natalie
Lydia - Kevin
Russell - Natalie
Jeff - Natalie
Michelle - Kevin
Jordan - Natalie
America irrelevant - Nat wins

cha cha said...

I think I heard kev and nat saying yesterday they were playing for 50,00.00 They are stupid. Who plays for that.
Well Nat is playing for the whole enchilada....She needs to pay for the wedding...Let her man ride her winnings till they are gone

ChicMc said...

It is kind of funny listening to Natalie and Kevin rant about the DR trying to fill their heads with reasons to keep Michele.

Poor, naive 1st time HOH that she is, Natalie wouldn't realize that this is modis operandis(sp) for every HOH and POV holder.
It is apparently the DR's job to fill their heads with doubt and suspicion.

Kevin has had POV before, so I don't know why he is acting all affronted.
Unless, it is his fall back explantion if he does decide to keep Michele.

Because of course he is unable to make a decision that hasn't been vetted by Natlie.

ChicMc said...

should have said isn't allowed instead of unable

Anonymous said...

Kevin is an idiot if he doesn't see through Nat by this point. Nat doesn't want Kevin to keep Michele because Michele could win and she would take Kevin to Final 2. Granted the odds are astronomical that Jordan would win but she would also take Nat. I also think Nat will probably take Jordan to the Final 2 because she knows she can walk all over her, intimdate her and convince not only the jury but Jordan herself that Jordan did nothing and Nat deserves the win. I think I am going to be sick now.

Joe in NY said...

cha cha said...
I think I heard kev and nat saying yesterday they were playing for 50,00.00 They are stupid. Who plays for that.
Well Nat is playing for the whole enchilada....She needs to pay for the wedding...Let her man ride her winnings till they are gone

9/08/2009 9:37 AM

Well it sure beats the talk about aiming for the $750 per week in jury house! LOL

I think the $50,000 talk is because they know it is a crapshoot with the jury, so they just want to guarantee they walk away with something. Make F2, guaranteed $50,000. Finish 3rd, NADA. It's actually pretty practical.

Joe in NY said...


You may be right, but I'm not so sure of the Kevin/Natalie voting. I think she gets the "Bro" vote, but I'm not sure. Russell could go either way. And, frankly, I think Jeff/Jordan could go either way also.

lynn1 said...

I think in previous posts I have made it abundantly clear that I am no fan of Natalie.
I have to say though it makes me sad and almost ill that if Natalie is in the final 2 with Kevin or Jordan that she has earned the win.
I don't like how she earned it but she has definitely out-played and out-witted those 2 morons.
I won't be cheering for Natalie to win but I will concede better game play.

Joe in NY said...

lynn1, I agree. In fact, that's all I've ever said. Natalie may (or may not, it is a game after all) be a despiccable person, but she has run the house for most of the season (CD'E, Chima meltdown excepted). Frankly, I think she has outplayed everyone who was ever in the house this season. Whether she's that good or they are that bad...hard to say.

Laurie said...

Good morning everyone! Hope you all have a wonderful day.

See you tonight for whatever happens!

cha cha said...


I have said for the last 5 weeks that if Nat is in the final 2 she deserves the win.
I believe I stated the Survivor Mantra on her as well.
I can't stand her but unfortunatly the jury will decide their fate.
At least we have the chance to vote for america's choice.

Are the evicted houseguest in sequester already. I don't think it would be fair that Ronnie got to vote on America's choice.

Anonymous said...

I am thru, finished, kaput! After the way this season has gone, I will NEVER watch BB again.
I don't even care who winds this year. It's all anticllimatic. I hate the way BB has let Michelle be tormented and done nothing about it. No More for me.


DKNYNC said...

Joe in NY,
You can never be certain where the jury's heads are at when they vote. Sometimes they really surprise you. There are arguements to be made for both kevin and Nat as far as gameplay so....that being said Nat made nice with Russell before he left and Russell never liked Kevin so I think his vote will go to Nat. Jeff was still waffling until the last day telling Jordan to stick with Nat or Michele (but never Kevin) and I think he and Jordan still (incredibly, foolishly) think Nat is sweet and haven't seen through her act. So, I think they'll vote for her too.

cha cha said...

I believe with the jury knowing Nat is not 18 that will be the end for her. She plays with Honesty, Integrity and loyalty????
The first words muttered were a lie.
With Jessie telling the jurors about that I may think he now definetly doesn't want her to win and has sabatoged her. I think that will put her in the second place.
Remember this is MY OPINION!!!

Or the jury will see that she fooled everyone and pretty much ran the house and deserves to win..

I am not happy with the outcome of this season but voted for Michelle to win America's choice.
I have gone to every computer at the office and voted and with my three comps at home done the same thing.

Margo said...

Starlight, starbright
I wish I may I wish I might
I wish it was Natalie going home tonight

Margo said...

Laurie - I'm changing your name to Positive Patty.

Have a loverly day.


Patty said...

Hello Everyone!

I have not been posting, but I have been keeping up with what each of you have to say. Jackie, you still are rockin it with this blog!

It is pretty sad when BB makes rules, only to not enforce them with the house guest...but then look how BB starts out the season with a game plan and they too cannot stick to it and change it midway through the season when it is not working as planned. Oh well, expect the unexpected! With all that said, it still brings us back to watching another season. We learn to love to hate the one we started out liking.

I do hope that Michele is able to walk away with the $25,000, as I feel she has endured much punishment from all the hgs with their words and yes Michele has had made her comments being known, but most of all their actions towards her. I also thought Jeff played the game until he started attacking Michele with his personal feelings of her...after all I believe he is the one that said "Treat others as you want to be treated."

Oh well at this point not too much matters who wins. After all it is Big Brother and we should expect the unexpected.

I am looking forward to another season of Survivor. It looks like from the commercials, it may be a season that you have to come in with tough skin already.

I guess I will let this season of BB come to an end. I will pick up next season seeing if there is anyone I start out liking, only to end up questioning myself as to why I like them in the first place at the end of the season. I am sure I am not the only one who goes through this process lol!

AlbGlinka said...

Hi everyone, I'm celebrating MY Labor Day day off today. (Life in Retail-Land)

I GOT GOT! I've watched this whole season and have had to endure the unlovely Natalie on my TV screen for the whole time. BB, you owe me all my wasted time back.

Jackie, you're the best.

ChicMc said...

Thanks for the laugh Alb Glinka as I head off to work.

WV is plyrsin
Hmm... wonder to whom that could refer?

sizzie said...

I just reread the message I (too) hurridly wrote this morning. I didn't mean that Jordan should get sick or hurt. I was thinking she could, if she had thought of it, faked something. But, then, that would make her into more of a Natalie and Jordan doesn't play that way. Jordan is more upfront and in your face, as with Russ and not cut out for the underhanded stuff

sizzie said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sally said...

I REALLY hate to say this, but I agree that Natalie has shown some good game skills. She's a great liar, able to quickly spin a tale to cover any situation. She's a masterful manipulator. She's a strong strategist. She stay stayed focused. She had a game plan coming in, and worked and refined that plan throughout the season.

If that was the whole story, I could have supported her for the win. But she carried things to extremes, well beyond what was necessary to win the GAME. She's mean to the point of being cruel, thoroughly enjoys causing pain/distress for others, lies for no reason at all, holds grudges, breaks rules but quickly reports others' rule violations, is hard-hearted, untrustworthy and self-absorbed. I suspect she's a psychopath, and she's slovely to boot.

I hope Nat doesn't make it to the final 2! I'd hate to see her rewarded financially for her dispicable behavior.

Laurie said...

Well said, Sally, well said.

Positive Patty (aka Laurie)

Amy said...

I agree Michelle is a better game player than Jordan,

Chauncey, not Billups said...

I have been watching BB since season 3 and this by far is the worst season ever IMO. BB producers have got to get better on screening these people. How in the hell could Nat pull this 18 yr old lie thru the whole season without anyone figuring it out, only an imbecile couldn't figure this out. I know things are stressful in the house and stress causes you not to think clearly sometimes but come on, would CBS let the world see them letting a 18 yr old drink alcohol repeatedly......Lydia brought nothing to the show, Jessie was his same arrogant self that america hated last season so why bring him back, they knew that Chima had issues and was a ticking time bomb but put her on anyway and she messed the show up, and the clique crap screwed up the season from the begining especially when one of the teams was gonna get a xtra player. The CDE was an attempt to right what was wrong with the season and that helped some but in the end too many HG are just plain not that smart or bold enough to make big moves. Love Jordan she is sweet as pie but dumb as a rock at times. Kevin knows Nat cant be trusted but he is still doing what she says....Iidot, grow a pair and make the move to keep Michelle. Michelle has a PHD but clearly she has issues. I have said this before but if they get more older HG that would bring up the IQ more and would be a better game. IMO

sorry about the rant just had to get this off my chest.

Joe in NY said...

Chauncey, I think CBS kinda likes the show the way it is. The problem with older, wiser, calmer folks is that they don't go off the deep end and create the drama that these hand-picked young, borderline personalities do. It does seem that they've jumped the shark a bit in recent seasons, choosing less and less stable personalities, but it kind of worked this season. I think y'all are forgetting just how excited you were CD'E week. How mad you were when Russell got booted. How apoplectic you were during the Chima meltdown. And, admit it, Natalie made you feel something this summer - even if it was anger and loathing. In the end, isn't that what CBS wants: an emotionally vested audience that laughs, smiles, jeers and boos.

Good job, CBS. You've created a great show and a sad commentary on American society all at the same time!

Laurie said...

Maybe a new twist could be to have only players who are 35 and older for a season. Maybe less brawn and beauty but a whole lot more brain and game!

Chauncey, not Billups said...

Joe, i know they want ratings but at what cost? If they mixed it up some they could have the both of both worlds. Yes they have gone a bit to far the last few years.

Anonymous said...

At the rate they are going, the only ones still watching BB, will not be the ones that will buy what the advertisers are selling. IMO

cha cha said...

Kev just told Jordan she is staying but Michelle told Kevin she will give a speech that changes his mind...
I think he is still going to follow Nats instructions....

I just read that the ratings were significantly(sp) down for Sundays show...I guess with the eye candy(jeff) gone chicago isn't watching anymore.

Margo said...

I think Michelle - might have to go from BB right in to therapy to help her restore her self esteem. Man has she taken a figurative beating.

I think Natalie and Jason should get couples counseling before the marriage just so he is sure he can handle his new bride and the obtuse world in which she lives.

I'm missing the show tonight cause I'm off to the dress rehearsal of Amadeus at The Rep. I will check in in the morning.

I did leave a big tub of iced Anheuser Busch products next to the pool so help yourselves.

I'm still wishing!!

Anonymous said...

Just finished reading Natalie's HOH blog, not a good advertisement for her alma mater.
Maybe, its just that she has been playing an 18 year old so long that her writing has regressed to that of a high school student.

She must be looking in the mirror while describing Michele or she transposed her own name with Michele's.
Is she really that self delusional?

Anonymous said...

Hey Guys

It's not too late to vote for America's Choice I just voted for Michelle and that was my forth time,at cbs.com. I had to do it on four different days, however I just did it again and all of you should too.

cha cha said...

I have liked michelle from the beginning of the show. Yes I thought I wanted Jeff to win then but as soon as Jeff gog HOH I hopped on the michelle wagon.
I have been going over and over in my head why Nat thinks that Michelle is just a horrible person.
It seems to me that I can't think of a reason. Yes Michelle has lied in the game just as much as everyone else(if not less) but nowhere near the level as Nat.

I will be sad to see her leave tongiht.
DR just called Kev in.Nat thinks they are still trying to change Kevins mind. All they would have to do is tell her little lie...the first one. Not the other thousands she has told

Anonymous said...

i have been voting like once an hour for michelle, take a break and do it every so often

Anonymous said...

It's a live show tonight right? Is it on usual later time tonoght also?

Laurie said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Laurie said...

Yes, the show is live tonight (at least part of it) and it's on at 9 pm on Tuesdays.

May lightning strike anyone who lies about lying!

Anonymous said...

All who believe Jason & Natalie will wed stand on your heads. SHe is about as interested in him as I am (I am not a gay guy). That was the sorriest proposal acceptance I've ever seen. That was almost a kiss you would give to someone that was maybe just a little more than a old boy friend. She will not marry him understand any circumstance. That being said, I wish Michelle good luck and a successful career, she really didn't deserve to be in a house with a bunch of imbeciles. A lot of people on this blog and others were always saying how weird she was, I didn't find her weird at all but someone with some integrity and smarts, they all lied including the so loved by all Jeff, he lied to Russell and then allowed Jordon to spew her venom at him for no reason at all

Anonymous said...

Michelle is odd and she is socially immature for her age. I can't stand the way she eats and she didn't disappoint over breakfast this morning. She is boring with nothing to say, but I will miss her too. That doesn't say much for the remaining folks in the house.

Anonymous said...

Lets say that Natalie wins :( I just hope they do not bring her back for other shows in the future!!
When they showed that shot of Jessie in the Jury house sitting on the couch & obviously he has been working out as he did look massive BUT he had a tiny little head! (Which is most likely the same story in his underoos.)
BB sure is coddling him by letting him have tear-a-way shirts & those purple leggins, my god! It has to be part of the reason he agreed to come back this year.

Anonymous said...

Lets say that Natalie wins :( I just hope they do not bring her back for other shows in the future!!
When they showed that shot of Jessie in the Jury house sitting on the couch & obviously he has been working out as he did look massive BUT he had a tiny little head! (Which is most likely the same story in his underoos.)
BB sure is coddling him by letting him have tear-a-way shirts & those purple leggins, my god! It has to be part of the reason he agreed to come back this year.

Anonymous said...

I.E. Michelle is sitting on the couch alone, screwing up her face while thinking and on the verge of crying again. Please put on your big girl panties, you are not a child.

Anonymous said...

The mere mention of Gnat's name over the speakers, sends Michelle into a new sniffle and when Gnat walks by, she really tries to add tears. She must be acting, acting bad, but I hope to gawd she is acting.

Anonymous said...

Anon 6:01 get over the way MIchelle eats. Have you ever watched the way Natalie eats ? HOw graceful is it to watch a pig.

Anonymous said...

Agreed...they eat like cows and pigs.

monty924 said...

I'm staying positive and wishing on a star like Margo. I hope, hope, hope Kevin switches it up at the last minute and keeps Michele.

She (Michele) has had all of my votes since the voting opened. She deserves the money for all the crap she's had to endure in this game. JMO!

See everyone later in the blog party comments.

RyzandShyn said...

I was intimidated by Natalie saying she'd turn the jury house against Kevin, and I'm just READING it. Poor Kevin for having to live it. Although, I guess he doesn't have to, he's a bit of a schmuck when it comes to Natalie.

I don't think the JH would think it was any great shakes that Kevin got out Natalie. They all probably have nice things to say about her.
Do you think they compared notes and declared her a mastermind? I don't. I think she'd have to toot her own horn during questioning for them to realize the moves she's played.

No kidding,
wv: coxfula
I'm not even trying it.

Margo said...


Which ever team wins the Pool gets bragging rites until the next season starts.

The teams are:

Jordan – Becky, meb, Lynn1
Kevin – Tessa, NanaNW, Laurie
Michele – Sydney, ORKmommy, Susan FL
Natalie – Caroline, Jennasmom, Plaidchick

Braden – KarenCA, Monty924, DonnaAL
Laura – nomad, SueGee, Sasha
Casey – PDX Granny, Jackie, Patti in kzoo
Ronnie – Sally, Catonine, nina
Jessie “Pinhead’ – Lars Eller, Feral Cat, Petals
Chima – Brent McKee, Delee, DonnaFL
Lydia – Witt, RBennie, Gaylos
Russell– TerryCA, Zoetawny, Aunt Leigh
Jeff– sizzie, dla, Margo

sizzie said...

Thanks Margo, for the pool and the refreshments..enjoy your play tonight (or rehearsal?)

joy n said...

OT - DWTS: Just read on People.com that Maksim and Karina have called off their wedding. No other comments.

Sally said...

I just read Nat's HOH blog. and she truly is delusional. She says:

"Many people may not realize, but Michelle has played the game really dirty, beyond dirty. I don't respect how Michelle has played this game and that is why I want her out. Yes this is a game and you must lie, cheat, and manipulate, but there is a certain point where you draw the line and Michelle went pass that line."

Michelle should be saying that about Natalie!

In the blog, Nat also claims to be a quasi missionary, helping Kevin gain religion, and saying that God has helped them both "tremendously" in the game. I personally doubt God much cares about who advances in a silly reality game.

Nat did say that her "loyalties lye" with Kevin. That might be true--her loyalty may be as caustic and damaging as lye.

joy n said...

GOD really may strike her dead.

This girl is sick.

Anonymous said...

So what is it specifically that Michelle did that makes Nasty so mad? I can't come up with what she means about Michelle being evil in her nomination speech and HOH blog.
I'm just so disappointed in how this turned out. Makes it less fun to watch for sure.
I'm also wishing on the stars for Michelle to stay,
Girlsmom, IA

Anonymous said...

There is an HOH blog and a HOH twitter? Where?

Anonymous said...

The HOH blog, twitter and vote for America's Choice is cbs.com

chris said...

i agree with voting for michelle which i have been doing, she deserves the 25,000 and it will shut up those nasty players.
what ever became of the fact that kevin saw the pov questions during a technical problem??
that just makes it worse!
they lie, they cheat and they get away with it!
and then kevin is convincing jordan to just give up on part one of the hoh
she really is by far the dumbest player if she falls for that, heck she may just win that title without doing anything more!
i can only hope that kevin wins over natalie in the jury house but it seems unlikely
what is he thinking
if he takes jordan he stands a way better shot!
as she will get jeff and michelle's vote perhaps, but who else? not jessie, not lydia and not russell and certainly not natalie despite what natalie says

Sally said...

HOH twitter: http://twitter.com/bigbrotherHOH

HOH blog:

Joe in NY said...

Anonymous said...
At the rate they are going, the only ones still watching BB, will not be the ones that will buy what the advertisers are selling. IMO

9/08/2009 4:52 PM

Ummm...isn't that the only people they want....

Anonymous said...

I voted for Michelle even though she eats like a cow.

Anonymous said...

I always thought that the people they wanted to watch BB were the ones who would buy sponsors products. Not the ones ones who wouldn't.
Oh silly me , I guess.

constant gina said...

wow...I had a feeling it was going to be someone I didn't expect to leave.