Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Big Brother 11 Live Feeds Into the Dawn Wednesday 9/09

Good morning, good morning! What better way to start your day off than by looking at Natalie chomping food with her mouth open! Did you notice that last night during the comp she even ate Mentos with her mouth hanging open? Perhaps if she wins the big bucks, she might want to invest in manners school, eh?

The top two rows on the Memory Wall are black and white now.

To be honest, not much has happened since the big comp. If you want to read about it and see the screen caps, check out the endurance comp post. I just felt I should get a new post up so people don't have to wade through 300 comments. I napped, I completed both the show review post and a spoilers post for TV Squad ... and I'm ready to nap again. Thankfully it's my day off from my day job.

They ate hot cups of noodles, then pizza. They were exhausted (as were all of us who hung in with them) and cold. I wasn't cold. They hit the bed early -- around midnight their time. I hit the bed late (my time, ET) and didn't stay long.

Maybe I should eat some pizza and chew it with my mouth open.


sizzie said...

Thanks Jackie, you're the best !

No BB comment from me, there is not much left to say, except it is a long time until the Finale. That is the true endurance comp...watching the last week of feeds.

Cha Cha said...

Jackie you are awesome...Just like every season!

I thinkthe true endurance not only is watching the last week but waiting until next season.

May they not bring anyone back from past seasons and pick a better group of people. And NO STUPID TWISTS!

I am hoping Michelle wins america's choice. It will show all the idiots in the house how stupid they were.

I can't believe Nat kept it up last night talking about Michelle and saying she just wanted to get to Jeff. I was happy it didn't throw Jordan off..To bad she fell first.
I do think that Kev needs to tak Jordan to the finals. This way he has a better chance at the win.
Michelle will vote for him in the end.

Sydney said...

I'd like to say I hope Kevin wises up and takes Jordan, but Natalie will try to sway votes and she was successful swaying former enemies Jeff and Jordan to her side, so I would not put it past her to say we were F2 til the end and then he dumped me... he is not loyal, he does not deserve it.

When it comes down to it, does Kevin have the balls? She will say I GAVE you the last HOH, I GAVE you the POV, etc...

Jessie would vote against someone who ousted Natalie

I hope Lydia would still vote for Kevin. Jeff hates him so he would not and of course would vote for Jordan as would Michelle. Russell?

What do we think?

Lara said...

Jackie - thanks for a job well done as you do each season.

I understand that playing this game is probably harder then we see on TV - but I just do not understand Natalie's anger towards Michelle. She really didn't do anything that was so horrible that she deserved to be called the devil or the worst person Ronnie had ever met. (maybe they both need to take a long look at themselves in the mirror) Michelle was hurt by her goodbye message you could see, I just do not agree with the houseguests being so nasty in those messages.

I do not think a houseguest has rubbed me so wrong as Natalie has - not even Mike Bogie's actions at the end of the All Stars season bothered me as much as Natalie.

And if I could write a letter to Kevin or fly a plane over the BB house, I would write - "You are a dingbat! You should not have trusted Natalie! You just handed her $500,000 when you voted out Michelle."

cha cha said...

I guess after Kev gets out and see the tapes and hears from his Boyf(as they say) he will know what his downfall was.

I would like to hear from all the houseguests a month after release from the house and see what they think then.

Would love to hear michelles comments

cha cha said...

On Evel Dicks facebbok and myspace he says there will be a big announcment from Cbs today. I will post it below.--------------------------------------------------------
Big Announcement....

The final three is so fucking horrible this year that they are going to have a triple eviction and tell them all to kill themselves, that they suck, America hates them (except Jordan, but she won't understand anyhow) and that they are replacing them with myself, JP, MB & DR. That way at least someone might watch the final episodes and give a fuck what happens.

But CBS will have something to say today....
Listen for it and watch thurs

TerryinCA said...

You are so the best to hang in there Jackie! AND to stay Funny too!!!
I supposed Kevin wouldnt get a clue and kick Natalie off .....nah...this is probably a dumb deal....with the jury thinking who the heck do I pick??

Laurie said...

Jackie, thanks for hanging in last night. I couldn't do it and I'm in the west coast! Sorry to read Jordan fell off, but she sure did hang in there longer than anyone (including me) thought she would/could.

As others have said, now it's time for our endurance comp. We can only hope Kevin turns a new leaf and ditches Natalie at his last opportunity. I don't expect it will happen.

meb said...

Jackie, thanks so much for staying up and posting who won... Of course we knew when Jordon fell that was the end of the competition, but you had to persevere for us to get to that point. You're a real trooper!

I'm sad... Unless Kevin goes back on his word to Natalie, Jordon is gone and she probably won't even get to the jury house, so she won't get to see Jeff until later when they all get together to ask their questions of the F2.

Yep, I'm sad...

cha cha said...

does anyone think the big new from cbs is there will be another winter edition?
It would make sense. The raitings were up this year the first time in ten years and there isn't a whole lot on the plate for cbs being unveiled. Are they expecting shows to fail and throw big brother in there?

Laurie said...

Maybe CBS is throwing a wedding for Natalie!

Ugh ... that was hard to write.

cha cha said...

its not as hard to write as she actually told the truth for once.

Anonymous said...

lol Laurie, funny.
I think Pig Pen is a good name for Natalie.
I felt bad for Michele when she was saying such mean things to her. I feel like she held up well, I would be bawling all the time. No way I would be in that house.
There should be some kind of show after the houseguests have been out for a couple weeks, like they do on bachlorette. I would love to hear their opinions after they see the tapes. Better yet, have us watch some of their reactions to the DR sessions.

Joe in NY said...

Good move, I think, by Natalie. Throw the endurance comp to Kevin to solidify his trust in her. I'm not sure what happens if Jordan pulls off a minor miracle and wins HOH, but Natalie is still in pretty good shape.

I still don't see any clear advantage in choosing Jordan over Natalie. It's a crapshoot either way. I only see Kevin and Natalie with one solid vote (Jessie and Lydia) and then I'm not sure how the others vote. America probably is solid for Jordan as is Jeff. I think that leaves Jordan with 2 solids to 1 each for Kevin and Natalie. It's all too confusing...

chris said...

Natalie is worse than mike boogie!
she is a horrible person and the thought of her winning makes me hurl
i think michelle made a good offer to kevin but he was afraid to show his cards to natalie.
however if he reasoned it out he would have had two people trying to win 2 out of 3 parts of a competition. with jordan kevin is on his own.
now if kevin loses part three we will never know if he would have had the nerve to take jordan!
kevin has a shot even with jessie, if he ousts natalie, since jessie said he would have given a vote to jeff he may not hold a grudge on nats behalf.
so i see kevin getting jessie, russell, lydia, and natalies vote against jordan
natalie i really dont think would ever give it to jordan!remember she thinks she is way superior and that jordan is worthless so why would she then give her the vote.
just my opinion.(and my hope)
so kevin for the win, jordan for the 50k and michelle for the america choice and the season can be salvaged.
unfortunately nat may just win part three and ruin everything AGAIN!

sizzie said...

Laurie, A CBS wedding would certainly explain why they let the ex come in and propose and eat sushi with her.

I think they might get an entire mini series out of it, though.

First we could got to the lawyer's office and watch them working out the details of the prenup.

Then we could see Natalie choose white satin basketball shorts to match her wedding veil.

We go watch her choose a reception menu and drinks (I am already thinking of some of her favorites)

We could go house hunting with the new couple.

CBS could turn it into an entire season of Natalie and her ex tying the knot.

Maybe they could even be on an episode of Cheaters.

Laurie said...

News from CBS:

Webster's is adding VINDICTION to the dictionary.

Come join me in making up announcements. We can do better than what the real one will be!

Laurie said...

chacha, you are right about that. Natalie telling the truth is hard to write, but you wouldn't have to write it very often!

*High five*

Anonymous said...

did anyone happen to notice last night that Nat was holding the string and not the key a few different times. Since when was that allowed. I was laying in bed and saying something about that and my boyfriend said the want Nat in te final two and aresn't going to DQ her.

cha cha said...

oops, I forgot to leave my name on the last post.
I find it funny that everytime that Kev or Nat cheated last night they didn't stop them except for Nat standing sidewards although they were to face the pool and kevin didn't do it at all. Why wasn't the deluge of rain getting to nat as it was to Jordan. THey didn't pick there spots. THey were already picked for them..

sizzie said...

Yes, the 'not holding the key' was noted by many, and feeds were blocked during some of it. BB must not have considered it a violation. I photo I saw looked like it.

I wonder how close Michelle was to getting the veto. The edit at first made it look like she was completely lost, but when Kevin finished, she only had one wrong and with the edit I don't know how much time she had to correct it.

I hope Michelle opens a blog after the show and writes about her life and her discoveries after seeing what went on.

sizzie said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
cha cha said...

I think that Jordan should get a show on her bloopers alone. The problem is they aren't bloopers in her eyes.
I still go back and watch the time clip and the peach...i mean nectarine clip is the best.

I think that Michelle will probably be able to do some type of study on this. smehow...someway.

sizzie said...

I heard Jay Leno is keeping Jay Walking..maybe they could have a Jor Walking. She is adorable, and I like her logic. She looked pretty last night on the log, even all wet and trying hard to focus.

Anonymous said...

Kevin doesn't have a mind of his own. He is in thrall to the truly nasty Nat. At this point the best scenario would be for Jordan to win, but that is unlikely. We will see Natalie and Kevin...and I hope the jury would vote for Kevin and leave Natalie, for all her manipulation and lack of winning comps, with the runner up prize. And I'd like to see Michele win from America and take home at least half of what Nasty Nat would win.

Anonymous said...

Please folks, can we vote for Michele? She didn't deserve all the flack she took this summer. She may be socially inept, but she always seemed like a really good person.

joy n said...

I really doubt that Natalie threw that comp to Kevin to solidify his trust in her. She threw it because (as has been her mantra throughout) she wants Kevin to do her dirty work and get Jordan out so that she appears to Jordan as the "good guy". A vote is a vote!

I'm wondering if Kevin may surprise us. Bet he wasn't too thrilled to hear Natalie's declaration of "This is mine to win." Michele's eviction speech may be ringing in his ears. "You can't beat Natalie, Kevin." He may well decide to vote out Nat and take his chances with Jordan.

Natalie will screw Kevin over either way. If he takes Jordan, she'll campaign like a whirling dervish to get them to NOT vote for him. Payback.

If he does take her to f2, she'll screw him over in the questions from and speeches to the jury. Her ego won't let her keep from wanting total credit for every move in that house.

As for Jessie, he was ready to give Jeff credit for his ouster (bet he died inside a little to say that) and he might give Kevin credit for doing the same to Nat. You never know.

Saying that, if it is K&N, I believe Jeff, Jordan, Michele, Lydia and America would vote for Kevin. I ain't so crazy about Kevin anymore, but if Jordan's out, I'd rather see Kevin win than Natalie.

AlbGlinka said...

Sizzie: I love the idea of white satin basketball shorts for Natalie's wedding day. Maybe someone from Project Runway can design something nasty for her head with dragonflies caught in the veil. (I'm feeling extra snarky this morning)

Jackie: I was picturing you last night staying up late watching the feeds with a big ol' pot of coffee by your side. I don't know how you do it! hugs, AlbGlinka

Laurie said...

Oh Sizzie, I love the wedding idea. That whole process is good for at least 6 months. In fact, they could have the viewers choose things like they do for Today Throws a Wedding.

The satin bb shorts is the best, though. How could an audience top that?

Joe in NY said...

Saying that, if it is K&N, I believe Jeff, Jordan, Michele, Lydia and America would vote for Kevin. I ain't so crazy about Kevin anymore, but if Jordan's out, I'd rather see Kevin win than Natalie.

9/09/2009 12:12 PM

That argues for Kevin taking Natalie rather than Jordan, doesn't it?

Anonymous said...

ANyone know when Inside Dish With Ross is on?

monty924 said...

Here is the picture of Nasty not holding onto her key.

I actually thought that Kevin had a good strategy in standing sideways and not looking at Jordan or Nasty, but it appears that was a rule violation as well. When the feeds returned they were told to face toward the pool (or straight forward). If Kevin and Natalie were both DQ'd then Jordan should have won that comp for simply being the only one of the three to play by the rules.

I know that won't happen though.

Love the wedding ideas. The menu would be Digorno's pizza, Arizona tea and Mike's Hard Lemonade.

I hope the announcement isn't that there will not be a BB12. :(

JimmyB said...

My CBS announcement:

"We're sorry to report that we are abrubtly cancelling Big Brother 11 before the finale. We came to the only conlusion possible:

It really sucks that Natalie could win...and we hate her, too."

sizzie said...

CBS announcement: Allison Grodner has been given a penalty violation because of allowing a number of rules to be broken inside the house and will have to sit out the first 6 episodes of BB 12

DKNYNC said...

Thanks Jimmy B!

That made me laugh out loud!..... and considering how sad, disappointed, disillusioned and disgusted I am with the inevitable conclusion of this season of BB I appreciated it.

cha cha said...

Could this be the important announcement?????

Kevin and Natalie have been sent to the Jury house for continually violating BB rules...
Please be sure to catch Jeff, Russell and Michelle in the final three. Jessie was an option but deferred to stay with Lydia and Nat

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know when part 2 of the HOH starts? Will it start on the feeds or do we have to wait for the show to start tomorrow.

cha cha said...

i thought julie said it was live thursday night. But she also said POV was live Tuesday night which it wasn't. the ceremony was though.

meb said...

JimmieB and Sizzie... Love both scenarios...

Leaving out the standing sideways for Kevin as a violation since I guess BB didn't tell them that in the beginning... does it make a difference now whether Natalie held onto the rope instead of the key since she jumped down and now is in the competition with Jordon.

Losing for not holding on to the key or jumping off, the result is the same, right?

Now, the question is, when did Natalie not hold onto the key. Was Jordon still up there. If so, and they disqualified Natalie, Jordon may have gotten some adrenaline going and tried harder. But, would she have slipped and fallen anyway. We'll never know and BB doesn't care. They're not going to do anything about it.

I'd rather Jordon play against Natalie than Kevin in this second competition... she just might pull it off. And the final is usually the true/false isn't it. She could win that as easily as Kevin!


joy n said...

Joe, I'm saying Natalie will do her best to throw Kevin under the bus to the jury, but maybe the jury won't buy it and Kev may have a chance. If Nat gets to bragging of her accomplishments, the jury could put two and two together, and, other than Jessie, they will realize she has had the bigger hand in ousting all of them. Kevin could win if he takes Nat. Yes.

But Kevin has lost some trust in her and he may start to think that losing Nat is better for him. And that Jordan's less than stellar performance in comps will win him votes. It all depends on which strategy he decides to go with.

He may believe that the jury will give him votes over Jordan because he's played better than her.

Either way, Kevin has a possibility to win, who knows?

It's a crapshoot at this point, I guess.

PDX Granny said...

If I'm remembering right, the last one elimiated never makes it to the jury house. Does anyone else remember that? If that's the case, and somehow Nasti~Lie is ousted next she wouldn't be able to try to influence the other HG's votes.

I'm hoping the CBS announcement will be that they'll be doing a show like After the Rose, a month or so after everyone is out. I'd love to hear how everyone's take is on what they read and hear, and how it would have infulenced their game play if they had been privy to some of what we saw.

joy n said...

PDXGranny, I'd forgotten about the last jury member not going to the jury house.

Nana from the NW said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

We know (don't know if the houseguests do yet) that Pt 2 of the final 3 HOH comp will take place live on Thursdays show.

Now I just read this:

"According to inside sources, Pt 3 of the final 3 HoH will not actually take place until finale night!
That means jury questions, if they even have them this season, will have to either be done live on the show, or if they do them earlier, they will have to include the 3rd HG... We ought to learn more about this on Thursday night - If America's included in the voting for the 500k... or not."

Perhaps this is what the announcement from CBS is about.

Maybe someone finally realized if it's Nat & Kev in Final 2 no one will watch and no one will care who wins.


Nana from the NW said...

Yep, I'm sad. Sad that once again the good guys are going to lose. Sad that malicious and deceitful behavior are going to be rewarded. Sad that we have to wait anothe week for this to be over!!

Thanks Jackie for providing us a place to comment.

Thanks to all the posters for sharing your opinion and some lively discussions!

Anonymous said...

If Kev was smart, he'd make a deal with Jor and tell her he will throw the HOH to her if possible and have her oust the Nasty one.

monty924 said...

The key thing is a moot point since Natalie lost anyway. I do think it may have helped Jordan self esteem to not go out first though. She never would have outlasted Kevin last night.

CBS announced that Evel Dick, Danielle (S3, S7), Boogie and Janelle will be on the show Thursday and will give their take on the house this year. I can't wait to see them (even Boogie, who I hated).

I doubt that was the big announcement, but you never know!

Margo said...

I wish, I wish
Instead of Natalie,
We could always see fish.

Margo said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
meb said...

If Evel Dick, Danielle,Boogie and Janelle are on the show Thursday to give their take on the house this year, at least that would bring some life back into the show.

I could do without three of the four, but it's better than what we've been seeing...


monty924 said...

CBS announced there will be a BB12 in 2010! YAY!!!

meb said...

I can't believe I'm saying it, but YAY!!! BB-12 Can't wait.

OMG... am I nuts or what!

cha cha said...

Thats the big news?? That sucks...We already knew they would have a season 12. The ratings increases this yeaar. There was no doubt in my mind they wouldn't.

lynn1 said...

The Big news from CBS( Cheaters Broadcasting Station) will be that if Natalie wins, due her constant Cheating the $500,000 Grand Prize will be split among the 6 jury house membersand Natalie gets squat.

cha cha said...

love it Lynn....
Wish it were really true

Anonymous said...

Julie Chen's blog.
I love the question and answers at the bottom that she has done all season

cha cha said...

Jordan is in the backyad crying by herself.
Wonder if she realizes this is how Michelle felt last week when they were all making fun of her.
Bet she wishes she was in the Jury house now.
Alteast Michelle knew how to handle being ignored.

Do yall think the lightbulb just went off in Jordans brain? She may realize she was a pawn for Natalie. There is no way Nat wants to take her.

Sasha said...

LOL. I guess the only thing I can say is that as little as I care for Natalie's personality, I still can NOT say I dislike her more than Mike Malin. (I can't even stand to use his nickname blech lol)

I really can't guess how the jury would vote probably because I couldn't figure most of these folks out this season...not that I tried very hard. Anybody know why Michele herself called her game dirty? I don't see where she played 'dirty'. It's BB anyway.

And it is pretty funny that with all the "worst season ever" comments, etc., there's still a "yay" for the BB12 announcement. It's all part of the cycle...and most, if not all of us will be here again for season 12 cause if nothing else, Jackie makes it worth it!!

Thanks, Jackie :)

Margo said...

***DWTS POOL****

Since I'm ready for the end of BB I'm working on my pool updates.

Dancing With The Stars (DWTS) starts on Sept 21 with the biggest cast yet. We have 7 participants so far and would like some more. This is who I have so far.

Nana in NW
Donna in FL

If you want to play you can email me or you can post it here and I'll try to get everyone.

Jackie is kind enough to give us a discussion post to discuss the shows.


Margo said...

***Survivor Pool***

I have many names already but I don't want to miss anyone who wants to play.

Auntie Leigh
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Donna in FL
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Margo said...

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Here is who I have so far.

Donna in FL
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Margo said...


If you do not see your name on the pool lists I provided email me or post here.

Please specify which pool
Survivor starts Sept 17 (S)
Dancing with the Stars Sept 21 (DWTS)
Amazing Race Sept 27 (TAR)


DKNYNC said...

Can you explain how the pools work?

Jennasmom said...

****Please add me to the TAR & DWTS pools, too****

To my e-mail pals: I'm still alive - but still have the crud. Having AOL problems and cannot open my email. Will catch up with you all when I can!

JACKIE, thanks so much for the updates last night -- even if I didn't like the outcome.

Witt said...

Jackie: :::"I'm not worthy" bows::: Thank you so much for posting all of the goings-on last night and every have really kept us all going and I love to hear your take on things!!

Margo, thanks for putting all the pools together! Can't wait for DWTS to start (though I heard Maks and Karina broke up!)

Witt :)

WV: emerg: I hope that Jordan will emerg HOH and evict Natalie!!!

Anonymous said...

After the big log contest last night, I feel like my team lost the semi- finals and I don't care about the rest of the season now. yah right! LOL

Anonymous said...

When is the next challenge?

Nana from the NW said...

DKNYNC--Don't want to step on any toes but I don't think Margo would mind me answering your question.

Once Margo has a list of everyone that wants to play she randomly pairs us in teams(if there are enough players) and then puts us with a contestant on the show. That's who you are suppose to root for....sometimes it's really hard if you got put with a "Natalie" you secretly root for the one you like!

Remembering this is a virtual pool Margo has some rules about playing in her pushing, splashing, etc. Usually people bring snacks when the show is on. And what's the prize?? Bragging rights until the next season!!

Nana from the NW said...

Jennasmom--{{{ HUGS }}} Take care and hoping for some recovery soon. I think you will want to start hitting the delete button!! Becky got some rain--did you?? Glad to see you can at least still get to Jackie's.

DKNYNC--meant to add--come on and add your name to your fav. pool, grab your suit and jump in. The water's fine and the company is great!!

Looks like the news from an "inside source" might be right. It said that Pt. 2 would be played live on Thurs. show. The HG seem confused about what's happening. That is, when they bother to get out of bed!!

Margo said...

Nana is correct in her pool explanation. If we have more pool participants than show contestants we double or triple up. If we have more contestants than participants then some people will get 2 people to root for (or for which to root).

I put the names in a bowl and pull them out one at a time - very random.

Oh and Nana - Ouch my toes =)


Margo said...

new post up

Donna in AL said...

Margo, please add me to the Amazing Race pool.

Hey Jennasmom, miss e-seeing you!

Jackie, you are the greatest!

joy n said...

I haven't heard anything about Janelle but I have heard that EvilDick,Danille and Boogie all despise Natalie. They didn't want to see her win.