Friday, September 11, 2009

Big Brother 11 Live Feeds Into the Dawn Friday 9/11

The next few days are going to be very predictable. But, martyr that I am, I'll report on the happenings inside that Big Brother House of Nat Got Got.
  • The feeds were on an extended block for a feast. I guess we weren't invited. That's okay -- one less time I see Natalie chomp food with her mouth open.
  • They unpacked.
  • They talked about houseguests long gone.
  • Natalie thinks from her diary room sessions that it's clear that America loves Jeff and Jordan.
  • I wonder if it's clear that Natalie irks us to no end? Most of us, anyway.
  • Kevin told Jordan he's 100% taking her to the final two if he wins the last part of the HOH comp.
  • Kevin told Jordan that the diary room was not happy when he said he was going to take out Jeff.
  • They all talked about past events in the house. This sounds like the typical reflection they get out of the final two each year for footage. Yawn.
  • Kevin and Natalie are proud of their LML -- last minute lie. You know, the one which was actually kind of truthful but they didn't know it about Russell planning to take Jeff out.
  • They talked about sex.
  • Now they're all asleep.


Anonymous said...

I finally go to see the show...First my satellite went out then my computer crashed...It was like living in the stone age and it was awful.

I'm so glad Jordough won the second part of the HOH. Now all she has to do if it is like seasons past is guess what the other house guests would reply to certain questions and I'd give her a good fifty fifty chance on that one. I do think it is her only chance to go to F2. I really don't think Kev will take her or Nat either for that matter...She would be too hard to beat.

By the by, I am anonymous because I want to be anonymous. I know a lot of you don't like people posting under anon but too bad. get over it already or don't read my posts. Whatever.

Delee said...

Maybe BB decided just having two peeps in the cage was too dull for the last several days and decided to finish the 3rd HOH comp at the finale. Having 3 all these days is a plus in some ways.

Confused what the show will be Sunday. Maybe a yawn?

chris said...

now will kevin folow thru and not take the nat if he wins the final hoh???
i just dont want her to get anything at all
my dream is for it to be jordan/kev
and michelle wins americas choice
leaving the horrible nat out in the cold and slapping her with the michelle win!
now they talk about not being mean to get americas vote, that is laughable!
natalie screwed up and can't admit it!
jordan was gracious in her win!!!
unlike nat who won hoh and was shouting like an ass and parading around like the queen!
got em jordan!!!
if she wins part two I would give her the 500k
since nat will not have time to bad mouth kevin, nor would it matter, he should definitely take jordan!!

sizzie said...

Jenna's Mom, I read your earlier post about the rain, good to hear. Hope you don't get too much of a good thing.

Jackie, thanks for watching and reporting and doing it all in a fun way.

If I check in on the feeds today, I think it will be to see how Natalie handles the pressure. Will she be combative, as Russ was. She will be making deals, but will it be with threats or promises or promised threats? She will have to divide her time between Jordan and Kevin without ticking off either by showing a preference. Or she might just put on a pout and go over how she could have won if that one ball didn't go in the wrong place.

Margo said...

anon 6:48 I feel compelled to ignor you as requested. This will be the last time I acknowledge you even exist---and POOF you are gone.

meb said...

Last night, when Julie said at the end to go back and eavesdrop on the houseguests, Natalie never shut up. Of all of them talking, she was the least one I wanted to hear from.

Nat said that she got one wrong so then all the others were wrong... well somehow she got 5 right, so she was wrong regardless because it was in the very beginning that she got "off".

She is always making excuses. When she talks she's always looking away from the person she's talking with (or I should say talking to). If you watch the program Lie to Me, they pick up on facial expressions to determine if someone is lying. Man would she get got!

And I loved the way Julie cut her off at the end when Nat was trying to explain why she LOST!!! She just hung her head when Julie interrupted her. So great to watch. That may sound mean, but she brings it all on herself.

I'm happy and cheering Jordon on.

Anon 6:48a... What Margo said! POOF!

Anonymous said...

I think Kevin knows that the Gnat can't win so he will take her to the final two. Drat!!!!

WV: promigue
I promigue I won't like it if Gnat wins.

Anon in Indy

Anonymous said...

Now, now. Let's all play nice.

Anon in Indy

Laurie said...

Anonymous 6:48
Using a name or initial at the end of your post just makes responding to you easier, that's all. No need to get rude about it.

Okay, okay, okay, I couldn't get back on the computer last night so I didn't get to say how fun it was to come home and watch the last half of the show again here on the west coast.

I finally got to see those ex-contestants who get talked about a lot here. ED was the only one I saw play the game, so it was nice to see the other three and hear their thoughts on this game.

Plus, how sweet it was to see Jordan win that challenge and do it so well. She was also so sweet about winning.

It was a riot watching Natalie start right off with her excuses and her explanations. Second best moment of the show: seeing Julie cut her off. Priceless.

Jackie, I know you feel you need to keep us up on what happens in the next few days, but please take some time for you. As you said another time, those of us without the feeds can probably write what happens now! Thanks for all you do for us.

Anonymous said...

Kevin said his word means nothing so I doubt he is taking Jordan no matter what he says. I think he knows that she is liked by America but Natalie probably just told him that the DR let her to believe we love Jordan so that he won't consider taking Jor to the finale.

I think Jordan was mean in the house at times and selfish but no where as mean as Natalie and probably not Kevin either. I guess everyone forgets looking at the comparison to who is left. I understand, hoping Jordan wins also.

chris said...

I too worry kevin will change his mind and take the nat
she is trying to convince kevin that jordan has the votes
she says that if it is a tie jordan will win with america
if kevin takes jordan he still should win with russell/jessie/lydia/ and natalies vote!!
so perhaps kevo should throw it to jordan and let her get rid of the nat
altho jordan may choose to take the nat with her to the end
i just want her to get NADA!
wv litica
I will not like it even a litica if Nat wins anything!

Margo said...

Starlight , Star Bright
I wish I may, I wish I might
I wish that J/K are the final 2
And Natalie goes boohoo.

Anonymous said...

Anon in Indy,

I agree with you, I think with Nasty making the comment that America loves Jeff and Jordan, that it will make Kevin take her,but what she doesn't know is that America and most of the houseguest can't stand her for not playing the game and starting out with a lie about her age, which I don't think really made a lot of difference, the fact that she road on everyone else's coattail was the problem I had with her, and less not forget the biggest put off her MEAN SPIRIT.


Laurie said...

I do remember that Jordon was mean in the house. However, I think her basic personality is not that of a mean person. I don't think she gets a kick out of being mean. In my opinion, it's a lifestyle for Natalie and Kevin enjoyed being part of it and having a partner in the mean game.

I think some of that showed in the reaction to Jordan's win last night. She didn't gloat or get in anyone's face, even though her very existence in the game depended on that win.

Just imagine if it had gone the other way. Of the three left, she is my choice for the big win! I'm hoping she can keep her cool and not get too nervous because she can win part 3 and be the last HOH.

PlaidChick said...

I missed the party last night, so glad Jordan won part 2, and was LOL when the auidence was clapping when they realized Natalie got got.

I think the BB Alum are spot on, I don't see Natalie winning against Kevin. They all realize now that she didn't win a thing-- one HOH by chance doesn't count in IMO and more importantly she rode everyone's coat tails. Yes, she did play a good strategic game of lieing and scheming, but you gotta win some comps and/or be likeable to win this game-- she is neither.

I have no idea who Jordan would take if she won the whole thing. Kevin's eyes are wide open now that that they have 100% confirmation that #3 out the door will spend no time with the jury, so Natalie can't spin her webs. Besides noone believes her anymore, and I think it's pretty funny that Jessie has been the one to rat her out.

have a good weekend all

cha cha said...

I can't believe Jessie...The one who supposedly confessed his love to Nat would rat her out like he has done to each Jury member...Oh wait. Yes I can. He is a rat and sore loser.

Loved last night when Julie announced the winner of the 2pt HOH that Jordan just smiled and looked right at Kevin.
Nat has to talk fast about how she lost that comp. We know she didn't throw that one. She Just Sucked.

Anonymous said...

I do remember when Jordan had her mean moment, when she was shouting at Russell, but I think she was just trying to show some spunk, I think if she had not had an audience she would never jumped in his face the way she did. I've read on this blog that many people want Jordan to win because, her family needs the money, well in these economical times I'm sure all of them could use the money, so I don't feel she's anymore deserving than anyone else there, at some time she had money to have a breast augmentation, where was her financial hardship at that time, dont get me wrong I'm not bad mouthing her for doing so, but every year on BB some one else needs the money more than another person. Maybe Michelle would have given part of her winnings for research.


By the way I think I know who the anon person that doesn't want to sign his/her name.

Anonymous said...

What kind of a person would even come up with an idea to put "something" in another person's contact lens case to cause them to be unable to see clearly? How dangerous. Only someone who is regularly meanspirited would think like that. So glad BB told Natalie she could not tamper with Michele's lens case.

They also shot down some of her other "pranks." Nat is not someone most people would want to be friendly with....and I don't think her "engagement" will last long. But she won't be in the jury house with Jesse for sure with the new rules. No time to bad mouth Kevin so that frees him from that worry about evicting her. I hope he takes Jordan or Jordan takes him. I want to see Natalie get what she deserves....nothing. Nancy in Seattle

cha cha said...

The fact that Nat last night said she wants to remain friends with Jessie(on the feeds) was unbelievable. Jordough said the same thing. I was dying. Kev was the only one that was like No i will not friends with him. Although I don't think Jessie would want to be friends with Kev.

sizzie said...

If it is up to Jordan, I think Jordan will not take Kevin because Jeff told her to not help Kevin. His last words to her was to get rid of Kevin. Jeff still doesn't see that Nat was the instigator (Jordan's word) .

I do not think Jordan would want Jeff to hear she chose Kevin over Nat.

Anonymous said...

Nancy in Seattle,

I'm with you, that proposal was laughable, she didn't even have the decency to just take the make believe ring and put in her pocket, she had her mind on the game even then, what it seemed like to me was she knew, what he had come there for and her actions were "just get this over already" I've got to get back to my lying and schemeing so I can get that $500,000.

Bev in MI

Billy Brown said...

I think I might have to rewatch last nights ep just to watch Jordan win and Nat get cut off by Julie.

All aboard the Natalie hate train. Well, okay maybe not hate but do not feel sorry for and get glee out of watching her squirm.

Girlsmom said...

Please, please win Jordan! I hope it's a good comp for her. Do you think they ever build the comps to give a popular player an advantage?

GO HOME Nasty Nat. I hope Kevin is swayed in J's favor now that he thinks Nasty can't poison the JH.

Thanks Jackie for all you do. I wouldn't have been sucked in this season if it wasn't for you.

Where has Joe in NY been? Would love to hear his take on things.

meb said...

Billy Brown... I did just that after commenting a couple of times, I just re-wound (is that a word) and watched Jordon again and then watched Natalie try to explain her loss and Julie cutting her off. LOVED IT!

chris said...

I f jordan wins the last part which always is waht did the jury member say in regard to a specific question and they have to answer
A or B
sometimes the answer is obvious but often it is a crap shoot.
Jordan may have an advantage since she knows jeff/and michelle and even Russell better than kevo
but who knows
the point is if she wins part two 3 then she is just as deserving as kevin to win the entire thing!

Anonymous said...

I just cast (another) vote on CBS for the tie breaker. My WV was "dorks". Really, it was! I can't make this stuff up!

Katie in Chi

Sally said...

I think Kevin actually will take Jordan to the final 2 if he wins HOH. He thinks he couldn't beat Natalie, because he did so much of her dirty work. He doesn't know that the people at the jury house have turned on her or that her age lie has been exposed.

Pandora's Box also gives him a motive to evict Nat. She went after personal gain instead of helping him when he was handcuffed in Part 1, and she went after personal pleasure instead of fighting to help save him in Part 2.

Add the fact that Nat won't have time to turn the jury against him, and I think he'll take Jordan.

If that's how it works out, Pandor'as Box will indeed have had a big impact on the game. And here I thought it was so anticlimatic.

Maybe throwing part 1 of the final HOH, then not making it to the final 2 would become known as "pulling a Natalie." There's her claim to fame.

joy n said...

I would love for Jordan to win part 3. If Kevin does, I hope that he was sincere about ditching Natalie and taking Jordan to the finale. He still believes that Nat has "friends" on the jury whether she can talk to them or not. That may be enough to still get rid of her. {{{Hoping}}}

I also would love to believe that Jordan could win part 3 of HOH. Ya never know!

The jury seems to be leaning towards Kevin at the moment but if Jordan happened to win this last HOH, there may be some new-found respect for her last minute gameplay. Winning two parts in a row would be impressive.

Did you notice Kevin spoke to Nat in Spanish about dropping in five minutes, after already being told previously that it was against the rules. Natalie answered in English probably by remembering what happened with Chima breaking rules.

If K wins and takes N to f2, I may actually turn off my TV.

DKNYNC said...

I'm sure the houseguests will be running these scenarios for the next 5 days but here's how I think it might go.

Kevin vs Natalie - Kevin has a slim chance to win in this scenario. It will be totally dependent on how the Q&A goes and if he can convince the jury he outplayed Natalie (in comps for sure but strategically?) Kevin probably believes that Natalie would have votes from Jessie, Jeff, Jordan and Michelle.

Jessie Natalie
Lydia Kevin
Russell ? Kevin
Jeff Natalie
Michele Natalie
Jordan Natalie
America ? probably Kevin

Kevin vs Jordan - This all depends if Natalie can get over her anger and admit Kevin got her and if Kevin can convince Jessie and Russell he played a better game than Jordan. This vote may ride on who actually wins the final comp.

Jessie ?
Lydia Kevin
Russell ?
Jeff Jordan
Michele Jordan
Natalie ?
America Jordan

Jordan vs Natalie - I think Jordan could definitely pull this one off. Jordan will have won when it really counted plus she didn't really make any enemies. Nat really didn't win any comps except a lucky one, and the jury seems to believe she rode coat tails most of the game.

Jessie Natalie
Lydia Jordan
Russell ? probably Jordan
Jeff Jordan
Michele Jordan
Kevin ? probably Natalie
America Jordan

joy n said...

Maybe Michele entering the JH will sway some minds, too.

OT - Next April's The Bachelor will be an All-Star version with bachelor's from most of the previous seasons. Jason will be there but they didn't mention in what capacity.

meb said...

Sally, I agree with you that Kevin, if he wins HOH, will take Jordon to the end because he doesn't know that the JH has turned against Natalie. At least they say they have.

If everone is being truthful and that's a big IF of course, then Jordon could possibly win against Kevin (and natalie for that matter).

I just hope she's given the chance. And I can't wait to see Jeff's reaction when he finds out Jordon won against Nat in the 2nd comp.

sizzie said...

You are right, Michelle may see Natalie as the power behind the inflatable crown. She can describe the rather odd nomination get up and speech and also tell of the proposal. I want a camera on that conversation !

DKNYNC said...

Taking a moment from the game to remember what's really important.

9/11 My thoughts and prayers to everyone. We will never forget!

joy n said...

Me, too, Sizzie. Or a fly on that wall.

OT - Correction - It won't be Jason but Jesse (Snowboarder) Csincsak, DeAnna's dumpee, as one of the Bachelor all-stars. It's dubbed as a "group-dating" edition and "racier" than normal.

I don't want to know what that means.

joy n said...

DKNYNC: One of the most horrible days in our history.

I agree. We can't ever forget!

Sydney said...

Oh Jackie= you tease. But what did they SAY about sex???

PS: (I left you an e-mail titles important if you get a chance to take a peek.)

Sue said...

Anon 6:48 -- of course you can still post as Anonymous. As to the reason it's requested that you ID yourself in some small way, it's pretty basic.

Folks here tend to get to know each other and also respond more to each other's comments than any other place I've seen. While many Anon comments have been great, I've wondered if it's from the same person or several. It's not a huge effort to sign one letter or a fantasy name to distinguish your valued comment.

A few Anon's have been so kind as to do that after it was requested, and didn't get defensive about it -- as hello, they STILL remain anonymous, as would you if you signed X or something.

More important: It separates yours from the troll comments that come in under the same Anonymous moniker and make everyone think it's all the same person.

Then folks DO start ignoring ALL Anon comments, and I assume everyone here comments to be read at least if not responded to as well.

So yeah, you don't have to, but not sure why it's such an issue for you. Anyway, to each his/her own.

Nina said...

Is Kevin actually lying to Nat about taking her to the F2. B/c the could be a major backfire. If Michelle, Jeff, and Nat all vote for Jordan as does America, Kev will lose. I personally hope that happens. Cuz Kev would win against Nat and it's wrong of him not to take her.

Nina said...

At first I thought I liked Kev and Nat equally but Kev has referred to Nat as a bisnatch in the diary room far too many times for my liking. You can play a game without being mean IMO. Hence, I'm not on team Jordan. Jordan FTW. It will change the game for next season b/c it would teach future hg's that u shouldn't keep someone perceived as incredibly weak, week in and week out as a pawn b/c that pawn can then go and win the game.

Anonymous said...

You don't KNOW meanness until you talk Natalie.

Anonymous said...

What's so bad if the weak ones go home next season and the strong ones stay to play. Sounds exciting to me.

cha cha said...

Here lies the dilema. This season before the CDT they all said keep Jordan we will get her out next week. Get the big players out now.
Guess Nat and Kev are kicking themselves now becuase Jordan isn't a total joke. She actually can play when needed. So she cheated in the POV and Jeff gave her the HOH. This second part of HOH was incredibly important and anyway we look at it she killed Nat. Got the people right unlike Nat.

sizzie said...

Last week in the HOH room, Kevin and Natalie were talking. It was when she was preparing for her grand entrance for the Nomination Ceremony, I think. She was composing the chess comparison that Kevin used to her once. They both started laughing about who is the Queen, etc. What I remember, though, is that they both said, and if the pawn makes it all the way across the board, the pawn wins. They thought that funny, because they were seeing Kevin as the pawn.

Kathy in NC said...

Just curious - Last night, when Jeff entered the jury house, Russel was peeling half a watermelon, flat side down on the counter. Does anyone else peel a watermelon like that?

cha cha said...

I was wondering the same thing. I live in the south and we eat watermelon all summer long. I have never seen anything like that in my life.
I would think chopping it like that would make all the juice run everywhere.
The best part is eating in in a bowl like way and drinking the juice when you are done

meb said...

Kathy In NC and Chacha... I noticed Russell cutting the watermelon that way too and it was strange because I had just seen a Top Chef episode and one of the Chef's was cutting one up like that. Of course the Chef was going to serve it sliced thin without the rind.

Maybe Russell was making a gormet dinner. ???

meb said...

Sue.. I wish I had thought about being as nice as you were in your post. I'm guessing that Natalie has rubbed off on me... ewwww...NOT!

But thanks for reminding me, by writing that, to mind my manners.

wv: ticki... It could get to be a ticki situation.

joy n said...

I really don't believe that Jordan cheated in that POV. I watched my tape over and over and saw her being hesitant as if she were second guessing her own answers. She also looked back at the wording on the top step as if to remind herself which way to go, up or down. If you watched her face, she just seemed a bit distracted. She even made the first moves twice.

cha cha said...

joy n--

On the feeds Jordan told Michelle she could hear which way she was moving and did the same.

At first I didn't think she cheated either but after hearing ordo say that I was like i can understand that.
Kev and Nat thought she cheated from the beginning.

meb said...

If Jordon cheated in that POV and was moving the same way Michelle moved, how did she win? Was that one of the ones they had to use the chalk board?

Nana from the NW said...

OT--If the Bachelor is going to be group dating and racier than usual I'm taking it off my DVR--don't need to waste my time!!

Since Jackie is being nice about the "sex" talk I will tell you a little that I read....Kevin was explaining the finer arts of pleasuring a man!! Jordan just kept going "ewwww". Nat. was listening....she's still explaining why she lost Pt. 2.

Poor Jordan is going to have a massive headache when this week is over. All Nat. wants to do is bash Kevin and continue to get confirmation that Jordan is taking her to F2. When Kevin is around it's the same thing only about Nat. Jordan needs to go float around in the pool all day. Kevin won't get in and Nat. is afraid of the bugs so she doesn't hang out outside much!

The voting will be interesting since #3 will not have a chance to talk to the JH before voting.


Nana from the NW said...

Darn!!! I forgot to change my avatar on previous


meb said...

nice avatar nana in the nw... LOL

Anonymous said...

What difference does it make this late in the game if Jordan could hear which way Michelle was stepping. All I know is that the biggest cheaters are still in there K&N (hint hint) Kevin so had an advantage when they had some technical difficulties and he could see the questions before the rest of the ghs he also cheated on the first part of the HOH, standing side ways so he could watch the wheel, and Nasty she just cheated ever time she opened her mouth. However if Jordan doesn't wise up and keep talking to Kevin she will go home with Nada dime, Kevin will take Natalie with him just because she had told him that America loves Jeff and Jordan.

Bev in MI

ChicMc said...

What I thought was more funny than the comments about Jeff coming to the house was the fact that Russell was actually holding a large sharp knife.

After all their macho posturing about slit throats and floor mopping one another, it make a great visual.

Laurie said...

I am loving the cheerleader avatars today. It's nice to have something to cheer for, don't you think?

BAP said...

I must be strange because I cut watermelon like that at work all the time. It is super quick for me to cut them like that!

Also, Jordan rocked it last night. I really hope she wins the big prize. I know BB has always been about lying, backstabbing etc, but IMO it would be more of a challenge to make it to the end being honest and nice (for the most part).

Actually I believe it does not matter what road she took, just that she got there. Go Jordo

Goodie said...

I am going to be so happy if Jordon makes it to the final two and wins. OMG....Perfect for many reasons. Natalie being a horrible person and Kevin is no favorite. Him pouring Jeff's wine down the toilet was the final straw for me. Natalie was definately rubbing off on him.
What's wrong with the GOOD people winning!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Go Jordo!! I love game play and in past seasons I was on board. This season was full of some real kooks!! LOVED seeing Janelle on the show!!
Bye Bye Bitches is my most favorite saying from ANY show!!

Laurie said...

On a previous post someone mentioned the possibility of Natalie throwing last night's comp on purpose.

Frankly, I can't see that as a possibility but what about you?

JimmyB said...

In a Kevin vs. Jordan finale, I say an easy Kevin win:

Jeff--Kevin (yes)
Michele--Kevin (close)
Natalie--Jordan (to get back at Kevin)

chris said...

no way did nat throw that to jordan
she was devastated because she was so sure she could beat her!
natalie did the selfish thing twice with the pandoras box, once by leaving kevin, then by seeing her supposed unfortuante fiance.
i hope jordan wins part three
as far as the votes
i dont see michelle giving it to natalie over kevin, she said so on her interviews, as did russell so i think he would beat nat with that jury
and jordan well who knows, if kevin screws her over then she may vote emotional rather than strategic
jeff has had more time to think and give credit to kevin just like jessie would have done to jeff had he made it.
i say anyone but nat even in the final two, i just don't want her to win anything!

chris said...

wv last time was arces
kev and natalie have behaved like arces!

Margo said...


This is who I have so far:
We have 16 contestants and 15 swimmers - so I would like to have I more participant please.

email or post here.

Donna in FL
Nana in NW


joy n said...

I read every single comment on this blog and have never heard anyone say that they heard (on the feeds) that Jordan told Michele that she was cheating on that POV comp. Have you heard that Jackie? Any of the other regulars who have feeds ever heard that? Sorry, cha cha, but it seems as if some of the Jordan haters would have jumped all over that. I honestly don't remember hearing anything like that. I'm going over to to see if I can find something on it.

I also don't see Jeff or Michele voting for Kevin over Jordan. Michele made that statement to Kevin when she thought the f2 was for sure going to be Kevin and Natalie.

Why would Natalie be making all those excuses for her dumb moves in that part2 comp if she threw it? Why did she sit there with pure shock on her face when Julie announced Jordan the winner? It's probably a Nat fan that started that idiotic rumor.

joy n said...

To clarify, I heard various anons speculate on the possibility of Jordan cheating, but that's all.

Nana from the NW said...

I, also do not believe Michelle will vote for matter who he's up against. She said many time, to his face, that if he voted her out he would not have her vote. Michelle has always stuck to her word. There is no way Jeff would not vote for Jordan--if she wins he get season tickets to the Chicago Bears!! His loyality to her exceeds any gameplay. I also think Mich. and Jeff can convince Russell how to vote. I bet Russell and Jeff have become BFF in the JH. After all, Jessie is busy with Lydia....or should I say Lydia is busy with Jessie! LOL

The house is one big BORE FEST!! Guess that frees up my time from reading Joker's.

Joyn--I do recall a conversation between Mich and Jordan about her hearing Mich steps....was it a comp. decided by a tie-breaker? That is why Mich. told Jordan to take off her shoes in the HOH comp. that Nat. won.

It really doesn't matter there are so many incidents of the rules being broke this season......

Anonymous said...

I also heard something (not sure where) about Jordan saying she could hear Michele stepping up or down because she had heels on. I don't recall her saying that she copied her. Even if she did, that could just as easily have been the wrong answer so not exactly cheating.


sizzie said...

What do you most want any hg (jury or still in the house)to know that has happened in the game?

I would like Jeff and Jordan to know about the LML.

I know it is petty of me, but I want Kevin to know Nat turned him in for eating a grape and got him an extra day on slop.

I want to know if Nat has washed that yellow sweatshirt she keeps wearing.

We heard cheering during Jordan's part of the comp, did she hear that and has she mentioned it?

I don't remember any sound during nat's part.

BAP said...

I have read on other sites that people say Jordan cheated in the POV comp. Last week I watched the Before/After comp again on my DVR.

There is no way Jordan followed the sound of Micheles steps. On most questions Jordan stepped before Michele or at the same time. Once Jordan did hesitate. But in order for her to have cheated Jordan would have had to be AT LEAST one step behind Michele on the questions.

There is no way she listened for which way Michele was going to step.

Funny, I guess if people say things enough it makes it believeable.

Laurie said...

BAP said "Funny, I guess if people say things enough it makes it believeable."

Isn't that the truth! This is just how urban myths are created. I have a friend who said his sister's best friend's hairdresser's gardener hear Jordon say she followed Michelle's footsteps.

And so it becomes truth in a short time!

joy n said...

That's exactly why I find it so hard to believe. I watched that tape several times, too, and thought there was no way she was following M's steps. Not to mention the Jordan haters (or dislikers) would have had a field day with her admitting she was cheating. There were plenty of comments on her being fat and being mean. I even went and looked at other blogs. Nothing except conjecture. Nothing about it on YouTube either.

By the way, YouTube has plenty of tributes to Jordan, tho. I'm just saying....

joy n said...

If I'm wrong, I will eat crow. Anyone have a good recipe in case I need one? Just case.

Anonymous said...

Jimmy B

What makes you think Jeff would vote for Kevin over Jordan?

Laurie said...

Joyn, I agree with you. Meanwhile, I will check out recipes for crow. I'm pretty sure I can make it tasty!

Nana from the NW said...

joyn--there are some candies that are black licorice called Crows....would that qualify as "eating crow"?

Jordan never said she was cheating or following Michelle's steps, she just said she could HEAR them.

Correct me if I'm wrong....and I'm sure someone will....but the LML that Nat. and Kevin told Jeff/Jordan wasn't it about M/R having a F2 deal? And didn't that prove to not be a lie but the truth?

Laurie--I need to think about your question...what do I want them to know.

Anonymous said...

I don't remember anybody but Nat talking about how the steps could be heard in the comp. She may of been trying to say Jordan was cheating. Natz a freak!


joy n said...

Thanks, Nana for the footstep info.

I do NOT like black licorice.

I'd rather try yours and Laurie's crow recipes. IF I need one. Maybe it would taste like pheasant under glass?

That LML deal was about a M/R f2 deal. K&M thought they were making it up without realizing it was basically true.

Thanks to you, too, BAP.

joy n said...

I meant K&R!

joy n said...

Sheesh! One more time. Kevin & Natalie! K&N - K&N - K&N

joy n said...

I can't wait to see and hear the audience's reaction to Nat on the finale and her reaction to the audience if they're less than enthusiastic.

mammaroos said...

I am so hoping that Jordan wins the third part of the hoh and gets Nat out that is my dream.. I am sure that natalie wouldn't have taken Jordan and I am sure jordan won't take Natalie and today i was thinking do you think Kevin will throw the comp so Jordan will evict Natalie so Kevin won't have dirt on his hands?? and piss off Nat?? but what ever happens I still want Jordan to win

Tessa said...

Margo, put me in the DWTS pool. I'm doing pretty well in this one. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

anon 648 again,

you know what nevermind, I come here because I don't have to sign my name and I'm not the troll. I just get tired of some people on this blog, which isn't even theirs, trying to make me conform. I don't conform. I'm a punk rocker. I have never conformed in my life and I'm not about to start. I'll find somewhere else to read my updates.
i'm sure there are other places where they don't need to know your name or where you are to decide if your worthy of their notice like they aren't all lying anyway. bye.

bbrownct said...


It's not conforming. You don't even have to give a real name. You can sign it using the name Cheese for all we care. It's just so everyone knows which anon poster we're referring to. And did anyone ever ask you where you are located? I haven't been coming here long but I still have not seen anyone ask that in any post. Nobody has asked me and even if I tell people I live in Kansas what are they gonna do? You would still remain anonymous. If your name were Todd it's not like we would even know who you were because you could be one of the many people with the name Todd. But judging by how you start something over nothing I'd say that yes, you are indeed a troll.

Enjoy your punk rock nonconformist anon

Billy Brown said...


That was actually me that said that. Damn work and play email addresses.

I understand if it gets deleted or something I just wanted to speak my mind. Sorry about that little outburst. Now, happy thoughts of Jordon winning part 3 and getting rid of Nat so she doesn't win a dime for her precious wedding.

Anonymous said...

I am naming anon 6:18 feisty anon...I likey it. LOL

Anonymous said...

Listening on the feeds, it seems like Kevin is tired of Gnat's BS. All the anon haters, poof! is a little harsh. ANon has an opinion and you can't hate someone who uses by the by. LOL

Anonymous said...

Someone was missing a JOe in NY post. I miss ANon the punk rocker post. Mean gurls blogged anon out.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Re Jordan hearing Michelle's footsteps:

J & M were having a conversation - I'm pretty sure it was BBAD - and they were talking about the next comp coming up. Michelle told Jordan to take her shoes off because she (Michelle) could hear footsteps during the last (up/down/true/false) comp and Jordan nodded and said Oh yeah, I could hear yours. I was surprised to hear Jordan say that, but she didn't make any other comment as far as cheating goes.

During the next comp - can't remember what it was but I made it a point to look at their feet after hearing them have that conversation. They were standing on a circular platform with dividers between them and sure enough, Michelle was barefoot (but Jordan was wearing shoes).

why am I up at 4:30 on a Saturday!

Anne in CT

chris said...

I totally agree!
I don't want nat to even be in the final two because i don't want her to win anything!
I wish kevin would throw part 3 to jordan, but that is not going to happen since he may be afraid jordan will take nat.
He needs to solidify a deal with jordan
he should tell her some nasty shit nat did like the contact lense crap or the stealing of michelles gloves
something, anything so that no one takes her to the end!!!

I can hope can't I

joy n said...

I think we're all going to be on pins and needles until Tues.

I don't want Natalie to win a dime either.