Sunday, September 13, 2009

Big Brother 11 Live Feeds Into the Dawn Sunday 9/13

At least they're happy.

If she doesn't stop playing with that twist-tie, it's going to break.

Well, it's not as bad as two in the house, but it's not that much more interesting. They slept into the afternoon and as I type this at around 6:30 AM ET, they're still up talking. And talking.

It was so boring in the house ... (how boring was it?) ...
  • It was so boring that Kevin and Natalie went on a cleaning spree throughout the house. They are so not the cleaning type.
  • It was so boring that the big excitement was that they couldn't drive wickets into the ground to play croquet.
  • It was so boring that the big intellectual debate was Kevin and Natalie trying to figure out the meaning of cornmeal.
  • It was so boring that the deepest observation of the day was Kevin saying that Chima should have never called Russell a terrorist. He said she had the upper hand in the Russell/Chima dispute and she blew it by calling him that.
  • It was so boring that decorating plates became an educational event as Natalie taught Jordan to properly spell "GUCCI." Jordan thought there was an "e" on the end. Hmm ... whatever did happen to Dan Quayle?
They're just droning now, and so am I.


Anonymous said...

It's so boring in the house that I'm FFing thru BBAD now hoping Jordan has a nipslip or some other assorted wardrobe malfunction.

chris said...

ok anon that is pathetic
it is very boring
they cant really scheme since they are always together and if they never go to the diary room there is no time
i wish it were tuesday already!!
go jordan go
win that third part
wv adoio
adoio Nastalie!

sizzie said...

During the sitting by the hot tub designing plates times, they talked. Maybe some of the talk will help Jordan in Part 3 of the comp. They told each other their last names. How odd to think they didn't know that about themselves. They also compared notes on who would be voted out when back in the old days, when there were others in the house. Jordan ran Jeff, and Kevin would have been safe. She said.

RyzandShyn said...

I like your avatar..Rah rah on!

I saw your message. Thanks. The skyline hole still gets me when I'm traveling home north on the eastern spur of the turnpike or taking the ferry in from Weehawkin.

I thought Kevin's observation about Chima was interesting. After all, we do know that Chima DID say something about evicting Russell so Michele wasn't wrong when she told Russell that. I guess they think Michele/Russell were lying. Chima was automatically in trouble as soon as she started throwing that word around though, on that Kevin is correct.

Does anyone see a strain in the relationship between Kevin and Natalie since Jordan has been telling each what was said to her by the other? I bet Kevin can go longer without confronting Natalie. I'm waiting for Natalie to blow up at him so he can evict her without his (misplaced) guilt.

Witt said...

OT: Laurie, I like your friend's Facebook message.

On topic: I'm really hoping that Kevin does what he's been saying in make the move of the game and evict Natalie. I think there has been a little more strain, but is it that he is good at hiding it now? Wouldn't that be awesome! There is part of me that says he will make the move, thinking that most of his alliance is in the jury house and wouldn't vote for Jordan, but part of says that says he won't, too, thinking that his alliance will be upset he didn't take one of his own team to the final. Come on Tuesday!

Witt :)
WV: refibin: Natalie is just refibin...telling the same lies over and over.

Laurie said...

Thanks Jackie. You make even the boring interesting. Glad to hear Jordon now knows there's no e in Gucci!

Everyone, enjoy your weekend and give your loved ones extra hugs.

sizzie said...

I think the whole dynamic in the house is different with perky Miss Jordan there. Without her there would be nothing to break up the continual game talk of Natalie.

Thanks R & S, I put it on just after Jordan won Part 2. It seemed to say what I was feeling.

AlbGlinka said...

If Nat is into Gucci, their status symbol value just dropped through the basement. ugh.

Nana from the NW said...

How boring is this house??
It is so boring that I got all of my house cleaned and laundry done since I didn't need to keep checking in to see what the HG were doing!!

I am still confused about who will take who to the F2. I think Kevin will take Jordan but I'm not sure about Jordan or Nat. With all the togetherness going on it must be killing Nat. to not talk "game" constantly. It seems K/J are done with all the schemeing and just want to relax and get the next few days done.

Have a good Sunday.....tonight's about re-caps and bloopers, but maybe we will see Mich. enter the JH.

wv--rerings The HG needs to start getting their rerings(rearends) to bed earlier...they are going to be screwed when they get back to real life.

Witt said...

Nana, I'm getting going on the laundry but am finding the discussion on the blog so much more interesting than what the houseguests are doing, so the vacuuming hasn't happened yet!

If I was at this point I'd be done with game talk too. The finale is in two days, they all know that, and chances are that J and K have already decided who they take if they win the final HOH.

Everyone have a great Sunday!

Witt :)

Lisanne said...

As boring as it is in the house, it is scary to think how much more boring it would be with just two of them. Especially if it was just Kevin and Nat.

Am still hoping its J & K in the final 2.

meb said...

I wonder if it will be a true/false comp for the final two? It would be nice if they changed it up a little. At least the endurance one is over... Now GO JORDON!

Becky said...

Good morning (afternoon there), Jackie. Bless you for watching the boring feeds.

Sending You Go Girl to Jordan. I hope she goes to the F2.

WV ablegorm Hope Jordan is able to gorm onto victory.

TerryinCA said...

Jordan! Jordan! Sis Boom Bah! Kick Nat in the buns, Rah Rah Rah!

My Mom loved Big brother, its been two years since she flew to Heaven, Im sure she would have loved Jordan too..."such a sweet girl"
As far as Gucci goes, I doubt she has any of their items, but if she wins #1 or #2 I bet someobody buys her a bag or two....

Laurie said...

Off Topic

For those of you who know Auntie Leigh, a poster here at Jackie's, please keep her in your prayers. She has experienced a great tragedy in her life and could use all the support you can give.

I don't feel right telling her story but I do feel led to ask for your supportive prayers,thoughts, energy... whatever you can send her way.

meb said...

Prayers are being sent for Auntie Leigh. Even tho we may not know the reasons she needs prayers, God knows and that's enough.

Love you Auntie Leigh!

Nana from the NW said...

Thanks Laurie for letting us know about Auntie Leigh. She is in my prayers......

BB--Since J/N/K just learned each other's last names yesterday I think a Pt.3 comp. would be fun to have a Q&A about each of the F3. Such as....last names, colleges, # of brothers/sisters, hometown, color of eyes,etc. They could ask the questions seperately to each one. It amazes me how these people can spend 24/7 together and not really care enough about the others to know some of these things.

Margo said...

Auntie Leigh - my heart grieves for you.
{{{Auntie Leigh}}}


Margo said...

Starlight, Star Bright
I wish I may, I wish I might
I wish BB was ending tonight.

RyzandShyn said...

Add my thoughts and prayers to Auntie Leigh and everyone in her support system. Strength and blessings be with you all.

I'm taking a break from the cleaning and laundry, talk about boring. I really let the house and the laundry go to proverbial hell in a hand basket ALL this week. Guess what? It was all still here this morning waiting for me. Somehow I knew it would be.
Isn't it nice to let it go now and again? I felt like I had got away with something until I got started on it this morning. YIKES!

Becky said...

Sending up prayers for Auntie Leigh. I agree with Meb, we don't have to know the reason because God does. Meb, did you ever realize how much we think alike?

Jennasmom said...

Love and prayers for our dear Auntie Leigh. God be with you.

Anonymous said...

Don't fret Auntie Leigh, God will take care of you, we all here on Jackie's blog are praying for you.

Bev in MI

NoNoNastalie said...

Why does Kevin keep "insisting" that Nastalie will win because she has "ALL her friends on the jury"? Is he just blowing smoke up everyone else's @$$ ?????

HUH?? Jessie is ALL her friends??? @@ And IMO, I would NOT be surprised if Jessie did vote for her (if she makes F/2) nor would I be surprised if he didn't vote for her.

Lydia wouldn't vote for her, especially not over Kevin, I don't think Russell would vote for her either. And we know that Jeff, Michelle and "America" won't vote for her.

Kevin cannot be that stupid. Can he?

BAP said...

Kevin may be smart enough to know that if he takes Nat to the F2 her arguement to the jury could be that she was the puppetmaster and he was the puppet. She kept her hands clean and came up with all the plans and had Kevin do all the dirty work. She could say that Kevin was so much her puppet that she was able to throw part one and still know he would take her.

He could be thinking that. JMO

Anonymous said...

Laurie prayers for strength going out for Auntie Leigh and her family.

Sending good thoughts your way too - couldn't help worrying after I read that you were on the verge of tears all morning.

Hang in there {{{hugs}}}

Anne in CT

Billy said...

I hope that Natalie breaks her twist tie ring.

RBennie said...

My thoughts and prayers are with you Auntie Leigh.

joy n said...

Mine too. Auntie Leigh.

Laurie said...

Thanks Anne in CT. It's been an emotional weekend all around.

Thanks to everyone for your positive thoughts for our dear Auntie Leigh. I know in my heart it will make a difference.