Friday, September 04, 2009

Big Brother 11 Live Feeds Into Friday 9/04

Oh, no! Don't drink wine, Jordan!

Here's the scoop from inside that Big Brother House of Female Bonding:
  • After the luxury clothing comp (blocked to the feeds), the three gals in the house sat down to pizza and wine.
  • Natalie, reinforcing the idea that she doesn't have blood on her hands, told Michele and Jordan how it was all Kevin and she's not Kevin.
  • She also told them she would be putting Kevin on the block.
  • Mind you, just a few hours earlier she told Kevin she was with him to the final two and she keeps her word.
  • Natalie's HOH room blatantly screamed, "I'm over 21!" It had Mike's Hard Lemonade and a college graduation stuffed bear.
  • I don't expect Jordan to pick up on it, but c'mon Michele!
  • Kevin suggested they do a fashion show with the new clothes. He quickly declared it wasn't his idea and the feeds got blocked. BB must want them to do a fashion show, eh?
  • She got eight pounds of Red Vines ... I wonder if a free coupon for a dentist comes with that.
  • In her letter from her father, he warned her that to win is good, but not to win at any cost.
  • Huh, she is going to nominate Kevin. She and Kevin talked about it.
  • She will nominate Kevin and Michele, get Jordan on their side, then vote out Michele.
  • Now, that will go kerflooey if they don't get Jordan to vote their way or if Michele wins PoV.
  • Michele told Kevin that Natalie doesn't trust her.
  • Kevin told Michele he doesn't want to be in the final two with Jordan (she's popular).
  • Kevin and Michele also believe Natalie is popular with the jury.
  • I'd rather a Kevin/Michele final two than any scenario with Natalie in there.
  • Kevin and Michele decided to get Jordan on their side and target Natalie.
  • But we know Natalie can't be targeted until after someone goes home.
  • And so it goes, like sand through the hourglass, these are the dwindling days from inside the Big Brother 11 house.


Sissy said...

I miss Jeff (and his hunkiness) already. This is the only time of any season where POV is more important than HOH. It doesn't matter who Nat nominates, it's all down to the POV and who that person wants to vote out (except Nat). Hopefully Jordon and Michele stick together. Actually I would like to see Michele win POV, Jordon is too gulible to believe all the lies.

Anonymous said...

Jordan should stick with Michele especially because Jeff told her too!!

Anonymous said...

When did Natalie reveal that she is 18? It seemed to be a shocker in the jury house, but Jeff could not have guessed did he know?

Anonymous said...

I have spent so much time on BB11 am wondering what will I do Sept. 16?
I really do not care who wins any more just loving the game play.

Anonymous said...

Anon 7:46, Nat is not 18. That is the lie that everyone believes. She is actually 24 and nobody has caught on.

Anonymous said...

Well folks it's been a fun summer reading all the comments. But, after last nights show I will not be watching anymore. I can't believe BB lets that kind of behavior occur!!!!! I think Nasty is the most awful person I have ever seen. She is disgusting, a slob, a thief, a lier, and on-and on! I will be reading the comments just to see who wins! But, I just can't stomach HER anymore. Have a great fall and winter all! :>)

JimmyB said...

Jeff STILL believes Natalie's 18 (so does Russell). How stupid they are. Maybe it's wishful thinking on their part(?) What morons. Of course, Jeff believed that Russell was after him. Makes him a double moron.

I dislike Natalie as much as anyone, but if she was able to manipulate Kevin, who in turn did her dirty work for her; and Jeff was dumb enuf to buy it; Well...

JimmyB said...

Sorry--I meant that Russell believed it (Natalie/18) right up until Lydia and Jessie told him otherwise in JH.

meb said...

Jackie... love the 'like sand through the hourglass'... great play on words!

Anon 7:46... Natalie IS 24, but she told the houseguests the first night she was 18. She confessed to Jessie when he was in the house that she was 24.

Jessie told Lydia and Russell in last night's episode Natalie was really 24.

Jeff continued to think she was 18 and said so in his speech before he left the house, when he said (paraphrased) if he got voted out it was because of an 18 year old... still thinking she was 18.

Sissy... IMO POV is always more important than this HOH because they have the deciding vote as to who goes to F-3.

Natalie is guaranteed F-3, simply because she is HOH. The POV winner is also guaranteed F-3 (and that could be Natalie as well if she wins it and her noms could stay the same or she could change them up).

If someone else wins POV, they are guaranteed F-3 and they alone have the say as to who leaves the house or stays.

That's why I think Kevin is stupid to go on the block. What if he or Nat doesn't win POV? Then I would find it difficult to believe that either Michelle or Jordon, whoever has the POV in this scenario, would save him or not vote him off.

So... F-3 is still up for grabs and I'm hoping Michelle wins POV because I'm afraid if Jordon wins it, and she's the deciding vote, she just might get rid of Michelle, since she is so easily led by Natalie.

wv: hedec Whew! All that speculation has given me a hedec.

Laurie said...

meb, that was such a succint explanation of what happens next. Thank you. I'm really wanting Michelle to win POV. I can't help but wonder if she deliberately threw the HOH comp just for that reason.

Remember, there's still the Pandora's box thing. You know they had to do something with that extra room! I hope it's something that forces Natalie to show her true colors to what's left of the competition. I know, that's my wishful thinking again!

Lisanne said...

I would think that unless Jordan wins the veto, she would have to be gone. They seem to think that too many people like her.

As to how they hasn't caught on that Nat isn't 18, I think it may have a lot to do with Nat's behavior. She isn't appearing to act much older than a teenager, which helps in the believability department.

Cha Cha said...

The Pandora's box last night will coincide with Natalie.

On the feeds last night after Kevin said the box is comming back Nat made the comment that she would take the money.

I do think that the box will have to do with money and her power for the next few days.

I don't remember Julie telling Nat...congratulations on making it to the final three. She didn't come back and talk to them did she?

I am sending good vibes to MICHELLE...WIN THE POV.....WIN THE POV.....

Goodie said...

I was a HUGE Jeff fan and am now DONE watching BBAD. I may or may not watch BB11 finale. I find Natalie so totally horrid that I am just D for Done! Kevin pouring Jeff's wine down the toilet for no reason was the end of Kevin for me. I hope Michelle wins. I love Jordon but she has no chance in H!
Too bad that nice guys finish last!

Cha Cha said...

does anyone know what time Nat got her HOH room.
I fell asleep last night...with Nat winning HOH and my Saints losing there final pre season game I was exhausted.

Saw the pics on Jokers of Nats boyfriend. If there were pics of him in the HOH then why oh why can't these HG figure out either he is way to old for her if she is 18 or she really is older.

I think Jeff is going to be really surpised to see that Nat is really 24. He had no clue.

chris said...

I listened to jeff's interview with the chenbot and with ross matthews
both were very good
he is likable all over again
he says he will take jordo to hawaii if she wins some money, so that part was a bit weird.
he was genuine tho
and he thinks michelle deserves the win
he thinks jessie would have won if not for the cout de ta.
now i sort of want jeff to win the 25,000
certainly not jessie or lydia or nat
i will wait til we have a final two
right now nat is working to get michelle out by playing jordan
jeff warned her

and by the way did anyone else think about the fact that jordan and michelle could have planned the hoh better, they knew what it was going to be, they discussed it on jokers, they could have said that if they were tied going into the last question that one of them needed to say fact and one fiction to assure a win.
that is just the type of planning will or dan or evil d would have done!

Caroline said...

This is a tad random, but I think some people will find it interesting. According to their Twitter accounts both Janelle & James (from S6 and AllStars) are rooting for Michele for the win.

Personally I found both Janelle & James to be great players and find it interesting (and pleasing) that they fully support Michele. They also both can't stand Natalie and the game she's played.

PlaidChick said...

Did I understand it right that the POV will be played out live on Tuesday?

I think, I HOPE Kevin and Michele both woke up last night when they saw Nasty's HOH reveal. Even if they did, I don't think either one of them will pipe up and say anything. The DR's will be interesting to see what they say.

I'm not watching BBAD anymore, nor am I watching the feeds. I don't expect any blow ups. I'll watch the feeds to see the final 3 start, but other than that I'm done. Natalie is sick. There is a clip of her over on survivor sucks of her cheating playing pool. She only feels good about herself when she's cheating or knocking someone down. It may be game play, but I doubt it, I feel she is like this in life. She got $800.00 worth of clothes last night and wants to return them so she can get the money. A lot of people would be happy with nice clothes on her back.

WV: haite

Amy said...

Can't stand Natalie, she better not win and why was she ranting and raving about revenge for Chima, the girl was expelled from the show by the producers, does Natalie want revenge against the producers?
She just irritates me!!!

Anonymous said...

If only Jordan and Michelle had you brain (smile) they definately would be in a better situation right now, but either of them would do the same thing Nat and Kevin did to Jordan and Jeff this could be masterful, one of them souldteam up with Kev and one with Nat, convincing each that they will vote one or the out and convince Nat to put up Kevin as the pawn then back door the other one Michelle or Jordan, but they really vote out Kevin.

chris said...

the pov is the all powerful item
the holder of it holds all the power
if nat gets it she can name the person not on the block, and that person gets to vote
whoever holds the pov(except the HOH) votes to oust one of the two nominees
yes michelle should suck up to kev
jordan to nat
and all the while try like crazy to win that next pov and vote out kevin asap
and then michelle needs to win 2 out of 3 to get nasty nat out and take jordan to final 2
that is my dream, and a girl can dream can't she?

meb said... said:

jordan and michelle could have planned the hoh better, they knew what it was going to be, they discussed it on jokers, they could have said that if they were tied going into the last question that one of them needed to say fact and one fiction to assure a win.

excellent idea... too bad they didn't think of it, we'd be having an entirely different game.

Cha Cha said...

yes the pov is live Tuesday.

Do the Hg's know that. I am not sure they know that but will figure it out by tomorrow night when one hasn't gone down.

With the letter from Nat's dad i can't tell if it is new or old. With what he said maybe he isn't happy with the way she is playing. If he taught her everything he knows I am sure that puts hm in a bad light.

Anonymous said...

hey ladies and gents, i am wondering about the final vote. there are 6 left...what if it's a tie? if you all already talked about it, sorry, i missed it!

chris said...


i know
i can't believe that no one thought of it
jeff too
he could have warned them, help them plot
they were so caught up in the disaster they had created that they just had no game
clearly one of them would have won the hoh then
and nat would not have been able to be so freaking smug!

Anonymous said...


I'm with you all the way,

joy n said...

So Natalie wants to return the clothes she won for cash and she's going thru the others luxury items, to steal again, I'm assuming.

The greediness of this 24 year old child is unimaginable to me. I'll bet that if anyone touches her goodies gifts in her HOH, she'll probably put her Tae Kwando (or whatever they are) moves on them.

There ia absolutely nothing likable about this biotch.

If her father has the feeds or Showtime, he must be mortified. Her behavior does reflect on him.

As I said before, she has shown no redeeming values, whatsoever. I am so disgusted with her.

Anonymous said...

Anyone have any idea how the next week is going to play out with pandora's box and the fact that the pov is live on tuesday. do you think pandora's box has something to do with pov. I will be so pissed if it helps Nat or Kevin stay.

J in WI

Cha Cha said...

This girl is satan herself and you will understand it you read this

Nats speech for Michele: Michele im nominating you for personal reasons. Yes, Chima got kicked out but what America doesnt know is that you were the cause of her getting kicked out, you were the reason Chima threw her mic in the water. by your actions you threw all your christian values away. michele im also a christian. and one thing ive learned as a christian is not to make a deal with the devil. you offered a F3 deal. well michele i decline your deal because if i would have taken your deal i would have accepted a deal with satan himself. yes this is a game, and im here to win a half million dollars but as my dad would say...winning a half million dollars would be nice but not at any cost. and if it means i have to sell my soul to the devil then i wont be winning the half million dollars. i did it with my morals, my integrity and i still have my soul in tact.

RyzandShyn said...

Oh no she didn't!

Anonymous said...


Margo said...

Pot - meet kettle

Laurie said...

Oh ChaCha ... you should have provided barf buckets with that little speech from Natalie. Tell me she will self-destruct in a ball of flames and leave only dust on the ground.

Margo said...

I'm not sure I can stand watching Sundays show. I'll be sure to tape it and FF whenever Bat - a - Lie is on screen.

It's really sad cause I usually give people the benefit of the doubt and assume there is some redeeming quality for me to find something likable about a person. But I just can not see any in our dear Satan fearing Natalie.

OMG what a piece of work. If I was her Dad I would keep my distance. Who knows maybe she steals also from him.


Anonymous said...

Yea, I was reading Nasty's speech also and I could not believe it. She is such an evil person and I got news for ya have no integrity whatsoever. She is living in a fantasy world if she thinks she has played respectfully. Nobody has been as bad as her except Chima was close. It's no wonder she loves Chima and to blame someone for Chima's childish actions is crazy.
If anyone is satan, it's her and people know it's not editing when we are watching the live feeds.

joy n said...

The gall of that bitch! She'd better stay indoors if it's thundering out there. For someone who has lied, cheated, stolen throughout this game, to call herself a Christian is downright blasphemous. For her to make another personal attack is beyond mean. How disgraceful it will be for her to win this game.

I hope she does give that speech live just so ALL of America sees her for what she is. A bad seed.

I hate to think what this might do to Michele's fragile ego. And you know Natalie doesn't give a crap what it does to her. Nat will have the satisfaction of sticking that knife in as deep as she can and will walk away smirking again.

She is disgusting!

monty924 said...


If you have the feeds/flashback you can see Natalie's HoH reveal on any feed during the 10 PM block.

I didn't get that the POV would be live on Tuesday. I hope not... I can't stand the suspense between now and then. UGH!

Nothing further to say about Nat at this time other than, SHE DISGUSTS ME!

Cha Cha said...

With the POV being live on Tuesday that will give michelle some time to calm down.
I am not sure how michelle will take it. Hopefully just do her little giggle.
I really want Michelle to win. She has pulled through each time with her POV. With it being on Tuesday she knows it should be questions and hope she does well.

Cha Cha said...

With the POV being live on Tuesday that will give michelle some time to calm down.
I am not sure how michelle will take it. Hopefully just do her little giggle.
I really want Michelle to win. She has pulled through each time with her POV. With it being on Tuesday she knows it should be questions and hope she does well.

Anonymous said...

Michelle wasn't the cause of Chima's demise. It was her own. She knew she had to play by the rules.

joy n said...

Natalie's father said .... Winning half a million dollars would be nice but not at any cost.

She's just twisting her dad's words to suit her plans and this sicko satan's daughter thinks she right in doing so to win.

Her soul is long gone. She probably traded it in for cash somewhere along the line.

I've always been bothered by these Christian types that feel they have some edge on a game show, but Natalie just brought them all down to a new low.

Anonymous said...

you must be so proud, Joe

cha cha said...

the following is the link of a pic that Nat said she will wear when she does her nomination speech

Zoetawny said...

Jeff being evicted was bad enough but when Nat won HOH...AACCK! ARGG!
GRRRR! I screamed NOOOO! so loud the dogs started barking.

I hope what I'm reading here is true...Kevin and Michele gunning for Natalie?

I sure didn't expect the end to come down the way it did. Anybody but Natalie at this point.

Look at the bright side, we have Survivor and TAR starting soon. ;)

Have a great holiday weekend!

monty924 said...

This is what Julie said at the end of the show regarding Tuesday.

"Then on Tuesday, I'll be back for a special live episode. Tune in for the veto competition, live veto meeting, live eviction and the beginning of the finale 3 part HoH"

They have to tape the POV to leave room for last minute scheming and plotting. Remember Erika convincing Janelle to evict Will? Last year Memphis and Dan on whether to keep Keesha or Jerry?

Zoetawny said...

Just had to update my avatar. ;)

Anonymous said...

Thanks Monty

Any idea on how the new Pandora's Box Twist will fit in to all of this? Anybody?

J in WI

ChicMc said...

Is it possible that the fires in CA were started by a lightning bolt from the heavens that somehow missed Natalie?

Laurie said...

J in WI, I think the new Pandora's box twist will offer someone money instead of something they already have (HOH or POV or something).

My other thought is that it will have something to do with there being no goodbyes for Jeff. Maybe someone will be offered money to trade places with Jeff.

That's all I've got on that.

Lars said...

The POV should be an endurance type POV, isn't the last POV usually a difficult/mental challenge one?
Requires lots of thinking or counting items, perhaps blocking/knocking one another out,
Who knows maybe it'll be undoing knots in ropes, either way I hope Mitchelle wins, votes Kevin out!
I don't believe Kevin nor Jordan have played the game until a week ago, Kevin hid behind Lydia, Jordan behind Jeff,
I doubt anyone is voting on popular this year, in fact its been awhile since housemates have voted that way.

monty924 said...

From your fingers to AG's ear/eyes, Laurie. Wouldn't it be great if Natalie sold her sould to the Devil for some easy cash?

I doubt she'd do it, but a girl can hope!!

monty924 said...

Forgot to add, love the Dirty Jobs and Nat the Bat avis from PlaidChick and Zoetawny! :)

Anonymous said...

I went back and re-watched last night's episode and I don't see anywhere that it was said there is more to the Pandora's box. What is everyone referring to? I thought the Pandora's box was the falling cash and that it was over.

Witt said...

Nat is living in a parallel universe if she REALLLLLLY thinks that Michele caused Chima's eviction!! And I'd like to know, what dictionary does she have that defines "integrity" to go along with how she's playing?

Witt :)

meb said...

Zoetawny, love the bat/bat... it fits her perfectly.

After reading Natalie's speech ChaCha, I won't be shocked anymore with anything she says or does. Such a sad little girl who doesn't understand that just human decency would preclude her from saying this to another human being. I already feel so sorry for Michelle if Natalie follows through with this.

meb said...

Anon 7:48... did you watch the end when Julie was telling us what was happening on Tuesday? She's the one who told us that this time Pandor's Box would change the game.

Not that I believe it... just that she said it.