Monday, September 14, 2009

Big Brother 11 Live Feeds Into Monday Dawn 9/14

I always look forward to the Big Brother season. Yet, at this time of the year, I look forward to seeing it end. While the final three trapped in the house is slightly more interesting than two who have already done what they can do to win, it's still monotonous. And, with the jury being live tomorrow night, we don't get the backlash of the jury questions on the feeds.

Here's what's happened since my last report:
  • Jordan was up the earliest -- we're talking early afternoon.
  • They're still decorating dishes with the crafts they were given.
  • Natalie told Jordan that Kevin asked her if she had a final two deal with her (Jordan).
  • Jordan continues to pretty much tell Natalie and Kevin what the other is saying.
  • I fear that Jordan favors Natalie, but it's hard to tell.
  • The BB voiced piped trivia through the house. Now I know that Sweden is slightly larger than California. Check.
  • Kevin is upset because he feels he has no shot. He doesn't think he can win against either Natalie or Jordan.
  • I think he could very well win against Natalie.
  • Natalie cooked fish for dinner. No one wanted it. Natalie also mentioned that fish is poultry, right?
  • Natalie told Kevin that girls are not supposed to work once they marry.
  • I'm speechless. Her boyfriend gives her a twistie-tie ring and she's under the assumption that he will provide her a life of luxury?
  • Jordan told Kevin and Natalie that she's always been self-conscious regarding her weight -- that's why Russell upset her so.
  • She also talked about her boob job and how hard she worked to afford it. Them. Whatever.
  • Kevin finally spilled the reason we haven't seen him swim or take off his shirt all summer -- he has Poland disease and has had his own breast augmentation surgery. He said that muscle loss keeps him from doing anything where he has to hang from his arms. The scar and unevenness of his chest makes him want to keep his shirt on.
  • I looked it up -- Poland's Syndrome. Huh.
  • Natalie had lasik surgery.
  • None of them have gone through the horror of a knee replacement! Let them do BB comps after that, eh?


cha cha said...

Jackie-- you rock.
I was in the hospital over the weekend and made my man bring the laptop. I knew that there wasnt much going on in the house but still needed to be in the "no"...

Kevin has gone on a serious power trip from what I read. Nat is stuck in 50's..Jordan is just there. If it weren't for her there wouldn't be anyone up till five.

Waiting patiently for tomorrow.
I am assuming the jury q&a will be live?

Jackie said...

Yes, it will be live. It could prove very interesting.

Jackie said...

BTW, ChaCha -- You okay?

Becky said...

Good morning, Jackie. I am ready for the last show of the season.

Cha Cha, hope you are okay today.

WV: yanta - "yawns" - yanta, yanta, yanta - what you get instead of yada,yada, yada if you are stuck in the BB house for three days with these guys.

Anonymous said...

I saw Michele in a movie this weekend. It was a Hallmark movie from 2006 called MYSTERY WOMEN:OH BABY! It was just a walk-on, about the last 15 mins of the show. She was walking in the hallway outside a lawyer's office. very brief. I was taping so when it was over, I kept rewinding the rewinding just to be sure because I could not believe it was her. My sister watched the same show and she thought the same thing..."that is Michele". I paused the movie just to look at her face and sure enough, it was Michele's nose. Did anyone else happen to see it?

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Did anyone catch on BBAD last night - Kevin saying he had a confession about him and Chima having some sort of connection outside of the house? They switched cams pretty quicky - but something about San Diego, and a school Chima taught at. Anyone know the details?

AlbGlinka said...

Very interesting about Kevin's condition, I had wondered why he always kept his shirt on and never swam...

Anonymous said...

yanta is tire in spanish cc

lynn1 said...

Cha Cha, Hope you are home and feeling better. I was at the Saints game yesterday and wondered if you were there. So sorry to hear you were in the hospital.
Just so you know the heavens opened about 45 minutes before the game. The rain was fierce and the lightning was frightening. We took cover in the bowels of the Dome parking garage. We were soaked even though we had umbrellas. I had on blue leather sandals and now I have blue feet where the dye faded onto my feet! LOL
I am going to shop for some rubber rain boots or shrimper boots so I can have warm dry feet in the future.

Laurie said...

It's true. Once you are married you never have to work outside the home again. If you made a good catch you never have to work inside the home either. Someone else will clean, cook, and take care of any offspring you might have. It's an amazing life.

*waking up*

Dang, now I am going to be late for work and I still have to do the carpool, and get some groceries to cook dinner tonight, pick up the dry cleaning, attend a soccer game, and be gorgeous when I go to bed.

cha cha said...

Thanks everyone....
I am home and alright for now. Thought there was a blood clot or Deep Vein Thrombosis. Ultrasounds and CT scans came back negative but a test called d'dimer came back abnormal. Got checked out around 8 saturday night and went home.
I didn't go to the game, had my uncle use the ticket. He and my man said they ran from breakfast to the dome dodging the rain. I am glad that I actually stayed home for this game as my leg is still hurting. It was great not having a blackout as so many cities with teams are having them. I heard it was freezing in there.
I went to my doc today and they ran the d-dimer again. He thinks that with my thyroid problems it could have made the test iffy..Like the Hinky Votes this season...
My leg and knee still hurt and this makes me think that I may just have problems with my knee. I should know by the end of the week the prognosis.
At least I didn't miss any episodes. Although they are still probably the same.
Last nights recap was all stuff I or we have seen. Didn't Julie say it was never before scenes???

cha cha said...

Just pulled this up about Kevin's Syndrome

Poland syndrome (also Poland's syndrome, Poland's syndactyly, Poland sequence,[1] and Poland's anomaly) is a rare birth defect characterized by underdevelopment or absence of the chest muscle (pectoralis) on one side of the body and (but not always) webbing of the fingers (cutaneous syndactyly) of the hand on the same side (ipsilateral hand) mostly common on the right side of body and found more in males than females

joy n said...

Jeff will be on the Bonnie Hunt Show on Friday!

cha cha said...


joy n said...

Laurie, I've had that same dream often. Waking up is a downer.

Cha cha, sounds like mostly good news so far. Hope that continues and whatever the problem, it will something easy and/or painless to fix.

RyzandShyn said...

Wow, that's a good planet Natalie comes from. I should have gone there instead of here where, for the years I was lucky enough to be home (with the kids) I was busy from the minute I woke up until the minute my head hit the pillow.
I wonder who filled her head with such nonsense.
It seems like a funny thing for her to say, I imagine her manipulative for sure, but more independent that to think that.

Interesting about Kevin's condition. I feel badly his corrective surgery didn't give him results he is confortable with.

I'm scared that Jordan still seems to have a favorable outlook on Natalie. I was hoping she'd bring Kevin if she's the one to decide and that Kevin will win the big money.

Becky said...

Cha Cha, hope your tests return showing no problem.

I must have missed it, did you fall and hurt your knee and leg?

I fell five weeks ago yesterday and did a number on my foot and ankle. I had it x-rayed and nothing was broken. However it is still giving problems, so they will do a MRI tomorrow.

RyzandShyn said...

I forgot to add that I hope your discomfort lessens, cha cha, and that it turns out to be something simple to correct.

cha cha said...

I was having pains in my groin area on Thursday and really didn't think much of it. Friday morning my leg started to hurt behind the knee cap. The tests in the hospital all came back negative but the d-dimer came back abnormal.
My primary care doc took blood today to rerun that test and should have an answer by weeks end.
Thank you all for the concern
Becky hope the MRI turns up negative.

joy n said...

Becky, good luck on your results, too.

sizzie said...

Also interesting about Kevin's 'condition' is that he didn't mention it before. In fact, he went to great lengths to not mention it, I think. He was often asked why he wouldn't get in the water and always made them think it was a fear of water.

JimmyB said...

I still think Kevin's in the best position to win.

He'd win against Natalie because most probably feel that he was the better player.

He'd win against Jordan for the same reason (although she will win the 7th juror vote)

Nina said...

I don't understand why u all like Jordan. I've gone back to disliking her. I'm not sure if she's already bought a boob job or if she plans to buy one but she was talking about wanting one on the feeds. Good grief, boob jobs disgust me. I would definitely urge y'all to cast votes for Kevin. He played harder than Jordan did. (Of course my first choice for the win is Nat b/c I think she was just playing a game the whole time which is what BB is about. But I know y'all will never vote for Nat). So Nat/Kev for the win.

Anonymous said...

Nat is only 24, her dad takes care of her and she watches tv all day in her pjs. She's really immature and not ready to marry anyone. Any new banner news? cc

Sally said...

Sending good thoughts out to Cha Cha and Becky. Hope the results are quick and the remedies easy!

I've been wondering how Vincent did today in his new digs, while Jackie was off at work. He probably slept, ate, played with his toy, slept some more, surveyed the neighborhood from his window, took a nap, then turned on the Play Station again to have a game or two. Ah...the life of Vincent.

I'm still rooting for Jordan!

Goodie said...

With so few in the house we don't really know what Jordon is thinking. I am thinking she won't forget that Kevin backstabbed Jeff. I am hoping she won't at any rate.


Susan in MA said...

Natalie is clearly used to people waiting on her -- she managed to get everyone in the house to wait on her, including straightening her hair,etc. She seems to have a knack for talking people into doing things for her. That always baffled me; the way they do what she says without question.
No one even said "gee Nat, don't you think '18' is a little young to be engaged?"

Anonymous said...

Hey Nina voting for Nasty Nat is not going to happen, you think her mean spiritness was game play I dont think so. calling Michelle the devil was totaly unnecessary and all the other mean things she did to others is not deserving of my vote and Kevin he needs to stop calling women bi..., I'm not that in love with Jordan either but she is the lesser of the other two evils.

monty924 said...

Of course I'm rooting for Jordan as the last of my favs, but I 'honestly' (Daniele BB8) want Kevin to win Part 3 now. No way will Jordan take Kevin to F2, and I don't want Nasty Nat (watch Ross Matthews latest to hear Janelle say it too) to win one red cent of the F2 $550 g's. :)

I think Kevin will take Jordan. JMO!

PDX Granny said...

I'm all for a Jordon win in the final comp. I'm afraid if she does, she'll pick Nasti~Lie for the F2. If it ends up between the two of them, I have a feeling Jordon will take the prize. From what they showed of the JH, it looks like too many are disenchanted for her to get the votes to win. She sure won't get America's!!

I'd much rather see Kevin and Jordon in the F2. As much as I like Jordon for being the kind of person she is, she hasn't played the same game as Kevin has. He did get kind of nasty towards the end, but I wonder how much of that was due to Nasti~Lie's influence.

Of the three left I'd like to see Kevin with the $500K, Jordon with $50K and Nasti~Lie with a black boot mark across her arse from being kicked out!!!


monty924 said...

Oh, the feeds are jumping right now. Kevin is calling Nasty out on EVERYTHING from this season. Being Jessie's lapdog, being cruel for no reason, etc. It's hilarious.

If you have the feeds go back to 11:00 p.m. and watch on the quad feed. It starts around 11:45.

Good stuff, funny stuff