Saturday, September 05, 2009

Big Brother 11 Live Feeds Into Saturday Evening 9/05

Kevin either looks pensive or worried. He shouldn't be worried -- he won the power of veto. Here are the day's happenings from inside that Big Brother House pf Whirling Dervishes:
  • Michele and Jordan both studied dates for the upcoming comp.
  • It did them no good.
  • They've been sporting the new clothes from their luxury comp.
  • Kevin muttered a lot last night and this morning. He listed the times Natalie betrayed him or didn't have his back. Plus, he thinks his man is cuter.
  • Then the feeds went out for the veto, Kevin returning with the win.
  • They think they have five days before the eviction. They are unaware there will be a live eviction Tuesday night.
  • Kevin is starting to act on/voice his doubts about Natalie to Natalie.
  • He asked her to swear on their final two deal. She offered to swear on her engagement. He scoffed and said he didn't know if it really exists.
  • They're planning it to be a Michele eviction with the final three being Natalie, Jordan, and Kevin.
  • Kevin told Natalie he wants to make a fake final two deal with Jordan as a cover.
  • Jordan apparently did so bad in the PoV comp that she asked the diary room not to show the video to the world.
  • Natalie continues to gloat about her victories.
  • Kevin says they have "trust issues."


Anonymous said...

Nooooooo. With most likely Michelle leaving, that puts Natalie one step closer to winning. Anyone but Natalie! please! Anyone but Natalie!

Anonymous said...

I hate that this season has taken all interest in BB out of me. Sigh...

Karma's Biotch said...

Actually, I kind of like this season. It's had a lot of twists and turns in momentum, plus more than the normal amount of controversy and drama.

I never really care who wins, it's all about the journey. And this year's journey has been kind of fun. Thanks to all of you who were part of the journey!

Don't forget to make a contribution to Jackie.

Nina said...

Michelle is leaving and we are so getting a Kev/Natalie final 2. Wahooo.
The peeps who have Kev or Nat in the pool should feel quite pleased with themselves. I'd be happy with either of them winning. They were more conniving than Jorff and hence I feel they are waaaaaaaaaaaay more deserving of the win. The truth is y'all just dislike Natalie b/c of her Jessie association but she has played a very good game so far. She rode the backs of other stronger players while giving them nothing except empty words and lies. Her lies about Michelle and her manipulation caused Jeff and Jordan to target Russell and Michelle, who would have been F4 allies of J and J.

Jeff also didn't do that great. He took out Lydia instead of Kev or Nat-BIG MISTAKE. He took out Russell instead of Kev or Not-ANOTHER BIG MISTAKE. Jeff also could have made a F2 deal with Russell and cut ties with Jordan but he didn't (sort of a mistake since Jordan is such a weak ally). Jeff's only good move was taking out Jessie with the coup d'etat and we gave that to him (not me though).
Michelle's social game was god awful and for that reason her loss is fully deserved. And also, how little self-respect could she possibly have to team up with Russell when he told her she needed medecine.

Nat and OR Kev deserve to win so I'm happy for them.

Anonymous said...

If cheat sheets are against the BB rules, why have they not penalized Keven and Natalie for having one? We saw it on the feeds, surely BB has seen it also. Doesn't seem fair to me!

joy n said...

Nat's association with Jessie is ONE reason she isn't liked.

OMG, let me count the ways....................!

cha cha said...

i dislike nat not only because she was associated with Jessie but mainly because she isn't playing a great game. She is just mean and dispicable to the core. If she did get engaged last night then I feel sorry for his family. I am sure she is like that in real life

Laurie said...

I swore to myself that I would only post positive and uplifting things on the board.

My wv is subrize.

Maybe there's still one more subrize and things will change again!

sizzie said...

I listened to the flashback from 2pm house time. I saw the cam in the HOH room with Nat and Kev talking. They are congratulating themselves and Nat says their alliance all began when Jessie left and they started the calendar because they knew they would have to keep track of things. Nat says the Jordan didn't even get through the first one. There was a pole (squared off so things couldn't be twirled) and blocks had to be placed in order or in answer about things that have happened in the hosue. Kev says, I think, that the first one was hard. They talk about pop goes the veto and other comps. They continue for a while and then Kevin says It helped that they had that technical error. Nat immediately says 'what technical error' Kev says we (or I?) had to stand next to the door and face the wall and we get blocked feeds.

Michelle is speaking nicely to everyone when approached, but not going to anyone to speak. She was in the kitchen cleaning last time I looked. Jordan feels bad because of her performance. They all think the next eviction will be Thursday when we know it will be Tuesday

Karma's Biotch said...

Nina, I agree almost completely and totally. Well stated.

Are "cheat sheets" really against the rules? I really don't know. Seems like every season someone (or multiple people) puts one together out of stuff in the house. If cheat sheets are against the rules, isn't Michelle equally guilty for using her birth control pills as a calendar?

Anonymous said...

isn't Michelle equally guilty for using her birth control pills as a calendar?

9/05/2009 10:20 PM


Zoetawny said...

Laurie said...

I swore to myself that I would only post positive and uplifting things on the board.

My wv is subrize.

Maybe there's still one more subrize and things will change again!
You're so funny, Laurie! I love your posts. Nice weather we're having for a change.


I'm always agreeing with your posts. ;)

Well, I'm resigned now that I won't be happy with this season's winner...but it's just a game.


Thanks for devoting so much of your time watching the feeds and reporting back to us.

Have a great holiday weekend!


Anonymous said...

Donated to Jackie, hoping you fall on something sharp.

monty924 said...

I never take cheap shots at the commenters, but its fair game for the hamsters. I've been thinking all night that Kevin could redeem himself (in my eyes only) if he would evict Jordan and not Michele, but fat chance of that happening. And yes, I'm on Michele's bandwagon.

The stuff being spewed up in the HoH room between Natalie and Kevin has absolutely nothing to do with the game or strategy if he plans to vote Michele out anyway. I could see messing with her if he were going to keep her... you know, throw her off her game for the HoH comp. But he's said she is GONE, and I don't blame him (for that at least). I would want to keep poor simple Jordan along for the very reason that she doesn't stand a chance in h3ll to win any leg of the final HoH. She might do okay in part 3, but you have to win part 1 or 2 to get there. Not happening, IMO! So I ask why mess with Michele just to be mean?

Kevin just told Natalie that he wasn't going through with something ??? I wasn't paying close enough attention because well, I don't like those two. I will say that I gave Kevin a thumbs up for finally acting like a human being in that moment. Natalie of course, looked disappointed that Kevin was not going to do whatever it was.

Long post - sorry. :)

Everyone here at Jackie's have a safe and happy Labor Day weekend. See everyone on Tuesday for the live eviction and HoH endurance comp.

Michele ROCKS, even if she doesn't win BB11!!!

Anonymous said...

What a day!!!! My Rays lost (again), Kevin wins the POV so he and the nasty one will be the final 2. Oh well, such is life, but still to me this is the worst BB ever. Jackie, anything likeable about this show comes from you and your witty blog, thank you very much. My WV is graltess and so am I. With that corn good night all. Pat in FL

PlaidChick said...

Natalie is my pool person, and I am in no way *happy* in the way she has played the game. If you all don't watch the feeds or read the play by play, you don't even scratch the surface of the hatred she has inside her. She is cocky, mean, hateful, a pathological liar, and the list goes on.

She actually told the others that her BF told her that he "could not blame Jessie for falling in love with me."

PlaidChick said...

Here is Natalie's rehearsed nomination speech:

"At this stage in the game most people would just give a politically correct speech and tell you two that you are nominated because you are both fierce competitors, well I'm not going to take the easy road and I'm going to tell you guys the truth of why I truly nominated you two and I hope in the end you both respect me for the truth.

Kevin I nominated you because you say that the Big Brother game is a game of chess. Well Kevin in the game of chess the King and the Queen are the two most powerful players on the board.

You said Jessie was the King and I was the Queen and seeing how the Queen was the most powerful player in the game you wanted to get the Queen out and give you a possibility to win. Well Kevin although I am honored that you that you think I am a Queen and I am that powerful in this game, in fact I'm so honored I even dressed the part for you Kevin.

Well what you failed to realize that in the game of chess you have to think three moves ahead and Kevin you just got got because I did think three moves in advance and just as in the game of chess you've been my pawn for the entire game and the thing about pawns is that pawns are sacrificial lambs sometimes.

You have to sacrifice a pawn in the game of chess in order to get further in the game. Well Kevin seeing how you've been my pawn I am now sacrificing you in order to get further in the game I know we've been friends Kevin and I hope that we can remain friends and hang out in this house.

I hope you realize that this is a game and this is what I have to do to get further in the game I've nominated you just for strategic reasons Kevin and I hope you can respect that.

Michele although I did nominate Kevin for strategic reasons I've nominated you for personal reasons. Michelle I believe that you are a habitual backstabbing liar.

Everything Ronnie said about you week four when he got evicted I agree with him to a tee. He was right on.

Michele what you did to Chima was despicable and you ought to be ashamed of yourself. Michele three weeks ago i had the worst week I have ever had in the Big Brother house in fact I almost wanted to go home Michele, and it was all because of you.

Michele you backstabbed me and you backstabbed Chima.

Michele what America may not know is that you ultimately made Chima get expelled. Yes it is true that Chima got expelled for throwing her mic in the jacuzzi. But the thing is you caused her to throw it in the jacuzzi. Yes Michele, you caused her to throw her mic in the jacuzzi, and although Chima is gone she is not forgotten because I as her friend am here to get vengeance for her.

Michele you said you dedicated your life to Christian values well due to your actions you threw all those Christian values out the window.

Michelle, I am also a Christian and two days ago you came to me to offer a deal to guarantee me a spot in the final three if I were to go against Kevin and keep Jeff in this house. Well Michelle as everybody knows I declined your deal and the reason I declined your deal is because if there is one thing I do know as a Christian is to not make a deal with the Devil and if I would have made that deal with you Michele I would have been making a deal with the Devil herself.

Michelle you are Satan!

As my dad would say, 500,000 thousand dollars would be nice but not at any cost, and I Michele, unlike you, would not sell my soul for 500,000 dollars.

I want to add that everybody in this house has thought I am naive, gullible and dumb just because I'm 18. You are right about one thing. I am 18 but I'm not naive, I'm not gullible and I'm not dumb as we all can see. I'm not the dummy because I'm in the final three and yet all of you are fighting for a spot next to me.

PoV is tomorrow, good luck because if you or you don't win the other will go home and I will have sent you home."

Laurie said...

Wow. Having taken a vow of positiveness, I cannot say more.

Thanks, Plaid Chick.

lynn1 said...

Natalie first said that Chima accidently dropped her mic in the Jacuzzi but now it is that Michelle made her throw the mic.

Of course neither one is the truth.

In all of America the only people that Natalie has conned is Jeff, Jordan, Kevin and to some extent Michelle.

While there are some BB fans supporting a win for Natalie even they would admit that Natalie has lied about many things, chalking it up to game play and strategy.

If Natalie wins it all I hope she finds that her methods were worth the consequences as being seen as a liar, a cheat and mean spirited.

joy n said...

She still calls herself a Christian. How sad for her.

To plot ahead of time to hurl a needless personal attack on Michele is beyond understanding.

Chima was pissed because her HOH was taken from her and because she didn't get Russell out. She was pissed at America for Jeff getting the cd'e. Kevin also voted to get Jessie out along with Jordan and Michele. Why no vindictive speeches for them in re to Chima's getting KICKED OUT? (For breaking rules.) Natalie's speech has no merit. Just another streak of meanness for her own pleasure.

And Kevin is just as bad in my eyes.

PDX Granny said...

OK, I need a refresher here. What in the world did Michele do that was so instrumental in getting Chima kicked out? I'm not remembering. Am I forgetting something?

Or is Nasti-Lie just making up some things and embellishing others just to make Michele look bad in the others eyes?

Sydney said...

WOW, did Natalie really say that?

Anonymous said...

Is Natalie's occupation listed as grifter?

Billy Brown said...

Hasn't Michele been blaming Jeff and Michele for Chima's self destruction from the moment she was told to leave? I'm still in shock that half of the people there haven't seen Chima's reaction as her own fault and have instead blamed others. If she wanted to be such a diva and throw a hissy fit instead of fighting harder and losing the chance at $500,000 that was her choice and nobody else. To hold that against any of the other contestants is wrong. Is that also why her, Kevin and Lydia have been so mean to Michele in these last few weeks?

monty924 said...

PDX Granny said...
OK, I need a refresher here. What in the world did Michele do that was so instrumental in getting Chima kicked out? I'm not remembering. Am I forgetting something?

She put her on the block... pure and simple in Natalie's simple little mind.

This season is a repeat of BB6 for me. The people who are so self righteous, are the very people who are doing vindictive things to everyone else in the house. Its all good though. What goes around comes around.

Maggie hasn't been heard of since BB6, and Ivette didn't make it onto the All-Star season, because of BB6... I wonder why? The houseguests this season will have positive things to look back on, and all of us will move on to other shows.

At this point, I'm only looking forward to the Jury questioning, and seeing Ronnie eat crow over his treatment of Michele. That started this entire ball rolling!

That's my opinion and mine only.

sizzie said...

I have watched Kevin and Natalie the last few days slip deeper and deeper into living in some dark place. They play off each other and seem to bring out the worst in both of their personalities. And they do it with such glee. Every season, when the game is over, the hgs say that no one knows what 'the house' does to a person.

That sounds like John Locke speaking of 'the island' on Lost. But I do think that is at the heart of things. The house becomes their universe.

I think Natalie will be pleased with herself and every thing she has done in the house, when she sees the tapes of the show and when she reads people's feedback.

I think I remember Kevin, earlier in the game, saying things that showed he saw the person as seperate from the game. I think seeing himself, and hearing what his friends say after the game, might be difficult for him.

He wants to be liked, I am not sure being liked makes any difference to Natalie.

I am just trying to see a little deeper, past their nasty tricks, to see the real people instead of just gamers. What do others think? Are we seeing the real people or just game pieces?

Anonymous said...

i wonder if jesse outed nat on her age lie did her also out her on the green room lie?

cause if he did it could mean that Mich if and when she goes to the Jury house will want revenge for all the crap Nat put her through because of it. It could also piss Russ off enough so that he would never ever vote for her to win.


chris said...

I definitely have to stop
getting so caught up in this game, lol
ever since the blunder of the lydia ouster I just knew this was the way it would go!
I kept saying no, don't send lydia out.
jeff in all his interivews says how russell was the strongest played, i did not see that then
and since jeff kept saying he, jeff needed to win the pov the same would have held true had russell stabbed him
oh well
i dont think i can watch
with jordan in the final 3 it is a definite nat/ kev final two
wish kev would win the final hoh and stab the little bitch in the heart and take jordan, but that will never happen
this is a lot like season 6
altho janelle was in the final 3 and gave us all hope
jordan is no janelle
not even close
michelle for the america choice money!! to show that bitch nastalie that michelle is liked!!!!
wv gicans
jordan sure has big gicans

Anonymous said...

vote michelle for the america money

Anonymous said...

The Green Room LIE was Jessie's idea, He's the one who made that up.

Karma's Biotch said...

Anonymous said...
Donated to Jackie, hoping you fall on something sharp.

9/05/2009 11:30 PM

How did Nasty Nat get access to the internet/

Karma's Biotch said...

How does anyone know the nomination speech text? Wasn't that blocked out until tonight's show?

If it is true, no biggie. Would seem a little out of character for Natalie who usually plays it closer to the vest, but she may have developed HOH-cockiness despite the fact that she saw it do Jeff in.

If it is true, I think the Michelle/Chima reference goes beyond the simple nomination. Remember, Chima thought she had an alliance with Michelle going into the CD'E. Chima was still talking girls alliance and Michelle was sucking up to her. Then, 1st thing Michelle does is nominate Chima. I'm not saying that was a bad strategic move, but to a member of the "alliance" it would seem like the ultimate act of betrayal.

I would also say, if that text is true, it is BRILLIANT. It hides the fact that Natalie and Kevin have an F2 deal and is just nasty enough to be believable. That would make it possible for Kevin to deal with Michelle or Jordan for an F2 deal to out Natalie this week should Michelle or Jordan have won the nomination.

Go Natalie. You may be Nasty, but you're the best player in the house! (IMHO)

Lisa said...

Kevin made a wrong move by getting rid of Jeff.

joy n said...

Unfortunately, I think she's the worst player in the house. The worst ever.

Anonymous said...

Nat is not the worst player but the worst excuse for a human being EVER!!

Karma's Biotch said...

Personally, I rarely lie in real life (too hard to keep them straight!) and I'm loyal to a fault: I've used the same gas station, the same grocery store, and the same mechanic for 20+ years. BUT, put me in a house of strangers with $500,000 at the end of the road and I'd lie and backstab all of them all day long, if necessary. I'm not sure I'd be any good at it, but I'd be willing to do it.

As I'm fond of saying, we're all whores hoping to some day afford our principles. I've been uncomfortable underfunded on too many occasions to lie to y'all and pretend that I wouldn't be willing to sacrifice SOME principles for the security that the $300,000 net would bring.

I wouldn't kill anyone, not even an anon, but I would do a whole lot of lying, backstabbing and, if necessary, even some intimidating.

joy n said...

And once you've lied, backstabbed and intimitated, and know that your target is all but out the door, would you defame, humiliate and falsely accuse? Gleefully? On television? Would you practice doing it?

If so, I'd never vote for you to win either.

joy n said...

typo - intimidated

constant gina said...

nice...I am sure Natalie is cheating at note