Saturday, September 12, 2009

Big Brother 11 Live Feeds Into Saturday Dawn 9/12

No, I didn't forget you. I decided to take last night off, have Chinese food delivered after a hectic day at work, hide from the elements (yesterday was rainy and windy all day), watch the A&E Friday night marathon of Criminal Minds, and peek in on the live feeds throughout the evening. Alas, they gave me so little fodder for posting that I decided to gather everything and post this morning.

Here's the scoop from inside that Big Brother House of Suspended Disbelief:
  • Someone from BB was doing some sort of construction work upstairs in the house -- hammering and sawing.
  • Kevin thought they were dismantling the HOH room. I believe he could be right.
  • Kevin tried to tell Natalie that Ronnie was more evil than Michele. Natalie has a bug in her bonnet about Michele and sees her as the root of all evil.
  • Kevin still doesn't seem to believe Natalie's proposal story.
  • I say, that's what happens when you lie so much over things you don't need to lie about.
  • Natalie still adores Ronnie.
  • Ew.
  • BB gave them some games to play -- the dollar store variety.
  • They talked about 9/11.
  • Natalie made dinner and was proud of herself because she never cooks at home. I'll admit she really got into it, but she's no Jeff in the kitchen.
  • Natalie fussed about Julie Chen cutting her off on the live show.
  • Man, that was the third best moment of the entire show! The first was Jordan winning the comp, the second was the look on Natalie's face when Julie announced Jordan's score of 9 versus Natalie's 5. It still makes me smile to think about it.
  • Natalie said they never cut Jordan off. Kevin told her it sounded like she was going to relive the comp step by step.
  • Kevin told Natalie he doesn't believe she's 18 but has no idea why she would lie about it.
  • Natalie didn't admit her real age.
  • I'm 29, you know.
  • That's my story and I'm sticking to it.
  • Kevin is worried that the show will portray him as "an angry gay person." He thinks most of America hates gays. Both Natalie and Jordan don't seem to have much life experience around gays. They obviously don't live around here! Gays are kind of mainstream and as much of the scene as convenience stores.
  • Kevin thinks that Adam Lambert didn't win American Idol because he's gay and that the winner can't sing.
  • Obviously, Kevin has forgotten that the very first winner of Survivor was Richard Hatch, a gay man who really defined scheming and alliances for all of reality television. Hatch had his faults, but he never came across as a weak player. True, America didn't vote on Survivor, but America only has one vote on the jury (for the first time) on BB. If it's Kevin up with Natalie, you know we're going to vote Kevin!
  • Kevin and Natalie talked about religion. I want to say the blind leading the blind. Both have their own beliefs (or non-beliefs) and never the twain shall meet.
  • Natalie kept trying to work Jordan against Kevin whenever they were alone.
  • Meanwhile, Jordan has been telling both Kevin and Natalie what each other was saying. She's playing them both brilliantly or just through dumb luck and innocence.
  • Kevin would love to do Survivor while Natalie thinks it would give her a panic attack. Good. I don't want to see Natalie besmirch another show I enjoy.
  • They talked about what they'd wear for the finale show and went through all the clothes they have.
  • Kevin finally noticed that Natalie has a big butt. I'm just curious how tall she is. After watching them on the log, I never realized she was that much shorter than Jordan. I don't think Jordan is really tall ... so Natalie might top out at not much over five feet, I think.
  • And, there you go.


Delee said...

If Nasty did Survivor, it would be all screaming with living outdoors and BUGS. Maybe it would be worth it!!!! HAHA Torture for her!!!

Sissy said...

Jackie, you said this is the first time America got to vote at the end but the very first show,did America get to vote the final winner (Eddie) or did America just vote who was ousted every week? I know America had more to do with the whole show.I really don't remember though,my memory isn't what it used to be.

Here's to hoping Jordan and Kevin in the finals, although Jordan won't win against him (but probably will against Nat).

lynn1 said...

I hate to be the prophet of doom but I think as much as I hope and pray for a Kevin/Jordan final 2 I don't think it will happen.
I believe Kevin will stay loyal to Natalie. I think that Jordan has a misguided trust of Natalie.
Kevin and Jordan don't know all we know about all the lies and the jury house feelings towards Natalie.
Kevin does rightly believe that most of the world is cheering for Jordan.
Jordan may still harbor resentment toward Kevin for sending Jeff to the jury house and may blame Kevin for things that Natalie is actually responsible for.
I would give anything to see a reunion show after all the house guests have a chance to see the entire season. I bet there would be some big reactions and lots of fireworks.

RyzandShyn said...

I'm happy to read that Jordan is telling Kevin and Natalie what the other says to her. I figure that might make it easier for Kevin to take Jordan with him to F2 if the opportunity arises. I still think Kevin should win it all, but would be delighted if Jordan gets the second place money.

I think when you live on either coast in a diverse metro region you CAN form this notion that the
rest of the country is much more to the right in it's thinking. As you become older, you realize that the rest of the country is made up of all sorts of people and is as diverse in it's thinking as the population you live within. I guess Kevin isn't old enough to realize that yet.

Margo said...


The pool is now closed. We have the perfect number of participants. yea.
I will post the match-ups later.

Donna in FL
Nana in NW

I am still taking names for Survivor (S) and Amazing Race (TAR)


Jackie said...

Sissy -- I meant beside the first season done by a different production company. I should have specified. AOL was a partner that first year and that's how I got started with all of this. We voted every week but the houseguests nominated the two up for eviction.

AlbGlinka said...

You can just find me next to the Slurpee machine at the convenience store, Jackie. ;-)

I agree with Kevin that "America" wasn't ready to vote for someone as outragously "flamboyant" (dislike the word) as Adam Lambert on AI.

AlbGlinka said...

P.S.: This is O.T. slightly, but I can experience homophobia one train stop out of San Francisco, or even in city limits if I walk down the street holding hands with a date.

Girlsmom said...

It's gonna be a long, long wait til Tuesday. But I really enjoy checking in with all the posting excitement here.
I'm wishing the 3rd part comp will be geared toward J's strengths. Although as long as Nasty isn't playing I'm good.
I sure hope we get to see more JH on Sunday. I'd like to see how Michelle fits into the mix and the voting.
OT: Absolutely love Adam Lambert!

Anonymous said...

Not only do Kev and Nat think America is not tolerant to gays, they think because they "have color" that America won't give them the vote. They have a chip on their shoulder. That way of thinking will never help their cause.

Anonymous said...

they are going to blame someone if they don't win so may as be America and blame it on color or sexual preference which I think most people care less.
Adam didn't win but it's not because of him being gay which I know several people who didn't know he was. Chris was just completely different and very sweet. America loves sweetness, look at Jordan

Anonymous said...

I agree with Kevin and Natalie on the color barrier. I am not young, but I am Black and just sitting reading Blogs you can see that America is bias against them. For instance Jordan really have not done anything in this game but sit around with Jeff, now that she is at the end everybody have jumped on the bandwagon for Jordan to win. Natalie have done some things she shouldn't done but she was playing the game. Jordan just sit around trying to have a showmance. I do not have a chip on my shoulder but this is what people always wants to say. You have to walk in the shoes of other before you honestly know how things are different among race. If you are not of color you will never know. Natalie have judge in the worse way possible. I do not think she deserve it either. Just my opinion. Kevin have been judge as well not as far as the gay part but because he associated himself with Natalie, which he really did not have a choice. You can believe what you want but Racism is alive and well.

Anonymous said...

I love Jordan, because she is really a sweet girl . She played the game without having to lower herself . To make it this far in the game and be able to stay yourself is saying a lot .

Anonymous said...

GirlsMom.....I too hope they show Michele's mix in the JH......and I hope we get some idea on how the votes may go now with them all.

I won't be too surpised if Jordan pulls out the %500k over Kevin IF she can get to the F2

Michele votes Jordan
Jeff Jordan
Natalie Jordan pissed at kevin espcially so soon after beng evited !
America's vote Jordan

That would be the 4 she needs!

Do you really feel certain America will give Kevin the vote out there? I am not so sure?

Crystal in Florida

Laurie said...

Anon 10:52 Everyone sees life through their own filters of experience.

I can tell you for sure that my dislike of Natalie has nothing to do with the shade of her skin. It has everything to do with the meanness she has shown outside her game play. My dislike of her is based solely on the joy she gets from just being hatefully mean.

I like Kevin and would be friends with him outside of BB if I could. He's witty, he's smart and he's playing a good game. His sexual orientation means nothing to me, just as mine would mean nothing to him.

Jordon is my hero right now because she beat the person I dislike the most. It isn't because she is white, straight and blonde. Again, I couldn't care less about that.

I'm a senior citizen and didn't like Adam Lampert's singing. To me, ancient as I am, that wasn't singing. I also didn't like Janis Joplin back in the day. It wasn't about their color, makeup, weight, hair, or anything but their voice. I didn't like the sounds the made when they were performing.

I'm not saying that some of "America" isn't harder on people who don't fit into their beliefs, but not everything is about that one thing. Chima saw the world (IMHO) with a giant chip on her shoulder and was defensive and angry when there was no reason for it. I think it's sad when people do that, because they miss the goodness that is out there for them. You can turn people against you for lots of reasons, including being so defensive, and then blame it on being "fill in the blank".

Anonymous said...


Survivor is also on Sunday Night. Someone please tell me they are at different times.

Anon in Indy

txrednekgirl said...

Hey Margo,
Sign me up for Survivor!

sizzie said...

Jackie, I think I read that Natalie is somewhere between 4'11 and 5'1 I remember reading when she came into the house she weighed 105. And, yes, it is very strange to me to know that.

Every time the HOH came out in the last few HOHs, Kevin would remark how tall/huge he looks next to Natalie. And we saw Michelle next to Julie on eviction night. Jeff is only 5'11" and I thought he was taller than that because of his height in comparison to the others.

Now I have to go find Nat's height. See what you have done, Jackie !

Senior citizen makes me laugh, Laurie.

Love my wv ernatic

Er, Nat? Ick!

lynn1 said...

I do believe that racism and homophobia are alive and well in America. It makes me sad to have to say that but it is true.
I did not like Adam Lambeth but it was because of his style of singing not because he was gay.
I was not a fan of Chris, the winner of AI this year either. I was a fan of the young Rocker chick I believe her name was Allison.
My favorite singer musician composer of all time is/was Freddy Mercury. He was gay and not whitebread American.

BAP said...

My random thoughts.

~I watch BB for entertainment. Jeff and Jordan have entertained me most of the season, while others have either bored me or annoyed me, I always enjoyed J and J. That is why I am rooting for Jordo to win it all.

~Another thing that impressed me about Jordan was how she acted when Jeff left. When most people lose their partner on the show, they cry, or scream, carry on. Jordan may have shed some tears, but she picked herself up real quick and carried on. I think she was smart enough to know that throwing fits (um Lydia, Natalie) would not help her game.

~I guess I did not know that the rules for BB were that whoever lied the most wins the game. I think there can be multiple strategies and Jordans may have been to be social and gain peoples trust. And if they don't see her as a threat, even better.

~No Jordan didn't do well in most comps, but myself I would rather watch someone try to win than someone who throws comps all the time. Or should I say, people who say they "threw comps". I think the throwing comps strategy is really played out.

~As far as Kevin goes, I liked him a lot until he got in deep with Natalie. I know he really had no choice, but she really did bring out the mean in him. I do hope he wins the 50,000.

~As far as Natalie goes, I didn't like her when she was hooked up with Jesse and ran her mouth all the time. Yes, she did lie well I guess. (Does she lie really well or were the other HG's just stupid? I say put someone like Renny in the house with Nat, she wouldn't have gotten away with most of her BS) But my problem with Nat's game is all the "unnecessary roughness".


sizzie said...

I said: Every time the HOH came out in the last few HOHs, Kevin would remark how tall/huge he looks next to Natalie.

I see I left out an important word there...

Every time the HOH camera came out... Sorry. (sheepishly said)

I just read that Nat said she was 102 when she came in the house. I also read that Jeff was 6'3", but I think I remember his saying he was 5'11", maybe he was joking. I couldn't find a mention of Nat's height, just that she has a 'petit frame'.

Their height isn't important, except to give perspective while we watch them. And what else do we have to talk about for a while?

Aren't the last HOH questions often about personal stories of the hgs? Jordan loves questioning people about their past. I don't think it is game play, I think she likes to know. One night she kept pushing Natalie with questions about her bf and how they met and where they met.

Kevin has taken some time while in the house to do similar things. Not so much since he has hooked up with Natalie, though.

Sally said...

Glad to hear you sort of took the night off, Jackie. You certainly deserve it, after the jam-packed schedule you've been keeping. You've managed to keep your blog entertaining even when the houseguests weren't!

I'm also very glad to hear that Jordan is playing both Kevin and Natalie. Hope they both underestimate her.

Crystal in Florida: I think Russell might vote for Jordan too, if Jeff tells him that it was Kevin and Natalie who convinced him to backdoor Russell with their LML.

BAP: You made some excellent points! I hadn't thought about the difference between Natalie's and Jordan's reactions when their main allies were evicted. And I like the "unnecesaary roughness" description for Nat. Can we penalize her 15 yards?

Regarding discrimination: There are all kinds of prejudices and stereotypes in America, based on race, sexual orientation, age, diabilities, physical appearance, social class, economic status. They can cause real challenges, but all too often they also provide convenient excuses. In BB, I think attitude and actions far outweigh any stereotype.

meb said...

I'm beginning to have hopeful thoughts that Jordon is "dumb like a fox".

When Julie asked her if she was ready for the competition against Kevin I was expecting her to get all flustered, but instead she came back with a "Yes I am, I'm excited!"

She just may pull ltyhis off and if so deserves to win because she deceived everyone without too many deceptive tactics.

Go Jordon!

wv: ablednes Jordon showed her ablednes in the comps.

Do we know anybody named Frons?
second wv: fronsfu oops!

RJM in SC said...


Hey Jackie,
I spent last evening watching documentaries of 9-11 and couldn't help but wonder about you that day. Were you anywhere near it?

Stephanie said...

anon 10:52, we all want people we can relate to to win. I relate to people who I can see myself being friends with-honest people are my thing. I am perfectly happy with Kevin winning or Jordan, but not Natalie. She is not someone I would ever want to meet in person. And by all means, if Jeff were in the F3, I would want Jeff to win bc he played a good game or Russell or Michele. I am a white female and I dont like Natalie because she is Natalie-a compulsive liar that is too overbearing and I feel bad for her future husband who you can tell is a pushover but that's a completely different story.

Anonymous said...

There are people in this world that will always try to keep racism alive and well and blame it for all their problems. I only have myself. WV: conidd///// wonder who conidd would vote for. Pat in Fl

Stephanie said...

BAP, well said.

joy n said...

Jackie, good for you, taking some time for yourself! After BB is over, Survivor and TAR must feel like a breeze in comparison. Have to admit my housework suffers greatly during the BB season. I just can't stay away from this blog. I'm usually relieved when the season's over just to get some kind of routine back in my life. That feeling must be tenfold for you. You are so great for being there for us all summer long.

Billy Brown said...

Anon 10:52

Take what BAP said and that would be pretty close to how I feel. From day one I had players I liked; Jeff, Jordon, Russel, Michele, Casey. Players I disliked; Jessie, Natalie, Ronnie, Chima. And players I was on the fence about; Kevin, Lydia, Braden, Laura.

They all had their chances to sway how I felt. It didn't take long for me to add Lydia to my dislike list for the things she said and way she acted. Whereas Kevin until just recently was on my like list. I didn't have a problem with him pairing up with Natalie, he didn't have much choice and it worked out really well. I started having problems with him when he became mean just for the sake of being mean alongside Natalie. And half of their gameplay was based on personal feelings as well. They have been gunning for Jeff and Michele since their beloved Chima to get herself disqualified. And that's why they wanted to make Michele's life a living hell; because their friend the diva made the stupidest move of the game and they aren't rational enough to look at it as being her own fault.

As for Jordon's gameplay. It hasn't been that different from Natalie's. Both of them got where they are because of the people they had protecting them. Natalie did do a lot more lying and actually started playing in the last few weeks but who's to say Jordon hasn't? She went the opposite path of Natalie and instead of making enemies she made friends with people in the house. Even if she hasn't really played the game up until now, right now is when it matters most. She held out pretty long on the log roll, by that time any one of them could have dropped. And now it sounds like she could be playing both sides in order to get them to turn on one another to secure her spot in the final 2. Someone in a previous post brought up the point of what if Jordon is actually some complete mastermind and has just been playing everyone by acting nice and stupid so they don't see her as a threat but does well when she needs to? If that is somehow the case then that's some damn good gameplay and makes a hundred times more difference than a lie about being 18 that can be seen right through if you look hard enough.

Billy Brown said...

I also wanted to say good for you Jackie to take a little of personal time. We don't need updates all the time and it's good to hear you took some time off for yourself. With these boards you can get one feed post going all day. Thanks for providing us with a fun place to discuss the show.

joy n said...

Right on, Billy Brown!

joy n said...

On both counts!

sizzie said...

I think Russ would vote for Jordan, if given the opportunity. I think he wants to make up for his harsh words to her in the house and I think he wants Jeff's approval.

Anonymous said...

Agrees that Adam Lambert lost because he was gay. There was alot of voting AGAINST him just so a gay man didn't win. Message boards supported that that occurred.

With that said, I'd definitely vote for Kevin and don't view him as an angry gay guy.

I am glad Jordan is playing them both and glad Kevin ain't buying the age story. The fact that Natalie still hasn't told him, but did tell others is indicative that she doesn't truly trust him

Can you vote online? I didn't find it

joy n said...

It says a lot about Natalie that her "heroes" in the house were Jessie, Chima and Ronnie.

I don't have a problem with Kevin's being gay. My youngest sister is in a 27 year elationship with a very nice woman.

What soured me on Kevin, too, is his joining up with Natalie's mean spiritedness streak.

I didn't like Adam Lambert's style of singing either.

I think that Jordan is playing her own style of game now that Michele is gone. Jeff didn't expect that Michele would be gone before K&N, so he didn't give her a plan B. I think she's doing very well on her own and I'm rooting for her all the way. Hope her streak of "things going right" for her continues.

I'm also hoping that Kevin really wants to rid himself of the baggage named Natalie.

Jordan could very possibly get the votes she needs. But if she ends up 2nd with the 50 thou, I'll still be satisfied as long as Nat gets nothing and Jordan has some cash to take home.

Maybe Natalie went too far when she brought Christianity into it. You don't fool with Mother Nature and you don't fool with God. Or Karma. I realize God probably doesn't give two cents about a game show, but when you declare yourself a Christian (after doing as she has in the BB house) and then call someone else a devil, you're messing with his territory. Shame on you, Nat.

Margo said...

***DWTS POOL Match - Ups***

Melissa Joan Hart - Becky
Louie Vito - Delee
Natalie Coughlin - Donna in FL
Aaron Carter - gaylos
Tom Delay - jennasmom
Micheal Irvin - Margo
Macy Gray - Meb
Chuck Liddell - ML
Debi Mazar - Monty924
Kelly Osbourne - Nana in NW
Kathy Ireland - Nina
Mark DacascosPDXGranny
Mya - Rbennie
Donny Osmond - Sydney
Joanna Krupa - Tessa
Ashley Hamilton - Witt

joy n said...

My faux pas - relationship, though my sister might consider it an elationship. LOL!!

monty924 said...

Anon 2:31, go to CBS BB site and select Interact, then America's Vote.

Thanks Margo!! I love Debi Mazar. Is she dancing with Maks this season? If so, even better.

I think I've said many times why I dislike Nasty, and why I loved Jeff, Jordan and Michele... so my previous comments will suffice. Tuesday seems like a month away at this point. I really want Jordan to win part 3, but I do fear that she will take Nasty to F2. I think Kevin is a toss up. He's said all along that he wants to cut Nasty out, but she really got into his head with the whole "America loves Jordan" argument. Keeping my fingers crossed (Girlsmom, love the avi) that he will take Jordan if he wins part 3 on Tuesday.

Anyway, its been an up and down summer with BB, but it wouldn't be exciting if it weren't.


monty924 said...

One other interesting thing, at least from my POV, about this season is that we haven't had any really real Bible readers in the house. Ronnie did during his lonely HoH, but that was about it.

I think that BB allowing them to only read the Bible in the house sets up a lot of the 'Good vs. Evil' that usually crops up every season.

I guess that is one thing that has been refreshing to me.

Amber, Jameka, the Bible study boys in BB9, Gnat in BB9, and so on........

Anonymous said...

Racism and all the other 'isms' do still exist, but the directional arrows go both ways.

Sadly, if I look too long at anybody , it is assumed that I am doing it negativley, many times it is because I am admiring their hairstyle, or how well dressed they are or maybe something silly like a tag is hanging out.

I just hope people are confident and that if someone is staring at them they think it is in admiration and not the first thought be that it is because of racism.

Anonymous said...

I am a black woman and I have been reading Jackies' blogs for years and I have enjoyed them immmensely, I have also visited other blogs, just to get the feel of others opinions, I totally disagree with Anon 10:52 I feel that Natalie's color has nothing to do with how people on this board feel about her, she is one of the most hateful and meansprited people I have ever seen, Chima has some deep seeded problems that she needs to get help with, calling Russell a terrorist was totally out of line, was that not the pot calling the kettle black, I found her actions totally despicable, I'm all about standing with my sisters and brothers but not when they are wrong. I'm sure there are plenty of people that like and dislike President Obama, he's doesn't seem be worried about that, he has a job to do and I feel he's doing it well, what others think couldn't mean less to me, his willingness to want to shake hands with the other side shows his character, which brings me back to the subject, Natalie, that's what she lacks CHARACTER.....
As for Kevin, I really adored him at one time, before he decided to turn nasty, but I think it's all in fun with him, you must admit this DR sessions are hilarious. I dont know if anyone else here can see that it must be some truth in the saying "birds of a feather flock together" Jesse, Chima, Natalie & Ronnie, seemed to click from day one. Kevins' sexuality might bother some people but so what it's an opinion, it like a right foot,a right arm, a right eye, everybody got ONE. I feel Adam Lambert lost because Chis won, (smile), I didn't care for either one of them, had nothing to do with their sexuality, I did not care for the their singing. I just hope we all here on Jackie's blog continue to be tolerant of each other and give praise to Jackie for what she does for us.

Bev in MI

Anonymous said...

On the feeds, the lights are out in the house during the day. Any idea why BB is allowing lights out? lol

Billy Brown said...

Well said Bev in MI

Anonymous said...

I second Billy Brown. Well said, Bev....Pat in Fl

Laurie said...

Well said, Bev. Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar ...

joy n said...

Yes, well said, Bev.

Monty, I was only referring to Natalie's remarks to Michele. I thought it awkward since Nat stole and lied so much.

Witt said...

Like many others here, I don't dislike Natalie for her color, I dislike her for her personality. She shows no respect for anyone else, and if she loses a comp, there is always an excuse or it was someone else's fault. You don't have to like everyone on this earth, but you do need to behave in a respectful manner.

Dan from last season will forever be my favorite player because he won all 7 votes, still behaved respectfully, and was never mean for the sake of being mean.

Thanks for organizing the DWTS pool, Margo! Can't wait!

Witt :)

monty924 said...

Hi Joyn,

My bible comments weren't in reference to your post, just a comment in general. I totally agree with your comments on this season.

I really do think it is refreshing that we haven't had all the 'Good People/Evil People' comments from the houseguests this season. Nasty's attack on Michele, being a 'Devil', is laughable to almost everyone. We know who played the dirty game, and we know who was 'devilish' in the house, and it wasn't Michele, despite her devil horns on her eviction night. :)

It's all good! Hugs!

Laurie said...

I was waiting for Jackie's "That was the week that was" feature and then remembered she does that on Sundays and it's only Saturday. I'm hoping to see a sign of autumn since it's still very summery here in SoCal.

monty924 said...

A First for me...

My WV is conflu

Natalie has come down with conflu, and there isn't an antedote (sp) in sight for her. :)

Anonymous said...

OK, Jackie, we get it. You don't like Natalie.

Laurie said...

Anon 6:30 Cool your jets, and lay off the Jackie comments. You don't like what she says here? Go somewhere else.


Laurie said...

Monty, the conflu was great!

Laurie said...

Had to post again to share this word verification:


In my humble opinion, Natalie is an imbilix.

JimmyB said...

It's probably been posted, but the CBS link for America's Vote (7th juror) is:

Tessa said...

Hey Margo, thanks for putting me in the DWTS pool. I'd also like to sign up for TAR and S.

Laurie said...

Tessa, are you as surprised as I am that we are still in the pool with Kevin?

I'm hoping for a Kevin/Jordon final 2!

Labtyda said...

Does anyone know how many times we can vote in the Americas vote?

Witt said...

Hi Laurie,
OT: Fall is my favorite season, and every year I eagerly await the change of the leaves. I did a whole spread one fall in one of my scrapbooks of just different trees in various stages of red, orange, yellow, and brown...I just couldn't resist!

Witt :)

Tessa said...

Laurie, I am surprised that he is still in the house. I'm hoping for either a Jordan or Kevin win and that a giant dragonfly carries Natalie away. It would be cool to have bragging rights to Kevin winning(like I had alot to do with it.) I just don't want Jordan to take Natalie to the final two if she wins the final comp.

Witt said...

Labtyda: It's ten text messages before Tuesday (which I've already sent) but not sure how many online. The same?

Witt :)

joy n said...

Thanks, Monty, and I agree about the bible thumpers of past BB's.

Anon 6:30 - In case you haven't noticed, Jackie isn't the only one here who dislikes Natalie.

I hope Sunday night's show has some new stuff and not just recaps of old stuff.

Can't wait for Tuesday.

joy n said...

You can vote online as much as you like. I go there at least twice a day.

BJ said...

Love him or hate him I don't care but Evil Dick is doing backyard interviews again this year. His were my favorite last year because he is not politically correct and asks the questions I want asked. He got right to the point with April and Ollie. Can't wait to see what he has to say to Natalie!

Laurie said...

Tessa, I feel the same way you do about Kevin and Jordon. I really thought Kevin would be out before the jury house even started!

Witt, you must live in an area where autumn really is a season. Here in SoCal you have to pay close attention to see it happen. The days are shorter, shadows longer, eventually the days cool off and a few trees change color.

Last October I visited my daughter who had just moved to Chicago and enjoyed a real autumn experience. It was awesome. I also try to visit my brother in WI in October every couple of years. I think I was a mid-westerner in another life.

Billy said...


Football is my favorite season. But in all seriousness fall is my favorite too. Around here it's when it is most colorful and beautiful to me and the best time to go out and take some pictures.

Witt said...

OT: I'm in Maryland, and in the western part of the state (which is mountainous with higher elevations) you will see leaves turn in early October. I'm smack in the middle of the state, lower elevation, so it takes longer, but it is just as glorious! My best friend moved to SoCal (LA) many years ago, but planned her wedding in MD to coincide with peak leaf color. Her photographs were glorious!

Witt :)
WV: The sink isn't leaking; has someone caukked it?

Laurie said...

Billy, football certainly helps make our favorite season even better!

Witt said...

There's nothing better than a Saturday afternoon (or Sunday, if you prefer pro football) at the stadium, watching a game in crisp fall air!
Witt :)

Anonymous said...

Who knows what Evil Dick will ask Miss Nasty Natalie but she has given him several shout outs and says she liked his game playing. I hope he gives it to her in a big way and that doesn't mean a good way either!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She remains the meanest most vindictive houseguest ever. I can't stand her!!

monty924 said...

BJ, agreed on the ED interviews!

If you haven't been to Tennessee during peak leaf turning week, you really can't imagine the beauty. We used to always go to the Great Smokey Mtns during the third week in October. Its nice where I live, but the sight of those mountains, with all the colors of fall for as far as you can see, is magnificent.

BJ said...

Saw some things Evil Dick has said about Natalie. He thinks the lie that eventually evicted Russel was brilliant but also thinks Chima did the stupidist thing ever in BB history. He is also very vocal about the pity party the three girls had when Jessie was evicted and thinks Natalie is a twit. So the interview should be fun.

RyzandShyn said...

As I read all the posts I am reminded of that famous quote that is quoted many ways but the jist is something like; "All that is necessary for evil to triumph is that good men do nothing"
I think that the sharing about racism and homophobia displayed here today demonstrates that good people are doing something.

Like RJM in SC I watched 9/11 documentary coverage yesterday as my form of rememberance, although not a day goes by that I don't think about it. I live near. I smelled it.
I seem to remember a girl on BB that year from Brooklyn (?) had a cousin (?) who worked at WTC and they found she was safe. What I don't remember is that with normal TV programming blacked out for so long, what happened to BB? I can't seem to remember details.

Nina said...

I agree with Kev about Adam Lambert and idol and the fact that he lost cuz he was gay! So true.

Anywho, I just don't like that he refers to Nat as a bitch in the diary room. That is simply unnecessary. Nat didn't refer to him as a bitch. If he doesn't want to take her to the end b/c he erroneously believes he'd lose to her that's fine but there's no reason to be downright disrespectful while doing so. That's why you really have to give Dan from last season his kudos, he'd played the game well and never sunk to a low level like most of the hgs. It was one of the reasons I didn't like Jeff. He was not such a great person and he was not a particularly good BB player (he was just good at comps). In her own way, Jordan was a better player than Jeff and that is why she is still in it (and very well may win it) and he's not.

I was wondering if anyone here can teach me how to make chicken cutlets. I want to learn how to cook but I don't want to ask ppl stuff like when you she wash the chicken or clean it and things like that.

Nina said...

Are Jordan and Kris really sweet people? These ppl are on tv, even with live feeds we don't know them. All we do know is that Kris Allen and Jordan and Jeff represent what most Americans consider to be mainstream good looking. That in my opinion is not a reason to like or dislike someone or to root for or against them.

In BB, things should be based on game play and personality to the extent that we can see/hear for ourselves. American idol contestants should be judged on their talent and for their talent only. Adam was MORE talented than Kris, he had a bigger range, greater vocal control, and more stage presence. Even Kris himself said so at least twice on live TV. Once during the comp, he complimented Adam and the second time when he won, even Kris said Adam deserved it. (It's that Kris is a bad singer/musician, he's a good one but he can't do what Adam can.).

JimmyB said...

I would certainly disagree that Natalie's lie about Russell was "brilliant". It was pretty lame and only was believed 'cause the target was a dummy. That's it. Her strategy worked; but she was just lucky. Had Jeff had an IQ over 100, he would never have fallen for it.

Most anyone would never have bought it.

RyzandShyn said...

I'm answering my own question. I thought to look it up on the computer...geez!
Monica was the contestant from Brooklyn and her cousin died in the attacks. (I guess I prefer to remembered she was safe.)
BB resumed a week later when TV coverage resumed. They made an empty week anyway because of Justin leaving over the knife incident, no HOH, no eviction.
It was Will's winning season.

Witt said...

RyzandShyn, it was Monica in Season 2 who had a cousin who worked at the WTC. BB told the houseguests about 9/11 because Monica's cousin was missing. They told her alone and then told everyone else (by then just Nicole and Will) together.

News coverage of 9/11 was constant after the attacks, and BB wasn't on for about a week afterwards. In another season when the producers did a "Where are they now?" piece, Monica shared that her cousin never was found.

Hubby and I watched programs yesterday also. We both feel that that day is vivid in our memories.

Witt :)

Witt said...

RyzandShyn, we are thinking so totally on the same wavelength!

Witt :)

AlbGlinka said...
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TerryinCA said...

Jackie.........besmirch....I love it.
Been gone all day to the Fair....watched my husband eat a Zuchinni Weenie and chocolate covered Bacon.....still shaking my head.....

Laurie said...

Terry, glad to hear you are home from the fair. They say everything is better with bacon, but ... Chocolate???

RyzandShyn said...

Indeed we are. Thanks for the information. Yes, I remember regular TV programming was gone for about a week and seemed pretty lame when it came back on even though we all knew that going back to "normal" was the right thing to do.
I've had times when I've felt like something must be wrong with me for it to be so in the forefront of my mind, but once I said something to others I found I'm not the only one.

Witt said...

RyzandShyn, I know exactly how you feel. Nothing is wrong with you; you can't live close to that site and not be affected. Still thinking about that day honors the memory of the firefighters, police officers and innocent civilians; you are doing your own part to remember them.

Witt :)

Laurie said...

Off topic for R&S and Witt and anyone else ...

One of my friends had this as her Facebook status yesterday and I feel moved to share it with you tonight after reading your latest posts.

While I understand "remembering" events and people 8 years ago, I stand at rest in knowing that I miss/remember the ones I lost every day...not just on the anniversary. Bless them all...

Anonymous said...

Whut's going on in da house? lol

monty924 said...

We all remember 9/11 from our own lens. As the daughter of a WWII veteran, I will NEVER forget. My father died two months before the WTC and Pentagon attacks. I remember grieving my father's death that summer, and 9/11 on top of it. I am thankful that he didn't live to see it... another attack on American soil.

There are small blessings in everything when it comes to life.


Jackie said...

RyzandShyn - I recall the live feeds remained on that season of 9/11. But this area was in such horror and shock, plus I was in the midst of moving into this apartment, that I don't recall watching them. I remember I had to sign up for cable as all of the television stations went dead when the towers collapsed -- the transmitters were atop of them. It as so hectic with people missing and the smoke finding its way here that I wanted the TV for coverage,

I went into the city yesterday and find it discomforting that I've all but grown used to the skyline without the towers. Yet they were so much a part of my approach for so long.

Anonymous said...

Originally I was a Jeff and Jordan fan because they were the underdogs but then once they got some power, Jeff changed and so did Jordan. They became as mean as the rest. I hated the way they treated Michelle. Don't you guys remember that? Well, I became a Michelle supporter and have voted for her to become America's player. I hope she wins the $25,000. Now that we're down to the final three, there is NO way I want Natalie to win a dime. She's the incarnation of evil. I've forgiven Jordan because she's away from Jeff who I feel influenced her way too much during the game. We get to see that she's authentic and very sweet. Kevin is also a sweet heart but had no choice but to align himself with a snake..aka Nat-a-Lie! I love his humor and I would love to see a Jordan Kevin final two.

On another note. I LOVED Adam Lambert's performances. He's a performer and not just a singer. Very talented and not boring. After Idol I was fortunate enough to meet him and during my time with him I found him to be humble and he made our time about ME instead of him, while the other idol contestants made the time I spent with them, more about them. That impressed me so much about Adam. What a gentleman and what a future global star. He put on the best show. You may not like his voice, but he's definitely a GREAT show man!!

Anonymous said...


Nina said...

I'm not a P. Huh. Was that supposed to be referring to me?