Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Big Brother 11 Live Feeds Into Tuesday Dawn 9/01

Natalie plays solitaire as the rest of the house sleeps. I know I've been anti-Natalie throughout the season, but I can't help it. I realize a lot of it is because I don't like how she's been playing the game -- glomming off power players. But there's something else:
  • She's mean. Yep, you heard me.
  • Her latest scheme is to rattle Michele so that she won't do well in the HOH comp -- sabotage her emotionally.
  • She laughs when Michele cries and knows that Michele has been struggling with her emotions.
  • Natalie is a bully.
  • She also wants Kevin to be mean.
  • She wants him to lead Jeff on during Thursday night, then evict him.


Anonymous said...

I wonder if Kevin is going to be just a little bit ashamed of himself once he gets out of there and sees how he let himself be led by the nose by Nat. She is really going overboard and has sucked him right into her evil vortex.

Happy September all!

A in CT

Lars said...

Natalie is nowhere near Dr.Will.
Dr.Will told housemates he was lying, he was likeable, not mean.
Natalie reminds me shades of Allison not Maggie.
Maggie was an RN, their play-style differs.

Anonymous said...

I can't stand Natalie. She is a vile little rat. She is called Evil Ick on another Big Brother board.

Michele for the win!

Anonymous said...

Yes, she is mean. The only time she cried I think is when Jesse left@@. That's the extent of her emotions.
She is playing the game though and it's a shame someone like her may end up winning because of how evil she is and has no conscience.
I think they are all pretty mean spirited though, well, Michele not so much, but the rest seem cruel.

Judy said...

I am going to share my WV:

There is no way I can keep this one to myself..

WV: Sheconn

JimmyB said...

Someone must havta pick up after Natalie in real life (net, not gross???)

Although her treatment of Michele is poor; it's probably also good strategy (echos of evel dick). I dslike her a great deal; she deserves to lose (hasn't won anything)...she's a very sore loser. Exteremely immature.

Anonymous said...

I pray that Michelle wins HOH and put Nasty Natalie up and get her out of there, that would be the most enjoyable watch of BB for me. Stay strong Michelle, Jeff deserves to go on thursday he played stupidly and that's what stupidty gets you, There are people who believe he did the right thing getting rid of Russell, personally I think he should have rolled the dice and kept Russell. I bet he now see the errors of his ways and it didnt help for he and Jordan to shout and argue with Russell, he was going to be on the jury had he or Jordan got to the F2. He got cocky so he got got. As for Jordan she too is a real loser and so gullible be lead by the nose by Nasty Natalie, maybe with a real hard stroke of luck she will win HOH and put up Nat and Kevin (for putting up Jeff).

Cha Cha said...

Jeff repeatedly told Jordan last night not to believe anything that comes out of Nats mouth. He wants her to team up with Michelle and stay be her side.

Nat does have to go next week. Its got to be DE next week. She is a Cheater and Liar.

Yesterday I was thinking that if she makes it to the end maybe she deserves to win. After listening to her again last night and seeing the cheating in pool. chess, stealing Michelle's personal items I think she needs to be expelled from the house ASAP!!!!!

Anonymous said...

What happens when Michele sees Nat wearing her gloves in the comp? BB better make her give them back now because if it's something that having gloves will benefit and Nat gets away with wearing them and Michele loses, it's completely unfair and should not be allowed.

sizzie said...

Natalie can't be as good as she thinks she is at this game. Can she? The others are completely ignoring her play. Jeff and Jordan keep talking about how Kevin is making Nat do what he wants. Ghesh, by this time in the game, they should have caught on to a few things.

The first episode I didn't think the 18 year old lie made any difference. I didn't think anyone would pay attention to age. But, something happened and they all seemed to discount Nat's ability from that moment. She isn't that good, they are all that dense.

Yes, Jackie, I agree. Mean.

Laurie said...

Sheconn is a good description of Natalie. Last night I was thinking she would make a great grifter. She's little, spry, smart, and apparently has no conscience. She would be a perfect con artist in real life!

I'm ready for Jeff to go to the JH and face the music. He wrote his own tune, now he can dance to it. Wait, I might have more cliches ... no, that's it.

All my support now goes to Michelle. If she stays strong and true to herself, she can take this and make it hers. She has no alliance and owes nobody anything. I'm ready to celebrate her win!

Anonymous said...

I bet Russell will laugh his butt of when Jeff comes walking through the door of the jury house. If Natalie makes to the final2 with either of the last houseguest she will definitely win the money, almost everyone in the house will vote for her.because they all (with the exception of Jeff) were in her alliance

chris said...

agree with everything here
the beginning of the end for j/j was evicting lydia instead of kevin for his prowess at comps or Nat for her vowing revenge for jessie and chima. Can you say clueless.
trusting or not trusting russell was the second mistake. I thought they should have gone with the final 4 deal as well since it was their best bet
the 4 should have hung out together constantly
nat is mean and i truly hope jordan see the f-g light with that
it is horrible
if michelle gets ousted i will vote for her to win the america money.

i am amazed that kevin does not see he can not win the jury against the skanalie.

Anonymous said...

Obviously Natalie is mean and deceitful; just the kind of character that it takes to win on this show. But let's not forget to give credit to the others (except Michele) for being just plain dumb.

This is like watching the fox minding the hen house.

It would be interesting to see Natalie and Dr. Will together in the house. I suspect the first one who got the chance to call the shots would have the other evicted.

Anonymous said...

If Nat wins this will be one of those seasons that you don't see them maiking appearences the following season. Not many people like her.
I think in the end the jury wont neccesarily vote personal. Last night Nat made that comment to Michelle. When she said it though she was discussing people winning and not really being liked. Those seasons were the lessor of two evils

sizzie said...

Laurie, I think you have it...Nat is a character from Oliver Twist, especially if she steals Jeff's paperboy hat that he loves to wear.

Anonymous said...

What should happen now? Jordan and Michele should align out of necessity. Then--

Most likely:

• Michele wins HOH and nominates Nat & Kevin.

• Michele or Jordan wins POV and Nat goes, or Nat or Kev win POV and Jordan goes.

Less likely:

• Nat or Kevin wins HOH, Mich & Jordan nominated. If a nominee wins POV, the replacement nominee goes. Otherwise, Mich goes. (A betrayal between Nat & Kev now would surprise (but not shock) me. It's more likely next week; if Nat has a chance to take Jordan to f2, Kev may go under the bus.)

• Jordan wins HOH, Nat & Kev nominated. If one of the nominees wins POV, Mich goes. Otherwise, Nat goes.


It would be interesting to see Natalie and Dr. Will together in the house. I suspect the first one who got the chance to call the shots would have the other evicted.

9/01/2009 12:05 PM

No contest. Dr. Will would NEVER call the shots but still dust the floor with her. Heck, if it was just the two of them in the house, Dr. Will would appoint Nat HOH and then talk her into killing herself...


Final 4 is all about POV. The POV winner alone decides who goes home because they are the only vote. (HOH is obviously exempt.) For that reason, Jordan should not align with anyone. If she aligns with Michelle, she's the automatic target if K/N win POV. Since only POV matters, the key is to either win POV or make sure someone else is the target. Frankly, Jordan should start working on both Kev and Nat to distrust each other.

Unfortunately, Jordan is DUN unless she wins HOH or POV. No one wants her in the Final 2 so she will have to win her way to the F2. Michelle actually may not have to win her way in since at some point Nat or Kev might decide it makes the most sense to take her to F2.

Actually, if I'm an hg now I want Michelle in F2 as my first choice, but Nat would be my second choice. Love her or hate her, Nat actually has positioned herself brilliantly. She ran the house for half the season yet managed to stay off everyone's radar (except Jeff's for like 2 minutes) and she's made herself one of the 2 people that everyone wants to sit next to in the F2.

You are free to hate her, but you got at least respect her game a bit. It was strategically brilliant...

Laurie said...

I have to post something to get my wv in.

prlowniz ... The late night prlowniz of the house guests are getting a little personal and creepy, if you ask me!


sizzie said...
Natalie can't be as good as she thinks she is at this game. Can she? The others are completely ignoring her play. Jeff and Jordan keep talking about how Kevin is making Nat do what he wants. Ghesh, by this time in the game, they should have caught on to a few things.

The first episode I didn't think the 18 year old lie made any difference. I didn't think anyone would pay attention to age. But, something happened and they all seemed to discount Nat's ability from that moment. She isn't that good, they are all that dense.

Yes, Jackie, I agree. Mean.

9/01/2009 10:05 AM

I love the fact that you lay out a case for her strategic brilliance but can't quite bring yourself to give her credit for it.

I think we sometimes forget that it is a game and that the hamsters aren't always what they seem. Evil Dick seemed mean but a certain amount of his meanness was calculated to intimidate the hgs. All his friends from his real life always said he was the nicest guy in the world and would give you the shirt off his back. Look at Russell, he would get in someone's face and look all steroidal and then smile as he walked away.

Natalie may be all the things you think she is, but she may also have been one of those few people who managed to maintain the lie for the whole game.

And as another poster alleged, Nat may be an idiot in a house full of bigger idiots, but that still makes her the smartest one in that house. Nakomis or Janelle or Dr. Will might have mopped the floor with her but, as y'all are fond of reminding ME, they aren't playing!

Anonymous said...


As both Will & Nat have shown, winning HOH and "calling the shots" are not necessarily the same thing. Nat isn't as sophisticated as Will, but does have a good sense of eviction planning and timing. As good as Will is, she might see through him and get him out ASAP.

Also, if Jordan aligns with Michele, she is no more or less a target to them than if unaligned. Michele is Kev & Nat's main target. Whether or not they actively team, M & J are aligned (for now) in N & K's sights.

Margo said...

See I told you Nat speaks evil

sizzie said...

Hi Joe, I have watched Nat play, she is heavy handed, no finesse shows, and Dr Will was filled with finesse. She has a good game plan and it is working for her, as I said. But, she isnt' clever about her work. Jeff and Jordan are densely centered on themselves and have missed obvious clues. I (the viewers) don't know what Michelle is thinking and that alone makes her a savvy player. Dr. Will told 'us' what he was doing, Michelle doesn't, as far as I know. And Kevin is keeping us guessing, just as Natalie is about their final choices. I like that about a player.

The prize for HOH this next time is twofold, the person is safe and the person can't vote anyone out. In the jury house's opinion that can be big time. No blood on their hands, as the hgs have been saying.

I am still not sure who will leave Thursday, though.

I think Nat and Michelle are the two strongest players left in the house.

If Dr. Will and Nat were in the house together and both first time players (so we wouldn't already know their game plans) I think Nat would be smart enough (see I am calling her a smart gamer, Joe) to see Dr Wil for the one to align with and she would be fetching his slippers and doing his bidding. In that scenario he would keep her as long as she was useful to him, and he would be the one calling the shots.

Ariel said...

I don't know if anyone remembers this, but Jeff wasn't completely stupid for sending Russel home. Russel did say if he won HOH he would get Jeff out the next week. He wasn't really THAT loyal to him. I think Jeff's end game was set when they sent Lydia home (as someone else mentioned) instead of Kevin or Natalie.

Anonymous said...


I believe they do underestimate Nat because they think she is 18 and sucks comps, and that was brilliant of her to tell that lie and continue to play it up. It would be interesting to see her and Dr. Will in the same house but i belive they would talk someone in evicting the other as soon as they could. Dani from season 3 was a master conniver. People talk about Marcellus making the dumbest decision in BB history by not using the POV on himself and them was voted out, well who talked him into doing that.....Dani. The only reason she lost is bucause at that time the evicted HG's including the jury were able to watch the rest of the show while it was still in progress and they saw how she manipulated all of them and talked about how stupid they were for listening to her. They voted on personal feelings and not on gameplay. Even on BB allstars she made it to the final 5 before Will able to finally talk someone into voting her out. She is the best player never to win.

Laurie said...

Anon 2:52

I didn't realize they used to be able to watch the show in the JH. I've often wondered why they don't let them do that. I think it would be so cool to watch the folks in the JH see what's going on but I guess that's not going to happen again.
Thanks for the info!

Sasha said...

GPITA (Joe), what is your reasoning for wanting Nat in the F2 as second choice to Michele? Well, I know why YOU'D want to be next to her but that's not what I'm trying to understand. LOL. It seems to me she'd have the votes in the Jury so why would it be good to have her in F2 if you're one of the other HG's??

Anonymous said...

Laurie, that was the last time they did that.

JimmyB said...

I doubt that anyone in the house really believes Natalie is only 18. (Yes--slick IF she could pull it off) We might recall that Kevin called her out the minute she first said it when they sat down on the first day.

The only credibility she lends to the story is that she acts like a child.

Anonymous said...

I need to add my 2 cents! I have been reading the comments from the start and now I must join.
I seriously dislike Nasty Nat! I dislike the way she EATS, WALKS, TALKS, LOOKS! Get her gone...she needs to "get got".
D in PA

Chauncey, not Billups said...

Jules wrote:
Dani from season 3 was a master conniver. People talk about Marcellus making the dumbest decision in BB history by not using the POV on himself and them was voted out, well who talked him into doing that.....Dani.

Dani is one of my alltime favorites along with James. I still cant believe she talked him into that. Greatest move ever. She was as masterful as Dr. Will at getting people to do what she wanted. Will was just able to manipulate boogie's showmance before she could. Remember her yelling at them while he was locked in the HOH room with her and he would not let Dani get near her without him being around.

On BB allstars James tried to tell his group that the first person they needed to get out was Dr. Will but they didn't listen mainly dumb Kaysur and Will and Boogie picked them off one by one. James and Dani got together but by then it was too late. Kaysur was very popular but i still don't know why, he sucked at the game. Can't wait for the next BB allstars.

ChicMc said...

Can someone give a brief description of Dani?
I didn't start watching BB until the midway point of the Maggie/Yvette/Cappy season.
I did watch the all star season, but I just can't place Dani.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Who really cares about how old Nasty Natalie is. I dont see how that makes a difference in the game at all, if she was 18, that makes them all look even more stupid, she has just out played all of them no matter how she did it. Jeff didnt stick with his alliance and that's why he is on his way out, Natalie will get whomever she wants out next without even trying, how could Jeff in the beginning tell Jordan if he leaves to team up with Natalie DUMB DUMB, he couldnt tell me anything because if he was smart he wouldn't be on his way to the Jury House. He took his eye off the prize by not thinking about the money, but making friends, Jordan will not give him the time of day once this show is over.

Anonymous said...

This is just great.

I just read on another site that the Key really represents the DIAMOND POWER OF VETO!!!!

I am not buying it but it really would be great just to get Natalie out this week. Jeff sooo could go next week....

Cha Cha said...


The winner of the DPOV has the right to pull someone off the block and put whoever they choose on the block and out the house.

I am not buying that. Jeff didn't win the POV..If it is something in conjunction to that then the key holder should have to confer with the Veto holder and make a decision. The only decision I see available it NASTY NAT.
I don't think this is the story at all. But we will see tonight.

Chauncey, not Billups said...

Dani or Danielle was the african american female from season 3 and BB allstars.

Speaking of Maggie and Yvette, perfect example of what happens when make friends you lose perspective and possibly money. Yvette had a better chance of winning the 500 grand had she picked Janelle but being the dummy she was picked Maggie and Maggie damn near won unanimously. Hope she made the 50 grand stretch.

Nana from the NW said...

Sounds like all points of view have been hashed and re-hashed! I agree with most of you about Nat. She has a good gameplan and it's working for her....I still don't like her. It's obvious that she has been raised a spoiled child. She never cleans, picks up after herself, or cooks. She even get Ke. to make most of her breakfasts and lunch. And why is it necessary to cheat at pool or chess?? It's just a game...for her it's win at all costs!! I hope BB makes her give Mich. back the gloves...taking someone's personal possessions is stealing!

Kevin is going to feel awful when he realizes he was just another pawn in Nat's game and was played like all the others. I'm guessing Nat. will throw the HOH to Mich/Jordon so they will put her and Kev. on the block. Then she will convince them to evict Kevin and she won't have any blood on her hands.....jury votes!! Yes, that is good gameplay but I still don't like her!!!

Tonight we get to see the POV--the aliens are coming......

Anonymous said...

Great Point I Agree Totaly.... I never agree with you ,but what you said about Natalie and Dr Will (making her kill herself) was just hilarious, I can't stop laughing, Dr Will was not one of my favorite players but I have to agree he was a master at this game, my all time favorites were Janelle and Nakomis. Nakomis was the master mind behind the backdooring. And Janelle just kicked butt at the comps, and by the slip of a hond she lost the BB All Stars, after all she did get Dr Will out even after being smitten by him.

monty924 said...

Laurie, S3 didn't have a JH. They started sequestering the jury in S4. Before that the evictees all went home after being evicted.

Dani(ele) was a great player. Her DRs did her in that season and everyone pretty much liked Lisa. That was a personal vote, not a vote for best game play (strategy). She wasn't S6 or Chilltown in all-stars, so she was expendable.

She was a hoot when she got drunk and hid behind the outside couches smoking Janelle's cigarettes. And, no one can forget her laying on the HoH doorbell while Dr. Will was in there with Erica. Funny times. :)

sizzie said...

so right about Maggie and Ivette. I wanted Ivette to win that year, at least between her and Maggie. Ivette felt she was being true to her friendship and herself to do what she did.

I don't know about the key, but Jeff has been in a much better mood since the DR with the money.

Anon 2:52, thanks for mentioning that. I forgotten about their watching the tapes....I don't remember if it was everything or just a few pieces of the show.

Laurie said...

Monty, thanks for the info about not have a sequestered jury in the early shows. Those of you who have watched since the beginning must have seen a lot of changes over the years!

Nana, I like your point about cheating just to win. I remember teaching my kids and my nephews about why cheating hurt the cheater as much as the other person. Explaining how a real victory feels, one that you worked for and didn't fool someone to get, isn't easy but it's so important to a person's development.

My sig line at work is a quote from Henry Ford:

"Quality means doing it right when no one is looking."

I think this is crucial to living an honest life and it's sad that some people don't get that.

Cha Cha said...


I saw that Jeff was in a better mood after the money announcement but maybe thats because he thinks that Nat is going to follow through on the deal that he and michelle proposed. Which Nat ran and told Kevin, after cheating in pool. Nat was funny when telling the story that she automatically told him and knows he will do the same and then questioned him like he had to tell her.

ChicMc said...

Thank you to whoever it was that posted the site for bb chops. Those pictures are hilarious. Although the current one is too true and sad to be funny.

Thank you to Chauncy also, I do remember her, just didn't remember her name.
Erica blew getting her vote when answering question regarding her eviction.

Margo said...

Now that BB is winding down I've been thinking about other Pools I can monitor. We have Survivor(S) coming up on September 17, Dancing With The Stars (DWTS), and The Amazing Race (TAR) on September 27. I obviously know who is going to win all the contests and will give myself them in the pool. Does anyone else want to play?

Just list your name and the abbreviations found in the () for which pool you want to participate. There is plenty of time to decide and you know I will ask again.

Come on in the waters fine.

As always the only thing you win is braggin rights - but man are they satisfying. JT and I have been braggin all summer. WE WON!

Margo - now Professional Lifeguard.

Chauncey, not Billups said...

The thing i liked about the show when it first came on is that the HG's were being themselves for the most part. No one was trying to be Will, Janelle, Dani etc because it was still new and everyone was trying to figure things out. Look how long it took for them to figure how to backdoor someone and know that move is played constantly. The greats figured it out quicker than everybody else. now these guys are trying to be the next......


Sasha said...
GPITA (Joe), what is your reasoning for wanting Nat in the F2 as second choice to Michele? Well, I know why YOU'D want to be next to her but that's not what I'm trying to understand. LOL. It seems to me she'd have the votes in the Jury so why would it be good to have her in F2 if you're one of the other HG's??

9/01/2009 3:04 PM

Hi Sasha,

I don't think she'd have that many jury votes;

The jury is currently:

Jessie, Russell, Lydia and America. Lets' toss in Jeff. Of those, I think only Jessie is a solid Nat vote.

In order of preference, I think the jury favors:

Jessie: Nat, Jordan, Michelle, Kevin
Russell: Michelle, Nat, Kevin, Jordan
America: Jordan, Kevin, Michelle, Nat
Lydia: Kevin, Jordan, Michelle, Nat
Jeff: Jordan, Nat, Kevin, Michelle

If Kevin is voted out, he probably goes Nat, Jordan, Michelle

If Jordan is voted out, she probably goes Nat, Kevin, Michelle

If Michelle is voted out, she probably goes Kevin, Jordan, Nat.

Michelle is (IMHO) the least popular so she would be my 1st choice for an F2. After that, I think Nat is the second least favorite. It's close with Kevin since he's got Jeff's blood on his hands.

Anonymous said...

I despise cheating and lying, however Natalie lacks a moral conscience, and she's not about to change while she's looking at a half million dallars in the eyes, after all "the love money is the root to all evil." As far as her lying about her age "Oh well" how does that factor into the game. I know when Jeff sees the tapes he'll want to kick himself in the butt. Jordan cant beat her way out of a paper bag, I would like to see Michelle win at this point but the jury wont give her the money because "they don't know anything about her" how absurd. almost everone on this blog has a problem with Michelle because they dont know her or understand her. I think MIchelle might have a few social problems and then again maybe not, she is in title to keep her business to herself like maybe some of the others should have done. If Jordan doesn't win any money her mothers home will still be foreclosed on, people come to this game telling their family hardships hoping to get sympathy but everyone in that house could use that money for one reason or another. Jeff and Jordan got to caught up im themselves at the end got too cocky and now they will just go home with whatever BB gives them in money won from comps and stipends I hope that helps in someway.

sizzie said...

There are some days 'America' goes for Michelle, I think. We are fickle, though, so it would depend on timing. I think it will be interesting to see if the America's Favorite's winner is also America's vote. Or maybe Americ'a Favorite can't be in the house? I don't know the rules of it.

I do think Michelle will have a hard time pulling votes. I will be curious to see who Russ votes for. His last hours in the house he was trying to get Michelle to be out next, if Nat were in F2 he might vote for her to make up for the fat talk. Jeff got him, so maybe it would be Jeff. I don't know. Fun to speculate, though, isn't it.

In fact, Jackie, your board and comments are more fun than listing to the hgs .

Jordan had a dream about her and Jeff but she won't tell him and he is alternately pouting and asking.

Same old same old

Cha Cha said...

I have waffled back and forth with Michelle for a while.
I really wanted J/J to win in the beginning but after hearing Jeff talk and discriminate like he did he lost my vote. Jordan is just riding coat tails...
Last week I was saying that if Nat made it to the final two then she deserved to win. Now after watching her the last few days I don't want her in the house at all.


Laurie said...

Margo, Professional Lifeguard

I would like to be in the (S)pool and the (TAR) pool, please.

I've been studying lifeguarding for awhile now and can back you up if needed!

Nana from the NW said...

Margo--I'm all in.....just make sure the pool is heated! Sign me up for S....TAR.....DWTS. How am I ever going to have time to clean house and cook dinner??? All of these and of course a new season of my favs. Criminal Minds, Friday Night Lights, Law & Order, Cold Case just to name a few!!

Susan in MA said...

Gnatalie is a selfish, self centered leech. She's done nothing but lie, even when it wasn't needed in the game. She is mean spirited, and Jackie, you're absolutely right - she's attached herself to ANYONE and EVERYONE who has been HOH. WHY can't they see through her? Maybe it's because they think she's 18 - she sure does act like it; wait, that's insulting 18 yr olds. Thirteen may be more like it.

And whenever anything happened, her eyes light up and she goes running to the person who will do the most damage with the information she has.
ANYONE but her.

My wv: corshe. Of corshe is a selfish *****

RyzandShyn said...

I read throught the posts and have to tell you that I think everyone is giving Natalie too much credit. There's nothing about her game or her personality that merits comparisons with any of the great players in BB history.
Give her credit for her verbal game, yes, but it's no great shakes.
Her plan to rattle Michele is disgusting. It's one thing to be like Evil Dick or even Russell who confronted/called out/intimidated and quite another to think that someone is having a nervous breakdown and exploit that.

I may be an optimist, but I hope Kevin and Jordon don't play along in that plan.

monty924 said...

My girl ---------->
is FIRED UP and ready for the POV tonight. I can't wait to watch her SMOKE the competition, lol!

Margo, put me down for all three (S, TAT, and DWTS). I've had decent luck in some of the pools so far, but I also had GC (Survivor) and Braden so I'm not counting my chickens just yet. :)

Catch you all later in the show blog party.

lynn1 said...

Margo I would like to be included in the (S) Pool and the (TAR) Pool.
Thanks !

monty924 said...

oops, lol

TAR not TAT (I must have been thinking about two of the Jessie widows there. Nat and Lydie!)

joy n said...

I'm with you, RyzandShyn. I'm beginning to think that Natalie is a pathological liar and a bully who enjoys being so. For her to (again) gleefully torture Michele by gnawing at her weaknesses just turns my stomach. There's no need to be so mean-spirited, she seems to do it because she gets enjoyment out of it. That's just cruel.

I liked Joe's first comparison of Nat to Dr. Will and believe it to be true. He would mop the floor with her and he'd do it with a smile and probably a hug.

I'd hate to even see her get to final two at this point. I hope Kevin wises up and gets whomever is HOH to bd her butt next week.

It would just go against my grain to see such a terrible excuse for a human being even come in second, much less first.

I'm rooting for you, Michele!

monty924 said...

I forgot to give credit to the chop maker for this one. Uncdavid from SS BB Chops created this one.

Lars said...

I am also now I'm rooting for you, Michele!

Maybe I'm a bit odd but I can relate to Michele, I have a few relatives just like her.

Joanie said...


I would like to get in on the (S) and (TAR) pools.

I'll be bringing Nachos to the party later.

Lars said...

Margo add me to the S pool.

sandaroo said...

I was just on Jokers, Natalie & Kevin are talking about stealing Michelles contact solution, putting a bucket of water on the door so when someone opens it they get soaked & hiding some of Jeff, Jordan & Michelles personal things. I just don't get BB allowing this behavior. I've never disliked someone on the show as much as I do Natalie!! I wish that key Jeff found meant something so he can save himself this week. It will be a boring show after for me when he's gone!!



As much as y'all want to be rid of me (and classes do start on Monday!), but put me down for (TAR) and (S) - two of my favorites!

gaylos said...

Hi Margo... count me in for (S) and (DWTS) please!

WV "ricalide"... Jeff's been taken for a wild ricalide!

Laurie said...

Sounds like Natalie and Kevin are out of control with their "tricks". Somebody should turn the tables on them. Better yet, turn the tables over on them! Yes, I would feel this way if anyone else was messing with personal property.

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For those who watch Project Runway, please join us during or after the show to discuss it. Jackie has a discussion link on her home page. I'd like to start a pool for that show!
Here's a link to scorecards for the designers: http://www.mylifetime.com/on-tv/shows/project-runway/project-runway-scorecard

Anonymous said...


Why is BB allowing Natalie and Kevin to mess with the other houseguests personal property. I know they got warnings about speaking spanish to each other and about hiding things in the house (prior to a comp). They were told to put everyhting back and Kevin went around muttering "how stupid he was to do it". Is there a possiblility they could get a penalty nomination for their stealing and other rule violations? How would that work? It seems really infair that BB is allowing such behavior especially after they have received repeated warnings about it.


Anonymous said...

Yesssss, school started already here. wv:smies

Margo said...

Laurie - I'm game - put me in the deep end.

PlaidChick said...

I do not want to be near Natalie during a lightening storm..

There's nothing strategic about Natalie's gameplay, that would mean she'd have to play the game and win something.

Donna in FL said...

Margo..put me in for all of the "pools"
thank you

looking foward to the end of BB ..not fun anymore!

Becky said...

I want in both of the pools, please.

PlaidChick said...

Continuing on that there isn't a strategic bone in Natalie's body and she is just down right mean and hateful...

Last night she and Kevin were playing pool and he called to the DR. During the time Michele and Natalie were talking, Michele left the area and Natalie walks over to the pool table and puts two of her balls in the pockets. When Kevin comes back out to resume the game she says "I took one shot." Kevin looks at the table funny and then takes his shot.

Next Natalie and Kevin are playing chess. When Kevin is not looking she changes the position of one of the pieces.

Real integrity that one...

joy n said...

Why doesn't it surprise me that she's a cheater, too?

Does this girl have any redeeming values at all?

The only thing she seems to have going for her at all is that she turns our Joe on. LOL!!

Anonymous said...

Acckk! I'm officially rooting for Michelle now! I really liked Jeff and was rooting for him so hard until he got cocky and made his boneheaded move to get rid of Russell! Heck, I even voted for him to get the CDT power. Now, watching his behavior the last couple of weeks I've done a complete 360. The last straw was when Michelle tried to approach him after the Veto competition tonight and he just said "get away from me". What a sore loser. And you can just tell that he really is pissed that Jordan hasn't done more for "their team". I would root for Kevin, but he's really almost as mean-spirited as Natalie, who I think is despicable! Jordan, eh. Her act is old. But Michelle, I truly think her odd behavior is a result of exactly what the cliques were all about....once a brainiac, always a brainiac. Most of the brainiacs I have known were never that comfortable in social situations, and some of them had the worst commen sense smarts. I really do think she was probably highly self-conscious in her teen years and just doesn't always know how to act around people...especially around a cute "jock" guy like Jeff. Anyways, just my two cents. Go Michelle! :-) Cathi

Anonymous said...

Yawn. old news.

ChicMc said...

If not too late I would like in the S and TAR pools.

Anonymous said...

If Michele and Nasty Natalie in F2

I vote for Michele, do you think we ( America viewers) will actually have a vote????

Only 6 houseguest to vote now.

We, America the tie breaker, but how would they do that on live tv???? Unless they give a seranio of what if's F2's to vote for in advance maybe?

After all said and done, Michele is only one left worthy......I think Jeff a goner after this Thursday......and only one left for me that deserves it is MICHELE.