Monday, September 07, 2009

Big Brother 11 Live Feeds Monday 9/07

I hope everyone had a fine Labor Day holiday. You needn't worry about missing any huge events in the Big Brother house ... that's for sure. Usually it's not this boring until that silly extended stay of the final two.
  • The BB staff must be on holiday -- the wake-up call in the house wasn't until almost 11 AM (their time).
  • An indoor lockdown started at noon and is expected to last two days.
  • Natalie told Kevin that the endurance comp starts Tuesday and the final comp is Thursday night.
  • Well, duh. I figured that out on my own.
  • Natalie doesn't want either Jordan or Michele to find out the timing.
  • Michele doesn't need Natalie, though. She told Jordan it's a live eviction show tomorrow.
  • Michele and Jordan packed. Natalie did the HOH blogging.
  • Jackie ate snacks.
  • Natalie thinks she did harm to herself in her goodbye messages.
  • Yeah, that could be true.
  • Natalie is upset that her HOH reign is shortened. She wants to keep the room.
  • @@
  • They all napped.
  • They munched.
  • They played cards.
  • The plan is still to evict Michele. There hasn't been a PoV meeting, but it's obvious that Kevin will take himself off and Jordan will go up.


Sally said...

Michelle looks so sad in that pic. This whole experience must have been really miserable for her at times.

I'm eager for this season to end. Any TV "addiction" that leaves me this frustrated can't be good.

Samantha said...

Jackie, can you please give us a run-down as to the sequence of events for the next week? I've been a fan for many seasons; however, I can't remember exactly what BB has in store for us!

Jackie said...

Samantha - Tomorrow's show will be PoV, live eviction and the start of an endurance comp -- the first part of the final three-part comp of the season. Most likely part two will happen Wednesday (air Thursday). The last part will take place live Thursday along with the final eviction.

The comps are done like so: Winner of the first comp sits out the second and plays the winner of the second in the third part.

Confusing enough?

Once the final eviction goes down Thursday night, the final two are alone until the Tuesday 2-hour finale.

Anonymous said...

Michelle looks like she is thinking about where she went wrong. She just wasn't sneaky enough. I don't remember plea is a guilty plea and it screwed her.

Anonymous said...

I just got to watch Sunday's show. I have NEVER seen anyone so devoid of emotion in my life as Natalie was with BF proposing to her. OMG! The whole thing was so phony looking - like it was staged. She sounded like a robot. "Thanks for coming." The guy just proposed to you, b****!

I am so sick of her, and sick of how stupid the other hgs are. Ready for it all to be over!

Hope you all had a good Labor Day weekend.

Laurie said...

Jackie, I hope you had a good Labor Day weekend and did something other than watch the show for us. You know, something fun!

Have a great day tomorrow and we'll see you tomorrow evening for the live eviction. We won't tell Natalie we know about this!

ChicMc said...

I think a point was missed when one poster commented on how she felt sorry for Michele and another responded with (parphrasing) she made her bed and he doesn't feel sorry for her at all.

The point IMO was the sorrow came from all the underserved and non gameplay torment to which Michele was subjected.

Not that in her gameplay she ended up siding with a couple of goodlooking, not as smart as she hoped for houseguests, hey a good part of America was just as guillble, c'est la vie.

But nowhere in any feeds or blogs or on TV has Michele done anything to be so singled out and ridiculed, humiliated, tortured, and abused.

Yes, this is all just my opinion, But that is why we feel sorry for Michele.

Laurie said...

Well said ChicMc. Michelle has been bullied and tormented for no reason. It was especially difficult when she was verbally kicked while she was down. There's no reason or excuse for that kind of behavior. Her pain actually seemed to bring pleasure to the ones causing it and that's just sick. Just my opinion, of course, but I know you and others agree. It's been ugly to see.

joy n said...

Could someone put a link in here to Natalie's HOH blog? I was just all over BB pages trying to find it and couldn't.

monty924 said...

Natalie's been in the DR for a Loooonnng time now. She went in right after Michele came out. I hope Michele complained about her missing/stolen gloves.

In the SS room just now, you could hear the click, click, click of heels behind the wall. Oh what I would give for that to be Allison Grodner coming in to give Nasty a penalty at the VERY least!

Anonymous said...

OMG, kev and dumo are you think...can I hope...she's got game???? TBC

Anonymous said...

Gnat knows Jo and Ke are talking in the green room. She started to go to the BA room and then went back to solitaire in the kitchen.

Anonymous said...

It does sound like JO was prodded by production.. that aint right

Anonymous said...

if gnat doesn't win...i predict she will be baaaack..Jessie syndrome style

Anonymous said...

Jackie, what I want to know when all THIS is said and why did Jordan join this show? What did she expect to gain?

Anonymous said...

is why did Jordan join this show? What did she expect to gain?

ger smarter, so she thought

Anonymous said...

is why did Jordan join this show? What did she expect to gain?

a dumb career

Anonymous said...

Gnat in DR, Michelle talking to Kevin to win and Jordan is playing with her hair.. lOL

Anonymous said...

We can call all of the HGs dumb but Kevin has the dumb card in his hand....let's see what happens.

Anonymous said...

Gnat still in DR, Michelle talking game with Kev and Jordan picking face zits.

Anonymous said...

I just can't believe that BB found a contestant even more despicable than ED.

Jessie was just annoying, the original Gnat was just too needy, even ED's daughter was tolerable compared to Natalie.

I hope that this isn't the direction BB intends to keep following with regards to Hgs.

It is not fun to watch.

So I will follow the easy solution and not to continue to watch another season if there is a hg even remotely like Natalie.

sizzie said...

I haven't ever known where Operation Hate Michelle began either. I think it might have been with Ronnie, though, when he found out she had PHd. He wanted to be the 'smart one' in the house. I think (it was a long time ago) he picked Laura to leave because she was onto him. Maybe he knew that Michelle would see through him, too. I do believe that Ronnie told things about Michelle that she was never able to over come.

Beverly said...

I've been voting for Michelle. One, I think she deserves it, and two, it would burn people like Ronnie, Gnat, Kevin, Chima and lydia. It would probably shock Jeff and Jordan as well. I can hope.

chris said...


i am with you
vote michelle
if only to shut up those horrid people
and why is she any less deserving than jeff who is leading in the polls?
jeff blew it
michelle was a victim of her own alliances stupidity.
and now of gnats meaness

Anonymous said...

Maybe it's good to have the BB season end on such a miserable note.

Like having a cyst - it's painful and ugly and stinks, but you sure don't miss it when it's gone!

Jackie, I nominate you for sainthood.

Anne in CT

RyzandShyn said...

I never understood the comments Ronnie made about Michele when he was leaving. I didn't see where Michele had done or said anything to deserve it.
The Russell/Chima blow-out was based on something Michele said, which was true, that Chima said Russell needed to go. Michele should have backed herself up there, but Russell, who was the offended party in that situation, forgave Michele and they were friends after that.
Michele nominating Chima was the straw that broke Chima, but that mess was all obviously on Chima.
So, I agree, there isn't any reason for the mean-spirited actions taken against Michele. It appears to be based on plain old bullying.

Anonymous said...

yikes if jeff is leading in polls or america's favorite player vote over michelle it just says how wacky the thought process has become.