Thursday, September 03, 2009

Big Brother 11 Live Feeds Overnight Into Thursday 9/03

Gee, a banner plane was spotted over the house yesterday!

Okay, I lied. The banner plane was created by Zoetawny just for us. Here's the scoop from the Big Brother House of Wishful Thinking:
  • BB gave Jeff his wine -- well, he's the one who was bugging them about it.
  • Kevin, angry that Jeff didn't call him to share it, took a glass and then poured it down the toilet.
  • He said he just didn't want Jeff to have it.
  • Of course, he didn't say that to Jeff.
  • Natalie and Kevin made a calendar out of the modeling clay so they could study event dates in the house.
  • Michele told Jordan if they don't win veto this week, all will be over.
  • Jeff and Jordan were called to the diary room together.
  • Natalie cheated at chess and played by her own rules again with Kevin.
  • The pranks continued in the house. Michele got sprayed by the sink.
  • Michele approached Jeff asking how she can get back at Natalie and Kevin (for the pranking).
  • Natalie, when pranking or cheating at chess, gets over the top obnoxious dancing around with glee and in your face laughing.
  • I'm thankful she hasn't won any comps. I don't advocate violence, but it would be nice to throw her in the pool or something.
  • Jeff put a glass of water atop the green room door.
  • Natalie caught on, but accused Michele of doing it ... saying she saw her.
  • From then on, the night was full of pranks. Saran Wrap across the toilet, etc.
  • Natalie told Michele that she won't be voting for Jeff to stay and all of her deals with Kevin end tomorrow with the final four.
  • She wants Michele to team up with her to get rid of Kevin this week.
  • Yeah, right.
  • She kept pushing Michele to go into a deal with her.
  • Michele nodded and mumbled a lot, but gave her no commitment.
  • Jeff and Jordan cuddled a lot in bed for his (or her) last night.
  • No, the deed did not go down.


RyzandShyn said...

Good Morning!
With those kind of pranks they might well believe Natalie is only 18.
So, Natalie is being vocal that she is NOT keeping Jeff, Michele previously sounded like she wanted to keep Jeff, and we don't really know where Kevin stands if his is the tie breaker vote.
Jackie's update makes it sound to me like Natalie is the next target...or am I reading into it what I would like?

I read a few posts that seemed to indicate that the JH isn't receiving the video updates this year. Didn't we see Jesse and Lydia watching the one Lydia brought? I'm confused. Can anyone shed some light?

Jackie said...

Actually, I think that J/J/M think Kevin is a bigger comp threat, but that Natalie would do well with the jury. It's a toss-up.

I think the jury is getting the DVDs -- we should see Russell's arrival tonight and find out.

Anonymous said...

So, am I missing something? Is the Pandoras box thing over because Jeff used the key to release Kevins hand?

I thought something else was going to happen at the live eviction!

Guess not :<(

Sydney said...

If Bat is a poker player I can see how. You need to think in strategy all the time, psyche out the opponent and keep a poker face at all times... though it sounds like she's been more like the Cheshire Cat.

I guess technically she deserves to win, and her fooling everyone makes them all less deserving. Certainly Jeff and Jordan don't deserve it if they were got that bad repeatedly.

That said, I would like to see Michelle win of who's left. She has TRIED to play much of the summer, but no one will play with her. She wins purely on being s Survivor in that house with all the pressure, rejection and lies and no ally.

Kevin I have nothing against, but the has only begun to play in this last week. Not enough to garner the prize IMO.

ALBGLINKA, my wv is Gliniza

lynn1 said...

BB will be shown at the regular time (7:00PM Central) in the New Orleans area.
I will not be able to report on it because I will be at the Saint's game.
Cha Cha said she may not go to the game tonight. If she doesn't go to the game maybe she will be able to give updates.
Unfortunately I don't think we can "expect the unexpected" tonight. I think it is fairly predictable what will happen as as far as the eviction.

sizzie said...

Jordan says all the fans are waiting to see the goodbye kiss.

my wv is alina. Who will alina to F2?

Cha Cha said...


I will not be going to the Saints game. I should be home by BB time to catch the show.

I am not real good at the blogging but I will make sure to do updates throughout the hour.

I think it may go something like this:
Julie says hello then shows the history of the week.
Then we will see Russell arriving at JH.
Then talk to houseguests.
After that we will see Kevin in the HOH room for the convo that no houseguests can hear.
Then he rejoins the HG and they say N/J say their final plea.
Vote goes 1/1 and Kevin evicts Jeff. We then see Jordon crying uncontrollably.
Julie talks with Jeff then she says we will be right back with the HOH
So do i get to keep the job?

Cha Cha said...

Does anyone remember a comp where they have to remember dates?
I can't really remember one recently.
I know they have done ones where you have to put the comps in order but not nec know the dates.
If they were to have a comp like this I am sure they would have taken Nat and Kevs calendar away.
They need to take away the "molding clay" and cards.
Any thoughts on this?

lynn1 said...

Cha Cha you must be psychic! I am sure you have seen the future! LOL
I think you may be able to cut and paste your 9:30 AM post this evening.
I would say you get to keep the job.

Anonymous said...

Cha're hired!

I only remember a before/after comp so far this season. But I seem to remember a comp last season where they had to guess how many days had passed before something happened - or something like that. Not actual dates per se but counting the days. Anyone else remember that?


Cha Cha said...

lynn. I like to think back on the past houseguest who saw the future as well as know I am being facesious(sp) now...


thats just naming a few.

wv~ prian

Natalie is still prian information from the houseguests

Nana from the NW said...

Yep! Nat's a real peach!!! Got mad at Kevin last night for cheating at could he???

Saw Mich. looking for something to prank and commented, "She better not **ck with my personal belongings...that's my stuff!!" Taking Mich. gloves was not touching someone else's personal belongings??

Oh but remember Nat. has played with "Honesty, Loyalty,and Integrity"....I wonder what dictionary she used for definitions to those words?

I don't remember there being comps. for certain dates. It is usually the "before or after" type. Also, which HG said.....that is part of the F3 3-part comp.

I would love to see Jordon win HOH--I know....and pigs fly!! LOL

Laurie said...

R&S, yes with the pranks, her size and the way she dresses and wears her hair she could easily be seen as 18. I think the others discount her because of that and see her as just a little pest ... not a threat. Too bad for them!

The comments about video updates was about how in the first shows the people who were evicted could go home and see the whole show. We did see the Chima update that Lydia brought with her to the JH.

Sydney, I have Kevin in the pool and I agree that he just started playing the game. He's been Bat's (love it) pawn until now and may continue to play that role until he loses the game. Michelle is the winner in my mind and I hope she can pull it off!

Sizzle, are you waiting for that kiss? Is America waiting? LOL ... I love how they think they know what America thinks. I know I'm not waiting for it.

ChaCha, your update sounds just about right. I hope that's how it happens! I don't think I've seen a comp where they needed actual dates, just the order of things. We did have one of those already with the Before or After comp.

Looking forward to tonight's show!

sizzie said...

Jeff was angry and then sweet most of last night. Back and forth. He was angry he is said to be leaveing. "I just effing don't see why I effing have to leave when people who have not done any effing thing in the game get to effing stay. He said this to Jordan. Not you, he adds.

He is funny and if he goes that I will miss. He has had some very funny lines.

Jordan said to him the other day why he was telling hgs a story about her that embarrasses her. You have already told it 20 times, American knows already, he says.

DR had them both together in for interview last night. It should be good to see.

Nat and Kevin worked on their memories about house events. I was amazed when Nat began counting off every day and what happened that day. Day 40, X did this. I can't give examples because I don't know who left when or what happened. She knew the number of the day Lydia got the unitard, for example.

Has Michelle looked for her gloves? She has had things disappear before and just chalked it up to things getting lost.

Lights were out and all cams on beds last time I looked.

Cha Cha said...

I don't think Michelle has even looked for the gloves.She took them off with the last comp. I am sure at the 1st part of final HOH there will be cold water so Nat shouldn't even bother. She can't take the cold. I don't think that was an act.
Nat is good with the dates although I am sure they wont be needed. They wont do a comp like that without taking all of the cheat sheets away.
Michelle told jordon that she gave the wrong dates to Russell. I wish I knew when she did this cause I think they were correct.
Hopefully Jeff will bow out gracefully tonight. We have seen his true colors and don't really like them

Cha Cha said...

sorry not the last comp but the graduation day comp. She had them on in the beginning.

Margo said...

Estelle - I would be happy to include you in the pool. I have 3 new ones for which I'm collecting names. Survivor (S), Amazing Race (TAR) and Dancing with the Stars (DWTS) Which one(s) do you want to be included? You can use the () abbreviations. You can play in none, one, two or all 3.

This goes for everyone. I will post the lists I have next week so I'm sure to include all participants.


Cha Cha said...

So I just popped over to jokers and wsa looking on the media posts where they show pics and videos.
On the last 4 years of BB this weeks HOH(if following tradition) should be a cirlce with the 3 contestants seperated by the uprights and picking from what Julie or fiction, before or after, true or false.
I hope this is what it will be. COME ON MICHELLE

Margo said...

I'm ready to get Nat the Bat

Goodie said...

Same 'o Same 'ol. I just cannot stand the sight of Natalie anymore and Kevin asking for wine and pouring in down the toilet so Jeff could not have it was mean. He and Natalie are a good twosome now.They both get a thrill out of being mean. That is NOT Jeff or Jordon. I am just sick that the key does not keep Jeff in the house. I am okay with Jordon leaving and dreaming of Jeff/Michelle taking the others down down down. That is my dream.
I do not enjoy watching Natalie and Kevin so I won't be watching BBAD anymore.

Cha Cha said...

love it margo...

Laurie said...

Margo, love the bat. Mind if some of us join you with that theme?

lynn1 said...

The reason that I am OK with Jeff leaving tonight is that he did it to himself.
He chose to believe Natalie and Kevin over his alliance which costed him dearly.
Perhaps Russ would have won HOH this week and put Jeff up but I believe he would have gotten rid of Nat,Kevin, or Michelle before he would have put Jeff up. Just IMO because we will never know.

I honestly believe regardless of all the vibes,energy & Zoetawny's banner plane that we are sending to rid the BB house of Natalie, she will be in the final 2.

AlbGlinka said...

Nana from the NW said...

Oh but remember Nat. has played with "Honesty, Loyalty,and Integrity"....I wonder what dictionary she used for definitions to those words?

Nat plays with "Vindiction" too, and looks up all her words in the Vindictionary.

Ya gotta admit: that was a good one!

Laurie said...

AlbBlinka, you made me laugh out loud in the midst of software testing. Not easy, but you did it!

Joanie said...

Good day all,

Let me float something by you folks about the Russel picture thing. Please forgive if someone has mentioned this earlier.

Sunday's show, Russel's picture was in black and white. Sunday's show ended before Kevin opened Pandora's Box.

Tuesday' show, Russel's picture was in color again. So by Tuesday's show Pandora's Box has been opened and the consequences have been unleashed on the house. So maybe Russel has been hanging in the Have Not room, I know Julie also said that the Have Not were over for the season the night Russel got evicted, so maybe that room has been made a little more comfortable and he is back in the house.

I work in the TV industry and way too many people at CBS saw Tuesday's show before we did for the difference in the pictures to be an editing error. Last part is just opinion and I will admit it here if I turn out to be wrong.

Joe in NY said...

I still think Natalie deserves credit for playing the game, from day one until now, hard and effectively. She ran Jessie, then she ran Kevin, then she ran Jeff/Jordan. You can hate her personally, but it is hard to argue that she didn't earn her place where she is.

Margo said...

The more bats the merrier. Maybe if we get enough they can swoop in and carry Nat away. The unicorns seemed to work for Jessie - so why not try.

Sorry Joe - you have her name partially correct she is Nasty.

Margo said...

My problem with Natalie winning $500,000 is she is such a mean and nasty person. It has nothing to do with her manipulating people in the game to do her bidding - it is her personality. People have back stabbed, manipulated, and lied in this game before-but with the exception of Evil Dick I don't remember another player being so downright mean to the other house guests.


Cha Cha said...

agreed Margo. I think she is just a mean person as well.
Have you noticed nowhere I have seen anyone that personally knows her stick up for her.
In the past you have always seen blogs or comments somewhere.
She just needs to be carried away by the bats and never to be spoken or thought about again.
I did think that if she made it to the final two she deserved to win, but after watching what she was doing the other day by wanting to physically harm Michelle with changing something in the solution I have decided againts wanting her to win anything.
Do you think it was alright for Nat to throw michelle's wedding band in the garbage can like she did last night?
She is not alright or worthy of the win in my book. I think I would have rathered Jessie win over her and I can't stand how he played this or last year

Sally said...

I'm not sure that Natalie would be all that good at a competition involving the sequence/timing of events in the house.

She had hijacked the chess board to turn it into a calendar of events to study, but she still was one of the first houseguests out of the before/after competition: first Nat, Jeff and Lydia, then Kevin, then Michelle, leaving Jordan for the win. (I checked back through Jackie's archives--a great resource!)

I'm still kinda hoping that another element to Pandora's Box will be revealed tonight. What we saw Tuesday was so anticlimatic--much ado about nothing.

Caroline said...


I'd like to be in the Survivor and Amazing Race pools. Thanks for being our lifeguard again!

Count me in as another that is rooting for Michele to win the whole game. I think suriving as long as she has without ever having a true alliance is a first in BB history and I think she should be rewarded with the prize. If she doesn't make it to the end then she'll get my vote for America's Choice.

I also don't like Natalie for reasons purely based on her personality, not her gameplay. I have no problems with her lying, scheming or deceiving in the context of the game. But a mother wasn't the only thing she was raised without...I'd also include common decency and morals.

Nana from the NW said...

Nat the bat hasn't "worked" her way to anything....she can't even work her way to the microwave to heat up a pad for her cramps...."Kevin, Kevin, where are you?? I need this heated!!" Her dad must have a really big ring in his nose that she leads him around by!! The only thing she has earned...because she sucks at the the title of biggest manipulater of BB11...and that may be enough to get her the 500K.

I agree Mich. has done well considering she has been an outcast since day one....never could find a true alliance, although I think Russ would have been if they had hooked-up earlier.

Kevin is going to soon realize that he was just one of many that Nat. has played. I don't think Nat. will take him to a F3. He's a good competitor and well liked by those in the JH.

Chima may get her wish and see an all-girls F3...Mich/Jordon/Nat.

mammaroos said...

ok question here what happens if it' a tie in the JH since there will be only 6 ppl in there do we get to vote and how would they say a winner that night if its americas decision can someone answer this??

Caroline said...

Nana, I think Michele also realized that her and Russ could have made a great alliance. But as soon as she started inroads with him, he immediately turned around and told Chima everything Michele said. Since he apparently has watched some past BBs it's too bad he didn't approach it like Danielle/Jason from Season 3. They had a fantastic secret alliance, maybe the best ever, because they pretended to have nothing to do with each other whenever any other HGs were around. They played the stealth game all the way to the end and it would have been a great route for Mich/Russ to have gone. I think they would have found themselves in the F2 with that strategy.

cha cha said...


I think the 7th jurur vote will be america's vote.
That is what the houseguests have been saying.

From what I remember the final votes have never been that close. But please don't quote me on that

wv`` flite


Nana from the NW said... is saying they will be showing BB at 8pm ET and 5pm PT. If it delayed in your area you might go check it out.

mammaroos--America will get to vote to break a tie. We will know on Sunday, Sept. 13th who are the final two, and they will announce that America can vote and that will be used "in the event" of a tie. You will then be able to vote and the winner is announced in the finale on Sept. 15th

meb said...

Joanie, I also have questioned the fact that Russell is not being shown exiting the house when he was evicted, and the picture that is now showing is of Russell, from the waste up, nude, arms crossed. I don't think that was his picture from the beginning.

So, what is going on... I would love it if he came back, but I'd rather he do it with Jeff still in the house and then they become an alliance and get rid of NattheBat and Kevin, taking Michelle to F3 and may the best person win. I'm assuming Jordon has left the house in this scenario instead of Jeff.

Oh well, I can dream can't I.

wv: hawlar

I'm hawlar(ing) to Kevin... get Nat out!!!

meb said...

OK Joe... I know it's "waist"...

Anonymous said...

Reading Jackie's comments makes me think about MTV's Real World. The maturity level in the BB house this year is so young. I don't want to watch a bunch of ill-mannered kids act up. Wishful thinking is that they all get booted for rule violations and the money goes to charity. Not to a bunch of brats who thinks they are entitled for no reason at all.


She is not alright or worthy of the win in my book. I think I would have rathered Jessie win over her and I can't stand how he played this or last year

9/03/2009 1:47 PM

Petals will be so happy to hear this! LOL


meb said...
OK Joe... I know it's "waist"...

9/03/2009 3:12 PM

And, of course, Meb you know it WASN'T ME who corrected ANYONE on this board!!!!!!!!!!!


My little Hottie may not be all that nice, but I still think she's earned her place. And, we really can't be sure how much of her nonsense is intentional game play and how much is the real her. After all, she's pretended to be 18 forever, she may also be incorporating some of the ED strategy only in a subtler way than ED or Russell tried it. Further, the fact that she seemed (according to Jackie) to have total recall of the house events YET is always one of the first out of Before/After, True/False comps might mean she has actually been throwing comps.

If so, she deserves MUCH more credit than she's getting. After all, if it weren't for her APPARENT sucking at comps, she would have been a much bigger target for J/J when they had her up there and even for Kevin this week.

Don't you worry Tasty, you're still my girl!!!

wv is "bareasm": Just talking about Natalie gives me a bareasm...I know, I'm stretching...

Margo said...


I threw up a little in my mouth.

Anonymous said...


Margo said...

Have your classes started yet, Joe?

What is it you teach again? It surely is not Ethics.

Anonymous said...

OMG, no more Jeff, no more fun, no more sexy legs after tonight. We can only hope that Nat's time is up next...I would watch that.

Margo said...

**Pool Info**

Anyone can participate in the pool. One can be anonymous with a fictional name. Seriously for you really think the sizze, meb. RyzandShyn, Nana from the NW are real names. That is the beauty of being a blog commenter you can be anyone you want to be. Even Formerly Anon is an acceptable name. Just non "anon" or a name currently being used here by someone.

I mean come on how many names has Joe in NY used since BB began?

Laurie said...

Margo, good point. Heck, my name isn't even Laurie. Oh wait, yes it is. But you are right, anyone with a consistent name can be in one of our pools. I am sad to hear that Nana of NW isn't a real name, though.

LOL at the teaching ethics comment.

My wv is a real word! suction

Cha Cha said...

cutting out of work and making my way home.
I will be commenting for yall tonight as the football game isn't on CBS and I decided not to go to the game.
See ya 8/7 central!!

You mean you didn't think my name was real...Well it is a nickname for my real name

Laurie said...

Yaaay ChaCha!! Looking forward to your blogging tonight.

I thought your parents named you after the dance they were doing when they fell in love!

Lisanne said...

Hi. I just found this site and am glad due to my new addition to BB (which has something to do with me saying bye bye to comcast and now I'm only getting one channel CBS).

Am glad to see I am not the only one wanting Michelle to win. Her or Kevin.

I wish they would find a muzzle for Natalie, but can't wait to see what 110% effort will be. :)

Zoetawny said...

I'm not looking forward to saying good-bye to Jeff tonight. :( Has anything changed that would save him? Probably not.

Now my biggest satisfaction would be to get Nat out. Guess my banner was wishful thinking. :) Thanks for putting it up anyway, Jackie. Does anyone remember what seasons had actual fly overs?

I didn't want to be remiss when I read that we're calling Nat "Bat" so I ran off to make a Nat Bat gaphic for the blog.

Whatever happened to Gnat? Is she still serving coffee in her bikini? All kidding aside, I hope she got some therapy and has developed better self-esteem.

Wouldn't you like to see a show about the former BB houseguests, "Where are they now?"

I probably won't be able to read your posts about tonight's show until tomorrow but have a fun party.


ChicMc said...

I know we all pretty much agree that the key from Pandora was used to free Kevin and has no other use, but what if the one who unlocked Kevin did receive a special ray of hope?

The reason, I am asking is because of the unusual double DR session with JJ( this may have been done with Chilltown, don't remember).

Jordan was all smiles later.
Could Jeff have been given the power to choose the next HOH as reward for freeing Kevin?

Or is it too silly to contemplate?

Wv is decyt
Way too easy and they all involve Natalie.

Margo said...

I'm off the eat fancy tonight. We are going to Olive Garden - I got a coupon. I'll check in later.

Joe- I figured out that you must be the Debate Team Coach.


Anonymous said...

Jeff is dressed in a black tank on the feeds. Surely that is not what he is going to wear in front of a live audience. Is he sad because Jordan is the one who is really going?

Yes, I believe in the Easter Bunny...

Anonymous said...

Lets start a fire Allison Grodner Chant!!

J in WI

Anonymous said...

Cha Cha said...
Do you think it was alright for Nat to throw michelle's wedding band in the garbage can like she did last night?

Cha Cha, did Natalie actually throw Michelle's wedding ring in the garbage? When was this and what happened? Did BB make her return it?


Witt said...

Love the graphic, Zoetawny. I really only remember flyovers during the second season. I seem to recall others but in general they've been limited since then.

Wouldn't that be AWESOME if Jeff got some kind of reward for letting Kevin out? My chin was on the floor when Natalie went outside to collect more money instead of letting Kevin out.

Margo! I would LOVE to be in on the DWTS pool!! That is one of my favorite shows. Do we meet up here or on a satellite page? Thanks!!

Witt :)
WV: lersus: Nat lersus Kevin on the block would be excellent!

Nana from the NW said...

Zoe--"wouldn't you like to see a show about former BB"--They have called "Celebrity Rehab"!! LOL

Margo--I'm not real?? Well, maybe only kinda...I am a Nana and I live in the NW!

I think the Pandora's Box thing has played out. Jordon has been sad today and if she knew Jeff might stay I don't think she could have hid that. Yes, BB has done dbl. DR sessions....remember Dr. Will and Boogie with the telephone??

Lisanne--welcome to the group!! Do you understand about the pools? Margo is putting together a list of names who want to play. You don't have to know how to swim, she provides floatees! Since you only get CBS you will still be able to watch Survivor and The Amazing Race.

So folks....tonight Jordon has promised to give Jeff "the kiss America has been waiting for"....trivia the movie this is from:
"One last kiss, oh baby, one last kiss. It never felt like this oh give me one last kiss. You know I need your love...oh,oh,oh one last kiss"!!

See when the show starts.....

Anonymous said...

Whoops, apparel update. Now Jeff is wearing a black sweater. Geez, wait til he steps outside.

RBennie said...

Ooh I know I know, my all time favorite movie - Bye Bye Birdie. What do I win?

Anonymous said...

Why didn't Jordan or Jeff tell Kevin that they heard Natalie telling Michelle that it's been planned all along she's going for an all girl alliance in the final 3 so she'll be trying to get rid of him next week, they really wont be telling an all and all out fib. Jeff is such a wuss he should have tried anything instead of just giving up.

Nana from the NW said...

Yes, there have been banners in the last few seasons. Remember when one flew over but the HG couldn't read it. They told the others it said, ??? is a liar. Sorry can't remember the name! Somebody help me out.....

RyzandShyn said...

Thanks to Laurie and Jackie for the information. Much appreciated.
I had it a bit twisted.

If I were amongst them and only thinking about Natalie with regard to the voting I'd still want her out more than I wanted Kevin out.
I wouldn't want to risk F2 with her.

Every year I get so darn mad at stupid football for ruining my BB viewing. Why oh why does it always seem to be on a night when I'm most looking forward to seeing the show?

My wv is, no kidding:

Anonymous said...


J in WI

Laurie said...

I'm going to keep a glimmer of hope along with those who believe in the Easter Bunny and Tinkerbell! Why not?

It's not that I care if Jeff leaves, I just want something exciting to happen. You know, like Natalie's smirk being wiped off her face as the double elimination takes place and she leaves tonight.

Hey, it could happen!

My wv: grautio

Grautio to Jackie for giving us this space to make the show interesting and fun.

Laurie said...

Nana, I think One last kiss was from Bye Bye Birdie ... sung by none other than Conrad Birdie himself. *swoon*

monty924 said...

I'm ready to get this party started tonight. I'm bringing a really ripe delicious watermelon with the margarita fix'ns. Has anyone ever had a Watermelon Margarita? Yum!!

Anonymous said...

I personally couldm't care less if Jordan kisses Jeff tonight. They played stupidly so they deserve to be on the block and one going home. They didnt keep their alliance and now Jeff is going home. I was watching an interview on EW with Russell and he swears he would have kept his word to Jeff to stay together with the final four and after that it would be every man/woman for themselves and I honestly believe him

Laurie said...

Oh, Rbennie, I didn't think you were old enough to remember Bye Bye Birdie. Dang!

Monty, I've never had a watermelon margarita but it sure sounds refreshing. It's so hot here that it would be the perfect drink. Let's do it!

wv: haunt

How perfect is that with our bats and fires?

Cha Cha said...

went back and looked. It wasn't her wedding ring. It was jewelry off the Budha

joy n said...

I'm going to miss Jeff. Hope it's a very romantic kiss.

Becky said...

Hey! I have been gone all day and just got a chance to read the posts.

Joe, I do NOT like malicious people. And the Bat is one of the worst ever on a reality show. And for her to say that she has played with "Honesty, Loyalty,and Integrity is a crock. Yes, people on reality shows do lie but your Nasty does it when not in game mode. She cheats at games like pool and chess with such pleasure, yet gets angry if someone else does.

She feels entitled to take other people's belongings, yet stated no one better mess with hers.

Up until recently I would have been satisfied if Kevin won. However he has shown such a mean streak that I am completely turned off of him.

I hope Michelle wins. And I hope Jordan is number 2. That would really chap the yucky two off big time.

Oh, and people have trouble getting most 18 year olds OUT of the shower.

WV: prespri -- NatBat does not like to do anything that might make her prespri. If she did she would have to take a shower.

Anonymous said...

Russell couldn't stop running his mouth, whether he was scheming or yelling at his housemates. He is his own worst enemy.

Anonymous said...

Thank goodness for Thursdays AKA Bat's Bath day.

meb said...

My show is on at regular time, so I'll be watching, but I can't blog and watch since my puter is in another room. I will try to run and check in during commericials. Pray I don't fall down while running.

Bring it on!!!

Joe, don't get antsy... I only said that to you because I picked you up on your usage of the word "their"... are you getting a little touchy???

Anonymous said...

are we commenting on this post tonight since Jackie isn't getting the show at regular time?

monty924 said...

I had them at a friends BBQ early this summmer, Laurie. They're fabulous. See everyone over on the show post!

Susan in MA said...

In MA BB is being shown on sister station 14 wsbk (comcast).

cha cha said...

Welcome to BB. Game brought J/J together now tearing them apart.
Rehashing Jeff deal with Kev and Nat

Kev won HOH
Nom j/m

pandora box 10000.00
kev got short end of deal
Nat is scooping money.
Aliens pov
michelle wins POV

Anonymous said...

JOrdon crying about jeff not campagning.
Michelle capaigning for Jeff
Kevin puts Jordy up at pov ceremony
who will be evicted?

Cha Cha

Anonymous said...

I can't stand Jordo!
Bye JeffyPOO
You allowed Ms. Jordo Fake into trusting Nat.

Anonymous said...

I wish they would show some video of all the nasty, mean, hurtful things that Nat has done. Why is she getting such a good edit when she is the foulest excuse for a human being I have ever had the misfortunate to watch.

Anonymous said...

OMG Did Natalie actually just say all she has in this game is her word? I guess that means she has less than nothing! She is despicable!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Halleluah! Pandora's box now offers the new HOH something game changing! Natalie is so greedy hopefully this will bite her in the ass.