Sunday, September 06, 2009

Big Brother 11 Live Feeds Sunday 9/06

Sundays are always the most boring day of the week in the house. This Sunday was the most boring Sunday. Gack. Make it end already!
  • Natalie sports her twistie-tie ring as if it's a diamond and keeps gazing at it lovingly.
  • Blech.
  • They sat in the pool.
  • They napped.
  • They sat around the hot tub.
  • Natalie kept gloating about Michele going home.
  • Of course, that's no thanks to Natalie. She left it up to Kevin to win the veto.
  • Kevin and Michele talked.
  • Michele is resigned to leaving and seems to be avoiding the others.
  • Natalie thinks "rubbing it in their faces" is such fun.
  • I think she's being very cruel.
  • As a bumper stick I once saw read: "Mean people suck."
  • As I get this posted, Natalie, Kevin, and Jordan are in the yard talking.
  • Not much going on at all.


Laurie said...

Mean people do suck. I saw a shirt that said "It sucks to be you". Too bad Michelle doesn't have that shirt to wear in front of Natalie.

Thanks for all you do, Jackie, and have a great week!

Off topic: We can take two more players in the Project Runway pool. Please let me know if you want to play!

Donna in AL said...

BBAD is on here now and Jordan is telling N/K everything Michelle and Jeff ever told her in the house. That girl needs to STFU.

BTW, I am not the same Donna that has been posting under anon.

Donna in AL said...

Oh Natalie has started the bragging and taking credit for things done in the house to J/K like some of you had predicted.

Sally said...

I can't imagine watching this final group on the live feeds. You're a truly dedicated reporter, Jackie!

I'm at the point where I just want Nat and Kevin out of my vision/mind/life, which I guess means I should quit watching the show. But, I'll probalby stick with it to the likely-bitter end.

Laurie said...

Donna, I knew she'd get cocky and start bragging. Love your cat!

Sally, if we were smart we would all stop now and just read about the end. But will we do that? Nah ...

AlbGlinka said...

Just watched my taping of tonight's show. Have an idea: send Natalie onto "The Bachelorette" and have that series end forever! Her proposal scene was WEIRD.

On the other hand, Kevin stripping the mannequin was fantastic-- reminded me of some of my customers in the Clearance Section...

TerryinCA said...

enjoyed the shopping scene except every pose for Jordan was that shocked look.....
To me, Natalie seemed to know all about the boyfriend, didnt act surprised, and acted like "so what" couldnt wait to get back to the game...I would imagine Michelle in that position and she would have been all over her man...

Anonymous said...

I can't figure out how they did it, but it all seemed fake. For a girl who loves this guy and readily agreed to marry him, I saw no intimacy between them.

I wish Julie was a little more like Jeff Probst and not let the BS comments they make fly. On Survivor he'll pen their BS and force their cast mates to think.

And I used to love Jordan. Now I think she is so stupid it isn't even funny. If Jeff had not been in the house she probably would have left shortly after Braden or Laura.

Anonymous said...

I hate to say, but Natalie just might win the 500k. Her ability to lie and deflect attention onto others has paid off.

I really cannot stand her. And she is way nasty. I can't stomach a person like her in real life. And if her bathing habits are for real, I wouldn't live anywhere near her either.

Of the remaining house guest I would want Jordan to get it.

Beverly said...

According to Jokers, Jorden still thinks that Natalie is sweet and innocent. In fact, Jorden thinks America loves Natalie because she is so sweet and America will say awwwww over Gnat's engagement! Honestly, Jordan doesn't really deserve to win anything. As much as I like Jordan, She had no game and sorry, no smarts. If Jeff had not carried Jordan, she would have been gone long ago.

Lisanne said...

I cannot see how Nat has conned J so long. Please let the girl see the light.

Maybe I missed something as I thought earlier Kevin was talking with Michelle about him and her getting Nat out. Or is that just wishful thinking??

Laurie: Off topic, I don't watch PR, but would love to join in the pools for Survivor and Amazing Race when you form them up.

joy n said...

It's so obvious to me that Natalie is never truly happy until she can further abuse the noms state of mind. It's not enough for her to get them nom'd, she has to rub their faces in it. It's one of the reasons she disliked Jeff. He wouldn't bite after he was nom'd and she gave up trying to.

I don't have the feeds or SHO but Michele seems to be handling Nat's barbs better this time around which must disappoint Nat greatly.

When I say I see no redeeming qualities in Natalie, I mean it. Not a one. She savors that mean streak of hers. She enjoys getting a rise out of people. She has no conscience and feels no guilt about hurting other hgs to the quick.

It would take a whole lot more than $500,000. to lose my soul.