Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Big Brother 11 Live Feeds Through the Day Wednesday 9/09

We still don't know the exact schedule of the remaining comp parts. Julie Chen said something about the second part live on Thursday's show. Hmm ... that should be the eviction show with the third part. It's sounding like both barts will be live. I'm expecting Sunday to be the filler show with "highlights" of the season. Then, for the first time ever, we're getting a two-hour reunion and finale show on Tuesday evening.

They certainly haven't done much today. Neither have I after being up most of the night. Here's the day from inside that Big Brother House of Lonesome Losers:
  • Natalie seems really worried about the second part of the comp with Jordan. Good. I'd like to see Jordan pull a rabbit out of her hat.
  • The ant problem in the kitchen is even worse today. I guess there's a benefit to my not living on a ground floor in decades. I've forgotten what it's like to have ants in my kitchen.
  • Natalie told Kevin that the diary room told her she was dumb for throwing the comp to him last night.
  • Natalie and Kevin relived almost every moment of the comp. Gah!
  • Jordan cried alone. Aw.
  • They discussed what the next part of the final comp might be. They have no clue on the schedule, either.
  • Jordan promised to take Natalie to the final two if she wins this last comp.
  • Natalie freaked out more telling Kevin how much he owed his own place in the house to her. @@


Anonymous said...

Kevin doesn't owe Natalie anything! I hope Jordan wins & takes Kevin. I wouldn't mind seeing one of them win. But if Natalie wins....UGH!

Margo said...


Pool info for Survivor, DWTS amd TAR are in the last post ifanyone wants to play.


sizzie said...

I know Jordan must be feeling like a third wheel, but really with the choices of being alone of listening to Natalie talk about all her accomplishments, I would choose alone time.

RyzandShyn said...

Natalie certainly is relentless.
It's tiresome.
Kevin worked hard and put up with her. He deserves credit.
I'd love him to find the courage to get rid of her, but would understand if he doesn't.

I know someone brought this up before. Doesn't the last person to leave the house join the jury (show up at the jury house) while they are all sitting outside discussing the game and getting ready for questioning?

I'm guessing there might not be time for that this year. Maybe the jury will be in the studio, not at the house for Q&A and the last member will join them there.

Just a thought as I try to think of a way to minimize the damage Natalie could do to Kevin as she threatened.

Eric said...

Hehe, you said barts.

Anonymous said...

This season has gone from bad to horrible...I never thought it would end up like this...Wow, Jeff should have gotten rid of Nasty when he had the chance..What a difference that would have made...oh well, empty dreams now...

Anonymous said...

kevin was nats itch nat gave kevin the instructions and he acted out on them, so he should take nat she was the brains behind the got jeff game play that changed this season totally.

Jackie said...

Margo - Am I in it? I'll be getting the Survivor cast posts going this weekend. BB set my life awry.

monty924 said...

joy n, from your post on the last...

I read about Janelle and James (S6/7) both rooting for Michele. Janelle said she has been from the get go. Not sure what she had to say about Natalie, but I can only guess it wasn't good. Too many similarities to the Nerd Herd.

Donna in AL said...

At this point why can't Kevin just tell Natalie to STFU or I will not take you to F2? He could step it up and tell her, over and over and over and then over again, HE is going to win the HOH.

Sally said...

As much as I dislike (hate!) how this season is ending, there have been a few things that I thought there were a few good things:

--No contestant cried daily, or more often. (Michelle cried a few times, but I don't blame her.)

--There wasn't continuous talk about the jack shack.

--People tended to dress modestly.

--No one regularly read the Bible, only to use it to justify their strategy/actions.

--No dirty old men (of any age) ranted on and on, using derogatory terms about women.

--The live feed watchers weren't subject to frequent sexual escapades, at least after Jessie left.

--This crew didn't use foul language nearly as much as some previous groups.

--There seemed to be less "I swear on the life of ...." promises. I've always disliked that saying, because it really means nothing and it's just creepy.

On the other hand, I don't think this group had as much fun as prior seasons: No puppet shows or swim club, not much good-natured practical joking, game-playing or even teasing. I suspect this group didn't form many friendships that will last after the season.

I'm still hoping natalie doesn't make it to the final 2!

PlaidChick said...

Donna in AL said...
At this point why can't Kevin just tell Natalie to STFU or I will not take you to F2?
Well, that's easy to explain... he has no NUT SACK!! =)

joy n said...

OT DWTS: says that Maksim and Karina have broken up for several reasons, the main one being he's ready for kids, she's not. His family was against the marriage. She says she will always love him but has known from the start that they were not meant "to be together". Why the heck did she accept his proposal, then?

OT 2: American Idol has announced that Ellen DeGeneres will be the permanent replacement for Paula Abdul. She will start her stint after the audition rounds. She was chosen for "her love of music and understanding of the American public". This also from

Donna in AL said...

Sorry Plaidchick, I forgot no nutsack...I must have bumped my head before writing that.

Nina said...

Hey Margo, I would like to participate in the pool for DWTS. My personal pick is Natalie Caughlin. I think she'll win. (last season I picked Shawn before it started and she won and the season Kristy Yamaguchi won, I had picked her too). No one can beat the olympians.

Anonymous said...

That voice, it's so annoying. I just figured out what STFU Nat! means. lol

Anonymous said...

How can anyone believe one thing that comes out of Natalie's mouth! ahhhhhhh! Come on Kevin, don't make a fatal game playing mistake and trust Natalie. At least a Kevin/Jordan finale won't make you want to scream at the television set. If it wasn't for Jessie, Natalie would have been gone a long time ago. The big game changing mistake was when Jeff sent Lydia home instead of Natalie. What was he thinking....

Anonymous said...

I want anyone but Nat to win and a betrayal of Nat by Kevin, or Kevin by Nat would be the best outcome, BUT Jordon is truly a slug on the feeds. It's crazy to watch her do NOTHING. I wonder if she thinks one of them will take her no matter what happens like Jeff was planning to do. Which makes her the laziest player in BB history. Can anyone dispute that?

Laurie said...

I'm just so glad the term nut sack got in tonight. It always makes me laugh.

ChicMc said...

Yes, I will step up and dispute the claim that Jordan is the laziest.
She would exercise regularly with Michele.
She cleans the house on a regular basis.
These are things I haven't seen Nat or Kev doing.

If you are talking gameplay, I would still disagree.

She has a social playbook and with those hgs, I believe that took more energy than all of Nat's schemes and general unpleasantness.

Kev's lay back and wait it out didn't look like it took too much out of him either.

Anonymous said...

It doesn't look like the next comp has bugs either. Darn!

monty924 said...

Seriously, if you are a Michele fan, and/or a Nasty non-fan, you have to watch the EW video interview with Michele.

They didn't pull any punches with their title slides or the litle subtitles under Nasty every time her face appears in the clips. And the closing line...

unbiased production, LOL

Anonymous said...

I didn't know Michelle lives in Pasadena, CA. She should give herself more credit. It's not easy to be comfortable being taped on camera.

chris said...

Totally agree with you on all counts!
there have been some disgusting houseguests in the past especially the horrid winter season where we were subject to way too much sex, think ryan and jen in the bathroom and matt and nat chelsia and james ewwwww
so you are right about all those things

However Natalie is one of the nastiest players to make it this far and it makes me hurl
I agree with everyone who wrote, since i too wrote it weeks ago, that nat or kev was the better choice to get rid of then lydia! That was the beginning of the end for jeff et el
now if Jordan could just win a part of this I would be thrilled!!!!
and kevin who has no kahunas could throw part three to her and the blood of nats eviction would be on jordans hands
a girl could dream!!!!
ah sigh !!

meb said...

monty...I saw that "little subtitles under Nasty every time her face appears"... I thought that was too great!

Maybe, if Jordon doesn't get too flustered in the actual competition, she may pull this one off against Natalie. I may have to change my avatar if that happens.

And Natalie being sorry she threw the first competition...that makes me happy.

But, for the moment, I'm still sad. Because I'm not a mind reader and I don't know what's going to happen.

GO JORDON! Looking forward to seeing Janelle!

wv: bilisha... very close to bullsh'ta... my sentiments exactly!

NoNoNastalie said...

I am going to go out on a limb and GUESS that there will be NO Big Brother on Sunday.

You can thank either the NFL and/or the USTA (Tennis - US Open to be exact)

I think that is why Tuesday's show is a (un-necessary, to say the least) 2-hour finale. @@

joy n said...

BB is on in upstate NY on Sunday at 8pm.