Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Big Brother 11 Live Feeds Through Wednesday 9/02

Just a word of warning -- tomorrow night's live eviction show is going to be delayed in several viewing areas on the East Coast. I know in my particular area (WCBS Channel 2 out of Manhattan, NY), the show will air after the Jets game. Supposedly that will be around 10 PM ET. If you know there is a delay in your area, please feel free to post the schedule changes with the area and station information. I'll probably put up a show blog party post at 8 PM ET, but I have no clue who will actually have the show at that time ... including East Coast feeds sites.

In today's house of fools news:
  • Natalie is having cramps. Oh, poor Natalie. She MUST have a heating pad, BB. And I'm talking NOW.
  • Could it be a ploy to cover if it's a physical challenge for HoH?
  • Jeff and Michele worked on Natalie, assuring her that if Jeff is kept, they'll go after Kevin next week.
  • They also told her she could win HOH.
  • What world are they living in?
  • Natalie told Jeff he's safe.
  • I don't believe her.
  • Jeff shouldn't believe her, either.
  • Jeff and Michele would like to be the final two.
  • I'd like a new large flat screen television. My chances are as good as theirs.
  • Michele told Jordan and Jeff that Kevin's plan all along was to get rid of Jeff.
  • Jordan said that if she stays, she'll try her hardest to win and might do better with the distraction of Jeff being around.
  • Hmmm ... I'm not sure that will make her strong.
  • Jordan told Michele that Natalie told her that if Michele won PoV, she'd be coming after her.
  • Kevin got his HoH camera. They're still looking for the perfect shots in new poses each week.
  • Natalie told Kevin she's going to ask Jeff for his Hawaii trip to vote for him to stay, but then she won't vote for him.
  • Jeff and Jordan packed.
  • Natalie wishes the house stocked TV dinners. Kevin told her that was "so ghetto."
  • I say, but even Natalie can cook one!
  • Jeff has been the culinary expert chef of the season.
  • Natalie told Jordan that Jeff and Michele have both been coming to her with all kinds of ideas to keep Jeff in the game.
  • Jordan was surprised that she said "both" of them.
  • Natalie assured Jordan that Jeff won't be staying.
  • So the spool of lies continues.
  • I think Jeff is a goner tomorrow night.


Laurie said...

Hi Jackie!

My head spun as I read your post. Really, who is on first right now?

Tomorrow's show has the potential of being a really exciting one but I have a hunch it's all going down the way we think it will.

Bye Jeff ...

TerryinCA said...

You are right Laurie, I think Jeff is a goner, and Russell and Jesse wil laugh their collective a$$es off.

Laurie said...

Yeppers, that's what will happen. I don't care anymore if he goes, I just want Natalie to be next!!

Anyone But Natalie said...

Although BB told Nat. she couldn't do this why would ANYONE think it would be funny to put something into a person's contacts solution?? That could blind a person!! She was seriously talking about doing that so Mich. would be messed up during the HOH comp.!!! Yep, her daddy should be sooooooo proud of the little, pathetic weasel she is!!!!

Nana from the NW said...

My response to some comments on previous post....

Yes, I believe not only did Kevin know the door was there but he had been "coached" in the DR of how to act. Jeff even remarked about how Kev. attitude changed after he came out of the DR and then went up to the HOH room.

Anon. in the would not be fair to just lump all the anons. together. You don't have to remember a password. Just sign your name, initials, or fake name at the end of your comments and then send it. Your name at the top will still be in black and say anon. but there would be some identification of you at the bottom of your post....does that make sense?? We would love for you to be in the pool....just with a name.

I think with all the deals and talks that have been happening, Jeff is still going to the JH tomorrow. Kevin is my man in the pool but if he doesn't grow some b*lls and stand up to Nat. I am going to have to start rooting for Michelle!!

Nana from the NW said...

Anyone But Natalie.....I agree!! It isn't funny and she was serious! BB called her to the DR and that's when she decided to just put rubber bands on the KT faucet and shower nozzle. She was also going to take all of Mich. underwear and hide it?!! Doing damage to someone's eyes is beyond gameplay...there's something wrong with that girl!

Jennasmom said...

***** RE: RUSSELL *****

I happened to still have Sunday's show on tivo & went back to see the beginning. Russell WAS shown walking out the door and his face was black & white. I also still had last Thursday's show, before Russell left, and it was the picture of Russell with his shirt off & arms crossed.

So, probably, it's just someone made a mistake on the opening stuff.

Anonymous said...

Y A W N !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sally said...

That Natalie really is a piece of work. Her mean actions get close to being cruel, and she seems to really get enjoyment out of it. How do you even THINK of sabotaging someone's vision? (And wasn't she involved in an earlier plan to get peanuts close to someone who has an allergy?)

I wonder if the people who know her in real life are reconsidering their relationships. I'm just glad I'm not among them!

Here's my info for the list of BB preemptions: WBAY-TV 5 in Green Bay, WI, is airing the Packer game on Thursday, and won't broadcast BB until 12:38 a.m. Saturday (yes....Saturday).

My wv is fortrat: Natalie is the rat in Fort BB.

Anonymous said...

that's okay about the pool. don't worry abgout i usually only hang around for bb anyway. i hate survivor

Billy Brown said...

There is a delay here in the Wichita, KS area for the Chiefs game. It's delayed until 1:05 am. I love football but I hate the Chiefs, plus it's pre-season so I don't care anyways. Give me my Big Brother!

Ariel said...

YAY! I don't see any delay online for Dayton WHIO.

Anonymous said...

jackie great job.

I would really like to be in the pool but want to keep anon.
first name is Estelle

~~Silk said...

WRGB, Channel 6, Albany/Schnectady area, still shows BB at 8 pm. They don't seem to be carrying the game.

Cha Cha said...

I live n the New Orleans area. I am not going to the game tonight(even though I have season tickets)
I have to take my son to tutoring until six. I should be home in time to blog.
I am not that good at it as I usually don't post during the show.
I will try. I am sure it wont be as good as Jackie. You know Jackie you are AWESOME.
I have been reading this blog for probably 4 to 5 years now. You know it has to be 4 since this is how I got information after hurricane Katrina. We didn't have cable or electricity. I read it off my laptop.
Anyway I will update in the comment section as quickly as I can

joy n said...

Syracuse area will delay BB until 1:37am for a Lions/Bills game. In my Rochester area, tho, no delay.

Hydebrat said...

Omaha area BB is delayed until 1:35 (or something close to that) in the morning. DH who is more into the show than I is not a happy camper about that since he has to work and can't stay up that late.