Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Big Brother 11 - The Evel Dick Backyard Interviews

For your morning after amusement, beware -- language can be a bit raw at times. After all, it's Evel Dick.


Margo said...


CONGRATS Becky, Meb & Lynn1
You have braggin rights until BB12 starts.

And the winner is JORDAN

Jordan – Becky, meb, Lynn1

Braden – KarenCA, Monty924, DonnaAL
Laura – nomad, SueGee, Sasha
Casey – PDX Granny, Jackie, Patti in kzoo
Ronnie – Sally, Catonine, nina
Jessie “Pinhead’ – Lars Eller, Feral Cat, Petals
Chima – Brent McKee, Delee, DonnaFL
Lydia – Witt, RBennie, Gaylos
Russell– TerryCA, Zoetawny, Aunt Leigh
Jeff– sizzie, dla, Margo
Michele – Sydney, ORKmommy, Susan FLKevin – Tessa, NanaNW, Laurie
Natalie – Caroline, Jennasmom, Plaidchick


Margo said...


Ashley - ChicMc, Estelle
Ben - gaylos, Karen in CA
Betsy - Donna in AL, Sydney
Brett - Lars, Tessa
Dave - Caroline, Laura in Miss
Elizabeth - Nana in NW, txrednkgirl
Erik - Delee, Rbennie
Jaison - Donna in FL, chris
John - Joe in NY,
Kelly - Lisanne, Meb
Laura - DKNYNC, ML
Marisa - Joanie, Terry in CA
Mick - Monty924, Jackie
Mike - Lynn1, Zoetawny
Monica - PDXGranny,
Natalie - Margo,
Russell H - Becky, Jennasmom,
Russell S - Sizzie,
Shannon - Auntie Leigh,
Yasmin - Laurie,


Margo said...


I'm taking names for 1 more day then I'll do match-ups for The Amazing Race (TAR) teams.

Brent McKee
Donna in AL
Donna in FL
Joe in NY
Nana in NW


sizzie said...

Thank you, Margo, for the pool info. I had Jeff and am happy for him winning the 25K, but I voted for Michelle for it. I hope she finds out how many fans she has across the country. hosted a great party last night ! I hope Vincent didn't mind the notice and extra people.

ML said...

Why does CBS keep paying ED to do this stuff? He is not even entertaining, he's wasted, and he asks Jeff if Jordan is drunk cuz she doesn't get it? His 15 minutes is long up.

Sydney said...

After watching NAST-A- LIE's interviews....

The one redeeming thing Natalie said was that she thought ofall the people in the house, jordan needed/deserved the money.

Then she killed my goodwill by her BS thing about Jessie not voting for her. I understand in her street kid mentality, you never let them see you sweat or hurt. But I think she is very surprised by that. She's right that Jessie is bitter, but she carried the loyalty torch for him for a long time. When she voted for and/or evicted the person responsible for Jessie going -- Jeff-- she said that's for you Jessie. Ditto for Chima. Now she said she'll be friends after the show with Chima, Ronnie and Kevin. YOu know Jessie would have been top of that list had he voted for her.

Did she not say something to one of the girls about wishing Jessie would look at her "that way?" Or that she'd like to look like Jordan in her suit so Jessie would look at her. And then the BF comes on and asks her to get engaged. When accused by Michelle of perhaps fibbing about that as well as her age in the jury section of last night's show, Nat said, "Actually thats one of the greatest things to happen in my life"... but she was wishing Jessie would look amorously at her? And now she claims from weeks ago inside the house she knew he was bitter? Maybe that all came from getting to speak to him after the end of the show last night and before the back yard interview and she deduced that?

You never know....

Sydney said...

Congrats to Becky and Meb and Lynn1!!!!!

MANY MANY Thanks to Margo for doing all these pools.

And while I'm at it, thank you to Laurie for doing a project Runway pool too. Don't forget we are chatting about that on the discussion group chat sidebar that Jackie set up for us. Just go to her homepage, scroll down and look for it in the right column....

Sydney said...

And THANK YOU JACKIE -- you and your fabulous group of commenters is the ONLY reason I watch this show and that has been the case for the last three seasons.

Laurie said...

I think this little home we have created (complete with pool) at Jackie's is the only reason many of us still watch BB. If we couldn't talk about the contestants and the show with each other, why would we waste our time?

I'm probably not alone is not watching many of the actual shows, either. I can find out what went on here and miss the show if I want to. I did that a lot last year and again this year. Just couldn't take watching when it got down to the last few shows!

So, thank you so much for giving us a place to chat and play and talk about the show, Jackie.

meb said...

Margo, thanks for manning the pool, and Becky and Lynn1... we WON!!!

We can brag all we want about our girl Jordon. I'm sure I'll crow for a few days, but then Survivor is coming soon and then we'll forget all about BB for another season.


meb said...

Oh.. and I got Kelly in the Survivor pool with Lisanne... Hi Lisanne... Kelly is from Wilmington, Delaware and I'm originally from DE, so I guess it's a good matchup even tho Jackie says she's a flake... hmmmmm.

Well, she's ours, so we'll root her on and only hope she's as good at what she does as Jordon was...


lynn1 said...

Meb & Becky hope you will join me in a victory lap or at least a few minutes of Happy dance to celebrate our girl Jordan's stunning victory.

Jackie I hope I didn't scare Vincent with all my screaming and rowdy behavior last night.

I am still celebrating Jessie's vote for Jordan. I know it makes me as mean spirited as Natalie but it warmed the cockles of my heart when it happened.

Margo, thanks for doing all the pools. They are so much fun.
I know it was luck of the draw but thank you in advance for drawing Mike as my player and not Russell H. Even If Mike goes out early as Jackie predicts I can at least have fun and cheer for my guy.

I hope I can calm down and switch gears by Thursday night.

Becky said...

Jackie, thanks again for the wonderful place to meet.

I was just thinking -- I do that every once in a while -- after reading Laurie's post about the little "home" you have created that even includes a pool.... our "virtual home". It includes plenty of comfortable couches for watching the show, an extra wide buffet space to place the assortment of food and snacks, including a warming area, an iced area for salads, etc., a hugh coffee pot, tea machine, soda fountain and ice chest area or drinks. The pool has a retractable roof and a fireplace at one end. It has a full staff to keep the bar and food area replinished and to clean up. Since Monty has such a sensitive tummy sometime, a new addition to the staff is a pool clean up person. That way Margo won't be left with a mess in the pool. Can you guys think of anything I left out in describing this house?

Oh, the best and the very best. Good friends with whom we can share a respectful difference of opinion with and the best of the best hostess, Jackie.

Margo, thanks for keeping the pools for us.

And Mr. V, you have a nice perch up above us so you can sit, observe, and laugh behind your paw at the group gathered below, giving us my WV for today... meroa

Margo said...

Thanks Jackie for giving us a safe environment in which to play. I love it here. I think we may need a new filter for the pool before next season with the workout it was given.

I think I gained 10 pounds just hanging by the pool eating snacks with you guys.

As for the pools you are most welcome. I enjoy doing the pools and I think Mom has fun helping me by pulling names out of the bowl.

When she pulled Natalie out for us last night she was most upset and said she never wanted to hear that name again. Oh well - we had JT last season so we get to brag for another day and a half.


meb said...

OK... I'm back to normal. Well normal for me anyway.

Jackie... Hope Vincent enjoyed his first finale of BB. He doesn't know what he's gotten himself into, but I'll bet he's purring with happiness that he got into it.

Does he realize that his mama is a celebrity... and how many people know about him and want him to know how fortunate he is to have found you!

Jackie, again, you're the greatest and thanks for all you do.

Girlsmom said...

Even though it's over now I couldn't help but check in again. Feels great to have good people win.

I do wish Michelle had gotten something, I felt as though she didn't get a chance to learn there were people rooting for her.

Thanks Jackie, and to all the posters for their insight and humor. I thoroughly enjoy you all. I'll probably lurk some in the other areas just to "hear" you guys.

Does anyone know what happened to Joe?

Happy watching! (I need to change the avi now)

Sally said...

I was so happy to see a morning-after post! I've become addicted to my Java & Jackie break and was fearing sudden withdrawal.

I missed the party last night, but watched the show later. I was disappointed that nobody nailed Natalie about how mean she was, but I cheered when Jessie voted for Jordan. Hakunah matada, Jordan, indeed!

There were nearly 400 comments last night. Is that a record?

Becky, loved your description of our virtual pool area! Did you notice the deluxe cat bed at the end of the diving board, so Vincent can observe the pool shenanigans? And I'm grateful for the little buffet area designated for vegetarian foods, so I don't always have to ask, "Does this have any meat or seafood in it?" It's right above the spread of feline foods and treats, but I don't mind.

Again Jackie, thank you! You're a talented and clever writer, and you've ceated a wonderful blog community here. I seldom watch reality TV other than BB, but I'll check back, especially to read your week-in-review posts.

joy n said...

Congratulations on your win, Meb, Becky and Lynn. I'm so glad that your girl won especially since we thought not all that long ago that maybe she was going to get bounced. It's wonderful that she pulled through all on her own and no one can take that away from her.

I think, maybe, impossible as it seems, that Joe may be at a loss for words. He might be in shock over Jessie's vote. Cheer up, Joe, there's always next season. We still love ya.

Brag on, ladies!

Anonymous said...

Joy n
I also was wondering what happened to Joe, but I had started wondering about a week ago, he dissapeared, and I think it's because he might have been a little physic and saw what was coming, but in his wildest dreams he would never have phantom the thought of Jesse voting for Jordan. Joe had absolutely no respect for Jeff and Joran game playing, however like you we still love him (smile).

And Jackie you are the best!!!!

Margo said...

For all you peeps asking about Joe in NY he popped in last night and posted this.

Karma's Biotch said...

Hi everyone!

Not even watching the show, but keeping an eye on y'all.

9/15/2009 9:56 PM

So he apparently is still alive. I was worried that huge dog of his sqwished him and we would never hear those soft,kind, caressing words of his. =P Glad your alive and you are in the survivor pool so see ya Thursday. Same place same time.


cha cha said...

again I wanted to say I was a great season of commenting with you guys.

I did check out Biggest Loser and I think I may enjoy that.

Can't wait for the next season of BB!!!
Congrats to those who had Jordan in the Pool...

RyzandShyn said...

Thanks Jackie and everybody, I had a lot of fun here again this year reading, posting, wishing, hoping, cheering, booing, hissing, and laughing.
All my best to everyone!

Anonymous said...

Did anyone see the Early Show interviews with Julie Chen? Why is Natalie so insistent that Jessie had romantic feelings for her? She said she knew she would lose his vote as soon as he found out she was engaged....huh???

Nina said...

Nat is being kind to Jessie. The only reason Jessie didn't vote for her to win is that he was jealous that she played better than him. You heard him, only he was responsible for everything that happened in the game up to the coup d'etat and no one else.
Jessie is 1/1000 the man Jeff is. Jeff trully supported his friend for the win and was happy for her like he would have been for himself. (And you all know I'm not a fan of Jeff.)

I really felt bad for Kevin last night. He handled defeat with grace and in a way he deserved to win last night for having played a good game and being likeable. (Nat only played a good game and Jordan was just likeable and clueless at the game.)

Jessie really is the scum of the earth as is the clearly delusional Lydia who was also super jealous of Nat. Nat may have an annoying personality but she was just playing a game that involved lying and cheating. Dr. Will did it and you all don't hate him. The main difference between what Will did and Nat, is that Will was better at it and also charming at the same time.

In an allstars edition of BB, the only HG's I would want to see again is Russel for his entertaining personality. I think he trully deserved the America's favorite houseguest prize. The technotronics thing was definitely the soundbite of the season.

DKNYNC said...


I believe that Michele and Lydia gave Nat a chance to show that her lying was just gameplay and not who she really is.

Of course Nat continued to lie about her age and other things. She could have come clean about her age saying that it was part of her strategy but no she kept lying proving that she was not playing the game but is always a liar!

I saw Michele and Lydia smile and look at each other knowingly after her answer as if to say "we knew she would continue lying". I think she possibly could have swayed their votes if she had been honest about all her lies and convinced them that it was gameplay, but she isn't capable.

You can claim she was playing the game but that girl has some very serious issues with lying, cheating and stealing.

monty924 said...

Congrats to the BB Pool Winners!

Thanks Jackie again for the fun place to hang out, and thanks Margo for the Survivor and TAR pools. So I have the eye candy doctor, Mick. I like! :)

See everyone tomorrow night! Bye-bye BB, and hello Survivor!

monty924 said...

I didn't look close enough, lol. We have Mick together, Jackie. Even better. :)

Zoetawny said...

Last night's BB finale was SWEET!!
I never expected Jordan to win and was thrilled for her. Just goes to show you, each day is a brand new day with unimaginable possibilities. I did predict that Jeff would win the $25,000 and was happy for him. I swear, I think I really had a crush on Jeff. LOL

CONGRATS Becky, Meb & Lynn1!

I had Russell in the pool and was happy he was evicted. ;)


Once again, thanks so very much for making this BB season great. It wouldn't be half as much fun without your remarkable blogging talents. I know you had to sacrifice so much of your time to follow the live feeds. Hope you can get some nap time in with Vincent before Survivor starts.


Thanks for including me in the Survivor and TAR pools. I know I'm not as active on the blog as I would like to be, but I still want to participate with such a great group of friends.


I've been wanting to ask you all season what you thought of Julie's maternity outfits. Was Julie wearing a "snuggie" last night? :D
I thought her stylist could have dressed her much better.

I haven't viewed the videos that Jackie posted for us yet, but will asap. I did watch the Early Show this morning and was surprised at how short the segment was.


I've got to go check out who Mike is. I can't even place his face right now. Maybe you'll bring us luck in the Survivor pool.


Donna in AL said...

Happy belated birthday Jackie! I've had computer problems and did not get a chance to tell you yesterday.
I logged on last night to blog and the first time I hit refresh the screen went black.
It has taken most of this evening to read all the 387 or so comments from last night. But I had to re-live the joy of Jordan winning!

Thank you so much for this community you have given us here. Although I haven't commented as much this season, I have been here reading every day! Thanks Jackie, you totally rock!

Laurie said...

Time to retire my avatar but I have to use it one more time before I do.

Jordon's win was refreshing and she was easy to like throughout the game. I'm glad she won and know she will use that money to help her family, just as she said.

Looking forward to seeing you all tonight for Survivor's premiere! Actually, I will miss the live blogging of tonight's show but I'll be here later to read all about it.

Thanks again to Jackie and to all the bloggers who make the shows way better than they really are!

Margo said...

OK I'm ready for Survivor!


Reminder this is the last day to get in the Amazing Race pool.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jackie, I've been a fan for a while but just atarted posting this year. If anyone is interested in a Biggest Loser Blog I would surely participate. It's really inspirational. Try to catch it sometime. Also, how do I contribute to the cause? Is there anyway I could just send a check?

Gal in Indy

Margo said...

To make a donation thru Pay Pal use the "make donation" button on Jackies main page. It is right under her about me green box with the flower in it.


Caroline said...

Congrats to Becky, Meb & Lynn1 for their girl Jordan taking home the prize. I've never been so happy to lose anything in my life as I was to lose this Big Brother pool. I'd imagine Jennasmom & Plaidchick would agree with me on that. :-)

For anyone curious about Michele knowing how much America loves her...her husband, Tim, set up a fan page on Facebook for her. She got tons of positive notes, feedback and encouragement on it. This morning she left a message for all the fans thanking them for the support, so she's very aware of how positively America felt about her, which is good. Also for anyone on Twitter, she has an account under the screenname Neurodork and she just posted to that as well that she was home and doing well.

I can't wait for Survivor to start tonight. Thanks again Margo for running this pool for us.

Margo said...

Jackie - Are you going to be writing reviews of BBT for clique clack this year? I noticed you have not posted anything there since July 27.

EileenM said...

Margo, is it too late to get into the Survivor pool? If not I would love to be included in it and TAR. Thank you for your consideration. EileenM

Nana from the NW said...

I went through BB withdrawls this joker to read or finale interviews to watch...:-(

But it's time for Survivor. I've got Elizabeth in the pool. She has the potential to go far....we'll see. Have fun at the pool party I'm at dance class.

joy n said...

Reality TV World has an interview with Natalie. She goes on and on about how Jessie is in love with her and upset because of her engagement. She states she knew she wasn't going to win and even told production in her DR sessions that she wanted Jordan to win. Also says that she KNEW that Kevin and Russell would be her only votes. And more. She is so full of crap!

cha cha said...

I had the same problem. At least I was able to see more interviews and articles. Its interesting that Natalie already has items on Ebay. What a little Pisser...
If she actually thinks that BB will pay for a wedding she has really lost it.
Notice everytime she said something about it the people interviewing her just gave a funny look like you are out of your mind

joy n said...

RTVW now also has interviews up with Jordan and Kevin. Pretty good reads.

Petals said...

Ditto to what everyone else has said, Ms Jackie. And I wanted to add that I've been so clogged-up with personal "real life" drama that I have been away for so many weeks, and I have missed you all so much.
So happy you have VIncent.
Your pool is a safe place for me.