Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Big Brother 12 - Live Feeds, Daytime Wednesday, July 21

HOH camera time

Ho-hum, another day in that Big Brother House of Boozing Bores ...
  • Brendon and Rachel were the first ones up today. Rachel did her hour in the stocks while Brendon catered to her and exercised.
  • Afterward, Brendon and Rachel were having sex play under the covers when Kathy walked in.
  • Kathy has a habit of doing that and seems oblivious to it all.
  • I forgot to mention that last night Hayden told Kristen that he thinks America probably hates Brendon and Rachel.
  • From the mouths of babes ...
  • I don't actually HATE Brendon and Rachel, not even just Rachel. Her jumping on Brendon right off and party gal ways don't mesh well with me.
  • Maybe I'm just a prude!
  • Maybe I'm jealous.
  • Yeah, right. At least I've had real red hair all my life!
  • Ragan thinks the HOH comp will be endurance. He could very well be right. The first endurance comp is usually two to three weeks in if memory serves.
  • Lots and lots of small talk, non-game related.
  • The camera, Rachel's blog entry, and the tweet are today.
  • Although Monet's been campaigning hard and Rachel has indicated she's thinking of keeping her, I think the votes will be for her to go.
  • Stop back in a bit for the blog party as the show airs on the East Coast!
  • Bring snacks, please.

Brendon tries to look 'hood in his mandana.


Sasha said...

Thanks, Jackie. At least your comments are interesting, more than I can say for the show at this point.

Sigh, I'm sure it's just me but is Rachel's HOH the longest HOH EVER?? I know it's just seems so.

Anonymous said...

rachel looks a little like boy george to me in his culture club days

Jackie said...

Anon -- YES!

Laurie said...

Sasha, Rachel's HOH has been a very long reign ... weeks, I'm sure!