Friday, July 30, 2010

Big Brother 12 - Live Feeds Friday Daytime, July 30

There's a new sheriff in town. Suspecting that cop Kathy was getting between her and her man, Rachel kidnapped Kathy and stashed her in Howie's old jack shack. That will teach the evil cougar for going after her boy toy!

Okay, I lie. I'm sorry.

Here are today's happenings from that Big Brother House of a Shrewd Shrew:
  • BB woke up the hamsters early, approximately 7:30 AM their time. They were told to get ready for a game.
  • A game which didn't start for hours and hours. Heehee.
  • While waiting, Rachel and Brendon had another tiff. I just don't understand her. All he was doing was to try to give her the advice to calm down and make more of an attempt to be friendly to others.
  • She cut him off at every sentence accusing him of not being on her side.
  • @@
  • Afterwards, Ragan had practically the same talk with her and she bought it from him.
  • Apparently any instance in which Brendon doesn't think she was 100% right or perfect, he's not caring about her and being mean to her.
  • That gal has problems.
  • Kathy told the others that she's been shot, but not in the line of duty. She said she can't talk about it. Hmm ...
  • After she calmed down some, Rachel decided she should call people to the HOH room to discuss things before she makes the nominations.
  • Hayden was first. Now, this kid seems really worried. He distanced himself, his decisions, and his votes from Kristen's in the talk.
  • Hayden, unlike Rachel, said he's more concerned with his own safety in the house.
  • He also said he can't speak for Kristen.
  • Hayden told Brendon and Rachel that "someone" -- later decided by Brendon to be Matt -- told him that Brendon said a "strong couple" dropped out of the surfing comp early and should go on the block.
  • Hayden never admitted who said it.
  • And I don't remember.
  • Rachel told Hayden that she likes him and really doesn't want to put him up on the block.
  • But she doesn't say she WON'T put him up.
  • Then the comp/game/whatever started and the feeds were blocked.
  • When the feeds returned, they had on striped prison pants, orange shirts with numbers and Brendon had a green skinny headband. Hayden had the same headband doohickey. Teams, I assume. Rachel had a badge.
  • Enzo won a movie, Britney and Matt lost that by five seconds.
  • Brendon and Enzo were on the same team in the comp.
  • Enzo buttered up both Brendon (saying he always wanted to be on his team in comps) and Rachel (saying that Kristen is going about things all wrong and should take it upon herself to go talk to Rachel to clear the air).
  • Who says he's dumb?
  • Rachel isn't telling anyone she talks to that they are or aren't going on the block. Ragan, her confidant when Brendon is so mean to her, is surely safe.
  • In her talk with Rachel, Kathy denied being a floater but admitted to having continual problems with the comps.
  • Kathy told Brendon and Rachel she loves them.
  • Gag.
  • Lane also sucked up to them in his talk with them.
  • Don't they realize that everyone, except perhaps Kristen, is just going to tell them what they want to hear?
  • Rachel told Britney that she has no idea who she'll be putting on the block.
  • I think Kristen is still a sure bet and she's just undecided on the second one.
  • Kristen told Kathy that she finds it hard to pretend to like someone when she doesn't.
  • Obviously, Kristen doesn't work in the corporate world, huh?
  • Kristen talked with Rachel. She told her that Rachel was never her target until she rubbed the HOH in her face.
  • Rachel told her she gets feisty when someone tries to mess with her and her man. Oh geez.
  • Kristen said she never had any intentions to come between them.
  • Super @@
  • Although fairly calm, they both went back and forth (and back and forth again) saying the same things and neither is really giving in and accepting the other as their long lost friend from Toledo.
  • They do both agree that they don't want to fight anymore.
  • Rats. I like a good cat fight screaming match. Meow.
  • Sometime tonight, Rachel needs to make her nominations.


FA (Formerly Anon) said...

Argh. Rachel and Kristen are STILL talking. Over and over and over about the same thing, over and over. And over. Ad nauseum.

"If you help me, I help you. If you harm me, I harm you." --Kristen, repeatedly.

I hope I am wrong and I hope that Rachel puts up Hayden and Kristen. Fingers crossed. I want to see Hayden and Kristen on the hot seat.

Laurie said...

If Hayden and Kristen both go up it will certainly be interesting to what happens. I think their showmance really is just that, not true love like the other one (gag). So seeing how they campaign and compete would be fun, don't you think? Given all the other people in the house, I'd say this has a good chance of happening. :-)

tbc said...

Laurie, you asked in the other post about Rachel's leg wrap around Brendon after winning the HoH. The answer is yes. My husband was rolling his eyes!! LOL

Laurie said...

tbc, Thanks ... I think. I'm glad I missed it cuz it kind of sickens me. Maybe I'm just jealous!

lynn1 said...

If Rachel puts up Hayden and Kristen I believe it will be a wild and wooly POV competition at least between Kristen and Rachel.
As I have said before I am not a Rachel fan but I do think if push came to shove Rachel would wipe the floor with Kristen.
Rachel is willing to go all out for a win. Kristen is arrogant and thinks she is smarter and better than Rachel. I think Kristen's attitude will be her down fall.

ML said...

I agree Lynn1, Kristen struts around and acts like everyone else is beneath her and her incredicbly tight glutes. Which reminds me, in season's past they always have a workout room and many of them workout constantly to maintain their physiques. I haven't seen that this time (but I've been missing a lot and don't have the feeds). Kristen would have to be working out to maintain a body like that. No 'flopping butt cheeks' on her as Brit would say.
my wv is 'jourok' as in "thanks for shaking things up when you left Andrew, jou-rok!"

Nana from the NW said...

I would say Enzo is no dummy. He knows that if Kristen goes up she will be voted off....thus keeping Hayden doing what the Brigade wants not what Kristen wants. It would be a way of getting her out of the picture with no blood on the hands of anyone in the Brigade.

I don't like Rachel but she is a tough competitor. Given the chance the house needs to get rid of her or she will be the last girl standing!

Since Monet has left Britany has done a good job of befriending everyone which will keep her off the chopping block.

We know Kristen is on the block and I bet she puts Hayden up too and then they will have to fight it out.

RBennie said...

I hope that Kristen will be on the block too, but you just never know with Rachel. Her thinking can be very erratic to say the least. I would like to know what the definition of floater is in that house. Other than the 2 showmances, there are no obvious alliances, so does Rachel consider everyone else floaters?

FA (Formerly Anon) said...

RBennie, I think that "floater" has traditionally been someone with no alliances and who floats to the power as it shifts.

However, I think Rachel's definition are those who don't try hard enough in the competitions, like all of those who fell off the surfboards to avoid being Have Nots.

lynn1 said...

I find it amusing that with Rachel being HOH for the 2nd time, I am starting to have more interest in what will happen next rather than compaining of being bored by the hamsters.
Of course I don't have the feeds so I don't have to see her make out sessions and play time with Brendon.
Thanks for editing all the garbage for us Jackie! You are a Saint to do it.
My WV is Destshox which sounds like a type of medicine needed after watching hours of the Brachel show! LOL

Laurie said...

Jackie's new post with the nominations is up now. No surprises!