Saturday, July 31, 2010

Big Brother 12 - Live Feeds Into Saturday Dawn - July 31

Brendon deserves an award for his patience. Either that or a kick in the butt for going all sappy over a woman who definitely has enough issues to have her own magazine. After the nominations, he spent HOURS trying to calm her down and get her to discuss things with him before she does them, tell him what she's planning to say. She doesn't seem to get that he's right -- her game affects his game at this point.

Here's what happened in that Big Brother House of Fool in Love:
  • As Brendon and Rachel had their never-ending talk, the mood was lighter elsewhere.
  • At one point, Britney balked because Matt and Enzo called her "Casper."
  • Enzo claimed it's because she's so friendly, as did Matt.
  • Enzo, proving he actually does have a vocabulary, said that she must be thinking of another connotation -- perhaps skin pigmentation.
  • Nah, that wasn't it, the guys said. It's friendly ... why, it's even part of Casper's name ... the friendly ghost!
  • Maybe you had to be there. But it was better than the Brendon/Rachel soap opera.
  • Kristen told Hayden that they need to play up to Rachel and Brendon, then stab 'em in the back. One needs to get off the block, with Kathy going up.
  • Rachel, at the request of Brendon, gave Hayden and Kristen a half-hearted apology claiming it wasn't personal.
  • Hayden wouldn't even look at her, "Okay. Whatever."
  • So that didn't work too well, did it?
  • After a lockdown, they went out to the yard to find a giant crudely-built pinball kind of thing sans any lights and buzzers.
  • It's apparently so they can practice for PoV.
  • It's Matt's 30th birthday today (Saturday).
  • They all spent time practicing the game.
  • Kathy cleaned the kitchen.
  • Britney complained about how cold it is there. Where is that hot California weather?
  • Obviously, it dispersed to the East Coast.
  • Britney is still disappointed that her red team didn't win in the luxury comp.
  • Enzo is still looking forward to seeing the movie. They don't know what the movie is yet. I just keep thinking how BB tends towards the Will Ferrell genre of stupidity.
  • No offense to Will Ferrell fans, of course. Just sayin'
  • Kristen and Hayden talked about being put up on the block for just cuddling and kissing.
  • That is about as far as they have seemed to have gone.
  • Not as innocent as Jeff and Jordan, yet not as sordid as Brendon and Rachel.
  • Brendon thinks Matt is only really loyal to Ragan.
  • Surprisingly, the Brigade is still a secret.
  • Now, if they could up their performance in comps, they might have something.
  • Hayden and Kristen decided to chill their relationship in the house for the good of both of their games.
  • Kathy told Hayden and Kristen that she's willing to leave the house because she can't stand being in it with Brendon and Rachel.
  • Kathy pulled the Good People Card talking to the Internet about how Rachel deserves nothing because she slept with men on "dates."
  • I say Rachel deserves nothing outside of good psychiatric care because she's such a needy-manic so-and-so.
  • Rachel and Brendon made out, had sex, whatever. I'm so tired of them hogging the feeds!
  • All are asleep as I post this.


lynn1 said...

CBS should consider a BB spin off show on the rehab and therapy for the emotionally needy women who have been on BB. Call Dr Drew, Dr Phil or somebody and get these women some help.

Jayne said...

I am a bit confused about Rachel's occupation, besides being a loony tune. I thought she was a "scientist". But I have read comments about how she is a waitress or something like that. Can anyone clear up my confusion?

Jackie said...

Rachel is a "VIP cocktail waitress" in Las Vegas, as well as a grad student in chemistry (supposedly).

Anonymous said...

I can't stand Brendon. Rachel does not need to consult that crybaby on her HOH decisions. He didn't mind working with Andrew on that whole POV debacle last week without consulting her. That little fiasco affected her game because the housemates assumed she was in on the plan when the crybaby plotted with Andrew behind her back.

I hope cross-eyed Kristen goes home this week.

Laurie said...

Morning world! It is unseasonably chilly here in SoCal. We are enjoying it but I can see that tourists are a bit disappointed.

Jackie, when did they have the luxury comp? I don't remember it! Yikes!

R&B are really a double threat, aren't they? They are strong players and could run HOH ... I never believed that until this week. We do need someone else in that room next week. Preferably someone who sleeps alone!

My wf is acing. It would be nice to see someone else acing this game!

Nana from the NW said...

If Brendan was truly playing this game as a team with Rachel he would have consulted her on the Andrew plan. He knows her well enough to know how she was going to react that she was kept "out of the loop". I think she has probably been used alot by guys in her life and went into this game determined to appear intelligent and in control...she sure has blown that!! Now she feels she doesn't need to consult with Brendan because SHE is HOH!! I think that is also why she didn't really react to Bredan's professing "I Love You". She has probably heard many times as guys use it to get what they want.

At least K/H are smart enough to know that their showmance could get them evicted and to cool it. Brendan should follow their lead or he will be gone soon...then he will sit back and watch Rachel take the money.

I just heard Ellen DeGeneres is leaving American Idol!

Glad this Monday is the finale of The Bachelorette...I think once again it is going to be a dissappointment.

Anyone watching Project Runway Jackie has set-up a discussion site for it. There is also a pool and I bet if you talk nice to Margo she would add you to the list.

Bachelor Pad starts Aug. 9....anyone watching?? It's a combination of BB and The Bachelor.

Have a good Sat. all. I am going to see the play All Shook Up tonight...should be fun.

Anonymous said...

Enzo, Regan and Brit picked for Veto

Mimi6343 said...

@Lynn, I agree. Rachel would be the leading crazy needing extra help from Dr.Drew!

I felt sorry for Brendon for about a second or two then realized he is getting what he deserves. He should have known better then to start a showmance so soon or at all. He should have gotten to know her better first. Maybe he would have noticed how unstable she is.

I dont care if Kristen goes home but dont want to see Hayden go yet.

RBennie said...

I think the damage is already done with the Hayden & Kristen showmance and cooling things now won't really help them. I really hope the nominations remain the same and Kristen goes home. I know the DAB is all for that. If I was Enzo, I wouldn't try too hard to win the POV, because I'm sure Hayden would expect him to take him off the block.

chris said...

Rachel and Brendon will never last.
I can not believe how possessive she is of HER MAN!
Geez the girl has major psychological issues.
I bet ex boyfriends will come forward telling all, lol
I can't believe he cant see it.
It reminds me of that movie, can't think of the name where the guy falls totally for the girl, marries her than realizes how insane she is, anyone recall which movie, the girl was a blonde.
anyway, she is ruining his game by being so mean. I wonder if her goodbye messages will change when any of these people become jurors!
good competitor, terrible sport, crazy girlfriend, and possibly an alcoholic to boot!

Laurie said...

Chris, other than that she's a great gal!

chris said...


I know, she is truly one of the best catches out there, lol
I agree Enzo should not try to hard but I think he will to save Hayden, and then have them put up Kathy.
But, he has to be very careful.
At this point the brigade can save Hayden anyway with Ragans vote and britney

JimmyB said...

How can The Brigade possibly still be a secret? They apparently are always hangin' around together; including time spent in the HOH room when Matt was there. You'd think it'd be pretty obvious.

cha cha said...

Britney won POV, I believe Kristen won the unitard!!!

Anonymous said...

Brit won VETO!! YEAH!!

FA (Formerly Anon) said...

Buh bye Kristen!

FA (Formerly Anon) said...

So I wonder what Kathy will do this week? Will she remain BFF with Kristen, even though Kristen won't be going to jury house? Will she distance herself and try to glom onto someone else in the house now? Or will she remain faithful to Kristen to the bitter end?