Sunday, July 18, 2010

Big Brother 12 - Live Feeds Into Sunday Morning, July 18

This is how I feel, too.

My apologies for the long gap. I had to sleep in this morning, kind of like the hamsters. Without further ado, here's what's happened in that Big Brother House of Odd Bedfellows:
  • Yet again this year, the house has an ant problem. I guess I'm lucky I've never had an ant problem -- I'd probably freak out worse than Kathy with the bug spray!
  • Rachel got irked by her love bunny Brendon as he told Andrew that she was going to put him on the block as a pawn against Monet.
  • Rachel cried. Again. As I said, way too sensitive for the game. She needs to be ruthless or she'll just end up being a boob ... or a pair of 'em.
  • Andrew went back up to Rachel, telling her he'd be willing to do it but is very worried he'd go home.
  • He should worry. They need to put up someone less likely to get eviction votes.
  • Rachel cried more after he left.
  • Brendon told Rachel that she's his queen and knows more about the game than he does, he'll do whatever he wants. Oh, gag me right this moment, please!
  • Matt and Lane think that Enzo might talk too much to both Monet and Britney. They called him a loose cannon.
  • I say "loose lips sink ships." But I wasn't the first one to say that.
  • Matt volunteered to go on the block.
  • Say what? And he's a MENSA member? Rescind that application!
  • Kristen noted that none of the girls want the girls around in the house. Alas, that's often the case. Although I do didn't like her on the show, that's what Maggie did right some seasons back -- she had a girl alliance going.
  • Britney can't wait to go into Wal-Mart back in Arkansas as a celebrity. @@
  • Rachel and Ragan think that Matt is working both sides.
  • They're right.
  • There are stocks (like the old time public punishment without flogging) in the yard. For four days, some have to be in them, others for just a day. It must have to do with the POV comp.
  • Weird and kind of kinky, I say!
  • Brendon and Rachel had a minor spat. She thinks he's being a baby about a lot things.
  • At least he doesn't cry over and over again in the HOH room.
  • Enzo says he doesn't want to evict Monet, but if she's up against Matt, he must keep Matt.
  • Rachel told Brendon she won't put Andrew on the block (his choice) and they continue to tiff. Brendon tells her he's (Brendon, not Andrew) sensitive.
  • He's sensitive, she's sensitive. ACK! Why are they in the house? I like a good brouhaha, but I hate whining and sniffling on the feeds!
  • Oh, she HURT him. @@
  • So he ends up crying and sniveling. Oh geez.
  • Rachel told Brendon her own crazy idea for the replacement is Enzo. But then she retracted and told him she was kidding. Hmmm ...
  • Brendon told Rachel he would go home for her and told her to put him (Brendon) on the block. She said that wasn't an option she'd consider.
  • Brendon thinks Enzo, Matt and Lane are in an alliance. Rachel doesn't think so.
  • I think Enzo's getting a bit worried about the Brigade. He complained they can't get alone together to talk.
  • The other showmance couple, Hayden and Kristen, smooched in bed.
  • Kathy thinks Enzo's treating her differently since the Britney/Monet noms. She also pondered if Britney may have deliberately kicked her in the head in the Have/Have Not comp.
  • Hayden and Kristen kissed some more ... and more and more. They think Andrew's the only one who knows about them.
  • They're wrong. We all know.
  • Rachel tried to figure the votes if Andrew is put up. She definitely wants Monet to go.
  • Right now, she could go with either the volunteer Matt or Andrew. I think putting Matt up would ensure Monet goes. But it would be far wiser of them strategically to get rid of Matt.
  • But when do they let strategy get in their way?


Dr_Celine said...

FA - Well there goes the twins theory.

Nina said...

Too bad Branden won't tell Rachel to put up Enzo cuz that would be the right move. Then it won't matter who goes since both should go ASAP.

Laurie said...

Why let strategy get in the way of good game play, indeed!

Crying, groveling and day-dreaming are the factors for this week ... at least in the HOH room.

My wv is eakies ... I think that's what we are getting from the show so far! I have a bad case of the eakies!

ML said...

FA, I wrote this on the comments for Jackie's previous post about 5am:

O M G First time I ever tried Jokers site- unless Hayden and Kristin are willing to go the incest route to hide their relationship(not), they are definitely NOT RELATED! Jokers is reporting heavy petting between the two. Well I guess that settles that FA. I thought they might be related, too. Now it just appears they are both cheating on someone back home. Maybe Kristin wasn't really MIA earlier in the show-she was just under the covers with Hayden! So much for a gentler showmance. Does BB provide them with protection?

Jackie said...

Kathy laughed when she found an entire case (not a package) of condoms in the storage room.

Anonymous said...

Ugh this show is turning into a big drama of Tears and Romance.

The bunch this year is too sensitive and cries at the drop of a hat.

Also one would think production would kick in a few bucks before the show started to hire a good exterminator.


joyn said...

The way it's going, that package may be gone quickly.

RBennie said...

What's the first rule of BB (or should be at least), never, ever volunteer yourself to go up on the block. If Matt is crazy enough to do that and Rachel goes for it, I think he should be voted out! That would be just as stupid as Marcellas winning POV and not taking himself off the block. I know Matt feels very confident that everyone will want to keep him over Monet, but things can turn on a dime in this game. I don't think Monet deserves to go yet, so I do hope things work out in her favor. Slim chance, I know, but hey I can hope.

FA (Formerly Anon) said...

Well. Even though I didn't personally see K&H kiss, I will take everyone's word for it. I said that until I saw it, I'd believe they were twins. Evidence seems to be moving in the other direction.

BUT. Having said that.

Google "Elijah and Milo Peters" if you want to have your mind blown about what's conceivable.

All I can say is that if H&K do hook up, if they had kids their offspring would... look just like them! LOL, as if that's not always the case.

Even so, there's something up with those two. Something beyond just a showmance.

I haven't been watching today, I'll have to catch up with what the plan du jour is.

joyn said...

OMG! I just googled that site and quickly shut it off. EEW!

FA (Formerly Anon) said...

joyn, oops, I didn't say "go" to the site, I said just Google it!

But I should have made it more clear with some sort of WARNING about adult content or something.

joyn said...

I didn't even "go" to the site. I googled it and just reading the subheaders made me shut it off. VERY adult site.

joyn said...

I'm no puritan, but.....ICK!

FA (Formerly Anon) said...

joyn, ok good, I only meant that the Google results will provide enough info. The article was where I first read about them, that's a fairly safe article to click on.

All I was saying is that it's not unheard of. Twincest.

Also, I recently read an article about how there's an innate attraction between family members who have grown up separately but who meet later on in life.

Just saying it happens. Not my cuppa tea...

ML said...

Yay FA I look forward to your play by play! I also read at that Joker's site at the time that Kristin told Hayden if they make it to final two she wants to cut his hair. Do we have to wait that long? Also, they discussed how nice it would be to be stuck in the sequester house together for a month and a half. Jackie I suppose that, given this group, a case of condoms is probably not too much. I love your recaps. Who is the guy in the Hoodie in your top screencap? Is that Enzo?

ML said...

About that last post FA, eeewww and TMI lol.

FA (Formerly Anon) said...

ML, I know, I'm sorry, but since I had read about this fairly recently, I knew that it's possible and even real for some people, so we can't dismiss it as a remote possibility.

Although, I highly doubt CBS would go down that road.

Now wouldn't *that* be a funny twist on CBS! If H&K were going in as the twin twist but instead revealed an even more unexpected twist? LOL, first the Saboteur gets outed the first week, then taboo on the network! Heh, ok I have a warped sense of humor.

I can see the headlines now: "Twin Twist Turns To Twincest"

Witt said...

Okay, are Brendon and Rachel giving anyone ELSE whiplash?

FA (Formerly Anon) said...

Witt, I'm not watching today because my neck is already in a brace from watching them yesterday.

Do you mean wrt their showmance or the nomination?

Jackie said...

It's Matt and Lane in the top screen cap. The lighting was weird and Lane's beard isn't that distinctive in the shot, but it's him.

Boring day. The POV meeting isn't until tomorrow, so it's all downtime.

joyn said...

FA, no prob, but maybe that little warning would be good next time. TMI for my 63 year old brain.

Petals said...

My theory of Matt volunteering himself is simple: more screen time. Is this not his 2nd reality show? JMO

Petals said...

And as scandalous as my comments may have been over the years, I am not even going NEAR the twincest thing. Just sayin...

Anonymous said...

Okay, the Milo and Elijah thing is freaky. Just sayin'

My WV is dingste.....nuff said


Joe in NY said...

It's hotter if they are twins! :)

Joe in NY said...

We need to keep Monet and Britney. They are seriously biotchy and, therefore, more interesting than 75% of the other HGs.

Nana from the NW said...

Re: condoms....remember the season with Chelsea and James, the condoms were in a display dish on the counter in the bathroom area! It was like and open invitation....OK, go at like all hamsters do....and they did!!!

What other reality show was Matt on?

RBennie--I agree about volunteering to go up as "the pawn". If you are stupid enough to do that then you deserve to be backdoored!!

So do you think there really is two people with a previous past or was it just a ploy of the sabouter to plant doubts?

Joe in NY said...

Seriously, Rachel, your idea of the "hood" is Fresh Prince of Bel Aire? LMFAO!

ML said...

Love all your comments Joe, but seriously, hotter with twins? Run for the hills Petals! LOL.