Friday, July 16, 2010

Big Brother 12 - Live Feeds Through Friday, July 16

Hayden picks his feet in front of his fellow hamsters ... and the world. Ew.

The elusive, perhaps mythical, Kristen was sighted.

First, my apologies for only two reports today. And, this is on a day which things actually happened in the house! As I mentioned in my previous post, Rachel put Monet and Britney on the block as expected. Here are the other happenings of the day:
  • Kristen and Hayden continue their secret alliance. They think they have a lot in common. They also would like to see Kathy win if neither of them win.
  • Yeah, that's what they say.
  • I believe a showmance is developing. At least they waited a week.
  • Rachel told Kristen she wants to form an alliance with Hayden and her (Kristen).
  • Both Kristen and Rachel agreed that Britney and Monet need to be the next two gone from the house.
  • I love how all the women are heading out the door. What about the guys?
  • Enzo and Brendon found the last of the cricket/beeping devices.
  • Rachel told Monet that she will be one of her targets this week. She avoided telling Britney the news.
  • Monet told Rachel that had she won HOH, she didn't plan to put up either her or Brendon.
  • Hayden told Rachel that he's afraid that if the house sees that he and Kristen are getting close, they'll be targeted.
  • The feeds were blocked for a long time while they did the Have/Have Not comp.
  • When they came back, Enzo and Monet were looking at a box of fish sticks. So the vote must have been fish sticks and fruitcake.
  • Enzo, Monet, Brendon and Britney are Have Nots.
  • Enzo said he'll be too weak to give "the face" this week. I wonder if he'll mew instead of meow?
  • The feeds were blocked again, then we came back to the hamsters cheering -- BB told them Annie was the saboteur and they were happy it was over with in the first week.
  • Then the feeds were blocked for a long time once more as the nominations ceremony was held.
  • Britney is pouting. Monet feels she was targeted because she won the $10,000.
  • Enzo was the first one to go to the girls to console and pep talk them a bit. Meow.
  • Hayden and Lane don't really understand which girl is the target.
  • I know that Britney is -- it's not that hard to understand!
  • Monet thinks that Kathy didn't come to talk to them because she's the one who threw them under the bus.
  • No one threw them under the bus.
  • Rachel had her mind set on nominating them since minutes after she won HOH. Brendon didn't even suggest it to her, nor try to talk her out of it.
  • There you go ... except for Britney and Monet, things are going fairly smooth. They're all relieved about Annie being the saboteur and now feel they did the absolute right thing in evicting her.


Dr_Celine said...

Did anyone happen to watch Britney and Monet's face when Rachel got her HOH room. They looked like they were counting down in their heads how long they had to make their appearance in her room. Neither one of them cracked a smile the whole time they were in her HOH room. The feelings are mutual. I still do not know why they are not thinking about getting any of the strong guys out though. ????

Laurie said...

I believe they are playing the game personally instead of strategically. Although, the argument could be made that nominating those two women doesn't put a big target on Rachel's back. Hard to say at this point.

FA (Formerly Anon) said...

Well if we're to believe Rachel, her strategy is to get rid of the "non-players" so that it's a real competition with all of the competitive people left in the house.

People have used that same strategy on Survivor (or so they said), so I suppose it's possible.

Or, she just wants the catty women gone. If I were Rachel, I probably would have done the same.

Petals said...

A Kristen sighting? Good job Jackie! Bigfoot has made more appearances than Kristen.

Sally said...

That's a good picture of the mythical Kristen.

The two guys who seem to do most of the cooking are both have nots this week. It'll be interesting to see who takes over.

Dr_Celine said...

When you are a "Have Not" what can you eat? Fishsticks, fruitcake and slop? Or no slop? Can you have anything you want to drink?

Laurie said...

I'm not sure but I believe they can have slop along with their fish sticks and fruit cake. Not at all sure about what they can drink but I believe alcohol is not okay.

Dr_Celine said...

Thanks Laurie...I wasn't sure.

Anonymous said...

I don't have the feeds or BBAD but Britney must have done something to piss off most of the house. They all seem to want her gone. I think Rachel put her up because she appears to be a spoiled, snobby girl....probably the kind that treated Rachel badly in high school.

It always seems that evictions are made based on personalities early in the show. Stradegy doesn't seem to come into play until mid-season.

Nana from the NW

Nana from the NW said...

testing....sorry to take up space. Just trying to figure out how to get my name in blue. It's been so long since I commented I forgot my password!

Anonymous said...

Well I think Annie did do one thing as saboteur that might have put a target on Britney, by calling her out. And since Monet has been seen often with Brit, I guess others see her as close to Britney I just know Kathy and Kristen were just in HOH bashing Britt and Monet a lot. She is really talking now and not just sleeping a lot. HOH. It seems the girls wants Monet and Britt both out and so do the guys.


Anonymous said...

Yes, there is a lot of crying but several of them and they are playing personally and little strategy involved so far.

Brent McKee said...

Even though I have Britney in the pool (and why do I always get people I can't stand in these things - either that or people who are out quick) I can't say I'll be too unhappy to see the door hit her on the ... butt on the way out. The woman is mean and catty. She was the one who said that she didn't want to be in the house with "egomaniacs and old people." Presumably Kathy would be the latter but if she wanted to see a real egomaniac she'd have to look in the mirror. Hopefully she'll be gone next Thursday.

Petals said...

Hey Nana!! I totally agree about your Britney/Rachel theory. Britney prolly treated everyone badly in school, LOL

Petals said...

Hey Brent!! Long time, no see (prolly more my absence than yours...)

meb said...

I noticed Monet as she got ready to leave the HOH room, do a 'second thought' and go over and hug Rachel. I agree Dr. C that they were not happy with Rachel's win.

And I hadn't read this thread when I just commented on the previous one, asking the same question...why not get one of the stronger guys out!

joyn said...

Well, one thing about that fruitcake.... if no one eats it, the producers can save it for next season. Fruitcakes never seem to "die".

RBennie said...

Fish sticks and Fruit cake? I was hoping for the taffy and tuna, that one sounds kind of fun. I think the Britney/Monet nomination is a cop out. Why do the women always seem to nominate women. I don't want this to end up with a bunch of guys at the end.

Brent McKee said...

Petals: your absence, my lack of posting.

Truth be known, I'd be in hog heaven (sorry Andrew) on fish sticks and fruit cake. In fact I'd probably be saving chunks of fruit cake for after my time as a "Have Not" was over.

Joyn: you are right about fruitcake hanging around though. A properly made fruit cake, one that is high in alcohol content and with a concentration of preserved fruit can survive for years. In fact in 2003 Jay Leno sampled a piece of fruit cake that had been made in 1878.

joyn said...

I actually like fishsticks but not fruitcake.

I give kudos to Leno for having the guts to do that.