Friday, August 27, 2010

Big Brother 12 - Friday Live Feeds Including Nominations - August 27

The do-rag is the perfect accessory for a penguin suit.

A whole lot of nothing went down today in that Big Brother House of the Criminally Insane:
  • They had left food out overnight and the ants got to it.
  • Well, duh.
  • Ragan has been off to himself most of the time, studying and memorizing everything and anything.
  • He's like a machine.
  • Watch, the comp he needs to win will be skills.
  • Lane lied to Enzo, telling him that he was thinking of putting Hayden up.
  • Yeah, right ... those two want to be the final two.
  • Lane told Britney he won't put Hayden up.
  • Now, that's the truth.
  • He also told Britney he won't put her up.
  • So, it's going to have to be Enzo and Ragan.
  • Ragan is the target.
  • If he wins the veto and saves himself, Britney goes up.
  • Lane had the most trouble of anyone I've ever seen, walking around the house trying to memorize the "As the Head of Household, one of my duties is to nominate two houseguests for eviction."
  • Heck, I just did that off the cuff and got it right.
  • He also got confused with the keys.
  • There are only 2 keys!
  • In the end, he nominated Ragan and Enzo.
  • Big surprise.
  • Enzo isn't a real happy camper and seems to be a bit worried that he's going to be booted from his own Brigade.
  • Well, he could try winning something!


Anonymous said...

After a couple weeks of being sick of Regan...I am hoping he wins POV. The brigade did nothing this season and were all boring. I am thinking now I want either Britney or Regan to win. The others are as big of floaters as Kathy was. The only thing they did was PLAY POOL!!!

Anon-MA said...

Can someone airmail Britney a clue?? She needs to won pov, not Ragan, and take him off.

Anon-MA said...

If Ragan wins PoV, Brtiney goes home.

monty924 said...

The only thing with it being Ragan on the block is, he will likely win this PoV, not Britney. He'll take himself and then Brit goes up. Unless Lane IS really loyal to her. I say he isn't. :)

Anon-MA said...

What was that disgusting phrase we've heard in past BB's about " bro's before....." Brit is toast if Ragan (who is no Marcellas) wins Pov.

If they would decide to work together...ugh...she will never see it. Brit will trust Lane. Brit will go home. :-(

ML said...

It's getting interesting again. When will they play for POV?

Anonymous said...

I just finished with last night's BBAD. Amazing, they are still bad mouthing Rachel. I wonder if they are aware that Brachel will be what people remember from this season? And it's in very large part due to the fact that they have talked about them since week one.

Anonymous said...

I'm through! This is terrible to have someone who has done absolutely nothing, win makes me ill. Hurry, Survivor!

Anonymous said...

I have a feeling when this finishes Rachel and Brenden won't be the only ones hooking up.

Anonymous said...

Would love to see Brit win POV take off Ragan and then send Enzo home. Lane and Brit in the final 2!!

ORKMommy said...

If Ragan wins POV then Brit goes up. If Ragan votes for Enzo and Hayden votes for Brit then Lane breaks the tie. What will he do? I, for one, would LOVE to see that!!!

WV is jactaxi! How funny is that?!?!

Anonymous said...

I agree. I hate it when people just sort of slip through the game. I know logically that it is a strategy that works, but IMO, as a viewer- it's horrible to see it.

I love Survivor, but hated the outcome of both seasons where Sandra won. She is a perfect example of the above for me. I mean as a viewer, love him or hate him, Russell played some game.

And now, we have 3 guys that got lucky because Rachel created drama for everyone else to focus on.


Anonymous said...

I hope he doesn't, but I can easily see Lane keeping Britney in the game and sending a BG member home.

I still find the flirting that those two do hilarious. He has said that she is his type. But this is the guy that uses those corny pickup lines on and that told those horrible stories about going home with girls. What does that say about his opinion of her?


RyzandShyn said...

OMG! And I thought it was a long shot. This is perfect if Brit wins POV and takes Ragan down. I hope they get some time to talk and she wakes up to the danger. I dare to dream that Lane couldn't break the tie by voting to send her home in front of her.

Carolne said...

It is not that I am a big fan of Brit or anything like that as I am not fond of any of them this season....but if she leaves, it is all guys. I think it will be more boring on the feeds. And it is boring enough now as it is.

I just want there to be a woman around as long as possible. But I can see Brit going soon , if not this week, next week.

Sasha said...

OK, not really much to say but my wv is "flouter" as in many posters are complaining that flouters are going to win. :)

joyn said...

Ragan's memory is almost frightening.

Lane's is almost pitiful.

Anonymous said...

ok so i'll be in the minority...i don't mind if any of the brigade wins. they did do something in the house. form a tight alliance that stuck together til the end! i think ragan is a smart guy but a "mean girl" who broke just about every rule he preached about. i'm pulling for a brit win. and i'm glad she didn't flip-flop by teaming up with brendan. she knows the game and at least stuck to her guns

Anonymous said...

Brit has won POV twice, and didn't use it. What makes you people think she will change Lane's noms???


chris said...

Brit won't change the noms
If Matt had outed his brigade to her and Ragan she would.
If Matt outed the brigade on the way out Brit would now be on the block so that she would have no chance to save Ragan.
Ragan should go to Brit and tell her what he believes to be, but she trusts Lane.
Ragan may on the other hand believe he will win POV and at this rate in a morphomatic or question about the house he will.
And Brit will go up and I think out!
I don't think Ragan will vote for her either so there will be no tie, altho I would love to see it and have Lane have to send Enzo or Brit out. Ragan will not vote against the house! Those boys will work on him to not have a tie they will promise him everything they can. I for one hope if Ragan does win POV that he does in fact force a tie, thus showing Brit that those guys are aligned!

Anonymous said...

I would love to see Brit go home and Lane being the one to send her.

Anon-MA said...

Chris - Good dies it do to have Britney find out they guys are aligned by having Lane evict her. It's a little late then. And she would probably still vote for him in the final 2 I think.

I agree that being in the cocoon they are in makes thinking clearly difficult -- except for Ragan. Once he got over his bro-mance backstabbing, he has been laser focused and crystal clear. Too bad it's a bit too late.

I really hope they show us some jury house soon. The regular house has gotten pretty BORING.

Anon-MA said...

** should say "what good does it do.."

Sorry about that.