Monday, August 30, 2010

Big Brother 12 - Live Feeds Monday Daytime - August 30

Call me a mean girl.
But she should know there's a camera behind the mirror!

Ragan improvises.

Here's the skinny from inside that Big Brother House of Punish Them Some More, Please:
  • Kudos to whomever thought of the punishments. Not so much the first one with the silverware and glasses.
  • But both the puppet and dancing rocked!
  • The best dancing for them was the "rock" track.
  • The best to watch for me was the classical music. Enzo actually swayed around to the music, Ragan tried ballet, Britney reminded me of Mary Tyler Moore dancing to the Nutcracker Suite her first Christmas at the station. But Hayden and Lane ... they jumped around, wiggled their hands and just couldn't cope!
  • Heck, Future Funk did the waltz better than Hayden and Lane!
  • Britney, a hotel sales manager, advised the others to never pay full price for a hotel room.
  • I'll remember that.
  • Enzo is making a spaceship with macaroni, foil and other odd bits and pieces.
  • Mind you, it's model size. He's not about to do a Chicken George and try to blast off.
  • The feeds were blocked for the Power of Veto ceremony.
  • When they came back, Enzo had taken himself off the block and Lane put Hayden up.
  • Hayden volunteered as it's all but a done deal that Ragan is going this week.
  • Lane had been worried that Enzo, with his push to evict Britney as an ongoing thing for weeks, might try to vote her out instead of Ragan.
  • Lane and Hayden have also been talking about a final three sans Enzo.
  • They think they're the most evenly matched final two, but either could win against Britney with the jury vote.
  • They're not so sure of their chances with Enzo.
  • They still believe in the lie from the saboteur about lifelong friends and think it's Andrew and Brendon.
  • Silly boys.
  • Lane and Hayden actually think they'll have show business type opportunities when they leave the show.
  • Silly boys.
  • At least Britney is just still hoping that she'll have a job. She doesn't think people will recognize her.
  • I think it's time for Enzo to keep his game stepped up. If not, his boys will off the Meow Meow.

Look how filthy the kitchen is! They lay around whining that they're bored, yet junk is all over every counter, dishes aren't done, etc. I guess they don't believe in putting things back in the refrigerator after they pour a glass (bowl) and such. What pigs! Kathy, Brendon and Andrew were the only ones who cleaned on a regular basis. It's no wonder that have an ant and roach problem. Plus, this is being televised! Yikes! I would be so embarrassed!


Joe in NY said...

potentially dumb move by Lane. If Ragan were smart (big if?) and hasn't given up (big if? This group as a whole just quits too easily), he would try to swing Enzo and Brit to oust Hayden. It would actually be a good move for both Brit and Enzo, although Brit may not see it.

This Brigade has been successful, but they really are a bunch of dumb asses. If they nominate Brit as a pawn they are guaranteed to survive the week. Instead, they nominate Hayden (a MAJOR threat) as a pawn against an insecure Enzo.

monty924 said...

Jackie, I have to say that I stayed up way to late last night watching the dancing. I couldn't help it, and every time they danced I laughed so hard and had tears rolling when Enzo was dancing in the shower (with Lane, Britney and Hayden in the BY doing their rendition of 'the dance'). I think that is the most fun I've had on the feeds since I started watching them during All-Stars. Moments like that remind me how great the feeds are.

We also had fun watching Enzo build his tin foil space ship. Man was he obsessed with that thing.

I'm glad Lane nominated Hayden and not Britney. It means we have one more thing to debate between now and Thursday. Personally, I want Britney and Lane to come to the conclusion that they need to Hayden out of there or he will win.

I would love to see both Brit and Ragan survive this week. Do I think it will happen? NO! But its fun dreaming. :)

monty924 said...


Hayden is up against Ragan. It should be a sure bet that they will vote Ragan out, but you never know in the game of BB.

monty924 said...

Nevermind, I just read your comment again. (JOE)

I actually think Britney has a better chance of swaying Lane to break a tie than going with Enzo... but I see your point too.

Ragan still has a fighting chance. :)

Sally said...

Why do some houseguests always think their stint in the BB house is going to lead to show business opportunities? Have any former houseguests gotten any fame after the show? (Other than maybe something related to later seasons of BB?)

I know Jeff and Jordan did TAR and Jeff is doing Around the World, but that all has CBS tie-ins and cross-promotion.

Becky said...

UGH!!!! Can you imagine living in such filth? Can you imagine letting your family see you sitting on your duff while things get more and more filthy? Especially since they sit around complaining about how bored they are. I thought about them living in a dirty house as they voted out all of the house cleaners. And wonder who is cooking? Didn't Brendon do the cooking up until they showed him the door?

Anon-MA said...

They really never do seem to consider keeping someone who cooks and cleans. In fact they thought Kathy was the saboteur when she found the note while making the bed. Silly rabbits...(uh, hamsters).

I agree that voting Hayden out would make a much better game. But I think it's just our wishful thinking to get some excitement going here. Enzo will never be able to convince Britney, and I'm not sure he wants to try. If Hayden doesn't go home Enzo has no chance unless he becomes a comp winning machine. I think after Ragan, Enzo will be Lane & Hayden's next target, not Brit.

Anonymous said...

I would love to see Enzo surprise people again and win either HoH or POV. It could happen. Nobody thought he'd win POV this time.

Anonymous said...

People also thought Brenden was going to go out a lot easier than he did. And Enzo doesn't have to hold on that long.

monty924 said...

If Enzo wins the final 4 POV then I will have respect for his game. :)

joyn said...

Watching BBAD. Ragan and Britney talking of possible scenarios for the rest of the game. Britney tells him she's aware of them already and tells him she's not stupid and she knows what's going on. She really isn't stupid. Ragan agrees. Ragan plans to talk to Lane about maybe taking Hayden out. Britney isn't optomistic but agrees he should try. Ragan says he'll talk to Lane soon (before he loses his nerve).

Ragan and Britney also both agree that Enzo would not vote out Hayden.

Anonymous said...

i still want lane to win, i dont know why....yes i do, i cant stand anyone

joyn said...

Lane and Hayden are trying to hustle Enzo into winning the next HOH, as it will be his last chance for pix of his daughter and a family letter. They do want him to win so that he'll put up Britney and they won't have to.

Watch Parenthood Online said...

Jackie i must say its a very nice blog thanks for sharing.I would like to see Britney to win.

chris said...

joe you mean hayden against ragan
lane was worried that if he put brit up she might go.
he believes that brit will keep her word and get ragan out.
that is all he needs
cause he is the tie breaker vote if there were one.
he wants to assure his own spot in the final two and with brit or hayden he believes he has it.

chris said...

I would not keep Ragan around if I were those hamsters.
I think if ragan made it to the end he just might get the money.
then again it depends how people vote.
there is always an element of dislike that affects the voting, we see it here, and in survivor (hello russell hantz)
depends on who steps up and wins the next few hoh/pov etc. That could be ragan and then lane and brit are toast.
endurance in final 3 woudl be ragans to lose!

RyzandShyn said...

I'm glad to read that there was something fun to watch on the feeds. I'm looking forward to seeing the dance scenes on the show.
That kitchen looks like the beginnings of a hoarding show. Ants are annoying enough, but roaches now too? I'd have a hard time sleeping without knowing I'd scrubbed everything.
Ousting Hayden would be a big move, but I think the three B members are committed to being the F3 and duking it out.

Joe in NY said...

chris said...
joe you mean hayden against ragan
lane was worried that if he put brit up she might go.
he believes that brit will keep her word and get ragan out.
that is all he needs
cause he is the tie breaker vote if there were one.
he wants to assure his own spot in the final two and with brit or hayden he believes he has it.

8/31/2010 6:05 AM

If you read my comment more carefully, that's exactly what I said. Brit and Enzo have the only two votes.

Lane may claim he's trying to protect Brit but that only means he doesn't trust the Brigade. If he put up Brit against Ragan, the Brigade has all the votes. With Ragan agains Hayden, the Brigade only has one of two votes and that vote is Enzo who has good reason to be suspicious of Lane and Hayden since they keep using him as a pawn.

Best move for Enzo and Brit would be to keep Ragan and take out Hayden. But they won't see it. They have no strategy beyond getting out Brenchel and this last week sort of proves it. The "Brigade" is a shambles

Anonymous said...

Who is Britney trying to fool, she isn't about to vote Hayden out either, if she was she also would be trying to get Lane to try and convince Enzo to vote out Hayden, instead she told Ragan he should try. What I don't understand is why can't Ragan see that she's working with them also, he knows how the back door thing works and he's not wondering why Lane didn't put Britney up. However she still doesn't realize that she is just being used. Lane didn't put her up for the same reason he and Hayden want Enzo to win HOH so Enzo will have to Britney up and keep their hands clean, ensuring at least Lane a jury vote. Hayden isn't worried about Lane beating him in the end. And even if Britney has had an "epiphany", it's too late, she had her chance when Brendon was there but she had such contempt for him, she didn't play with her mind and made it personal. For a chance at $500K I could have contained myself for a couple of more weeks,(however you have to use some mature thinking, for which she doesn't have)but again these people all played with their emotions. If Britney doesn't win HOH or POV, she's out of there and if she makes it to the final2 she wont beat either Lane or Hayden. If Brit is smart (which she isn't) she would keep Enzo in the game and try and take him with her to the F2. Of course if she wins HOH she will put Enzo and Hayden up and Enzo is out. So once Ragan is gone she might come to realize that she's all alone. So after saying all of this I hope she goes home next week, NO win for Britney PLEASE not even second place.

Joe in NY said...

Actually, Enzo might go next. The POV holder has the ONLY vote. If Enzo is not HOH or POV holder how would they vote.

Brit - Enzo against either Lane or Hayden? She'd take out Enzo, I think.

Hayden - Enzo against Brit or Lane. He might vote out Brit, but he may take out Enzo as they keep using him as a pawn.

Lane - Enzo against Brit or Hayden. Definitely votes out Enzo as he is trying to keep both Brit and Hayden in the game since he knows either of them would take him to Final 2.

JimmyB said...

I live alone and am NO housekeeper...That makes my kitchen look great! Thanks, Jackie; I feel vindicated!

Anonymous said...

Britney tells him she's aware of them already and tells him she's not stupid

Convince yourself Brittany.
Ummm you are stupid, your obsession with Brandon = STUPID!

Anonymous said...

Joe in NY.

Britney's only chance to win as I see it is with Enzo in the F2 with her, but she wont see it. I really dont think Hayden and Lane are so sure that they would beat Brit in the end, they need her in the jury house to secure a vote for at least Lane. They kept putting Enzo up because they knew whomever has HOH is going to do whatever they say, they have almost controlled every HOH winner. We know that house practically voted unanimously everytime. Enso probably wont beat them in comps, but Britney could. So it wouldn' be wise to for them to have Brit in the final3.

joyn said...

Britney told Ragan last night that she was hoping for the 50 thou because she didn't think she'd win against Lane, Hayden or Enzo. Said she was totally alone in the house. The brigade keep saying that if Enzo is in the final two, he will win.

Anonymous said...

Dumb move by Lane. We could see Hayden toast.

I do not think Hayden is guaranteed a win. I really don't. I know everyone thinks he'll get the most votes, but it's iffy.

I can see it being a tie, unless Ragan convinces Brit to vote Hayden and she convinces Enzo to do the same. Could happen because when the guys promised to vote out Brenden, they went against her wishes, she could do the same.

Poor Ragan, but I'm a brigade fan, so Go Brigade and get rid of Ragan.