Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Big Brother 12 - Live Feeds Tuesday Daytime - August 31

Ragan goes over his speech to Lane with Britney.

Apparently Ragan hasn't lost all his fight within himself to stay in the game. Here are today's happenings from inside that Big Brother House of Circling Helicopters:
  • After moping, fussing and curling up in a fetal ball, the fighting Ragan has once again emerged.
  • No, not like the cat fight with Rachel.
  • Ragan was up first this morning and went over his proposed speech to Lane while alone in the hammock.
  • He has good points.
  • The assumption is that Hayden will vote Ragan out while Britney will vote out Hayden. (Yes, it's a big assumption.)
  • Lane would be the tiebreaker.
  • These are Ragan's thoughts, but I can't disagree with him -- if Lane is in the final two with either Enzo or Hayden, he loses. No matter what, he can't beat either of the two.
  • But, if he's in the final two with either Britney or Ragan, he should definitely carry the jury votes for the big win.
  • If the question is posed about never making a power move, this would be it for Lane.
  • Ragan practiced and repracticed his speech, then told Britney.
  • Britney thinks the best she can do is second place despite the fact "the boys" are saying she'd win at the end.
  • No, one of them would win against her with the jury votes.
  • Britney against anyone but Ragan would lose the big money.
  • Ragan can only get second prize tops. He's just made too many enemies.
  • Everyone thinks Enzo is the one that must leave before the final two. He has no blood on his hands, has never been responsible for an eviction and has been friends with every single person in the house.
  • Finally Ragan went over his points with Lane.
  • Lane nodded a lot.
  • Although I've grown kind of fond of the Jersey boy, I agree with Ragan. Lane won't win against either Hayden or Enzo.
  • It seems like he's seriously considering it.
  • He told Britney he wants to take her to the final two.
  • Of course, Lane and Hayden have a final two pact.
  • If Hayden gets voted out this week, the three working against Enzo (who's bad in comps) should easily knock him out of the game.
  • Lane told Britney that Hayden won the trip and the money in that PoV game.
  • She told him she wouldn't say anything.
  • She already had a clue because Hayden is the only one who asked if the jury would know who took the prizes.
  • In other house news, for some reason there are a lot of helicopters in the area.
  • Also, someone on the CBS lot yelled Ragan's name. The feeds cut away when that happened.
  • In my own house news, I really need to eat dinner.
  • Later!

Ragan going over his PowerPoint presentation with fingertips.


monty924 said...

I want this to be like the ED moment when Justin went packing. I want Hayden voted out and Ragan still in there to play the game. Lane already planted the seed, now will he follow up and vote Hayden out? That is the question.

I know, I'm evil that way. :)

Laurie said...

Love your caption about the Power Point!

Anonymous said...

wonder if lane with actually listen to ragan? wonder what the deal is with the helicopters? hope you had a good dinner jackie! -jeannemarie

JimmyB said...

Monty--I certainly agree. Would love to see that happen. Shake it up and keep it interesting (not to mention entertaining) for us.

joyn said...

If Lane goes along with B&R's new plan, he may well find himself out the door next. I doubt Brit is feeling all that loyal to Lane anymore. Next they get rid of Enzo and, Voila!, Britney and Ragan in f2. It could happen.

joyn said...

Britney gets the half mil and Ragan ends up with 70 thou. Not bad for summer wages.

Even though I hope it doesn't happen.

Justene said...

I am thoroughly confused. WHY won't Lane win against Hayden or Enzo?

monty924 said...

Lane won't win in the jury house unless he's against Britney or Ragan, and even then it is iffy.

Hayden has ties to everyone in the house and hasn't made any enemies. Enzo would be the likable doh of the Brigade in the F2. If the Brigade is in the jury house, Enzo or Hayden wins.

Lane's only shot is to go up against Britney or Ragan. He has the Brenchel hatred, that's two votes, and he only needs two others. If Hayden is a choice, he wins it hands down.

Lane's only other alliance was to Britney and that is only one vote on the jury. At the same time that Lane was smoozing Britney in a side alliance, Hayden had one with the Brigade, had one with Brendon (thus Rachel), and was super nice to Kathy and Ragan. They all love Hayden. :)

Enzo had an alliance with the Brigade, Brendon, and is super funny and personable with the other HGs.

Lane didn't make personal connections with anyone other than Britney.

That is why Lane will not win against the Brigade and Hayden and Enzo will.

Anonymous said...

The real question is, how quickly will Lane tell the other houseguests what Ragan said?

I betting today at the first opportunity.

monty924 said...

He already spilled the beans to Enzo and Hayden. It doesn't matter at this point. It is Lane's to vote, if it comes to a tie, and will he do it?

Witt said...

Even with Ragan's points, I'm not sure Lane will go against Hayden. They've been too tight for too long for that to happen now. I'm hoping Lane will seriously consider that he wouldn't win against Hayden and reconsider, but I'm not holding my breath!

Witt :)

Anonymous said...


I will say it again, I just don't understand these people that come into a game to win $500K, and be willing to give it up to a friend that they've known all of less that 2 months. It just behooves me. I have had the same best friend for more than 40 years and I wouldn't give her $500k. Lane can not beat Hayden under any circumstances, I'm not really sure Lane could beat any of these hamsters that are left, but he definately wont win against Hayden, why all of these idiots run and tell everything is beyond me, so what advantage was it for him to tell them what Ragan said, unless his plan is to send Ragan packing anyway.

Anonymous said...

So now big mouth Lane has a big problem if he sends Hayden or Britney home at any time and he can't beat either one of them. He might have been able to beat Ragan if he had taken Ragan to the final2 now if he does that he's toast.

Anonymous said...


So funny. I'm not on the live feeds, but when I read the writ-up, my immediate reaction was that he would immediately tell someone.

It probably won't affect the game, but just the possibility should have had him keeping it to himself.


monty924 said...


I'm not sure any of us, feeds or not, can predict what these folks will do. They are an odd bunch for sure. They don't have the benefit that we do in knowing what the others are saying, but one has to wonder just how dense are they?

Still hoping for fireworks on Thursday. Please oh please! :)

Anonymous said...

Please, Please, Please CBS....Finish this show and put us out of our misery. Surprise us with a "Expect the unexpected" moment and have the first ever TRIPLE EVICTION!!!

Anonymous said...

Ragan is still talking to the air only this time he is swigging wine out of the bottle at the same time. He's not drunk but he makes me laugh because he is acting like a lunatic. LOL

The Unit Download said...

I like the episode of August 31 that was quite interesting hope more interesting episodes will occur in the show.

chris said...

I am not so sure lane would beat ragan in the finals
i would hope so but am not certain
i think he could beat britney for the same reasons you all say he could beat ragan.
He did not piss off rachel or brendon. matt thinks she is a succubus,and if hayden and enzo make jury who do they vote for?
my fear is if ragan stays he wins and i just don't like him at all!

ML said...

I was just realizing yet again, what a wonderful collection of blogs and collaboration of community we have here. Excellent work, Jackie!

Anonymous said...

witt, you are probably a taker in your relationship with that friend of 40 years...but a true connected friendship with heart and mind connection will do anything for a friend, and it doesnt have to take a whole 40 years to find it or keep it, the heart loves right-a-way...see, i already like you, too...lol

Anonymous said...

not to witt, but to anonymous...lol