Saturday, August 28, 2010

Big Brother 12 - POV Winner

Pigs must be flying over Bayonne tonight.

Enzo won the veto.

I'll have a full report up late tonight ... very long day.


ORKMommy said...

Wow!! Enzo finally pulled one out! I guess we'll be saying goodbye to Ragan now. Unless Hayden and Enzo decide to get rid of Lane's 'girlfriend'!

joyn said...

What the heck have you been waitin' for, Enzo?

tbc said...

I live in NY and saw the pigs fly...

chris said...

wow who would have even thought that?
what was the comp, questions about new jersey and the penquin costume.
funny how not one poster on here myself included even thought of the scenario where enzo wins pov and takes himself off the block.
this actually could help brit if they stick to getting out ragan

joyn said...

I think they're probably more nervous about Ragan because of his memory, but I'm sure Britney will be out soon. Enzo winning anything might be just enough for H&L to want him out sooner than Britney though.

The brigade is about even now, isn't it? Hayden's first comp was basicly given to him. So they've each won one comp, right? Kind of evens it all out.

RyzandShyn said...

I know I was thinking morphomatic, and not even thinking of Enzo winning that.
Otev! They do it every year, and yet I didn't think of it or see it mentioned.
Not too swift, eh?
wv: coutd - Who'd believe Enzo coutd win?

lynn1 said...

While I was at the grocery store today I happen to see Muscle Milk which Lane loves. He told Julie that it tastes like Thanksgiving dinner.
It is a no lactose protein drink/shake. I didn't see any that looked like they would taste like Thanksgiving dinner though. The flavors available at my store were Vanilla Cream, Chocolate, Banana and Cookies and Cream.
WTG Enzo. I wonder if the the flying pigs came out of New Orleans. Some people said the pigs were flying when the Saints won the Superbowl!

Joe in NY said...

They should probably vote out Brit if they are smart. That would take away Lane's other option and even things out for the MLB. Brit has won more comps than Ragan anyway, so it's a toss-up there, but none of the MLB have anything going with Ragan so if I were Hayden and Enzo it would be an easy vote.

Of course, if Lane decides to get cute he could put up Hayden as a pawn in which case it is a no-brainer for Enzo and Brit to toss out Hayden. Let's see how dumb they are!!!

monty924 said...

If any of these scenarios will come to pass, then the MLB really is the DAB! Who would have ever thought Enzo would win PoV. Anything can happen.

I almost want Ragan in there more than Britney at this point. :)

ML said...

Looking forward to your week in review and pictures, Jackie It's hard to believe how fast these weeks are passing!