Saturday, September 11, 2010

Big Brother 12 - Live Feeds Into Saturday Morning, September 11

Yesterday was a whole lotta nuthin' in that Big Brother House of the Boredom Brigade:
  • It's like they're in a suspension of time and space in the house. Nothing can or will be done until they know the outcome of the third part of the HOH comp.
  • Unless something is really on the lowdown, it's Enzo who will get the boot.
  • And he knows it.
  • Enzo exiled himself, napping and wanting to go home, for most of the day.
  • Lane and Hayden worked out, played with their Nerf football and did all kinds of teenage boy stuff.
  • Enzo finally came out of his total slump.
  • They played cards.
  • Then they played Jenga.
  • Enzo was the one who knocked over the stack, the loser.
  • As it will probably be on Wednesday, too.
  • They set up the Jenga pieces like dominoes in a trail and set them off.
  • They are bored.
  • They should dance. That would be entertaining.
  • But they won't.
  • Perhaps they should stand on their heads.
  • But they won't.
  • We're doomed to boredom for four more days.
  • It's not even like they have either intelligent or interesting conversations.
  • Sigh.


Big Ed said...

if you're right and Enzo is out I say Lane wins.

chris said...

not sure why enzo would just roll over
he would have a persuasive argument to lane to take him over hayden should lane somehow win part 3
remember part 3 is a crapshoot with jury member questions
not always an obvious answer.
even julie chen in her blog said lane could beat enzo but not hayden in final two.

RyzandShyn said...

Good Morning!
Oh boy, sorry Jackie, that really is a whole bunch of nothing.
Wasn't Alison and Jun in there for a long time as F2? Evilette and Maggot also? That was torture as I remember.
I'm voting for fan favorite at the cbs website and throwing my votes to Brit and Enzo. I liked their game and think they should leave with something extra. Ragan got his something extra already.
I also believe that Hayden should take Lane for the win and Lane should take Enzo if he wants to have a shot at winning. The Lane-Enzo combo is more of a crapshoot and might make for some excitment during voting.

chris said...


totally agree
but lane may stay loyal to hayden
the way i see it is lane should take enzo cause at worst he is second place, and he knows he is second place with hayden
lane won't beat hayden, no way no how
go lane make this interesting
he could win part 3

Anonymous said...

I TRIED watching BBAD last night. It was so boring!

I hope Enzo talks to Lane, but per the writing on the wall, it seems he's 'letting Death take him.'

Even production sees this last week as predictable/boring as they try try and fail to stir it up.

I don't begrudge either Lane nor Hayden the money, but I've watched them all season, and they left no
lasting impression other than just a couple of very young guys with interests and experiences that I have zero connection to.

The end of this season just feels like one big wet firecracker. Ugh.


Anonymous said...

not sure why enzo would just roll over

Brit rolled over after she was told about their brigade alliance.

Anonymous said...

Matt, Ragan, Brit all rolled over. Now enzo.

Anonymous said...

why does cbs do this each year? they stretch it out way to much. should be final on sunday night and be done with it. But no we get even more days of watching nothing

joyn said...

I'm pretty sure that Enzo will not be in the f2 simply because Britney had convinced both Hayden and Lane that Enzo would win. Tho it was only part of her plan to survive in the house, they are convinced it's true. It's too bad for Lane that she did that in a way because he might have had a chance to win with Enzo in f2.

Sally said...

If nothing else, Jackie, the boredom in the BB house must make your coverage of the live feeds easier--a lot to FF and little to analyze/report.

The boredome might be good for me and other viewers too, as it weans us off any BB addiction, so we won't have to go cold turkey when the season ends. To be honest, though, I'm not sure this season was captivating enough to create any addicts.

Thanks again for adding so much to the BB experience, Jackie. You'll have your life back again soon.

Anonymous said...

Check out THE SOUP on E! this week if you didn't see it last night. There is a BB clip with a previously booted hamster. The joke that follows is funny but VERY RUDE!

There is also a clip from TAR that has been floating around for some time. Check out the link:


chris said...

well well
apparently lane is thinking
he told enzo he would take him to final two if he wins part 3
i think that would be a good idea, giving him a chance to actually win, but i think he should have kept it to himself for a while longer.
if enzo tells hayden, or acts differently hayden may not take lane!

Sydney said...

Hang in there Ben -- do you like Survivor or the Amazing Race?

Anonymous said...


I just got into TAR a couple seasons ago, but I've been into SURVIVOR since S2. This is actually the first full season of BB I have been devoted to it.

I have already joined the pool for SURVIVOR. I'm really looking forward to it, but I have to admit it will also be a nice change of pace from the countless hours I've spent between BB and BBAD.

I guess I'm just a born complainer. Ha! Have a good night!


Sydney said...

great, so you'll be commenting with us then. I've enjoyed your posts during BB. How about you Chris, Sally, etc...?

Sally said...

Sydney, I like TAR and will be around here for that. Hope your schedule allows you to be here frequently, as your comments add so much to the conversation.

I have mixed feeling about Survivor and only watch that occasionally. I'm very squeamish about watching the contestants eat things like animal eyeballs or brains, and hate seeing anyone catch fish, kill chickens or butcher a pig, etc., especially when they don't know what they're doing. (Yea, I'm a vegetarian.) Survivor seems to have a lot more of that that BB or TAR.

I'll probably skip Dancing with the Stars this year, unless I'm bored beyond belief.

But I'll be here for sure every week for a Sunday visit with Jackie and Vincent.

ML said...

Hey Sydney, I finally got to read through the comments from this past week and saw your comment to Sasha and me. I still(!) am having some problems with my e-mail and was out of town. What is up regarding bachelor pad, or is it too late?

Anonymous said...

OMG! Jessie from BB10 to BB 47 just made a HUGE announcement! They have it on Jokers. I don't want to ruin it for everyone. Check it out when you get a chance.

Sasha said...

Anon 5:16 Thanks?? LOL

O M G over the top obnoxious as usual -- I feel ridiculous that I even looked at Jessie's "news".

Sydney said...

Hey ML, not too late. if you want to still e-mail me if your stuff is up and running, it would be great. Before tomorrow if possible

Thanks! :-)

Witt said...

Sasha, I feel stupid too. I can't believe there is actually someone THAT self-absorbed.

Witt :)

lynn1 said...

I really believe that Jessie and Rachel could be made for each other. Self absorbed, no social skills, delusional, completely clueless. As long as they stayed in Vegas where they could be a circus act and didn't reproduce the world would be a better place.