Monday, September 13, 2010

Big Brother 12 - Live Feeds Monday, Sept. 13

A whole lotta nothin' going on:
  • Talking about sports.
  • Talking about being in the final three.
  • Playing with the Nerf ball.
  • Delusions of future fame.
  • Rinse and repeat.


BJ said...

My comment on the last post was not ment as a responce to you. The fact that Rachel refers to herself as "Vegas" is what bothers me. When I worked in the casinos people like her were run out the door back to the streets.
I know that is harsh, but loud, brash hustlers were not welcome.

Justene said...

Every now and then they talk about what the DR told them or told someone else. It seems to me that there is more interference this year than in previous seasons. Jackie, what do you think?

Anonymous said...

Ben, I can see that happening. Why would the casinos want someone as brash as Rachel?

Jackie, I love your last sentence:

Rinse and repeat. LOL


joyn said...

I agree about the heavier interference this season and I'm not crazy about it.

I mentioned a couple of things a couple of posts ago from Entertainment Weekly mag. One other thing from where Julie Chen apparently writes a blog on BB, was that Julie thinks the dancing punishment should be a "permanent" feature in future seasons. I hope that happens.

Anonymous said...

The irony is that it is very true that casinos try to keep loud brash hustlers out of the casinos,
at least those not directly employed by the house. No one is ever allowed to separate the visitor from their money EXCEPT the house.

Kind of like how drug dealers fight off competition on the corner.

ML said...

Haha anonymous, I'd check your thumbs tomorrow morning.

My wv is rentabs- what Jessie will have to do if he parties in Vegas too much.

Anonymous said...

BB UK has always had the dancing, USA running out of ideas

Anonymous said...


I would like to thank you for another great year of info! I am mostly a lurker and I really appreciate your posts. Keep up the great work and I'll see you for the next season of BB!


gaylos said...

Hey i missed a few episodes of BB this season, due to vacation etc.

Can someone please explain "Vegas" in reference to Rachel to me? Did she work there? I notice she had a "pimp" cup marked "Vegas". Does she use the word as a euphemism for alcohol?

cha cha said...

Around this time every year I begin to think that DR has too much influence.

These three Doe Doe's really haven't watched this show except for when in sequester befor the show starts. We have heard all season they watched the last two seasons then. Otherwise they would see they wont get any big gigs after they get out of the house.
Last week they were talking about Lindsey Lohan, Demi Moore and other actresses at the Finale Party.

Unfortunetly this whole I am Vegas thing is for exposure. If anyone has seen the show Rehab on Trutv this is how some of the bartender/hostesses are. They make alot of money and are there for there looks. I really don't see how any of these managers would want people like that but a girl from the show Real World was hired for that reality show and it seemed to work on the first episode. She brought in money.

I just keep thinking about all these hamsters talking about how they will be back for allstars. How Enzo thinks he will. Just because he was the "brains of this alliance" and I use the term brains loosly, he hasn't done anything. To think he could win anything is really irritating to me.

cha cha said...

It is what Rachel is. Not where she lives or works.
On one of her drunk rants all she said was I AM VEGAS. She really made and ASS out of herself

Anonymous said...

in previous years, bb dr has always is just that they are now letting it leak out more...that is what big brother stand for "playin with these puppets"....they make fights by telling one hamster something that the other hamster said or did and try to make it into a fighting thing....the WHOLE show is about the diary room and what you cant see "the BIG BROTHER" do...all game comes from probably didnt see that they had influenced enzo the dummy to call the brigade the brigade and to name the other 3 guys...cause when meow meow was in jersey he had already had a name so they went with it....
"Big Brother" the dr is trying to hip you more to the idea that they ARE there....

Anonymous said...

ps thanks jackie, ive been with you since day 1, its been wonderful....pat:>

Margo said...

I posted the survivor pools teams on the last post (the Survivor one).


DKNYNC said...

Hi Margo,
Is it too late for me to get into the Survivor pool?

gaylos said...

Oh great... I got the oddball... Thanks Margo's mom! Lol! Survivors ready?

Witt said...

Rinse and repeat....ROFL!!!
Jackie, you can make the most mundane, boring things funny. Thank you!

This time of year (when they are just waiting for the finale) is like watching grass grow. I wish this portion was just a little shorter; it has to be as hard on them as it is for us.

Though I find it amusing that Enzo thinks that he's going to be famous!! Can anyone name the person who finished third in the BB's? I know I'm having a hard time doing it.

Witt :)

chris said...

she finished third twice
just saying
but I agree there is no fame for any of them
remember Dan and Memphis had an alliance and they were going to do something with the name etc.
these guys will have some notoriety in their home towns for a few days and thats it.

Margo said...

DKNYNC sorry but the pool closed at 11 this morning. The teams have been assigned. You are welcome to join in on whichever floatie you want.

Sydney said...







Sydney said...

Hi everybody. I canceled what I had signed up for tonight at a convention so I can switch a doctor's think I have to go to tomorrow night to TONIGHT so I can be here at Jackies with all of you for BB and Survivor. I have my prioirities. I could tivo it but I'd miss out on the live party.

I think the DR has gotten far more involved in the last FEW years... earlier in the game and now. Don't like it, at all.

Sydney said...

Hey Gaylos -- How are you!

ML said...

Damn straight SR. I will be here tomorrow with bells on!

Nina said...

So will either guy take Enzo?

monty924 said...

If Lane has a brain cell still intact, he better take Enzo! JMO :)

Anonymous said...

Waiting anxiously for 8 p.m. Can't wait to see Survivor, then BB.

Go Hayden!

Sydney said...

Someone else said this but I guess this last week does serve to help us get off our addiction... but it's really that I am checking now to see what either Jackie or all of you have written, and even that is slowing down... but just until tomorrow...

Thank you Margo for doing the pool!

Anonymous said...

usta pack is a whiner