Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Big Brother 13 Live Feeds Into Tuesday Dawn 7/12/11

Ew, ew! Rachel is all glittery-slinky!

You have to wonder what the hamsters would do if they didn't have the Showtime After Dark show coming on every night. BB might not give them alcohol to prime 'em up for Showtime. Heck, they might even just go to sleep.

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Clueless Clowns:
  • Daniele said the last Golden Key means nothing. While the feeds got blocked, I'm thinking she's saying that due to its timing -- the next week the duos are singles.
  • I think.
  • Why doesn't production ever listen to me and get rid of that chess game? Unless they're using it as a cover to talk strategy, it's monotonous.
  • Rachel and Brendon rehashed the comps so far this season in case it comes up in a future comp.
  • In talking about fights, Jordan said the only time she ever got really mad at Jeff was one night when he stayed out until 4 AM and didn't call her.
  • Brendon and Rachel claimed they only fight about/on Big Brother.
  • Oh yeah, sure.
  • Jordan said that while she really liked Jeff in the house their season, it wasn't until after the season ended that she fell in love with him.
  • She also thinks she's too immature to get married right now.
  • Kalia and Lawon had a Keith bashing session.
  • There was super joy and dancing when the Have Nots found out that they go off of slop at midnight Tuesday night. Kalia, in particular, was beside herself.
  • BB gave them alcohol. They played their "Big Booty" game.
  • That has them kissing a Memory Wall picture and then shaking their booty.
  • Real fun going on here, eh?
  • Dominic and Lawon want Brendon off before Rachel because they think he's smarter.
  • I wish they would just consider the "annoying laugh and skankyisms" first as a basis.
  • Is it too much to ask?
  • Rachel imbibed too much and was generally obnoxious.
  • Are you surprised?
  • Brendon told her she and Porsche drank too much and said she shouldn't drink so much in the house.
  • She rolled her eyes at him and said she did nothing wrong.
  • He went on and on about how he wanted to be taken seriously and didn't want to be associated with her drinking behavior.
  • She got defensive.
  • The more things change, the more they remain the same.
  • While I wanted a brouhaha, these Brendon/Rachel co-dependent teary tiffs are all like watching a bad movie over and over again.
  • Lawon told Cassi that, in the beginning, he thought she and Shelly were a mother/daughter twist.
  • Keith is still campaigning for votes.
  • But he's not the same Keith who came in all smiling that first day.
  • Maybe it's his evil and moody twin brother.
  • More later!

Hammock hamsters


Petals said...

Thanks Ms. Jackie! Kudos to Jordan, smart girl. I hope she & Jeff really work.
At the other end of the couples spectrum: ICK! on Brenchal.
I know we have "seen" Brendan's member, I dont think he has custody of it.
My WV is "outta", as in "I am outta here. Have a great day!"

chacha said...

Brenchal- Yuck, already tired of him and his big toe.
Last night my man and I(insert joke here) rewatched sundays episode. Knowing that Dick is gone I am really going to miss him.
He really did run the house the first few days he was there.

How can anyone think Brendan is smarter than Rachel. She really is smarter game wise at times.
Can't wait for Thursdays show.

Anonymous said...

The fourth "Golden Key" "means nothing" because it would turn back to tin before the fifth nomination.

Sasha said...

Hi All. Jackie, hope your knee is feeling better each day! As always, thanks for your updates and humor :)

Margo, please please please can I be in the pool? Thank you so much.

I have to say that while I'd be happier without Rachel in there, at least it's not Jessie! OMG, that would have made me even crazier.

Season 13...can't even believe it.

Margo said...

Ha ha Sasha....YES let us all THANK GOODNESS Jessie did not come back. Or at least not yet. YIKES.

I will post a pool update later this evening. I have to make sure that my work list matches the home list. I have corrected the Donna situation and added Sasha, Sally & chris today.