Sunday, July 10, 2011

Big Brother 13 Live Feeds Sunday Into the Evening 07/10/11

The Haves gather in the kitchen.

I need to say a few things before I get into the (non)happenings inside the BB13 house today. First off -- since the feeds came live after the first five (six?) days, I never did quite get why Porsche was such a target. Well, duh ... thanks to the show, I realize she isn't or, at least, wasn't. Keith was the target all along.

The second thing is that I need to grouse about the silly Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday scheduling. There's always down time in the house, but this makes things even worse. It's like all of the real action in the house is pretty much crammed into two days then it's boredom, HoH fantasies and tall tales for the rest of the time.

Oh, well. Here's the scoop from inside that Big Brother House of Loquacious Lackeys:
  • Sunday, huh? That means the only big event will be the PoV Meeting.
  • Adam and Dominic told Brenchel that they'd vote with them and, if they get HoH next week, they won't put them up as they didn't get nominated this week.
  • Rachel, dislike her as I do, is actually trying to include Jeff and Jordan in protection deals.
  • I like Jeff and Jordan. So far they're the only ones I'm really enjoying watching on the live feeds.
  • Brendon said the Lawon and Kalia are the Newbies duo the Veterans trust the most. Hmm ...
  • Of course, he said that TO them.
  • So, it's not necessarily true!
  • Brendon assured Porsche that she's safe this week (and, obviously for the next three weeks, too).
  • Brendon, Jeff and Rachel think they need to get Lawon, Dominic and Cassi out as soon as they can.
  • Oh my! That would mean, if Keith goes this week, the Regulators will be dust in the wind!
  • No one really knows about the Regulators -- Cassi, Dominic, Keith and Lawon -- as of yet. I don't think it will matter in the grand scheme of things.
  • No one is quite sure why Keith lied about his job. It slipped that he's an HR manager, not a matchmaker.
  • Then what the heck is the focus on the show about his deacon sideline?
  • The PoV ceremony (blocked to the feeds) came up with the results I predicted yesterday. It wasn't used thus Keith and Porsche are still on the block.
  • The hamsters are still confused about how the Golden Key thing will work out with an "advance" key to Daniele.
  • I'm confused, too.
  • Huh. The hamsters aren't allowed to wear white clothes.
  • That confuses me, too.
  • Tons of small talk today. That and the old "when I'm HoH" or "If so-and-so gets HoH."
  • Gah. BORING!
  • They talked about previous seasons.
  • Some worked out.
  • Nothing to see here, folks. Move along, move along.

One day I'm going to post just weird expressions.

Have Not Huddle as the Haves were in the kitchen.


monty924 said...

I've hated the Sunday, Wednesday, Thursday schedule ever since they started that a couple of seasons ago. It is torture on the feeders. Bring back the Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday schedule BB!!!

monty924 said...

Didn't the early seasons air on Saturday nights? I don't know why I'm thinking that, but I remember watching around S3 (when I became a never miss an episode BB person, but before I got the feeds) and I think it was Thursday, Saturday and Tuesday. Oh well, the feeds are boring now, and just wondering. :)

Jackie said...

Yes, it was on Saturday nights for a year or two. he first season it was on every night!

Petals said...

I have a niggle - I keep thinking that Dick & Daniele have an agent that has set-up something with CBS so that each get maximum exposure. Hence Daniele getting a special key. They both seemed Sooo less-than-thrilled to be there, and Dick even left. I think they are/were being compensated greatly for their appearance on the show, and with the key, Daniele doesnt have to do ANYTHING in there. Just a thought.

Jason said...

The reason for Sundays and Wednesdays are that they are placeholders for The Amazing Race and Survivor on the CBS schedule.

And BB1 eventually aired for only six days per week (no Sundays).