Friday, September 02, 2011

Big Brother 13 Live Feeds Into Friday Afternoon 9/02

Rachel reads her HoH letter and DOES NOT CRY.

At least after the live show, we have some action for a couple of days before the doldrums set in again. I'm dreading when it's down to two of these hamsters for the last bunch of days. But, that's not now and now actually has stuff going on! Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Krazy Koi:
  • Last night, after the HoH comp ended, Adam lamented that it hadn't been a donut EATING contest. He's sure he would have won that!
  • I don't know. I think Kalia could give him a run for the money when it comes to eating!
  • The new newbie alliance already has a crack in it because Porsche, smart gal she is, realized that Kalia voted to keep Shelly.
  • Kalia told her it was because Rachel and Jordan told her they were voting for Adam to go and she didn't want to vote against the house.
  • Yeah, right. She actually had less to fear from Shelly staying. Adam is a Porsche buddy and would knock Kalia out before Porsche.
  • Well, that is if he could ever win anything!
  • Kalia thinks shes her own worst critic.
  • Wait until she reads internet sites!
  • Porsche, who's barely talked game all season, has latched onto Adam and strategy talk. Is she deserting Kalia? Hmmm ...
  • In the HoH comp, at the 13 minute time limit, Rachel had 20 donuts while Jordan and Adam came in second with 15 donuts each. Kalia was far behind.
  • In her HoH room, Rachel got photos of herself and Brendon.
  • Kalia is worried that Rachel and Jordan are after her because they led her to believe Adam was being voted out just five minutes before the vote.
  • Jordan tried to point out to Adam that Porsche will dump him whenever as she was more concerned about going along with the house than saving him.
  • Rachel and Jordan have decided that Kalia needs to be their target for the week as she's more "dangerous" than Porsche and Adam is just a waffler.
  • They're right about Kalia. But, I for one, despite my annoyance at her various annoying habits on the feeds and even her voice ... would rather see her in the finals over either Adam or Porsche. She has played a better game, methinks.
  • Don't take that for me liking her, though!
  • Rachel doesn't like being in the HoH room without Brendon.
  • I prefer she's there without Brendon. She's like a different person without him in the house (well, after the second time he left, that is).
  • They got booze last night. Without Brendon, Rachel behaves okay with booze.
  • Kalia was the first one to run to Rachel's HoH room to try to save her butt.
  • Although she is the target, Rachel seems to agree with me that, of the bunch, Kalia is the one trying the hardest in the game.
  • But I had to switch cams then. Kalia's never-ending circular conversation was driving me nutso!
  • If they have a talking comp, Kalia would knock it out of the park!
  • Rachel thinks the upcoming week will be a shortened one. She's right.
  • Then came ... Pandora's Box! Well, trivia for us, excitement for them.
  • Rachel opened it because it said something bad for her, good for the house.
  • The house got one of those clothes sprees and Tori Spelling.
  • Adam is in love.
  • Rachel, once again, got Jessie.
  • Sigh. What the hell is wrong with Allison Grodner that she thinks anyone ever wants to see that jerk again?!? STOP BRINGING HIM BACK! LET HIM VANISH!
  • The others grabbed clothes for Rachel, too.
  • Adam got a couple of dresses for his girlfriend.
  • Rachel could see them shopping and Tori Spelling-ing while she suffered with Jessie.
  • Nominations are later today. When I know, you'll know!

What being a hamster will do to you ...

Jordan, however, always maintains her cuteness.

Maybe now Porsche will burn that pink velour sweat suit!

Adam looks better in a good hat.

The spree results!


Anonymous said...

Errr... so supposed Rachel DIDN'T open Pandora's Box?

What would happen to Tori Spelling after Julie promised a celebrity Pandora twist...hmmmm....

I'm surprised at Jessie being there. He was on Dick at Nite last week (or the week before) and never even hinted at it. Either he's really good at keeping quiet (but really no hints...from him?) or they told him near the last minute...


Petals said...

Anon - exactly! The "fix" is in.
I know my NYBF Joe believes that the govt monitors game shows, etc and he is doubtful that any of BB is rigged. I DISAGREE! This is A) not considered or titled as a game show, B) manipulation of the daily outcome is allowed, and C) under the law, a "fixed" game is one in which one player is secretly bribed and then advised on what to say or do to collect the promised reward. Sorry Joe...I just dont think the Quiz Show law applies here.

This season,imo, has been the most scripted, the worst cast, and the most obviously manipulated of all the seasons. :(

Anonymous said...

Julie said the vote was 2-1.....Jordan and Rachel both voted out Shelly. Kalia voted out Adam.

Ninboh said...

I don't think the winner is scripted. I can't predict who win will win it all. My first choice would be Rachel b/c I'm a fan. My second is Porsche b/c she's my pool pick.

Anonymous said...

Oooooops! Mea culpa....I thought you said Kalia voted Shelly OUT.... you said she voted her (to stay) IN.

Witt said...

Petals: love the fortune teller picture!

Witt :)

Anonymous said...

Oh and FTW, Jessie is beyond annoying. Grodner has to have a hard-on for him. @@ And yes, I know Grodner is a she.

ORKMommy said...

Nobody wants to see Jessie BUT he does make a great 'bad' prize. I don't think Grodner has a hard on for him, I think she just uses him as a punishment and he's too dumb to realize it!

My WV is 'lessess'. The lessess I have to see Jessie, the happier I am!

Anonymous said...

Yes Petals. I definitely agree. I think this season has been the most gimmicky of them all and more obviously "manipulated." I won't use the word "rigged" or completely fixed as in they KNOW who the winner will be and bribe contestants, but they most definitely have this show down to a science and are pulling strings so to speak.

Why would they even bring Jessie back. That to me shows that the producers are definitely concerned about using gimmicks for ratings and interest, which I used to think BB was beyond.

And Tori Spelling? Please tell me she has a new movie or CBS show coming out. Otherwise I am inclined to believe that she is there mostly for Adam. But if these things are planned well in advanced before the show premiers how would they have known Adam would still be in the house.

I don't think the winner is chosen per se as in scripted, but the show is most definitely carefully planned, blocked and staged.


Holly said...

I have been converted (from last summers BB) into a Rachel fan! I think she (and Jordan) are really playing the game and Rachel is a great competitor! I cannot stand Kalia or Porsche! Hope they get them both out ASAP! I thinks J and R should be F2 with a Rachel WIN=) Just my opinion! Thanks Jackie for the updates as usual!

Anonymous said...


I think the reason there are so many twists and rules in the game is because that gives BB more control of it.

This game started out as a social experiment, just putting a bunch of diverse interesting people in a house where America chose the winner. Then game play strategy started to develop thanks to Dr. Will and (black) Danielle and interesting personalities have become characters to root for. The twists allow the hamsters' fate to be at least in part controlled by the show and not just the viewers or the contestants themselves.


Anonymous said...

The Real World also started out as a simple raw social experiment. But as it became more popular and producers started to learn what viewers liked and wanted to see, the show began casting more stereotypical, less diverse characters and editing became a lot more misleading.

Anonymous said...

Petals & ~~~ - I agree. I don't think the producers really care who wins, but, like all producers, they do care about how many viewers tune in. Because ratings translate to dollars, they do what they can to maximize their ratings, and manipulate the "game" for that purpose.

That means (1) keeping the game interesting by preserving competing viable alliances, and (2) keeping the players they believe are most compelling to viewers in the house as long as they can.

Sissy said...

In my opinion my thoughts are that Rachel should get rid on Porshe before Kalia only because now towards the end will be mostly endurance competitions and I think Porshe would be better at those. Kalia is good at the question comps (both here HOH's were questions). At this point I don't think Adam can win anything, even his one POV was basically thrown to him (although he acted like he won it). I'd like to see a R/J finale and (although I hate to say it too) a Rachael win, Jordon second and Jeff winning the viewers vote for favorite house guest for $25,000 assuming they'll have that this year too.

monty924 said...

Honestly, I wouldn't even watch BB after ten years on the air if they didn't do something different. I'm not a BB purest, and from what I have heard from folks who actually watched season 1, it wasn't that great.

Love the twists. They don't always help my favs but it keeps things interesting in the BB fan world and here at Jackie's place. :)

Anonymous said...

I think Kalia could win at an endurance comp. Her first HOH was endurance, right? or at least during the endurance comps she is usually close. while her strong suit is definitely quizzes. Though she fails at anything physical that requires a lot of movement.

I see Porshe and Kalia going up. But Porshe has a good chance at pulling herself off. Kalia doesn't stand a chance, especially with Rachel playing. Without Jeff, Rachel is the new comp beast.

Becky said...

The first thing this AM I watched the show on the computer.

I too have become a Rachel fan this year. I am pulling for a Rachel/Jordan win.

OrkyMommy - loved your WV. I am not a Jesse fan -- but agree that he is a good punishment.

I think it was nice of Rachel to take the Pandora knowing that it would be bad for her, good for the hamsters. And it was good of them to grab some stuff for her.

Anonymous said...

Hi everyone! Love this blog...thanks for all you do Jackie!! Just wanted to jump in here...I think the best bet would be for Kalia and Porche to go up...I am pretty sure that Adam won't win POV so if either of them do and pull themselves of the block they can still put Adam up as a replacement. If they put Adam on the block and the one not on the block wins and pulls one off the only other replacement is Jordan. I hope they think this through...I want Jordan and Rachel in final 2!!

Ilze said...

I have to agree with what Monte heard about BB 1. That first season everyone seemed to get along, no big fights. They didn't have the HOH (did they) and didn't America vote on who was to be evicted or did America just vote the winner? Wow, 10 years ago and I can't remember, then again I can barely remember what I had for breakfast this morning. The one thing I do remember is that Eddie (the one legged guy) won and I remember when Brittany was voted out, Ediie going into the backyard and started yelling "BRITTANY!!!!"

JimmyB said...

Two things are baffling: WHY would Rachel open the box? Makes no sense. I think they must'a signed some agreement that they'll always open it.

And WHY in the world do they keep bringing this jerk Jesse back? No one liked him, + he's a (2,3?) time loser. He was almost universally disliked. It's like a grease stain.

Anonymous said...

JimmyB "It's like a grease stain."

That made my day!! LMAO


JimmyB said...

My pleasure, Sharon.

jason :) said...

James from BB 6 all stars said it best: they don't cast Characters they cast people to fit into characters

Justene said...

I think this line of discussion hs fallen off -- has anyone noticed that no one in production quit when Dani left.

Anonymous said...



Sally said...

I'm confused: if Pandora's Box promised something bad for Rachel, something good for the house, why would Rachel open it?

Doesn't seem to make sense.

Anonymous said...

Maybe to garner good will from everyone?


Nina said...

I thought someone said that there was good and bad with Pandora's box today? Rachael got the bad and that was Jessie. I think it was a good move on Grodners part to have Jessie be part of it. It's sure going to make some of us laugh because many can't stand him. Poor Rachael. Did you see the pink shirt he gave her? lol

As far as who I would like to see in final three, it's Rachael, Jorden and Kalia. It's not a matter of liking any one, it's how they've played the game. Adam just coasted through. He does have being respectful going for him, but Kalia, in spite of her never being able to stop talking, was part of the comps and did participate in the game more than Adam or Porche.

I have watched BB since the beginning. Was Rennie in the first show? I'd like to see her back in an all stars if they ever have one. Some mentioned that this years show was boring or something like that. I found this years BB very entertaining and worth watching.

Jackie, some of the captions with the pictures you put up are priceless. Especially the one with Kalia, the affects of being a hamster.

ANonnyMouse said...

I am pretty sure that the 2 HOH comps that Kalia won were both mental/"quizzes" not physical/endurance ones.

monty924 said...

Nina, like your comment. Renny was in S11 with Dan, Memphis and Keesha. I loved Renny and still laugh out loud, literally, whenever I watch her getting stuck in the honey and just rolling around in it. Her not so PC imitation of little people (ala Tim Conway on the Carol Burnett show and the Dorf character) also makes my sides hurt. Loved me some Renny! :)

Anonymous said...

Now, if it were Dr. Will instead of Jessie - I would be excited. Rachel deserves to win - Jordan is lucky she attached to Rachel - her game has been weak (IMO)

Anonymous said...

Does Rachel realize she can't beat Jorden in the final two? Brendon and Jeff woulod vote as expected. Adam and Shelly have repeatedly stated they don't trust Rachel. Dani, Porsche and Kalia have mocked her relentlessly, and Rachel went out of her way to insult S and D in her good-bye messages. I can't see her game play getting her 3 votes no matter how well she finishes.

Anonymous said...

I thought that was nice they picked something out for Rachel.