Monday, September 05, 2011

Big Brother 13 Live Feeds Into Monday Morning 9/05

Adam still holds the power this week

No, I haven't forgotten y'all ... there just isn't all that much new to report. Here's the latest from that Big Brother House of Fools:
  • The PoV meeting hasn't gone down yet. I expect it later today.
  • Doesn't matter; Adam will NOT be using the Power of Veto.
  • Not only has he told Rachel and Jordan he won't (and, when the dude actually commits like that, he sticks to it), but he told US ... the live feed watchers.
  • I wish Adam was more interesting when he talks to the feeds watchers. He's no Dick at Nite show.
  • But, at least he DOES talk to us when he's alone.
  • They continue to all get along when together, no brouhahas.
  • They continue to play cards made out of tea bags.
  • Except Jordan, that is. She doesn't really like (know how?) to play cards.
  • Porsche is now sporting a new puke green velour sweat suit. @@
  • They all seem to be dressing up in their new clothes for PoV this morning.
  • Porsche is now wearing a floor-length dress with a hoodie over it. @@
  • Kalia and Porsche still work on Adam whenever they're separately alone with him, often throwing each other under the reality TV bus.
  • But it ain't gonna happen. He won't use it.
  • It still looks like Kalia will go this week.
  • Despite Kalia's extremely annoying personal habits and voice, I'd still prefer Porsche go.
  • Now that Porsche is actually shown doing stuff other than sleeping on the feeds, I'm not impressed.
  • Rachel continues to be normal-acting sans Brendon.
  • She might want to think about that when she gets out of the house.
  • That's all she wrote ...

Hanging out with Adam ... love the gown and hoodie, not!

Tea bag card game in action.


Petals said...

Maybe Porche's dress is a maxi? They are raging now, and look best on slender girls? Just a thought (because I'd love to wear one, but my oompa-loompa shape would not wear it well)

Happy Labor Day everyone!
Thanks Jackie!

TerryinPA said...

petals, as a fellow oompa loompa I wouldnt either.
Jackie thanks for posting even whenits boring.........yawn..........Im glad to see kalia go, she thought she was just all that and a handful of snacks...

meb said...

The other night on BBAD, while Kalia was talking...and talking... production, for a split second, kept showing a digital clock. It took me a while to figure out that they were making fun of how long she was talking without letting anyone else say a word. LMAO when I 'got' it.

She is either talking or eating and talking with her mouth full cause she's also always eating...

Then she swore before coming in the house she wouldn't be a cryer... aaah! no points!

And for those who think Jordon is putting on an act... trust me... she is just that naive. I've seen her interviewed on shows and I believe she wouldn't purposely try to make herself look dumb. As much as I like her, she really says some stupid stuff sometimes. Like 'Broadway in LA' question. I just cringed when she asked that.

~~Silk said...

(Whisper - there IS a Broadway in L.A., runs one block south of Santa Monica Blvd.)

meb said...

Silk... well how 'dumb' does that make me? Wow!