Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Big Brother 14: Live Feeds Tuesday Night into Wednesday Morning - July 31-Aug. 1

Her future's so bright that she's wearing shades?

So, what's up in that Big Brother House of Sanctimonious Sillies? Here's the latest!
  • Danielle seems to be committed to voting out Frank. She told Joe she would as well as Janelle and Company.
  • But now BRITNEY is having second thoughts about evicting Frank instead of Joe!
  • It's the weekly waffles, methinks!
  • Janelle had her big talk with Wil (remember, the two attached at the hip had a fall-out).
  • He told her that she made him feel worthless and he was upset, not mad per se.
  • Aww, that brought Janelle to tears. She never meant to hurt his feelings!
  • All is peachy keen in the world once again.
  • Dan told Danielle that her infatuation with Shane is affecting her game.
  • Y'think?
  • Shane maintains that they're "just friends."
  • But Danielle just doesn't get the hint.
  • Frank said the Diary Room wants him to call out Joe and Janelle about the lies they're saying about him.
  • Oh, but the Diary Room and production NEVER interfere, right?
  •  Coach Dan told his Danielle to make sure that Britney doesn't change her mind and decide to target Joe.
  • Boogie said that he'll be mad if Frank goes and, if his team wins the HoH, NO ONE is allowed in the room.
  • @@
  • Wil told Shane that he'd keep him over Joe in the future because Joe runs to Janelle blabbing all the time.
  • Danielle still thinks Ashley is trying to "steal" Shane. She referred to Ashley as that "drug loving crazy."
  • Aha, maybe she IS stoned all the time! (Ashley, that is.) I know she was on medication early in the game, but she should be off of it now!
  • They continue to discuss what will happen IF the coaches come into the game.
  • IF? That's a laugh! I say WHEN, pre-determined.
  • Britney and Dan think Janelle's very different from her previous seasons -- lying more.
  • I think she's very different, as well. I don't like her so much. Maybe it's just that she's a better competitor than she is a coach.
  • Janelle really can't be trusted, although this is indeed a game where deceit often gets one ahead.
  • Dan had a long talk with Ian.
  • Ian seemed to think he was being interrogated.
  • It still seems that Frank will be evicted, but that's subject to change between now and tomorrow night. 

Da Bearsss

Britney is scheming

Six Pack Shane exercising


RJM in SC said...

Think I might miss Frank. KNOW I won't miss Joe!

RBennie said...

I really hope it's Frank that goes, mainly because I don't want Boogie to be happy, LOL. I'm not really for the idea of the coaches coming into the game, but I am excited to see Janey in player mode.

Jackie, I know the word verification is necessary, but it's killing me, LOL. Could it be any blurrier?

RJM in SC said...

I agree with you on the word verification. I am old. I can't see. I am blond. I have to do it over and over because I keep guessing the wrong letters or numbers. Remember when they used to be fun? Making silly names to go with the show

Terry is a Texan! said...

I agree totally I dont want Boogie to be happy.....he needs some fear like the others...
I just wish I could hear Janelle talk about her great hubby and daughter....has she at all??

Witt said...

Is it just me, or that the Olympics are on, or that Boogie is in the house AGAIN, that I can't quite get up the energy to watch the show? Thank goodness Jackie is keeping me in the know.

I don't know how old you are, RJM in SC, but I'm having a hard time with the WV too! Jackie said that if it doesn't go through the first time, hang in there; subsequent tries are usually easier (which is true).

Witt :)
WV: 17yTabel: I can fit 17 at my dining room "tabel". LOL

monty924 said...

Joe finally got a warning from BB about eating while a have-not! It's about time, BB!

Susan in MA said...

I thought they were targeting Joe this week. I like Frank, though he is a big threat to the others. I have the feeds, but I haven't been keeping up. Kinda dull...

Jackie said...

I seriously can't do anything about the word verification. I turn it off during the heavy show posting times. But I get totally spambotted when I leave it off. If you can't read the first one, just automatically hit for another one until you get an easier one.

monty924 said...

Susan, I think the original target was Joe, but that was before Janelle put this whole thing in motion to get Frank out. Right now it still looks like Frank is out the door tomorrow night. I actually love it because Boogie will be down to only two loyal people if the coaches/when the coaches go back in. :)