Friday, September 07, 2012

Big Brother 14: Live Feeds and New HoH Thursday Into Friday - Sept. 6-7

Who wants to see my HoH room?

"Oh my goodness, what a night," - Ian Terry

The kid is right. After last night's double eviction show, there was another HoH comp held in the wee hours. Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Revolving HoH Winners:
  • When the live feeds returned, Dan had to use his mist to the utmost as he tried to assure Danielle he knew she had the votes to stay.
  • She wanted to know why he didn't put up Jenn.
  • He told her he panicked.
  • Yeah, right. 
  • She was not a happy camper.
  • Even both Shane and Ian telling her she looked beautiful didn't help.
  • Of course, she re-covered the crater on her forehead (which she wouldn't have if she had left it alone!).
  • Dan also had to remist Ian, but that went down a lot easier.
  • After all, Ian is a renegade, not a woman scorned.
  • But ... the unhappiest camper of all?
  • Oh, not Shane. Be real. He's like the Scarecrow, without a brain in the game.
  • I'm talking Jenncity.
  • She brooded. She was so down, I swear I saw a personal storm cloud floating above her head.
  • Really.
  • She eventually got called to the Diary Room.
  • After she washed just about every dish in the house, when Danielle tried to help her, she walked away.
  • Jenn told Ian that she was close to him in the comp.
  • I just remember that Joe and Shane were just about tied for last.
  • They did hear the crowd cheer as Ian got his fin out of the maze.
  • Ian, with his extra energy already, paced wildly with adrenalin for more than a few hours. I didn't think he'd ever settle down.
  • Ian told the others that Jenn feels all alone.
  • Well, she is. She knows it.
  • Jenn told Danielle the fact that Shane wasn't touched by Dan at all means that he has a deal with him.
  • Huh. We know Dan has separate deals with Danielle and Ian. He nominated both of them.
  • We know that Dan is only really faithful to himself. And his wife, but she isn't in the house.
  • Dan got his HoH basket and a letter from his wife.
  • Upon seeing her photo, Jenn claimed she's been "out-chicked." Um. Wil probably out-chicked Jenn.
  • The feeds were then blocked for the HoH comp.
  • And ... oh my goodness, IAN WON HOH!
  • Jenn once again said she almost won.
  • Shane thinks it will be Jenn out this week.
  • But which of the Quack Pack will go on the block with her?
  • Jenn is talking again. She says Frank did himself in with his ego.
  • Alone in a room, Ian said to himself (and us) - "A socially inept loser made it to the final four."
  • His HoH room was full of all kinds of junk food and a letter from his grandparents.
  • Aw.
  • Dan seems to really have him in his mist.
  • Ian may have made a mistake when he told Dan he'd like to see Danielle go home.
  • Dan told him he should nominate Shane and Jenn, then replace Shane with Danielle if he wins veto.
  • I personally think getting Dan out should be a must for ANYONE left in the house at this point.
  • But I haven't been misted, they have.
  • Nominations should be later today. Until they happen, I'm not really sure who's going up.
  • It will all come down to who wins the veto this time.
  • Oh my goodness. 

Why did Dan nominate ME?

Ian's real only trusted ally

Jenncity feels like Godzilla is stomping and snarling

Dan re-mists Danielle

I should have been HoH, not Ian!


MikesGirl said...

I could use a little mist this morning!

Thanks Jackie!

RBennie said...

Oh well, there goes my hope that Ian would be the next one out the door. I wonder if he realizes he would have been gone if he hadn't won that POV last night. I know no one liked Joe, but I was sorry to see him go. He went out with a great attitude.

Petals said...

Rbennie, I liked Joe. I thought he was a good guy.

lynn1 said...

I didn't dislike Joe. He seems like a decent guy.
I am an Ian fan. I hope he makes f2. I think everyone is gunning for Ian now.
The only one of the remaining hamsters I want to see leave is Dani. She gets on my last nerve.
I would love for Ian to nominate Dan & Dani. Problem is that I don't know that Dani would be the one to leave.
For me the perfect F2 would be Dan & Ian. I just don't believe that is going to happen though.

RBennie said...

Dan and Ian would be foolish to take each other to F2. They are each other's biggest competition. I think Ian would be the winner of the two.

tbc said...

"Wil probably out-chicked Jenn" love it!!!

Anonymous said...

Jackie I love coming here! So much more interesting with your commentary and you are great at giving the best details and summary. Jokers is too much work for me. THANKS, JACKIE!!!

Sharon said...

Ian does much better emotionally when he wins Veto. With HOH, he gets all excited and over-wrought. To my view, he loses insight.

I know Ian is misted, but I can't help but hope that Dan will still honor their F2 and not unload him at the first opportunity. Probably a dream, but if it is Dan and Ian in the F2, at least it will be the BEST of the remaining HGs to Win the money(s).

If that does happen, I will vote Britney for America's Favorite. If Ian doesn't make it to the F2, I will vote for him.

It would be nice having good players win all the cash! I can't bring myself to want Frank to win anything over Dan, Ian or Brit.

Judy said...

Thanks, Jackie - I have been so anxious to find out what happened in the second HOH.

"Upon seeing her photo, Jenn claimed she's been "out-chicked." Um. Wil probably out-chicked Jenn"

Love it, Jackie!

I am SO HAPPY that Ian won HOH. He was on his way out the door, and he knew it. I agree with the poster last night who said that Ian was the only person to look ahead at the maze while he was doing it. I really felt for him - his hands were shaking afterward.

A question: how is it even possible for Ian to win HOH? Shouldn't he have had to sit out this comp? Or is it late enough in the season that he doesn't have to?

I agree that Dan is his biggest rival at this point. THINK, IAN - you can do it!

lynn1 said...

@ Sharon,The problem is Dan has an f2 with Dani and Jenn as well as Ian. Dan probably thinks he can eat Jenn easily in f2 and he can claim the only reason Dani made it to F2 is because he protected her as her coach. I believe he knows Ian would beat him in the F2.

lynn1 said...

I meant beat not eat jenn

RBennie said...

I agree Lynn. I think Dan's true
F3 scenario is him, Danielle and Jen. That would pretty much assure him the win. He wants Ian and Shane out of there. It's so funny to me that these people don't talk to each other enough to realize that Dan made F2 deals with all of them, LOL.

Sharon said...

Devilish Dan has made F2 alliances with almost everyone, including now-gone Frank.
It's just wishing thinking that the 2 best remaining would be in the F2, even if only 1 gets the big money.

Ed in Ohio said...


What will the little guy do?


& then there's the Veto

Tami said...

Judy, Ian could win the HOH because Dan was the last HOH if only for an hour.

tbc said...

lynn1 - thanks for clearing that up!! LOL

lynn1 said...

There were a couple of earthquakes in CA this morning one near Fresno and one in Beverly Hills. I wonder if the Hamsters felt the on in Beverly Hills

FA said...

Jackie, Wil outchicking Jenn, funny funny stuffy. You're the best.

I believe that Dan's true F2 alliance is with Dani. This man is driven by ego, no matter his humble act. He came into the game to prove his coaching skills, and getting Dani to the end will accomplish that. Then, he convinces the jury that even though he already won, that he deserves to win again and they give it to him over Dani.

Ian is a fool to allow himself to be misted. The only way he gets Dan out this week is to put up Dani and hope that Shane or her win POV and take her down so that Dan can go up. If that happens, how would Dani and Shane vote? I think they might split the vote and let Ian decide. Then he should boot Dan. But Ian has been misted so it won't happen.

Hey BBAD, when the choice is between showing Dani and Jenn or Ian and Dan, please make the right choice. I FF through all scenes of Dani/Jenn, makes viewing so much shorter.

Ian for the win!!!

Anonymous said...

If Ian doesn't get wise and out Dan this week he won't win. He will be next to go for sure.

Judy said...

Tami, thanks - I forgot that Dan had it (I think my brain is melting from all the heat and humidity)!

I am getting *nothing* on the feeds - no fish, no trivia, just a white screen. Is this happening to anyone else?

Sharon, I am planning the same thing - Brit for Favorite if Ian is in the F2, otherwise Ian. I wonder if a lot of people will vote for Frank???

Sharon said...

Pandora's again today.
Looks like everyone got Video messages from family... except Ian.
Sounds like Ian got Rachel instead!

Critical Media said...

Getting rid of Dan is NOT a good idea. NO ONE in the jury is going to let him win taking him to Final Two is genious.

meb said...

Sharon... I hope Rachel was able to talk game with Ian and she convinced him to take Dan out. Of course, with Dan putting Ian on the block, hopefully Ian will reciprocate or at least backdoor Dan. I like Dan and would like to see a Dan/Ian F2, but I don't think that will happen if Dan stays in the game, so Ian... TAKE HIM OUT!

meb said...

CM... people in the jury usually will reward good player strategy, even when they don't like the player. Dan will definitely win if he makes it to the end.

Sharon said...

Meb, from the sounds of it, Rachel wasn't actually there... it was a video message from her too.

That would make more sense if her wedding really is tomorrow.

Everything happened so fast yesterday that I would bet her "message" would be something that could cover just about anyone.