Thursday, September 06, 2012

Big Brother 14: Live Feeds Wednesday Overnight into Thursday - Sept. 5-6

He rocks on the hammock all night long singing his song

Hey, what's up with those lovable hamsters in that Big Brother House of Scheming Demons? Read on ...
  • Since they weren't locked in, they're assuming the HoH competition will be a quiz that doesn't need huge set-up time.
  • Ian's doing his best to wear out the new hammock. As nice as it is, I don't think it was meant for that much rocking.
  • Danielle told Frank she doesn't like the sock monkey because its head is too long -- it's the kind of thing that will sneak up in the night and kill you.
  • Dan loves his sock monkey, though.
  • Joe and Frank talked. They said they think they have one vote each for sure. When Frank asked Joe if his was Shane's vote, Joe told him it was Jenn's.
  • Hahahaha
  • Frank told Ian that, if he stays, he can shield him.
  • Yeah, that's just great.
  • Danielle said she won't vote for Frank to stay if a pot of gold and glitter fell from the sky.
  • Of course, she didn't say that to Frank.
  • Dan and Danielle think the whole house still believes they're against each other.
  • They continue their plans for the final two.
  • And, they talked about continuing the ruse that Jenn is in the final three with them.
  • Dan talked to Ian about the Renegades and their final two.
  • Dan talked to Frank about getting down to business and the final two after the eviction this week.
  • My gosh. There must be a mist. Anyone else in a house with so few hamsters would find out about all these final two deals!
  • Danielle has popped and picked at the pimple on her forehead so much that we can just call her Cyclops.
  • She puts gobs and gobs of makeup on it.
  • Danielle would prefer a final three with herself, Dan and Shane.
  • Dan doesn't want Shane in that mix ... probably because Shane might win a comp and would choose Danielle over him.
  • Jenn told Frank she's scared that he's going home.
  • Well, wouldn't that be better than YOU going home, Jenn? Sheesh.
  • Joe, ever the one to float to power, now acts like Ian is his best friend and ally.
  • He claims that the perfect final two would be Ian and himself.
  • Yeah, that would be okay with me.
  • Because Ian would win!
  • Joe thinks that Ian needn't worry if Jenn wins HoH in a double eviction tonight because she's probably working with Dan and she'd go after Shane.
  • I don't think they need to worry about Jenn winning HoH.
  • Danielle got all upset at a comment Shane made. She told Joe that he's probably a mama's boy and is inconsiderate. She wants a MAN, not a BOY.
  • @@
  • Well, he never really wanted her in the first place. I think he has grown fond of her in a friend sort of way, but that's it.
  • As he thought she was also upset with Dan, Joe told her that Dan takes the game very seriously and that he only said that she was dead to him in the GAME, not in life.
  • And on it goes ... where it'll stop, no one knows. 

They call me the Mist, I keep misting down the road

It's in the cards, Frank. It really is.

Pretty, I'm so pretty ... with my third eye.


Anonymous said...

My eyes! That picture of Danielle is scary. Love the picture captions and the update. Jackie has the best recap site on the internet.


RBennie said...

Wow, that last picture of Danielle is truly frightening. I don't know why, but I'm suddenly feeling sorry for Frank. He put up a heck of a fight and I feel bad that he's going to be so blindsided. What I don't understand is why he is so trusting of Dan. Oh yeah, I forgot, it's the mist. Do we really even know who Dan would want to be sitting with in the final two? I think from his point of view, Ian is the only one left that he might not be able to beat.

Donna in Alabama said...

I have heard Dan wants Jenn or Danielle in F2... it would be no contest that way.

I too thought that about Frank RBennie until I realized the whole house lied to Jannelle the same way when she was evicted. Now I do not feel sorry for him.

Does Frank's hair keep his ball cap from sitting on his head right? He needs to learn how to pull the cap down over his hair and wear it right or not wear one at all!!

Janice said...


Thanks for the great recaps! I just don't know how you do it, do you ever sleep?

Thanks again...

P.S. Can't believe my "pool pick" Joe is still in the house! LOL

Ed in Ohio said...

Is it possible Dani is 'playin' them all? Could Danielle be using her emotions (i.e. showmance/nomance with shane)to her benefit? Getting sympathy from the other houseguests? Nah!

That last pic of her on Jackie's recap...aahh speechless!

Jackie for some reason after reading your recap this AM I've been singing 'Rockin Robin' in my head all morning!

RBennie said...

It makes me think of Janelle's eviction also Donna. Her eviction was worse, of course, because she was backdoored and did not have the opportunity to try to save herself. Frank, at least, did have a chance to try to save himself in the POV comp, and almost won. It just seems so mean spirited to me for them to let him think he's staying. They didn't do that to Britney or Boogie for that matter.

lynn1 said...

dani may have career opportunities in Horror movies or scifi shows.
Jackie you probably should have put a warning on dani's photos for people with weak hearts, pregnant women small children, etc.

Anonymous said...

The picture of Danielle....very scary. That should be a poster of what NOT to do to your eyebrows. She has lots of trouble but those eyebrows totally BUG!!!

tbc said...

Yeah, that pic. of Dani is frightening!


meb said...

Lynn1... your warning for dani's photos is ROFLMBO funny!

Scary can't even be the word to describe that picture of Dani... hideous is pretty good.

Jackie... your captions are hysterical.. and I agree with Janice... do you ever sleep???

Sharon said...

Jackie brings up a lot of things I've been thinking about...

Ian's rocking hammock - it wasn't meant to be used like that. It only took a couple of days and if you watch while he rocks, you can see the hammock's 'posts' aren't stable anymore.

Can't remember which, but one of the hamsters said they don't want Frank to think they are "considering" evicting him because they know he won't leave them alone and will start to bully them.

Danielle is one mighty good liar... with a scary zit-crater face. She tells everyone she's going to explode if Frank doesn't leave her alone. Then he laid on the bed with her last night, for a long time, and she was quite able to be nice as pie. He's clueless.

I don't feel bad for Frank at all. When Janelle was going to be evicted, he and Boogie enjoyed the heck out of the fact she was going to be blindsided.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know if tonight is a double eviction???

Sharon said...

Anon 3:00
Yes, it is. Julie announced it last week. Hamsters don't know, but figure DE or FF is coming up soon.

Sandaroo1 said...

Sorry hit anonymous by mistake. These darn letters to type in stink .....

Sandaroo1 said...

Thank u Sharon....appreciate it!!

IAgirlsmom said...

I'm feeling bad for Frank too - even with the Janelle and Britney thing. Seems like when he makes an alliance he beleive in it. They've make alliances with him and then tried to ut him before. He's just a gentler soul then Dan. I wish he had some sense of it before the POV and used what he knew about Dan throwing everyone under the bus to save himself. He seems to be more naive than the others so that's why I think this'll hurt more. Wish they'd give him a heads up - Jenn at least.

Sharon said...

TRIVIA has been on Jokers since 11:18.

I just checked out the TV schedule for tonight and BB has been slipped an hour because of the DEM Convention. At least it's not slipped until after midnight, like it was with the GOP convention.

Patty said...

I wish Frank did know he was going to be voted out tonight. I am sure he would start unloading everything he knows and he would stir the pot up fast. It would leave the rest of them not trusting anyone and play for themselves. Something tells me Frank will not go quietly. He will be talking all the way out. Of course with the remaining ones, they will be in such a shock, none of them will absorb a word he says.

It should be an interesting vote. I am interested in how Jen will vote. A 3-1 or 2-2 or a 4-0 vote? I guess we will find out soon.

I hope they show the arrivals of Ashley and Brit tonight. I miss Brit's humor. I have enjoyed watching Frank's morning sessions with us. It beats checking the feeds, only to find them all sleeping.

I do hope if Ian goes up, he is able to win POV and take himself off the block.

I wonder also if the coup d'etat will surface? We have not seen that this season.

Petals said...

Dunno, anon. Lotsa wondering about that. Hmmm.

Patty said...

I meant to say that it "could" leave the rest of them not trusting anyone and playing for themselves.

monty924 said...

Frank's okay without Boogie... just okay. Don't feel a bit bad for him leaving though.

Sharon said...

Actually, the only alliance Frank has really been loyal to was Boogie.
Yes, Frank got temporarily misted into taking Dan off the block and getting rid of Britney.
Frank and Dan made that "misted" alliance, but soon became clear that it's one that neither planned on honoring.

meb said...

Sharon, I agree with you... I don't feel bad for Frank either because he and Boogie did have a great time over getting Janelle blindsided.

I watched some of Jeff's interviews and the one with Ashley I had to stop mid way... she is so clueless. The one with Boogie I enjoyed most of, and Jeff asked to do the 'telephone bit' with him... it was pretty good. Janelle acting bored throughout, like she really didn't want to be there.

I'm trying to give myself something to do while we wait for tonight. Again gotta thank Jackie for getting us through these lapses of entertainment.

Petals said...

For the record, count me among those who have NO sympathy for Frank, or Britney, for that matter.

Susan in MA said...

I gotta say, I'm really disappointed in Dan's game. I know it's "only a game" but he has lied more than anyone, he's sworn on his wife, grandfather, etc. He just really sucks this year. Even though he will be considered 'legend' for his moves (and lets face it, it was a powerful and clever get out of jail card), I just don't respect his game at all. Frank should know better, but who would think Dan could lie so well.

Susan in MA said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sharon said...

Seems most of the coaches entered the game 'suspecting' they would be playing at some point.

The only Coach who has been 'close' to their original persona has been Boogie, and to some extent, Britney.

Rationalizing the changes in Coach/former player personalities, one has to consider that the Newbies are totally different personalities than what the Coach's had on their own season, so they have had to adjust their games accordingly.

I'm sure Dan would have loved to have found a "Memphis" type for his partner in crime, but he's stuck with having to deal with self-absorbed Danielle.

I've often thought that Frank might have been able to fill Dan's partner requirement, but he had been picked by Boogie and they already developed a strong relationship that's stuck.

It would be nice if Dan could play 'nice' but nice didn't work.. it got him almost evicted. This is such a dumb crew that I sometimes think he's lied extra and worked all these F2 deals, wondering if anyone will ever develop enough smarts to catch on. lol

monty924 said...

^5 Sharon

monty924 said...

The feeds are whack today. If you watch the quad, it's a still quad of Willie's HoH week. Doh

monty924 said...

The quad and feed 2

Petals said...

Ditto Monty, well-stated Ms Sharon

monty924 said...

One of my favorite moments in BB history. Feeds have been on trivia most of the afternoon so I've been youtubing, hehehe

Dolly Wars ;-)

Jackie said...

Janice and MEB - I'll sleep after the 19th, I guess! Between full time work (and its own issues) and BB live feeds, a good night's sleep for these three months is less than four hours. I often conk out on my days off while THEY sleep!

monty924 said...

Feeds are back on. I can't see how they are all going to dress for tonight. Dang... back to trivia

monty924 said...

Looks like Joe is practicing his speech for tonight. :)

monty924 said...

Darnit, the comps won't be anything physical tonight. Danielle is dressed in her Derby Dress. :(

Nana in the NW said...

Are all of you getting to see tonight's show on time?? Here in the great NW it won't be airing until 10pm!! I will be counting on all your comments to know what's going on....thanks Jackie!!

Anonymous said...

i saw on bbad that tonight was a double eviction?..anyone know if this is true

Becky said...

I think I will be going to bed early tonight. I am exhausted from cleaning today. Still not done, but almost.

I will watch it on line tomorrow if I can't stay awake.

monty924 said...

Anon 813, yes. Julie announced it last week. :)

Sharon said...

ok, now THIS is funny:

Dan to Frank about Frank's underarm hair: "It looks like you got a midget in a headlock there."

Petals said...

Aww, Becky. Well, you know you can check-in anytime to get an update on the action. Don't overdo it!

BTW - today is Joe in NY's birthday. I am bringing a cake.

meb said...

Nana... it appears it's on time here in NC... I hope the guide is correct. I really want to see this episode. We've been having storms too, so I'm hoping they're over cause it would upset me if they are preempted for weather bulletins. I know... you would think I'd be more concerned... I am... about Big Brother. I need help.

meb said...

Cake... yay! Love birthday's... Happy Birthday Joe in NY...

Petals... is he attending the party? : )

Sharon said...

Shout out to Joe in NY:

Petals said...

meb - he will try. He may be late.

Susan in MA said...

Hey Sharon - you're right. I just wish someone would catch on to Dan's lying. He looks so damn angelic.

(byw these damn word things are very difficult to identify!!)

monty924 said...

What's a birthday party without Pizza. I called the delivery man. See you all at the pool.

Feeds just went to trivia. Wow, that's the latest I can ever remember. They were all taking their places on the couches. Hmmm

Sharon said...

Jackie has new thread up everyone! :)