Monday, September 17, 2012

Survivor: Philippines - The New Castaways, Part Two

The season premiere is Wednesday, 8 PM ET/PT, leading into the season finale of Big Brother. I've already posted about the familiar faces on the show and the Matsing Tribe. Tonight I'm taking a look at the Tandang Tribe. Two of the familiar faces are on this tribe -- Lisa Whelchel and Mike Skupin.

Abi-Maria Gomes is 32 years old, presently living in Los Angeles, but hailing from Brazil. She claims to be a business student. I don't know. When watching her video, she came across as much younger. Although I admire her moving here and earning her citizenship, I'm not quite getting how she feels being on the show will change the world for the better. She seems a bit narcissistic in the video, too. She might just annoy me.


Artis Silvester, age 53, is a government IT guy currently living in Terry Town, LA. He beat stage 4 cancer and, as he says, he's a survivor playing Survivor. He thinks he's a combination of Rupert, James and Rudy. Well, that's different. The man doesn't look 53! I love in his bio that one of the reasons he's playing is because he's sick of yelling at the television when the castaways do stupid things. I think I'm going to like him.


Pete Yurkowski, age 24, is from Holmdel, NJ. Hey, I know where that is! (No, it's not near me -- it's further south). He has his engineering degree, yet he's a model. I do like that he's not into the Jersey Shore persona. Those who don't live here tend to get a skewed version of the state. He seems pretty full of himself and plans to be a Russell. Not a Good Russell, mind you. Sigh. Hopefully he has a better social game. I'm curious whether others might immediately tag his as a threat or not.

RC (Roberta) Saint-Amour, age 27, from NYC is an investment banker. She has swum the English Channel, worked several years as a lifeguard. And, though she's from the city, she thinks she just might win this thing. Here we have another show super fan, having watched every season. I like that she says she's an original and no other previous castaway is like her. I like her. Hopefully that won't change when I see her in action.

Tomorrow, I check out the Kalabaw tribe!


ML said...

If there is a pool for Survivor I'd like to be in it please!

Sounds like an interesting cast.

Brent McKee said...

Yeah, I'd like to be in any pool as well.

RBennie said...

This group looks like they could make a pretty formidable tribe. We shall see.