Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Big Brother 15: Live Feeds Monday Night - 7/08-7/09

The bearded lady?

So, it's the wee hours of the night. Of course some of the hamsters are still running in their wheels. Usually that will get them nowhere quickly. What's been happening in that Big Brother of Going to Hell in a Handbasket? Read on ...
  • Jeremy told Kaitlin and Aaryn that, once Elissa's gone, they should be winning MVP ... or Howard might.
  • Now, I think Howard might have a chance. Aaryn or Kaitlin? BWahahaha!
  • Jeremy also told Aaryn he'll be winning all the comps and MVP because "America loves a showmance powerhouse."
  • Possibly, but not when it's Jeremy, I don't think!
  • Nick pinky-sweared with GinaMarie again, telling her he's not playing her.
  • Ha! He's playing everyone! I honestly don't think Nick is loyal to anyone unless they can be used for his gain. If he were a bit better at it, he could be a real player in the house.
  • But his lies have caught up with him a bit.
  • Not that he'll go home this week, mind you.
  • Candice and Helen are working on Jessie to bring her around to their side.
  • It might not work -- they're not male.
  • But Jessie so desperately needs friends that it's possible she'll make the jump.
  • Aaryn is still bothered with the thought that her alliance, Jeremy and Kaitlin, can't be trusted.
  • Andy told Amanda that Nick is targeting Candice.
  • Amanda told McCrae she'll go along with his decision in the vote.
  • Gah. I thought she was an independent thinker!
  • Andy is worried about Spencer and Howard.
  • He probably should be. Spencer and Howard are always scheming.
  • Amanda confirmed with Aaryn that she will vote Elissa out because she's in an alliance with McCrae and that's what he wants.
  • Kaitlin told Elissa that she's not really dating Jeremy because he's too immature.
  • Really, now. Why is she having sex with him in front of the world?
  • Howard thinks Amanda is onto an alliance of the guys.
  • He apparently doesn't know that Candice and Elissa suspected it long ago.
  • The guys are on board for an Elissa ouster as of now. 
  • Spencer continued his anti-Amanda talking. You can bet he'd go for her eviction if he ever were to win anything.
  • Nick and Spencer talked about how faithful they are to the Moving Company, yet McCrae lets Amanda influence him.
  • Candice is upset because when she asked Aaryn her middle name, she said, "Shaniqua." 
  • Howard tried to soothe her ruffled feathers.
  • Meanwhile, Amanda was saying she gets upset when someone (I'd say JEREMY) use the expression "Jew'd" to imply cheated.
  • Howard talked about Aaryn's previous conversation about the fish being segregated by black and white.
  • Candice, Amanda and Howard are right. I say it's called hate speech for a reason. But, in this case within the house, a lot of it is hurt speech. It hurts the others around the person saying it. It hurts deeper than Aaryn or Jeremy will ever know. In the long run, it will hurt them themselves.
  • Nick told Aaryn he can't really get a handle on Spencer.
  • Nick lies.
  • Aaryn told him that Jeremy has a deal with Spencer.
  • Well, duh. So does Nick!
  • Alas, it still looks like Elissa will go.

Rub-a-dub-dub, extensions in the tub

Likes the white fish best

Play, Helen, play!



Witt said...

Back from convention...I see things are still mean, mean, mean. Aaryn and Jeremy have no idea how this behavior will really come back to haunt them.

I really wish Elissa had been able to stay longer. I am really liking her! I think a yoga class with her would be fun.

Witt :)

Tami said...

I'm really sad that Elissa is leaving this week. I never liked Rachel and I was prepared to dislike Elissa...but I don't.
I hope that BB has a plan that could put Elissa back in the house at some point.
This group of HGs are not only more hateful than in previous seasons, but they don't seem as strategic as in previous seasons.

Witt said...

I read online that Aaryn's modeling contract was terminated, and Gina Marie lost her job mentoring pageant contestants, all due to their behavior.

Has MVP been revealed? If it's on a previous post I apologize.

Witt :)

Andrea Johnson said...

Witt, it was Elissa. She chose Germ, he won POV and used it on himself. She picked Nick to replace Germ.

Andrea Johnson said...

Really sad about Elissa. Didn't think I'd like her but she's really sweet. No chance of her pulling a "Dan" and staying. No worries, she will be back another season. Better than this "Land of Misfit Toys". I'm used to having a handful of houseguest that make my stomach turn but usually its the minority. Not this time.

Anonymous said...

Had Elissa put up Katelyn,she might had a chance of staying.Poor decision on her part to put up Nick.He automatically has 6 votes(the MC crew+Aaryn &Katelyn) plus probably Amanda.Since Helen already suspected a guy alliance she should have advised her better.

Thanks Jackie once again for the Howard a day pics.Best part of this season..lol :-)


Petals said...

G'morning Ms Jackie & everyone!

It is so nice to see new faces at the pool.

This is an ugly cast (inside), playing an ugly game - with the exception of the few that we all know & agree about.

I am hoping the "twist" is something that enables Elissa to stay, she is one of the good ones in the house.

Jax, thanks for posting The Talk segment; I knew Julie would be especially offended. I am hoping there is more fallout to come, perhaps even an early dismissal from the game, if this blatant & constant discrimination & mocking continues.

Chacha said...

morning all-

The number of players and weeks left in the game don't add up.

They usually don't put someone in quite so quick. If anything, I believe that Elissa will bve sequestered.

I didn't think I would like her but besides Candice, Helen and Andy,they are all the ones I really like.

I wanted to like Amanda but she is as bad as the rest with the Showmance.

I like seeing Howard but just feel that he isn't 100% as he is being portrayed. Hearing him talk sometimes on the feeds makes me think otherwise.

Anonymous said...

Let the game play out-stop interfering. No twists, no comebacks. Yes it is sad that Elissa is going but that is the game.

Chacha said...

I must say whenever anyone who doesn't watch BB asks a question to me or asks how can you watch that show I have an answer.
This is two shows in one.
There is the true show which is the live feeds and then the edited television version, which never shows half of what happens in the house.
thats just my opinion. i can say though besides the winter season this has been the worst i have seen.

Anonymous said...

Jackie, thank you for all that you do! We Canadians have been denied the live feeds... and BBAD airs 4am to 6am here! So, thank you again.

I too have been disgusted by the talk in the house, from Aaryn and soooo many others, but I have been equally saddened by the fact that not one person (correct me if I am wrong) has really called anyone out on their behaviour. And I do not mean in the DR or in private to others, I mean to their faces.

Hate speech, misogyny, bullying is so prevalent in society. We ask our kids to stand up to the hate, to seek resolution, but not one adult in the house is capable of the same?

These are direct quotes from Spencer's mom regarding his bigotry;

So why would Spencer say such horrible things? Mama Clawson says her son is just trying to fit in with the racist, homophobic people in the house ... because it's the only way he can win the reality show.

"If you're in a group, you go along with the group talk and that is what is happening with him."

She adds, "This is a reality show. The purpose of the show is scheming behind each other's backs."

Read more: http://www.tmz.com/2013/07/09/big-brother-spencer-clawson-not-racist-mom/#ixzz2YaPj9f7i

That is the crux of it maybe... group mentality, "it's just a game", fitting in is more important...

Sad, sad, sad.

Anyhow, thank you for letting me vent!

You rock Jackie!

-Stacey in Montreal

monty924 said...

Anyone else besides me sad that we don't have BB tonight? I'll like this schedule better after this week, but I need my BB fix. :)))

Chacha said...

monty- I really am dreading tomorrows show only because we know who won POV and after seeing bits and pieces before and after Veto, Jerm is really an ass. Although it will be good for america to see how he is and when he doesn't get POV maybe he will think about it.
who am i kidding. he doesn't get it at all. today he was making more remarks on the feeds.

Petals said...

No show tonight? I'm kinda glad.
While I do love splashing around with you guys, I am relieved that I don't have to see those people this evening.

I've read Jokers updates today, and the comments from the KKK krew are getting worse and more frequent. Germ & Aryan in particular are the ringleaders in the mob/hate mentality.

Petals said...

ChaCha - EXACTLY! That CroMag, overly-inked Deliverance cast away is getting worse!

Sharon said...

Elissa has received her hat back from the cleaners.
When she's evicted, I hope she will present it to Jerm, with an appropriate statement for the viewing public to hear. Something like, "Since you decided to wipe your bare butt-crack with my hat, I've decided to give it to you... the skid marks will look a lot better on your head."

Anonymous said...

Petals: .."overly inked Deliverance cast away" fitting! :)

Anonymous said...

Aaryn should be spelled Aryan. Her folks couldn't spell. See? They just mixed up the letters. [I bet her middle name is Race.]

Nina said...

I just wonder where Aaron learned at such a young age, that how she speaks of other and treats other people is OK? It's horrible but it simply comes out so natural from her. I'm not even saying this in a negative. Am I out of the loop? Aren't there laws against this type behavior? Jeremy Is another case altogether.
I do think Aaron needs to leave the show immediately for her own safety and get some kind of help for this kind of thinking and behavior.
I also am aware that this is a game show but this years Reality Show is crossing the line.

monty924 said...

This is Aaryn's problem in a nutshell. She thinks if she isn't saying it to the person's face then it isn't racist. She is so clueless and always will be. Amanda had a long talk with her about it and not one word sunk in to her ugly little head.

I doubt she will get it even when she gets out and finds out she's been fired. Some never learn even the hard way.

Petals said...


Anon - yes, we're way ahead of you, man - LOL. We've been calling Aryan that since episode 2. It is totally fitting.
Aryan and the KKK krew.
Jeremy is Germ, natch.

HAHAHAHA - welcome to the pool.

OMG - my WV is: UKJew (I swear!)

Anonymous said...

Its time to expect the unexpected.
Big Brother can work thier magic so Elissa doesn't have to go.
They need to think of something that would put those ugly ones in a pickle. Cone on.....thats what BB is all about....The unexpected and ITS TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I haven't found one person to like this season

Sharon said...

Anon 10:50
And yet... we keep watching this train wreck! lol

Sasha said...

Sharon, so true. I blame it on how little is on TV in the summer since I only have basic cable. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

SO Aaryn, ever the victim, has decided that people are saying she's racist (Amanda told her to be more careful about what she says) because she's blonde and blue-eyed. Yeah, right, Aaryn. It has nothing to do with what you've said...it's all about your looks. SMH.

Becky said...

Sharon said... Anon 10:50
And yet... we keep watching this train wreck! lol

Only because of Jackie's. If the company wasn't as good or fun, I would not be here.

uncartie said...

Aaryn strikes me as the type that has been skating by on her looks her whole life and never takes responsibility for anything. I can't wait until she gets voted out. I just hope that Julie delivers the biggest wake-up call of bigoted life by explaining to her just what her disgusting actions have cost her.

Sharon said...

uncartie - somehow, I doubt Julie will say very much at all when Aryan meets her Waterloo.

Don't know that this would happen, but as she exits the house, maybe the BB audience can give her complete silence. NO applause. ZERO. Make the silence deafening! I'd like the same treatment for Germ too.
I know... it's probably an unrealistic wish.

Sharon said...

One thing would be funny though...
If Julie Chen said something to Aryan like, "perhaps you like me to cook you some rice?"

Nah... it would probably go over her "blonde" head. @@

uncartie said...

Someone should pay for a plane to fly over the BB house with the message: Say goodbye to your careers,bigots.

That would shake up the house and really make for some interesting conversation and drama.

Sharon said...

Well, this is the pits.
Jokers site seems to have gone down, so once BBAD is over, I'm off to bed.

Anonymous said...

I think the audience has yelled out some boo's before. Hope they do it again when all the mean people walk out.

Anonymous said...

I said this Before and I will say it again, These HGs are not a house full of hamsters, Who tend to live in Harmony as a group, But Instead this group (with the exception of a few)are nothing more than Rats. Rooms full of rats