Thursday, July 04, 2013

Big Brother 15: Live Feeds Overnight into the 4th of July

The new HoH ... WAH!

Yeah, Aaryn cried a lot after getting the Hoh-dom. I'm sure there were tears across the nation. Or, perhaps just frustration. If you haven't already, go read my last post about the HoH comp, then come back. I'll wait.

You're back? Good! Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Hateful Hamsters:
  • Just to recap a bit -- Jeremy and Aaryn won the HoH comp. Jeremy gave the HoHship to Aaryn. That's probably a fairly smart move on his part. He can still "advise" her on nominations, yet his hands remain clean.
  • Or, as clean as they can be when he wipes hats belonging to other people on his butt.
  • Aaryn got to choose the Have Nots. She chose Helen, Andy, Candice and Elissa.
  • McCrae apparently volunteered to be a Have Not, but she didn't take him up on the offer. All of the Have Not choice stuff was blocked to the feeds.
  • Aaryn said that Jeremy and Kaitlin can spend the first night up in the HoH room.
  • As per the MC plan, the "hinky" votes have the house in an uproar.
  • Both Spencer and David repeatedly lie and even embellish some on how loyal they were to voting out Elissa.
  • Aaryn cried. She has no clue who can be trusted and who betrayed her.
  • Poor hateful little baby. My heart goes out to her. Not.
  • Andy admitted to Aaryn he voted to send David home. She respects that (she says) because he's being honest with her.
  • Candice, on the other hand, did vote to oust Elissa yet is one of Aaryn's chief suspects in voting David out.
  • Aaryn cried some more.
  • Candice told her that she wanted to vote with the house and was told by (will not tell Aaryn) that someone would come to her and tell her how to vote. (That someone who told her someone would come was Helen.)
  • The someone who came to her was Spencer. He told her they were all voting Elissa out. So, because she wanted to be with the house vote, she voted to keep David in, get Elissa out.
  • Aaryn told Candice she believes her.
  • But she really doesn't.
  • Yet Aaryn is so sure that both Nick and Spencer voted to evict Elissa! So, those two votes in her mind had to be others betraying her!
  • Jessie ran into the photo booth crying that she was sure she was going home.
  • GinaMarie fussed with her paw, saying she hurt it in the comp when she fell. It turned out she sprained her claw finger.
  • I think they're all bearing new bruises and scrapes when they already had some starting out in the comp.
  • Helen told Howard that Spencer told Candice to evict Elissa. Howard told her he was supposed to tell her to evict David. They both think Spencer is playing them all.
  • He is.
  • Helen told Elissa they need to put on brave fronts and not let Aaryn get any satisfaction about making them Have Nots once again.
  • Elissa told Helen that if they're together on the block, she'll volunteer to go home so Helen can stay.
  • Hmm. Not QUITE like her sister although the editing on the show makes her seem very much like Rachel.
  • Of all people, Jeremy seems to be running around trying to do damage control with crying women.
  • GinaMarie told Aaryn that she's sure Nick voted with them to keep David in the house.
  • Once again, the shocker is that Jeremy kept saying "That was last week. It's over. This is this week we need to think about."
  • Oh my. I'm not going to let him worm into my mind that he might have a lick of common sense. The last time I thought that he stole wine and wiped Elissa's hat on his naked butt.
  • Candice told Andy and McCrae that she knows Spencer had to vote to evict David despite his act.
  • She's right.
  • Aaryn thinks if she weren't HoH this week, she'd be going home.
  • She's probably right. Little does she know her mouth has cost her not one, but two jobs. Oopsie!
  • Aaryn is worried that if she puts Elissa on the block and Elissa is once again MVP, she'll put someone weak up that she can beat in PoV.
  • Jeremy tried to tell Aaryn they should all sleep on things overnight and make nominations decisions when everything has calmed a bit.
  • Hmm.
  • Oh, but then he claimed that McCrae got "Jew'd" because Elissa stayed.
  • Okay, he's still a jerk. I feel better now.
  • Candice told Helen she heard the audience boo when she made her vote.
  • Helen told Candice that she thinks Spencer and Jeremy might be working together and having them (Helen, Candice) do their dirty work by giving them conflicting voting target information.
  • They then end up thinking it's Spencer, Nick and Jeremy ... perhaps Howard in on it.
  • Smart cookies, those gals. Now, what are they going to do with their suspicions? What can they do?
  • Spencer told Helen he told Candice IF ASKED to say she voted for Elissa to go, not to actually vote for Elissa to go.
  • Yeah, right.
  • Who wants to see my HoH?
  • No one. Go away.
  • Er. Ahem.
  • They all put on the traditional fake act.
  • Her letter started out with "My dear little princess ..."
  • No wonder she's so whacked.
  • GinaMarie cried because Elissa is still in the house. Now she's saying she has an eating disorder and BB is making it worse. @@
  • Jeremy told Aaryn she could put him on the block because he'll surely win PoV. He pushes her for a Helen/Elissa nomination.
  • I thought he said "sleep on it" before?
  • Kaitlin told Aaryn the fact that the audience boo'd her when she voted to evict Elissa is scary.
  • They really should soundproof that place a bit better, I say!
  • Heh. Aaryn thinks she "better get a good job" after all this. BWAHAHAHA!
  • BB gave them booze. There was no wine-gate this time.
  • (Sidenote: Argh. My upstairs neighbor is either running in place or jump-roping up there. Who does he think he is? Helen?)
  • Kaitlin is sure that if Elissa wins MVP again, she'll put her on the block because she (Elissa) called her a "whore" on national television.
  • Um. Okay. I think Elissa might have bigger fish to fry. But maybe.
  • Aaryn called America "stupid" and tossed out an expletive at us.
  • How to win friends and influence people, eh?
  • Aaryn also said that GinaMarie doesn't even realize that Nick is a "queer."
  • Now, in my mind, I see her flitting about singing, "Pretty, I'm so pretty ..." But she'd probably gag when the line about "Pretty, and witty, and gay" came up.
  • Aaryn is a bad example of today's youth. I don't know what else to say about her. A pretty package, but ugly within.
  • They're all sleeping as I get this posted.


GinaMarie has an ouchie

Why did I do this? I'm not her!

I'm surrounded by weirdos, must smile


Anonymous said...

Good Morning Jackie! Thanks for all the hard work you do and for keeping us informed on the house goings on. After watching BBAD for the first time last night,I have a new appreciation for what you do.
I am really liking Helen and Howard and hope they continue to figure things out about the boys in the house playing both sides and throwing the house into chaos. I am so over the BF gang. And I wanted to like Spencer but he isturning into as big of an ass as Jeremy.
I would love to see Helen,Howard,Ellissa,Judd,Andy,Mccrae and Amanda and maybe Candice align together . Wishful thinking i am

Happy July 4th everyone!


Anonymous said...

Oh and the Howard a day pics!


Anonymous said...

yay for Howard-a-day!

Anonymous said...

Love your style Jackie! Keep up the good work.


RBennie said...

Keep the Howard-a-Days coming Jackie. That picture of Elissa looks more like Rachel than Rachel does! I don't have words for how much it sucks that Aryan is HOH.

Jackie said...

Since Howard-a-Day is such a hit, I'll be keeping it up as long as he's in the house! Hopefully that will be a long long time as he's one of the very few in there I really like this season (not just in looks -- he's intelligent and uses common sense).

Brent McKee said...

Not a question of soundproofing. Julie's mike to the diary room was live when people were cheering and booing the votes. You'd think production would have thought of those things right?

Anonymous said...

"Aaryn is a bad example of today's youth. I don't know what else to say about her. A pretty package, but ugly within"

I actually think she's a good example of (what's wrong with) today's youth.


Sasha said...

OH, Jackie, only you can manage to make reading about a night so focused on Aaryn (and arrogant Jeremy) not only palatable but interesting and amusing. You're truly gifted.

And thanks for catching Jeremy's slur cause I was finding him insufferable and self-serving on the feeds but he was kind of making some sense. Now I can go back to my original negative opinion of him. YAY!?

Good point, Brent, I hadn't thought of that.

Count me in on liking the Howard-a-Day pics. So far I'm still liking him and he's easy on the eyes.

Chacha said...

have you heard any rumblings of Aaryn being disqualified after she admitted to Kaitlyn last night that she cheated in the comp?
I just don't see CBS doing that at this point, but if they really want to make sure Elissa stays then maybe? just wnated your opinion on this..
oh BTW Thanks for the Howie a day pics!! this howie is so much better looking than Jedi Howie, although not as funny(so far)

Chacha said...

Sasha, the slur was said in front of Amanda who is Jewish I believe.
coming from a jewish person I was highly offended. although i am offended by all of the remarks that "crew" has spewed.

Brent- This has been going on for many seasons, i am sure they do it on purpose. It makes the houseguests doubt and think more.
You got to admit, it got all the houseguests talking about it..

Sharon said...

Love Jackie's daily excerpts! Howard-a-Day is one of the upsides to a houseful of ugly people.

Read that Aryan is concerned and wonders what's up... after hearing people boo when she voted to evict Elissa. She will soon have a lot more to be concerned about...

Terry is a Texan! said...

Thank you Jackie, you are good to give us the sad and the glad of the BB house.
Aaryn continues to deserve to lose her jobs....Im sure someone will hire her.....uh....cant think of anyone, but someone....

Sasha said...

Chacha, thanks for the info. I, too, am highly offended by that saying and also by all of the other racial, ethnic and homophobic slurs among this cast! Regarding the "Jew" remark(s)--apparently Spencer made one also(to add to his totally misogynistic statements)-- I always try to allow that someone my be ignorant of the inflammatory implications. Being Jewish, I want to avoid being overly sensitive; however, it's pretty hard for me to give the benefit of the doubt to these "people" in the house.

I have the feeds this year and I actually regret it. Now I actually hear all the expletives, slurs, and stupidity. I was much better off with only the condensed, amusing and informative posts by Jackie and all of you here.

Andiesweeps said...

I am a week in to the season and already disgusted. Can't remember it happening so quickly. Ready for someone, anyone to step up and start picking off BitchyFever one by one. And take Spencer and ass-hat Jeremy with them. I'd call them pigs, but I wouldn't want to offend any of our porcine brethren. And Aayrn lost another job? Would LOVE to see her face when she hears the impact she has had. And I thought our entertainment would be Jessie, this season's Danielle - she probably will still.

TerryNYGirl said...

Is Aaryn the reason for all the *bleeping* in last nights live episodes??? My kids and I were getting really annoyed....and frustrated!


uncartie said...

The chickens are coming home to roost:
"There really wasn’t a lot new on TV on the eve of the July 4th holiday but the ratings for what was on weren’t pretty. Cratering 25% from the 2.2/7 of its Season 15 debut last week, Big Brother (1.6/6) hit a new series low on Wednesday. Vexed off air by recent controversy from online homophobic and racist comments by this season’s contestants, BB’s results last night saw a two tenths drop from the previous tied low of 1.8/5 that veteran reality show had achieved just the day before on July 2."

JimmyB said...

I, like most, find some of these people unusually offensive.

That doesn't mean I want them out...I just don't want them to win.

First & foremost I'm here for entertainment--entertainment--entertainment. I want to see their bad behavior & self-destruction.

Petals said...

IMO, the boos were NOT for the Elissa vote, but for Aryan just being onscreen at all.

Germ GM & Aryan really REALLY have no clue how much they are disliked.

And I do believe that Germ & Kait saw Elissa with producers. Every time they mention it, we go fishing.

uncartie said...

Fun Fact: Rachel Reilly has 99,500 followers on Twitter and 32,000 likes on Facebook. Her supporters can easily stuff the MVP ballot box for Elissa every week.

JimmyB said...

Regarding Rachel...Here's a quote from wiki: "Reilly claimed she was returning to the show in a bid to win over fans of the show and to redeem herself following her previous appearance."

I say she accomplished exactly that. I certainly disliked her in her first season--and ended up supporting her for a win in the next.

Anonymous said...

I wish the booing had started as soon as Aaryn walked into the voting room, but it (cheers & boos) actually came after they cast their votes. Apparently, Helen thought they were cheering for her when in fact it was her voting out David. But that's ok, Helen needed that positive feedback living with most of these people.

monty924 said...

Same here Jimmy and I hope Elissa continues to get MVP. She might, as she should, nominate Jerm. It's not an impossibility that the MC would vote him out. JMO

Jasmine Rebuck said...
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