Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Big Brother 15: Live Feeds Pre-Eviction and GinaMarie fired, too

Today's Howard-a-Day screencap

Today's one of those days that more interesting stuff about Big Brother is coming from outside the house rather than inside it. I told you about Aaryn getting fired from her talent agency in my last post. Now GinaMarie has also been fired from her pageant gig. I feel the need to mention just yesterday in her breakdown she was saying how much she hated her job. Well, now she won't have to deal with it!

Here's the latest from inside the Big Brother House of the Rapidly Unemployed:
  • My gosh, Helen trains like a prizefighter. 
  • The live eviction days in the house are usually full of housekeeping and primping.
  • Although this is the first live eviction show for these hamsters, they're following tradition.
  • The more I see of Howard, the more I like him. I believe I respect him, too.
  • I don't say that of many hamsters, past or present.
  • Elissa thinks that if she gets voted out, BB will think of a way to put her back in because "they worked too hard getting me in here."
  • Hmm. I don't like that.
  • I have nothing against Elissa as a player in the game. At least she's not coming across as stupid and bigoted. BUT ... are they paying her more than the others? What will they stoop to to keep her in the house?
  • Inquiring minds want to know.
  • That said, BB seemingly has nothing to do with David being the target this week.
  • About the only BB connection is that they think Elissa will keep getting voted MVP and they can use that as a back-up plan for a backdoor.
  • Howard had a long talk with Helen about using her head not her heart in the game.
  • Jeremy told Spencer that he (Jeremy) has a secret alliance with Helen until the fourth eviction.
  • Does Helen know this?
  • Lots of small talk, lots of "what if" scenarios about HoH winner.
  • Typical.
  • Remember -- tonight's live eviction show is at 8pm ET. Next week it moves to Thursday 9pm ET. We'll be losing the Tuesday night show next week for Sunday, Wednesday and Thursday.


Anonymous said...

The producers should take control of this on tonight's show. Instead of having the vote, they should show the offenses (bleeped), announce the consequences that have already accumulated, state that bigotry reflects badly on everyone involved, evict at least Aaryn and GinaMarie, and warn all houseguests that they won't tolerate bigotry.

Chacha said...

anon 6:13, they wont evict those two.

Jackie- you think they really are paying her more? Season 13 & 14 i know they did pay the veterans more.
Last night Elissa was telling Judd she should say something about coming back in the house so it wouldn't be wise to evict her.
He said just stay quiet and get through this eviction.

Sharon S said...

Love that Howard. So glad he has been decent so far!

Glad those girls are facing consequences.

Jackie said...

To the first anon commenter -- I doubt the show will do anything other than continue to make the disclaimer that the opinions of the houseguests aren't their (CBS, the show) opinions. About the only one who has done anything vaguely actionable as far as getting kicked out is Jeremy with Elissa's hat.

Anonymous said...

Jeremy needs to be kicked out for what he did to Elissa's hat that is offensive in so many ways. BB cannot allow this to happen...what about health concerns????

Anonymous said...

Sharon, what did the girls do?

ORKMommy said...

I can't wait for the live eviction. I hope the little one will allow me to follow the blog while the show is on!

Jackie: Are you planning on re-posting the pool pics with the show post this evening? You don't have to, it's just a thought... Thanks!!!

JimmyB said...

I absolutely disagree that anyone should be evicted by the producers for their ignorance/bigotry, etc.

They put all kinds into the house--that's the general idea. Let them destroy themselves. At least it won't be boring.

We certainly wouldn't want everything filtered and everyone the same. These people exist in the real world--why not in the BB house?

JOEY said...

JOEY said: poor Elissa's hat"
After the abuse and misuse, it's been though and where it been, it should get special treatment, like honorable mention award, for the horror of too up close and personal with the germ (Jeremy) and what he did to it, talk about health hazard!!! hope he not contagous!!!

Anonymous said...

I have stopped watching BB because of how much the show manipulates the house guests into keeping or evicting other house guests and the move to a totally young and obnoxious cast. And this year my husband stopped watching when he found out Elissa was Rachel's sister. Enough is enough.


Andiesweeps said...

Jeremy needs to be evicted for what he did to that poor, defenseless hat! But it seems that he has been scared straight (for now).

As for as the Gina and Aaryn, their comments need to be shown (with bleeps) so those who don't follow the feeds can see what they are up to.

Yeah, I know, it won't happen but it should.

monty924 said...

I have to agree with JimmyB. I don't want BB to kick them out. I want them to be evicted by their housemates the way it should be. This kind of thing isn't new to BB and like I said in an earlier post, they didn't violate the rules. Other than Jeremy (where I agree with Jackie), nobody has physically harmed anyone or ignored the rules in a way that that Chima did for instance.

Let the little babies suffer the consequences of their actions inside the house. Every day they keep digging their hole deeper and deeper here on the outside/real world. Actions have consequences. JMO

JimmyB said...

And remember...America will likely never give those folks a vote for anything. I figure they'll get what's coming to them.

monty924 said...

Total agreement JimmyB!

monty924 said...

And... ps. They're all in gear that suggests something physical and/or endurance. Yay! I can't stay up late tonight to watch it all unfold. :)))

Anonymous said...

Hello, Everyone!

Anonymous said...

Especially if Paula Deen has set a standard, CBS should not be rewarding these people with any kind of stipend, with the chance to walk away with a fortune, and a platform to spew their venom before the entire world. CBS can't trust them, and they need to get them out before it gets even worse.

QuixoticElf said...

Did I miss something? I thought Jerm was going to vote with the MC?

QuixoticElf said...

Oops, wrong blog entry!