Saturday, July 20, 2013

Big Brother 15: Live Feeds Friday Night into Saturday - 7/19-20

The tides shift again

Another long and late night for the hamsters. They are indeed nocturnal little rodents! Here's the overnight happenings from inside that Big Brother House of Rambunctious Rodents:
  • Ew. Amanda and McCrae used the HoH bed and Judd's new HoH gift blanket to either do the deed or, at the very least, have a strong make-out session. Ew.
  • Judd is too nice to everyone. They're just going up there, eating all his food and using his room for whatever. 
  • I'd lock the door.
  • Elissa is still worried about possibly not having the MVP this week. That's been her only game strategy outside of being friends with Helen.
  • Spencer and Candice are already worried about what's happening in the real world as they've been out of it for about a month. Spencer saw a black band on an EMT who checked his blood pressure and wonders if there's been a disaster. Of course, that could have been something very local to that area, but Spencer doesn't know.
  • Aaryn is upset that Elissa has forgiven Kaitlin for her misdeeds and yet holds a grudge against her (Aaryn).
  • After all, Aaryn is obviously such a lovable little pretty gal!
  • Aaryn thinks the "unexpected" twist is that America will vote the MVP.
  • Ding, ding! We have a winner!
  • Howard confronted McCrae about his lie about being MVP last week. Amanda told Howard it was because the entire house wanted him (Howard) gone last week.
  • Howard now wants in on the Amanda/McCrae duo alliance.
  • There are so many alliances going on that it's really confusing at this point!
  • When Aaryn asked Amanda if she thought Elissa got the MVP again, Amanda lied and said she thought so.
  • Aaryn thinks Amanda is lying.
  • Kaitlin thinks that Elissa probably has a different contract with BB and is only in the house for a limited number of weeks.
  • Well, if she gets voted out, it's limited! I personally wouldn't doubt that BB sweetened the money pot to get her aboard as they think it's automatic ratings, but I'm pretty sure she's there until she's not there.
  • Amanda is getting scared that she will be the MVP nomination.
  • She probably should worry although her Diary Room sessions on the show might endear her to the television show only general public.
  • I think Amanda and McCrae are both destroying what could be great strategic gameplay with their showmance.
  • GinaMarie and Kaitlin keep harping on Aaryn's negativity bringing down the house.
  • Spencer, Judd, Howard, GinaMarie and Kaitlin now want to work together.
  • This week's target is now on Aaryn.
  • But the MVP nomination and PoV have yet to happen.
  • We'll see.
  • If Aaryn does go this week, it will be a very interesting conversation with Julie Chen!

Not the target

Andy is always everywhere

King Howard-a-Day

He bears a slight resemblance


Delee said...

I think next season a new twist should be...BB outs the "Alliances" as they form, to all the hamsters. That would keep them hopping.

Anonymous said...

Ok a little insight into Judd's plan. Jussie has been scheeming and needling hamsters and I love it. And McCrae/Amanda doesn't think she knows this game.

This plan came all together tonight and I can't wait for the Jussie session this morning.

Judd works on Aaryn and GM. Get GM on their side and unleash and feed info to Aaryn and lets her run with it. Check

Jessie works on Spencer. Flirts with him and tells him some info and let's him run with it (Howard) Check

Trying to get Jessie in the GT and Amanda saying no constantly. She can't trust her, blah, blah, blah. He's getting pissed. 1st night of his HOH and both Jessie and Judd says they do not trust Amanda.

After the HN comp and before noms. Jessie goes lays down and puts a bug in Candi's and Helen's minds about Amanda. Check

Gotta love the chaos and they are sitting pretty because whoever gets HOH next is going to either target Amanda/El/Howard/Kaitlyn/Helen.

They want a f4 deal with the 2 people they trust the most which is McCrae and Andy. It's just McCrae is killing his game with Amanda and Andy is killing his game with Helen.


lynn1 said...

I have been wondering how Julie will handle an exit interview with Aryan. I read that Julie was very upset and personally offended by some of Aryan comments. I don't know if I could keep my composure when Aryan will predictably play the victim.

JimmyB said...

1. My impression is that "Mumbles" Judd just might have the best social game ever.

Doesn't seem to be any negatives or anyone who doesn't like him.

2. If (when) Aryan goes & is not in the jury...we might not hear much about her. I don't expect much from the exit interview w/Julie.

JOEY said...

I have to agree with JIMMYB about the Julie/Aryan interview while yes, she is upset but really, she a professional and may not lower herself to that level and probably would make the interview more like germ was and not hit hard, would love to be wrong and have her go all out with it, but I would suppect she will have to remain the host / professional she is. now if she got Aryan on her talk show where she will be free to go all out and with help, then I would really watch that show.
sorry just my 2 cent.

Chacha said...

Jeri- Love and agree with your comments!

Lynn1- Julie has spoken on her show about aaryn. I watch the talk everyday! I don't think she will have her on(aisha tyler and sheryl underwood would cut her to pieces) but i do think she will remain very professional and Aaryn could possibly get a clue, although the crowd will be cheering but she will not realize why until all the other reporters get to her. Jeff wont get to deep with it, I have noticed that he tries to stay very fluffy on the cbs chat.

JimmyB said...

If Aryan is willing (big "if"; unless it's a contractual obligation) to go on the talk show...then it might all come out.

Can't be sure if she'll be reluctant to do any interviews once she catches the fallout OR if her healthy ego will demand it!

monty924 said...

America nom'd Elissa! Bwahahahaha

Anonymous said...

I keep hearing that America made a mistake and thought they were voting to keep could that be? They keep saying the voting was confusing. Wonder if that is true??????

JimmyB said...

I thought the vote was to evict this time.

monty924 said...

The vote wasn't confusing to anyone who heard Julie say that America was the MVP. Problem is, the Brenchal Army didn't pay attention and they were voting for Elissa as before. They blew up twitter the other night over it and there were all sorts of reports about messaging CBS over it.

I didn't read the rules myself... I just gave all my votes to Aaryn.

SueGee said...

The armbands are in honor of the fallen Arizona firefighters, two of whom were from the LA area. (I have a friend whose son is an EMT who is actually taking shifts at the BB house. If only they could talk LOL)

Sue on the Left Coast

monty924 said...

Just to add to the conversation: it is entirely possible that Aaryn, Kaitlin and/or Judd was the top vote getter or any combo of the three were first and second highest vote getters and Elissa was third. If any of them were above Elissa the vote would move down to the next highest vote getter.

It will be the same if Elissa wins POV and pulls herself off.

Jessie and Amanda are convinced she still won MVP and nominated herself. You can't write this kind of drama/comedy.

Sasha said...

LOL, Monty! Now that's hilarious ... Why would Elissa nominate herself?! Amanda must be losing it.

monty924 said...

This morning in the BB house, up until trivia took them away, was worth the price of the feeds for the entire summer. ;-)

Anonymous said...

On Jokers they have the most popular in order and right now its


and so BB will have to do something because Elissa is not going to all of a sudden drop that far down. Will be interesting to see what happens.

JimmyB said...

Uh...There's a "Jessie" in the house?


monty924 said...

lmbo, JimmyB.

Anon, the Jokers' poll really does mean anything that CBS would have to explain. It represents the JU site's fans, a mainly internet audience and not the strict TV only audience we all know is out there, and a lot of assumptions are being made about this entire MVP vote.

I said the other night when the show went off that it would be smart for Elissa fans to vote for her because it takes the target off her back. And then there are still of fans out there who don't like Elissa just because of the Rachel connection. Both are now polarizing figures in BB so votes could go many different ways.

CBS knew this has potential gold written all over it and that is why they did it. Hey, it worked. The BB world is all abuzz today. Kudos to CBS. :)))

monty924 said...

pardon all the grammar errors on the last post :(

Anonymous said...

I understand that watching only the weekly TV BB is different that watching BBAD or the live feeds but I have watched for many seasons and the Jokers site was always spot on with the houseguests that were the most popular. Thats how it always seemed to me...but of course I can be wrong. Although this is big buzz for BB and being talked about it will be intersting to see how it turns out. I don't care one way or another about Elissa. Frankly I hope they backdoor Howard. He never talks and does not seem like he is in the game. Talk about a floater. he isn't around any more than Jesse.

JimmyB said...

My impression would be that Jessie...If there IS, in fact, a Jessie; is the floater.

Sharon said...

So... Elissa is voted by Rachel fans (who can't read) to go on the block via MVP.

Now she's won POV. LMAO
This just keeps getting better and better...

Sharon said...

Judd won Solitary confinement.
Since he's HOH, how will that work?
Confined to HOH room?
He'll probably be glad to have everyone leave him alone for a while! lol

monty924 said...

Yep, Elissa won POV

This day just keeps getting better and better :)))

monty924 said...

I agree, Anon. Howard is 'floaterish'.

I just don't believe that JU is the be all/end all of the BB interwebs. They are perhaps the biggest, but there is still a lot of folks who wanted Elissa nom'd this week. I threw all my votes to Aaryn, but they were negated the second Judd put her on the block.

Now I'm just hoping GM goes up as the next highest vote getter. The three remaining bigots will all get to share the couch together and I honestly don't care which one of the goes in what order. Just as long as they all go.

Anonymous said...

Monty....I agree 100% with everything you said. Once those three are gone it will be a new game.

Jokers is just something I check on. I have no idea who or how many view it.

Enjoy :o)

Lili said...

McCrae ragged on GM for drinking one of Judd's cokes without asking. But he and Amanda have no problem basically living in Judd's HOH bed 10 hours a day.

Just plain bad manners and hypocritical.

Meanwhile I am realizing this season is unique on three fronts:

1) never before has there been so much outside attention on hamster bad behavior (Aaryn etc)

2) never have three strong males left in the first three weeks

3) never has 12 of the 16 house guests found showmances in a single season (David & Aaryn, Kaitlyn & Jeremy, Candice & Howard, Judd & Jessie, Amanda & McCrae, plus Nick & GM in the worlds most unrequited and wholly without pride or dignity showmance).

Lili said...

Wow, the level of paranoia in the house today re who was the MVP was extraordinary. And Amanda has most of them convinced (like she does) that poor innocent Elissa self nomed.

Will America get to vote for the replacement in time, I can't remember when all of this will be shown on TV, will it be tomorrow or Wed?

JOEY said...

We, JOEY and I are talking about and wondering if, as some of you may remember in one of past Rachel season, production either interfer, change, or added a twist to allowed their person/pick , (like Rachel was way back when), to be able to stay and who can say that production, reguardless of the voting, will change it to keep the drama=rating, safe in the house. Are we wrong ??Does that sound crazy??

Sharon said...

Julie & Joey -
As much as we'd like to think not, I truly believe production manipulates things... a lot.

In the POV comp today, everyone is saying Elissa had had the highest numbers in her lane (or whatever), which allowed her to win. But there is so much paranoia going on in the house, there's no way to know if it really happened that way, or if they are just ticked that Elissa got something again.
Somehow, I think however they were lined up was the a "pick of the draw" ... like it is in all the other comps.

I can't remember if MVP nomination is made before the POV is used.
If MVP is after, Elissa could be in trouble because I've heard Rachel's crew voted for her without reading the "new rules" for MVP this week... which will probably mean Elissa goes on the block.

monty924 said...


There was a ton of outside press and hatred towards Amber when she was making Jew comments towards Eric.

America will not vote again. They'll have the POV ceremony Monday, and the POV comp won't even be shown until Wednesday night. The next top vote getter will be the renom. Hope it's GM.

Sharon said...

Monty - For me, it will depend who the MVP is. If it's Amanda, they'd be smart to get her out, or Kaitlyn. Other than not wanting GM in Jury, I couldn't care less about her worthless self.

monty924 said...

I know Sharon. I'm hoping the MVP renom is GM. America's vote is still MVP, so it depends on who had the next highest vote after Elissa.

Titus said...