Friday, August 23, 2013

Big Brother 15: Live Feeds Friday into the Evening - August 23

Cheap sunglasses, cheap dude

Ah, it's nice to not have an HoH sticking to the Amanda Wants script. Yay! Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Turning Tides:
  • Even though Elissa tends to speak in non sequiturs, her mind is definitely in the game.
  • She has told most everyone that she's probably going to put Aaryn and McCrae on the block.
  • It's win-win for her -- She doesn't like Aaryn on a personal level and Aaryn has been winning comps, doing the bidding of Amanda/McCrae.
  • If Aaryn wins veto and takes herself off, Amanda goes up and out.
  • Against Aaryn or Amanda, McCrae would be safe. He's liked. Amanda is feared. There is a difference.
  • Elissa said anyone not really trying to win (like Andy throwing OTEV), they'll go up on the block.
  • Elissa has had a busy day. She now has two week safety deals with Spencer and Andy.
  • Andy might finally be getting out of under the spell cast by Amanda.
  • She made nice with GinaMarie, telling her all the things Aaryn has done at Amanda's bidding and that Aaryn isn't loyal to her (GM).
  • GinaMarie knew Aaryn was close to Amanda, but didn't realize she was outright working with her.
  • D'oh!
  • GinaMarie and Elissa promised to have each other's backs.
  • In trying to save his butt from the block, McCrae threw everybody under the bus ... including his beloved Amanda.
  • Elissa's talk with GinaMarie had an effect on her. She even snapped at Aaryn that if they had kept Helen like she wanted, they could have worked with her.
  • Aaryn just crumpled into a big pink ball.
  • Well, it was a pink throw. But it was appropriate.
  • Elissa strongly believes that Aaryn says inappropriate and nasty things which indicate a lack of character on her part.
  • GinaMarie once again said (it seems she said this last week, too) that the only problem she had with Candice was because she (GM) was defending Aaryn, who she thought was her ally and friend.
  • Elissa told Aaryn that she had tried to work with her before and Aaryn turned on them.
  • Elissa thinks she can beat Amanda in any comp.
  • Probably.
  • That said, I was surprised Amanda lasted as long as she did last night and did as well as she did. GM could probably stay up all night, but couldn't catch a ball for nuthin'.
  • Spencer and Aaryn have decided they can't trust or work with Amanda anymore. 
  • A bit late for that, don't you think?
  • Judd is in solid with Elissa -- he says he wants Amanda out first, then Aaryn and McCrae, doesn't matter who goes first of those two to him.
  • But we know that Elissa would love Aaryn out, then Amanda.
  • However, if it's vice versa, she won't be too upset at all.
  • It's like the sleeping giant has come to life.
  • If Elissa turns the house around and defeats Amanda, she will deserve to win it all.
  • And I'm no Rachel fan, either.
  • The nominations will be later tonight -- it's bound to be McCrae and Aaryn as she's said it so much.
  • P.S. - Gah, I forgot to mention that BB put a canopy over the yard. We have no clue why. The hamsters are complaining that it's hot and blocks the sky. Hmm ... maybe they're Under the Dome. If they start having seizures and claim pink stars are falling, we'll know it's a tie-in!

Judd is ready to play

Are we boring you, McCrae?

Meeting of the mind and the mindless


lynn1 said...

Some times bad things happen to Bad people and I am almost (not quite) ashamed at the sheer joy I feel at seeing 3AM squirm.
I need to get a life! LOL

Anonymous said...

No, I completely share your joy. I'm so excited for this week!!!

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see or hear Cruella Demanda's response to her little boy being put on the block. PQ

Sharon said...

Joining the Happy Dance crowd here!!
It's been a real joy to watch 3AM squirm... especially Amanda, and I'm not ashamed to admit it!

In Amanda's eyes, this game has been All about her .... and she doesn't mind saying that to the faces of "her people." The Wake Up Call is being forced on them.

It's funny to watch Elissa handle McC and Andy. She just shuts McC down and he's having a real hard time understanding why. duh
This morning, Andy came up to HOH while GM was talking to Elissa and asked if he could come in. Elissa said no, so he had to turn around and leave. It's the kind of rejection he hasn't suffered up to now, and he's sweating! LMAO

Joe in NY said...

Love the Under the Dome reference. That show has been a summer highlight for me.

T-Town said...

My thoughts exactly! I knew Elissa had it in her, AND I love the fact that she shuts everyone down who's run this house all summer. I'm so sick of Amanda, Andy, and McCrea and very happy to see them getting a taste of their own medicine! Thanks again Jackie. I've been following you since the Kayser and Janelle year. I always read the comments but haven't really posted till this year. I couldn't help it. This group drives me nuts! Thanks again and you never disappoint.

Nina said...

What a difference a day makes.

Sharon said...

Elissa follows through on her plans and nominates Aryan and McC.
Aryan unhappy because "she's been there for everyone and look what it's got her."
Amanda unhappy with her lot in life.
It's so wrong ya know!

Anonymous said...

These personal vendettas are getting ridiculous, why on earth is Elissa allowing Amanda and McCrae to stay in that house together, if Amanda or McCrae (really McCrae) wins HOH Elissa is gone, she is still trusting Andy. I just dont get it, all of a sudden she trust everyone else in the house. She blew it as far as I am concern, we all have been waiting for a big move and she think its getting Aaryn out. Why is she so worried about winning comps, one of those comps she won was pure luck and the other one was a gift, I believe this move is going to come back and bite all of them in the butt, Andy and Spencer are not trustworthy, whats going to happen if McCrae or Amanda win HOH Elissa is gone and McCrandas will rule again Dumb move I think

Sharon said...

Anon 10:28 - Elissa is quite correct in what she's doing right now. She isn't Rachel's sister for nothing, and she's thought out the options very carefully. She's also very savvy about the people remaining in the house and she's letting McRanda know they can't talk her into anything. I love it!

Elissa can't stand Aryan on a personal level, but she's just as concerned that Aryan is a very good competitor and could end up in F2... if she's not taken out.

McC and Amanda have NOT been good competitors, but they have been able to bully the HGs into doing everything they want... because they had the majority alliance. If Aryan leaves, they lose their majority. McRanda are not happy McC is on the block because they are both perfectly aware that if Aryan or McC is taken down with POV, then Amanda WILL go up. (The guys won't vote out McC over Amanda if they are on the block together.)

In other words, one of the McRanda duo will be on the block one way or another. It's just a matter of who goes... whether it's Aryan (as their ally), or one of McRanda.

Anonymous said...


These people in this house will turn on a dime, they simply are just not trustworthy, if one the McCrandas win and they put Elissa, they are back in charge because you seen Andy and Spencer will do what ever the one in charge wants. Do you really think he wont align himself again with the 3AM, see how he jumped ship as soon as Elissa took the helm.He hasn't and he will not change his game because it has worked for him all this time, by everyone voting out Aaryn he'll think again that, that was the McRandas doing. We'll see I hope I'm wrong but I dont think so. They will get rid of Elissa so fast that it will make her head swim because again she also wins comps, she cant play for HOH next week so Amanda and McCrae if they dont win will tell, Judd, Spencer, Andy, and GM to get rid of Elissa and they will do what they are told.

Sharon said...

That's true, nobody is trustworthy, but that's the name of the BB game. Deals will mean nothing depending on who's ruling the roost. The HOH takes a 'chance' with any path he/she chooses.

Right now, Elissa has the best of both worlds. The only glitch in her plan is IF Amanda's name is drawn to play in the VETO comp... and she wins. That will pretty much screw the pooch (as the old saying goes). But she has to take that chance. So far, nobody else has been willing!

monty924 said...

I have to say Kudos to Elissa for making her own nominations for whatever reason she wanted to. It reminds a lot of Renny in S10. Dan tried and tried to get her to put up April and I think Michelle. Renny was like, "no way".

I think McCrae is good even though he is on the block. Even if he goes home this week, I still have Andy and Judd to root for. I know folks don't like Andy here, but I love his little 'floater' game. He's brilliant at it. :))

monty924 said...

Yup, I was correct. Renny put up April and Jerry. Dan wanted her to nominate and go after Michelle.

Andrea Johnson said...

Wow, Elissa is really working on GM. Reminds me of Monster Inc. Remember how the monsters thought they they could generate the most energy with screams? That's Amanda/Aaryn. The then Mike Wizowski realizes that laughter generates more energy than screams. This is Elissa. No bullying but she is using all the ino she has overheard and giving GM all the facts. Schmoozing without fear tactics. Well played.

Yeah, can tell I have a kid by my use of cartoons as analogies!

Anonymous said...


If doesnt matter if Amanda wins veto and take McCrae off, he's not the tagret anyway. Elissa isnt trying to get Amanda or McCrae out, she's after Aaryn, she isn't going after the McCraes as probably she should. They will rule again along with the floating rat Andy.

Sharon said...

Gotta give Elissa major props for this convo with GM. She's making GM feel like a million bucks.

Have to say though... listening to GM's constant chatter almost reminds me of Helen. I think she's been starved for positive attention that makes her feel good... and the bubble machine can't be turned off.

Andrea Johnson said...

And gotta say I love Judd being back. Ama, aar, spenc and McC are talking trash and still bashing Candice (at this point, why? But I digress) and Judd walks by and says "shady, fracking shady". Well without the fracking part!

Andrea Johnson said...

Now Aaryn and Amanda are bashing Jessie.

Andrea Johnson said...

Sharon, she is doing an exceptional job with GM. Really positive and upbeat now. Without all the love that Helen would throw out. She's out-Helening Helen!

Susan said...

Finally, Elissa has come to play! Since Helen left, Elissa has upped her game.

Sharon said...

Anon 12:49
Lots of what if's, so here's one for you...
If by some freak accident, Amanda should win POV and take McC down, I personally think Elissa would put up Andy! McRanda is convinced that Elissa would be forced to put up GM. Even Spencer disagreed with that theory.

If the worst case scenario was to happen, Elissa would feel there's only 2 possible replacement choices, and that will be Andy or Spencer... and I think her obvious choice would be Andy (the rat). Of course, that's only IF it should even came to that. Aryan would still be on the block, so that would be 2 of the 3AM alliance.

Either way, I think one of the McRanda alliance will go because there won't be a choice.

Anonymous said...

I really dont think if Aaryn is evicted that Julie will say anything derogatory to Aaryn, Julie has too much class for that. She will not mention anything about the loss of her job, Kaitlin said terrible things also but she never mentioned anything to her, I think they would want to avoid amy kind of law suit, tha' why they chose to make that disclaimer aat the beginning of the show.

Sharon said...

PLUS, if Aryan is evicted, the only other real comp challenger (IMO) would be GM or Judd.
GM now in Elissa's camp.
After Judd left, he learned a few things and he's REALLY ready for Amanda to be gone.

There's no guarantee how Judd feels about McC now, but I think his alignment with Elissa just might be a little more solid at this point.

Of course, everything is just conjecture, and it totally depends on comp results.

Andrea Johnson said...

So far, Elissa has been true to her word on what she will do. She said that she would put aaryn and mccrae and she did. She said that if one of the came OTB, she would put up Amanda. So if Amanda won pov and gave it to mccrae, Amanda would go up in his place.

Anonymous said...

Andrea Johnson

The veto winner cant go up on the block.

Sharon said...

Unfortunately, Anon 1:22 is correct.
In that situation, Elissa would have to choose someone else, and I think Andy or Spence would be the replacement nom. Either way, McManda will lose one of their minions.

Petals said...

hey guys

T-Town - yes, this is the coolest party around. Please join us, poolside, during the show. THAT is the most fun!

Susan said...

Elissa, after talking to GM, made a deal with.....Aaryn. She said Amanda is the target and Aaryn will come off the block if anyone wins the veto. Hmmm......

monty924 said...

Correct, the veto winner cannot be put up on the block regardless. If Amanda would win veto and take McCrae down, Elissa will have to nominate someone other than Amanda. Do I think that will happen? Chances are slim, but you never know in BB.

Elissa now has a plan that whoever wins veto (other than McCrae) has to use it to take Aaryn down and she will put up Amanda. I really don't care if Amanda goes or not. I don't want McCrae to go. :(

ceemurph said...

Sharon and Susan are right. The real target is Amanda! Elissa spoke to both Judd and aaryn late last night to confirm. She wants to take aaryn off! Crazy week and about to get crazier!

Anonymous said...

Amanda and McFido should pray for a challenge that requires staying in bed the longest and they will win hands down. Then are even eating in bed now. Please someone get them out of the house.

~~Silk said...

Note that Elissa has been very clear that "if you don't really fight for veto, you go on the block." She knows that people had been trying to throw comps to Amanda. She knows Amanda will be coercing people to throw POV to her. So, decoded, what Elissa is actually saying is "If you try to throw POV to Amanda, you're dead", without saying the words.

ORKMommy said...

If Elissa's plan all along has been to get Amanda out, then why didn't she just put her up in the first place? If her targets are Amanda, Aaryn, that order...then why not put Amanda and McCrae up and use Aaryn as the replacement? Yes, there's a chance that one of them could win the veto, but there's no way that BOTH of them can win it. In the scenario we have right now, there is a chance that they'll both still be in the house at the end of the week. The other perk to putting them up together is the opportunity to drive a wedge between them and make the house pick a side. I still say the Aaryn nomination was personal and not strategic in the least. If anything, she's guaranteed that Aaryn will come after her if she wins POV next week.

ORKMommy said...

That was supposed to be 'if Aaryn wins HOH next week'. I have POV on the brain!

Albek-'Alaym said...

Thanks for updates