Friday, August 09, 2013

Big Brother 15: Live Feeds Friday Daytime - August 9

NOT a Janelle, definitely NOT

Although Helen told Aaryn that she's like a Janelle, I don't believe that Helen believes that. That's part of her personal social strategy to build people up and make them think she values them.

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Boastful Bigots:
  • Elissa, GinaMarie and Aaryn compared notes -- Judd told each of them he'd like a final two deal with them.
  • McCrae moped some more about Judd being voted out.
  • Helen apologized to him for it, saying it did have to be done.
  • Eventually, as the day wore on, McCrae admitted he had as much of a part in Judd's exit as the others did.
  • Andy, although still loyal to his own alliance, formed a sub-alliance with Spencer as he (Andy) knows that he's odd man out with two duos (McCrae/Amanda and Helen/Elissa).
  • After Andy left, Spencer mumbled to himself that Andy must not realize being in an alliance with him is the kiss of death.
  • Spencer's right -- his allies have been being evicted one by one.
  • Amanda, Andy and McCrae talked about possibly using Helen as a replacement nominee (scenario: Jessie and Spencer on the block, Spencer wins veto), then blindsiding Jessie by telling her Helen is the target.
  • Helen, as shrewd social game-wise as she is, is still not realizing that Andy runs to Amanda with everything she says!
  • Helen told Andy she thinks time is running out to get Amanda/McCrae out.
  • @@
  • Andy told her that he thinks they'll be loyal to them (himself, Helen) until the end.
  • Andy told Helen that McCrae should go before Amanda. Helen agrees.
  • Oh noes!
  • The reasoning is that McCrae is better in comps.
  • Well, they have a point there.
  • Then he went and told Amanda that Helen did discuss taking them down, but way down the line.
  • At least he fibbed a teensy bit.
  • McCrae said he'll be really upset if he gets out and finds out Judd was NOT the MVP.
  • Let's send him some tissues.
  • Helen told Andy she does NOT want to go on the block and, if she does somehow this week, he better not give her grief about voting out Amanda or McCrae the next.
  • Aaryn is upset that Amanda told Judd on the way out that she had no idea he was going to be evicted.
  • Amanda must be thinking jury votes. She also mentioned she had mended fences with Candice. In Candice's speech, she said she liked everybody but "you two." That would be Aaryn and GinaMarie.
  • Andy told GinaMarie he won't be putting her on the block.
  • He's still planning the Spencer/Jessie nominations with the target on Jessie because she "flips" to the power.
  • He told Spencer he'd be safe and that he feared if he put GinaMarie up as a pawn, she would be too unpredictable.
  • Andy told Aaryn that he wants to blindside Jessie. She's not thrilled with it because she just saved her and feels Jessie will be loyal to her.
  • Andy told her not for long because she flips.
  • Aaryn thinks Jessie will have a breakdown.
  • Andy told her that's why he wants to blindside her, make it appear she's not the target.
  • Amanda thinks their (her/McCrae) biggest obstacle to getting to the final three would be Jessie and Helen.
  • Amanda is getting suspicious of McCrae.
  • "Paranoia strikes deep, into your heart it will creep ..."
  • She thinks he doesn't trust her since Judd went.
  • Then she went onto talk about their life of bliss together after they leave the house.
  • @@
  • Nominations will be later tonight.
  • Yawn.

BB Voice: "I SAID it's time to GET UP!"

He yawns more than anyone else in the house


Doublemint twins?

Voted most likely to make predictable noms


Michelle C said...

McCrae yawns alot because he and Amanda are making poor Jackie blind all night long with their Shee-nanigans! :x If they slept a bit maybe he wouldn't always be so tired! ;-)

Terry is a Texan! said...

McCrae needs to make a big move.out of Amandas bed....flip her out..she goes crazy when she is out of keeping mccrae on a leash gives her stability

Anonymous said...

This group of fools are so predictable, what sense does it make to get rid of Jessie who's no threat to anyone, she couldn't win a comp if they gave it to her on a silver platter, I just want them to hurry up and get rid of Andy just because he such a rat. I would actually be so hurt if they were to bring Candice or Howard back, ( they don't need to be humiliated by these bigots ever again) which I'm sure they can't bring Howard back because he's been out in the public hasn't he.

Buzzmaam said...

I've watched BB since season one.

This is *the* worst season.
The worst cast.
The worst gameplay.

It seems like it's been on for 6 months. When will it end? Yet, I still watch the trainwreck...

Becky said...

Just going to make a quick observation. I glanced a Jokers conversation and I am paraphrasing here) MacCrae told Andy that he did not like GM because she was so hateful to others. He acknowledged that after Jerm left he coul see the same thing with him. He said that he could not support mean people. HELLO!!!! Take a look at the tramp meeting your "daily" needs. He would be smart to stop fishing and cut bait!

McCrae said he'll be really upset if he gets out and finds out Judd was NOT the MVP.

Witt said...

Becky, McCrae sure will be upset then. I was hoping they might reveal the America/MVP nomination somehow to the houseguests...that sure would have been interesting.

Witt :)

JimmyB said...

Still catching-up on some BBAD's & had the misfortune to witness GM shoveling food into her mouth.

It will take days for my appetite to recover.

Sharon said...

I wish Julie had revealed America was MVP - right after Judd went out. That "might" have been the end of the McC/Amanda show. Since there was going to be no more MVP, there didn't seem to be a reason not to tell them -- unless BB thinks everyone would automatically want to be in F2 with Amanda... because she's so unpopular.

Judd was my favorite until this past week. It's fine that he wanted to turn away from Jessie, but he didn't need to play smacky-mouth with her while stabbing her in the back!

lynn1 said...

If McCrae gets upset when he realizes that Judd was not MVP just imagine how he will feel when he finds out instead of a super fan and great player he is considered to be a super floater and the boy toy of "SHE WHO MUST BE OBEYED."

Anonymous said...

Comparing Janelle and Aryan is like comparing Good vs Evil. It's pretty ironic that Aryan is now a slave to her puppetmaster Helen, while both claimed to be a "minority". Oy.

uncartie said...

Helen is playing one of the best social games I've ever seen. She has got Aaryn in the palm of her hand because of telling her BS like she reminds her of Janelle.

Just a few weeks ago Aaryn had vowed to get rid if Elissa and now they are on friendly terms thanks to Helen.

She doesn't bully people and she basically roots for everyone outwardly while inwardly planning their demise.

Anonymous said...

I personally do not think Helen is playing a better game. She got lucky that she is the smartest and most experienced person in THIS HOUSE full of immature bigoted idiots who are all easily manipulated. In previous seasons, her strategy would have come back to bite her already. Other hamsters not under her spell still seem to think it's not yet the time to strike. Again, idiots.

David said...

Someone please stir up a hornets nest or something in there. Jessie tried to get Judd to vote out Amanda a few times this past week so he only has himself to blame for his own eviction. Proves what can happen doing the playing it safe game when everyone is lying to you.

The MVP could still be used if Helen remmembers her talk with Candice. Candice thought it could be McC who was MVP and he wanted to distance himself from Amanda. If someone were to tell Amanda that McC was MVP the past three weeks and everyone knew it but didn't want to tell her it could start some action in the house. Now that would be some action I would like to see.

JimmyB said...

uncartie is right on the money.

Sharon said...

David has an evil mind.
I like it!! lol

Anonymous said...

The only resemblance Aaron has to Janelle is that she's blond!