Monday, August 19, 2013

Big Brother 15: Live Feeds Monday Daytime, PoV Meeting - August 19

Off the block smiles!

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of People Your Parents Warned You About:
  • Helen told Aaryn that, if she she goes home this week, she won't go crazy.
  • Elissa thinks that Amanda is trying to turn Helen and her against each other.
  • Y'think?
  • Aaryn thinks that if she puts Spencer on the block instead of Amanda, Helen might have a better chance of staying.
  • Aaryn said that Spencer would not vote for Amanda to go if she goes on the block.
  • If she puts Spencer on the block, it's Andy who would be the deciding vote.
  • I fear, from watching him all season on the live feeds, he won't cross Amanda.
  • Amanda found it fun to leave a large mess in the kitchen for Helen or Elissa to clean up as they're the ones most likely to do it.
  • Instead, Helen, Elissa and Andy separated out excess dinnerware and locked it up so no one can again dirty all the dishes.
  • Then, at the PoV meeting, Elissa took herself off the block as expected.
  • (She's dippy, but she's no Marcellas!)
  • Aaryn put Spencer on the block in her place. So it's Spencer and Helen on the block this week.
  • They have no clue that the four jury members (including the one voted out on Thursday) will vie to return to the house to play the game.
  • Aaryn, Elissa, Helen, GinaMarie and Andy had a big pow-wow in the HoH bathroom.
  • They tried to talk sense into Andy -- telling him that neither McCrae nor Amanda would take him to the final two if he made the final three. They would be too sure he'd have the jury votes for the win.
  • They also said that if Amanda heard wind of the conversation, they'd know who told her. They all looked at Andy.
  • He seriously looked like he was thinking about it and considering their points.
  • Aaryn seriously thinks McCrae and Amanda will get married.
  • I don't. Or, if they do, I'd give it six months ... or until their winnings were spent.
  • If they can get the five to stick with it, that's three votes to keep Helen while only McCrae and Amanda would vote for her to leave.
  • And none of them are that thrilled with Spencer ... except maybe Andy.
  • So, it all goes back to Andy.
  • They think it would level the playing ground so they all have a chance at the win instead of a definite McCrae/Amanda sweep.
  • But, it goes back to Andy.
  • Andy's first input in the conversation? "I know I have to draw the line. I've been friends with everybody."
  • Um. Okay.
  • After Andy left the room, Elissa warned GinaMarie and Aaryn to watch what they say in front of Andy as he runs to Amanda with it.
  • Of course, if he leaks this, he's got all them angry at him instead of just one raving lunatic Amanda.
  • Andy later tried to tell GinaMarie and Aaryn that if Elissa wins HoH, she'll target them.
  • He continued to tell them they need to vote out Helen.
  • Okay. We know he can't be depended on to be the vote to save Helen.
  • He might as well be mini-McCrae, following Amanda's lead.
  • And, sure enough ... when Amanda woke up, he told her all.
  • @@

Cutting down the dish supply


You can't hide


Anonymous said...

I dont trust Aaryn, she just wants the target off of her, if she really wanted McRanda (really Amanda) she sould have put them up instead of Helen and Spencer, then they would have had the votes to vote one of them out, because all they would have to do is just scare the "bejeebees" out of Andy he would come around when he sees the number aren't in his favor if one of them leaves and he gets put on the block . So now I hope Amanda does a tirade and then they'll know who the little mole is.

Terry is a Texan! said...

Andy is no longer a mole..he is a snake...serves him right if someone rats him out in front of everyone. He cant trust Amanda...poor silly little hamster

monty924 said...

Stick to your guns, Andy! :))

Anonymous said...

Yep, that's right Andy stick to your guns because you'll be shooting yourself in the foot after Amanda doesn't need you anymore.

jessica UNderwood said...

Going to be SO UPSET if Amanda or McCrae wins!!!

Anonymous said...

this was a sucky bb year; racist, dorks galore, stupid hamsters that win hoh and let the house determine who goes up...crazy season. who could win: floaters, mcanda, or people who didn't have game at mcanda, lmbo

~~Silk said...

I've been fascinated by eyebrows this season. Kaitlin's looked like they were facing off for a fight. Aaryn's look like short fat woolybear caterpillars who must be fraternal twins, since they are different shapes and heights. Amanda must have had botox, because her forehead and the space between her brows never moves, and when one would normally see the eyebrows go up, only the outer halves go up. I'd never seen that (outer ends moving independently) before.

It all surprises me because these women are very into makeup and appearance.

JOEY said...

Wow!!! SILK, you are very observance. now when I watch after dark tonight, I bet I will be unable to help or stop my self from watching them.
JOEY said: at least that will give us somthing to watch as they get boring, lol.
Thank SILK for that information. JOEY talk about McCrae's always biting his nails and how he look sometime when he always yarns,poor boy must be dieing for a excuse to break up or break out of there.

tbc said...

Aaryn's eyebrows are so bad! Even my husband noticed which amazed me.


BJ said...

Write on Julie and Joey

monty924 said...

I agree, Julie and Joey are regulars here and we respect them for their opinions and the fact that they identify themselves.

If all you want to do is pick a fight with the posts on this blog, you've come to the wrong place. Have a little respect for where you are, or go elsewhere.

Love your insights Julie and Joey. As BJ said, "write on"!

Jackie said...

Folks - When you see a trolling or inappropriate comment here, please don't reply. I removed the original and some others tonight. I don't like to remove comments, so I'd rather just remove one instead of a half-dozen replies! Thank you. (I do realize you were trying to help.)

monty924 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
~~Silk said...

Wil Heuser's latest is up:

He got Julie's dress perfectly. Also Jessie's eviction dress (which had me worried).

monty924 said...

Lol, Silk - Will makes me laugh no matter what, and yes the dress was spot on.

Will was on Rob Has a Podcast last night as well.

~~Silk said...

Monty - I found the podcast earlier, but didn't watch it because it was an hour long. Since you recommend it (yes?) I'll mark it for later when I have more time.

Sharon said...

McC can't have much left of his fingernails... all he does is dang chew on them!!

Anonymous said...

I couldn't stop laughing at Aaryn eyebrows a day or so ago, they looked like they were drawn on and start crawling, she certainly didnt look like a model that time, still laughing.


monty924 said...

All of Rob's podcasts are around an hour. Trust me, this one was funny. Rob does McCrae on most of the podcasts and it's funny, but Will's impression of Elissa is so spot on. Heeheeheee

Sharon said...

Monty - I saved the link so I can watch tomorrow... when BBAD isn't on. :) Some of the interviews that have been posted are priceless.

Sharon said...

Even after Aryan telling Helen that Andy is with McRanda, NOT HELEN, and that McC will never leave Amanda, she STILL continues to think Andy and McC are on "her side." It's disappointing that she remains so dim.