Monday, August 26, 2013

Big Brother 15: Live Feeds Monday Daytime, PoV Meeting - August 26

GM promising Elissa she will vote out Aaryn

Here's what happened today inside that Big Brother House of Loquacious Louts:
  • Y'know ... I don't really miss Helen doing her exercise routine each morning. It tired me out just watching her.
  • As the day started out, Andy asked Elissa what was happening. She admitted she'd probably put him up, but feels he's safe.
  • He mentioned GinaMarie going up (as have so many before him) and she doesn't think that's the right choice.
  • She does have a better chance of Aaryn leaving with Andy on the block rather than GM.
  • Plus, GinaMarie shook hands, promised, made the sign of the cross and more telling Elissa she would vote out Aaryn.
  • As much as GM skeeves me out -- when she has promised something, I don't believe I've seen her not keep her word.
  • Andy begged, fussed, whined to Elissa to no avail.
  • Poor little spy boy.
  • Elissa told Andy that Amanda said Aaryn will stay no matter who they put up, including Andy. Thus he's being used as a puppet by Amanda.
  • "I'm not a puppet!"
  • Watch Amanda pull his strings, I say.
  • His feelings are hurt! She hasn't even been close to GM until this week!
  • Elissa told him that she's still not close to her.
  • Andy is refusing to listen to what she's saying. Elissa is telling him that if GM went up against Aaryn, GM would go home. She wants AARYN to go home. She stands a better chance of that with Andy on the block.
  • WE know Amanda wants to keep Aaryn and McCrae thinks they should keep Andy.
  • Don't faint ... but I think McCrae will win out on this one with Amanda. No sense in them each voting their own way; the votes would simply cancel each other out.
  • GinaMarie told Elissa that Amanda's act yesterday was funny for about five minutes.
  • Yeah, had it been five minutes and not so intense with hatred, it could have been funny ... I say.
  • Meanwhile, Aaryn thinks Elissa deserved it all.
  • Nope. NO ONE deserves to be constantly bullied like that.
  • Andy and Judd were talking, saying they would both put Amanda and McCrae on the block if they win HoH.
  • I reserve judgment until I see it.
  • GM is really, really sucking up to Elissa. She cleaned the hot sauce mess that Amanda made atop of the set of drawers Elissa's been using downstairs.
  • She made sure to tell Elissa about it for the brownie points.
  • Aaryn thinks GM is playing her (Aaryn).
  • I hope she is!
  • The PoV ceremony went down ... as expected, McCrae saved himself and Elissa put Andy on the block with Aaryn.
  • Amanda told Judd that they won't vote out Andy.
  • Judd asked them for a one week safety deal. He's very worried that he's a big target since he was evicted once before already.
  • Andy feels that Judd will hold a grudge against him blaming him for his eviction as McCrae and Amanda haven't taken any responsibility for it while he has.
  • Amanda refuses to talk to Judd about their part in Judd's eviction.
  • Such loyal buddies Andy has!
  • Amanda bullied Elissa some more.
  • Keep smiling, Elissa. It will drive her crazy!
  • Aaryn cried.
  • Amanda cried while comforting the crying Aaryn.
  • Amanda feels so defeated.
  • Boohoo.
  • Amanda again told Aaryn how she (Amanda) has been running the entire game making sure her targets went home.
  • Um ... she's telling that to a person who has the blood on her hands for doing that dirty work for Amanda. Something's a kilter with that gal, methinks.
  • Amanda told Andy to make sure Elissa doesn't get Spencer, Judd or GinaMarie on her side.
  • Heh.
  • Aaryn has already accepted that she'll probably be going home, especially since Amanda told her that while she wanted to keep her, McCrae didn't.
  • Aaryn told GM to vote with the house and not make waves, then win HoH.
  • Amanda came to the realization that she's the only one being outright mean to Elissa (while the others just trash-talk her when she's not with them).
  • Amanda thinks that makes her (Amanda) look bad.
  • Y'think?
  • She's so upset that she's the only one being a bully and the rest aren't.
  • Hmm.
  • Wild rant time from Amanda. It goes on and on.
  • I mean ... what rational person would go off the hook because she's the only one bullying someone and others aren't joining in?
  • What's wrong with this picture?
  • @@

So guilty looking!

Ohhh! A new piece of clothing?

Reading BB Guidelines out loud to Amanda

Make her stop looking at ME! EEK!

Amanda comforting Aaryn (or smothering her)


pat rw said...

if she is a real estate agent, or whatever, I would hope no one will be a client of hers....Amanda is a mean spirited person, I said that from the beginning when everyone else was claimin it was only aaryn, I hope Amanda is out next...way to go elissa, you have class.

Anonymous said...

Bravo Elissa u r the only one who stood up to Amanda. Amanda is so angry because she did not get her way. She wanted her hinch woman ary and her rat Andy to stay. Even if Elissa goes home next she made best move do far.

I wish bb would stop her from bullying.

BJ said...

rts that Production did ask Amanda to stop.Jokers repot

BJ said...

Jokers reports that Production did ask Amanda to stop. Is what my post should say. How do you delete a post?

Andrea Johnson said...

Click on the trash can under your post BJ.

Lili said...

Agreed, Amanda has achieved what I believe to be a BB first...

she is bullying people for not joining in and also bullying the person she is bullying.

Wow, when she turns her attention to whoever gets the next HOH and deigns to make an independent decision they only have themselves to blame for going along with all her BS up to this point.

Too bad Helen went home, she was condescending and manipulative, and did a mean number on Jessie, but she would never stoop to the base and mean level that Amanda is. Oh well, so sad, you guys could have gotten Amanda out last week, but you didn't, why was that again? Oh yeah, Amanda gives you all (except our brave solider Elissa) your marching orders.

Well Sherman, I mean Amanda is gonna burn down Atlanta now, and all of you (Andy, McCrae, Aaryn, Spencer, Judd, and GM) handed her the matches weeks ago.

Elissa's only hope is to win the next POV and the HOH after that. Cuz Judd seems unreliable, GM could be squashed by the McCranda war machine and everyone else is hiding under Amanda's skirt.

BB now means Big Bully I guess. Because the method took certain players like Frank, ED, Boogie, and now Amanda really far if not all the way to the end. I sense this is the new reality of reality shows. I certainly don't see it changing anytime soon on BB. I think my wish for more strategy, and comp winning, and diversity, and less misogyny and racism and meanness will never be heard by the BB powers that be. No wonder they take away the knives, they reward this behavior, even encourage it.

cminnie said...
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justathought said...

Hi all, I have had the privilege of reading Jackie's blogs for many years. Thanks so much Jackie for the info and many smiles not to mention the wonderful photography. Can you believe that until this season I didn't know that people were commenting? ...big head smack...
After reading the comments it was so refreshing to see a group of people discuss the show and offer their opinions in a respectful way. A long time ago AOL had boards like that then they passed out the keys to the asylum. That's when my posting days ended.

Since no one in my family watched this, or my favorite show Survivor I would be honored to join your group.

My opinion of this season of BB seems to be like many others. This has gone much further than it should have. While I believe that many times the "PC police" take things to extremes and we seem to be a pretty unforgiving society, that's not the case here.

This Amanda thing needs to stop. Up to this point I truly disliked her but had to give her props for her game. She managed to control almost everyone in the house without winning a thing. But this bullying is just too much. Does anyone know if this is grounds to be removed or is she just walking that tightrope?

Do you think Judd would put Elissa up if he gets HOH?

Andrea Johnson said...

I know I have not followed the show as long as most of you but within the span of an hour, Amanda spouted the following:

Punch (Elissa in the face)
Kill (again Elissa)
Slit (the throat of anyone who does not put Elissa up next week)

Would this be considered typical?

Anonymous said...

pat w, someone posted her blog about being a realtor. I looked at her blog. She is even foul-mouthed on her blog. She has no business sense or appropriateness such as who her audience is on the blog. I really wonder who raised her? The street????? She needs YEARS of Charm School. She's so rough. PQ

Anonymous said...

Elissa is America's Favorite!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Pat W, you are so right. Elissa has class. Amanda does not. PQ

Andrea Johnson said...

Just waiting for Spencer to tell Andy to shut the frack up about being put up. He acts like he is too special to go up for eviction. It must be for for all the regular people.

Anonymous said...

Andrea, it would be hysterical to hear Spencer off about being put OTB! SPencer has been up, what? Every time? And this is Andy's first. What a whiner. LOL PQ

Anonymous said...

ooopps..."to hear Spencer TELL OFF Andy..." PQ

uncartie said...

Amanda should get a penalty nomination for the way she has behaved.
It's one thing to call someone names or make disgusting personal comments,but following Elissa around while blowing a whistle infringes on Elissa's right to communicate and play the game.

Rambling Muppets said...

BB production would rein in the behavior .... Except their priority is ratings, not quality of show or the right to personal dignity.
So many "reality" shows of late have gone for the lowest common denominator: degrading behavior and rewarding the person(s) willing to wear their dark-side as a badge of honor.
BB and CBS should be ashamed, and based on BB "rules" (what an oxymoron), should be liable for legal action, as Demanda threatened physical harm against Elissa, without repercussion.
If this season is the "new normal" of what BB is going o be, I will be reaig Jacke's entertaining blogs, but not watching the show.

Susan said...

The other night, Spencer called Amanda "Commanda".

pat rw said...

BB and CBS should be ashamed is right

Jackie said...

Welcome aboard, justathought!

As for the threats of physical violence, they've apparently deemed that Elissa isn't indeed in danger of physical violence. I do doubt Amanda will physically hurt her. But, still, it's horrible for Elissa.

Sharon said...

Have to say, this season has not added to the pleasure of summer. Yes, I realize this is "only a reality show," but each day brings constant emotional upheaval. It's like a horrible train wreck, but early on, I got hooked watching these miserable excuses for humans... so might as well finish the season.

However, this season has reached a whole new low and I know that (in the future) I would prefer to not even start the season and just watch something else. Summer pickings have always been slim, but seem to be getting slimmer.

Thinking the best plan will be to read a good book... and only follow BB on Jackie's blog. If it looks like the season might be relatively decent, maybe jump in at that point.

The only way CBS/BB will make and keep rules to stop over-the-top abuse is for the public to stop watching. Unfortunately, the negative publicity has only added viewers. Granted, they aren't there to "enjoy" the show, as much as to look for the next awful 'happening.'

Andrea Johnson said...

Sharon, I'm with you. Think I will just follow this blog next summer. After this season, chances are the next house guests will try to outdo this season. That is a very, scary thought.

monty924 said...

First, thanks to Sharon and Silk for clarifying the 'meds' situation for me. Honestly, I had never heard Amanda was also taking Xanax. If I came across a little bit short today, I apologize. It was a long day.

I've had the same feelings about BB in the past that I'm reading this season and was way too caught up in everything that I could read, watch and get my hands on (so to speak). Even up to S13, I was taking this show way too personally, and last season up until the point that Janelle went home. I guess, I just don't take it personal and to heart anymore. I don't know these people, and not one single thing that happens in that house effects my life so why should I sweat it?

Trust me, when you learn to let go and just watch it for the entertainment and don't get personally wrapped up in it, it is a heck of a lot more enjoyable and entertaining. I'll watch BB as long as CBS continues to renew it and air it each summer. It's always something different and something we can all debate here in a friendly environment. Besides, where else would I have met such cool people and get to discuss my guilty summer pleasure. :))

Sharon said...

I do get where you are coming from Monty... I just haven't reached that "let go and let live" point yet.

But since I haven't stopped watching this season's train wreck...
I'm curious what happened to calm Amanda down this evening. She was still ranting this afternoon. Tonight, they are breaking bread (so to speak) and she's been relatively civil.

David said...

I am with you all about the behavior. It can be possibly be prevented in future seasons if Amanda does not get to the final 2 or win and had real world consequences to her. That way future contestants will not be quick to follow her example of how to get to the end.

The evilness seems to skip seasons. But with ED showing that it can be done that way I am afraid we just may be in for more of it if the producers don't screen the contestants better.

Ninboh said...

Has anyone heard from MEB at all? I just remember she was a faithful commenter. Has she been posting about BB?

monty924 said...

Sharon, I've always watched out of entertainment, but trust me, I've been guilty of believing everything I read about BB and that's why I started getting the feeds for myself in S6 or S7. Don't remember the exact season. I backslide on my 'not personal' every now and then too, lol. I remember getting really angry when Jeff or Jordan were targeted, and always when Janelle was in S6, S7 and last season. Sometimes, it's hard to separate when you really like some of these hamsters.

The thing that galled be to no end was when Shellie was getting death threats to her family because she voted Jeff out, and I was a HUGE Jeff and Jordan fan. Uncalled for and that it is when real reality hits a fan in the face. No show, no season of BB should cause that sort of fan hatred, and this season is approaching that one.

Another reason why I stay away from Jokers Updates other than to look for time stamps for things I've missed. There are other sites out there who do a better job of transcribing the feeds without all of the rumor and speculation if you need to find timestamps. I won't mention them here out of respect for Jackie. Dingo is always a good site for the fights and really big things on the feeds and I know Jackie doesn't mind us discussing her page. But there are others besides Jokers. Just saying. At Jokers, you get any member posting random updates and sometimes they are not factual.

monty924 said...

Nimboh, Meb still posts off and on here at Jackie's.

Lili said...

I agreed about Jackie...her efforts, this blog, really are one of the best aspects of BB. And I think a good many of us also enjoy the comedy stylings of Dingos Hamsterwatch. For those of you who watch both Breaking Bad and BB I highly recommend the Les Hermanos Hamsters Ratings that Dingo posted on her site...comedy gold!

Thanks again Jackie, I check your blog several times a day during BB season, could not watch BB without it.

Sharon said...

Tonight's BBAD was rather civilized.
I kept waiting for another ugly shoe to drop, but... lol

David said...

I was watching BBAD and randomly listening to some music and now I think I can stand to watch McCranda because while they were showing them in bed I was listening to this song.
***WARNING**** foul language

And now everytime I see Amanda and McCrea I crack up laughing. Especially when she says piss me off and get on my nerves like she does all the time.

Anonymous said...

Patricia Said: Would it not be so cool if this week America had a vote and put Amanda up on the block. That would really get her going. Can not believe CBS would allow her to act like that. Completely crosses the lines of even Big Brother . Maybe we should start calling it Big Bully.

Petals said...

Anon Patricia, Big Bully is right!