Saturday, August 31, 2013

Big Brother 15: Live Feeds Saturday and PoV Winner Aftermath - August 31

Just hang your head on the bed, Spencer

Here's what happened today inside that Big Brother House of Horrific Hamsters:
  • Only one person won't play for veto. That one person not picked is Judd.
  • Amanda pushed Andy, telling him he NEEDS to win the veto to take one of them off the block.
  • Oh, at this point, I think he was thinking more along the lines of needing NOT to win the veto so he won't have to make a public stand with it.
  • Even though Andy is pushing for Elissa to go up if one of McCranda comes down, GinaMarie is firm with her previous decision.
  • She will NOT put either Judd or Elissa on the block. She promised them. And, as crude and vulgar as she may be, I haven't seen her break a promise yet.
  • Judd and Elissa both warned GinaMarie that they think Andy is still holding onto some loyalty with McCrae/Amanda.
  • Andy heard that Elissa said he was working both sides of the house and denied it to GinaMarie.
  • I personally think that he's having a hard time breaking the bond. But, in the end, I think he realizes he's better off gamewise with the Exterminators.
  • The veto comp went down, blocked to the live feeds.
  • But we always find out anyway. So there, BB!
  • McCrae won veto.
  • Welp, there goes GM's plan to target him this week!
  • So, it will have to be Amanda walking out that door (first) on Thursday.
  • Aw, my heart breaks for her.
  • Doesn't yours?
  • Amanda cried.
  • Sniffle, sniffle, HONK!
  • Judd wanted to get McCrae to use the veto to save Amanda.
  • That's not gonna happen.
  • Silly Judd.
  • Knowing that GM will not put up either Judd or Elissa, Spencer volunteered to go on the block as the re-nom.
  • I personally would rather see Andy up there as he would have no temptation whatsoever to save Amanda if he can't vote at all.
  • Amanda fussed (in her yellow tutu) that the comp wasn't fair to her.
  • She also thinks it's not fair that she's on the block.
  • She also thinks it's not fair that McCrae is on the block.
  • She also thinks it's not fair when she can't control everybody.
  • Aw, sucks to be her this week!
  • Amanda thinks she deserves to be there in the house.
  • Well, yeah. Gotta give her that. If anyone ever deserved to be in that house of idiots, she's a one.
  • But all of them deserve to be there ... until they get evicted, that is.
  • Elissa and GinaMarie talked the logistics of getting to the final two together.
  • Trying to lead her on, Judd told Amanda there's a chance she might stay.
  • I see no chance. Even if Andy flipped, it would end up a tie and GM would cast the tiebreaker. She won't vote out Spencer over Amanda.
  • Amanda tried and tried, then tried some more, to convince GM she needs to put Elissa on the block as the re-nom.
  • Ain't gonna happen.
  • I'm saying that. GinaMarie told her that she'll sleep on it.
  • Later on GM had a good laugh with Spencer and Judd about Amanda promising her final two.
  • Oh. I forgot to mention -- Judd and Spencer are out of the chicken suits. That was only 48 hours.
  • McCrae started mingling, something he hasn't done alone for most of the season.
  • He talked to GM, telling her he thinks that Elissa, Judd and her (GM) are working together.
  • Um, kind of right. They're all in on getting either McCrae or Amanda out.
  • They're working with each other as in Judd/Elissa, Judd/GM, and a teensy bit of GM/Elissa.
  • It's complicated.
  • McCrae thinks they should pit GM against Elissa and that Amanda should play girly-girl with GM to get Elissa on the block.
  • @@
  • The PoV meeting isn't until Monday.
  • But I would imagine we'll be seeing Amanda and Spencer on the block, Amanda the target.
  • Did I say it sucks to be Amanda this week?
  • Oh, yeah. I did.

What am I doing in this handbasket?

GinaMarie's toe bruise. Ouch.

Ew! Amanda in a tutu! My eyes! My eyes!

McCrae has started mingling

While Amanda exiles herself


Sharon said...

On the picture of Amanda in the yellow tutu ... what was McC doing? Looks like he was smelling his pits? ewww

Jackie said...

If memory serves, he was dealing with his mic wire right at that moment. Even he probably doesn't want to smell his armpits.

Nina said...

Thanks for mentioning Jackie's new post Sharon.

I'm beginning to like GM. She is crass but does have a kind streak, and also keep her promises.
I can also see her doing Saturday Night Live. She's very funny without even trying to be.

Joanie said...

Amanda is ruining my favorite color, yellow

Terry is a Texan! said...

I too like yellow and its sic seeing her in it torture? Can she wear it to meet Julie? Oh please please please!!!

Sharon said...

Nina - I agree with you. It's kind of too bad that GM started out so bad, saying things she shouldn't, and still holding a grudge against Candice doesn't help her position on the outside.

However, in BB, GM sticks to her guns on what she will or won't do... whereas others (except Elissa) can be swayed. GM & Elissa both have pretty accurate perceptions of everyone in the house.

Petals said...

Thanks for your updates, Ms J. You have the patience of Job.

T-Town said...

Nina, I agree. GinaMarie has grown on me the last few weeks. She keeps her promises, is incredibly loyal, and doesn’t let Amanda intimidate her. However, I think she’s awfully insecure and latched onto people who used her “mouth” to their advantage (if that makes any sense). On a side note, McCrea is disgusting and Amanda is a horrible person. Just wanted to throw that out there.

Sharon said...

T-Town, Amanda told McC he was "stinky" a while ago. Did he make a move to go shower? NO! Instead, he is up in HOH with everyone else. I can't believe nobody has told him he stinks... or that someone hasn't thought to leave deodorant and a bar of soap on his bed... hint hint!!

Nina said...

Sharon, I am hoping that Elissa and GM some how, can make it to the end.

Elissa is different but does have morals and stays with them. GM just seems to need guidance with a more positive influence in her life.

GM did say she still holds a grudge with Candice but she did give her a big hug when Canadice re entered the BB house. Who knows? Maybe there is still hope.

I have nothing to say about Amanda at this time.

Nina said...

I meant to say, I have nothing positive to say about Amanda at this time.

Sharon said...

Who knows for sure how GM feels about Candice, but she did seem sincerely glad (and relieved) to get the bad feelings out of the way with the hug.

I've noticed that some of what GM says is influenced by who she's talking to at the time. I think the last Candice remark was yesterday(?)... doubt it would have been said to Elissa since she knows Elissa liked Candice.

I can't tell if Elissa has really changed her mind about GM and likes her now. It does seem like it, but it could also be game play.

AndyTheFloaterSux said...

I am watching BBAD and WTF are Andy and Spencer talking about?

Andy says Elissa is the only one he hates as a person. @@

And they both agree that she, Elissa, is going crazier every day. @@

What are those two smoking???

Those comments make NO SENSE, at all.

Sharon said...

It's the way Andy feels... right now, in the BB house.
Spence isn't an Elissa fan, but doesn't hate her... and he agrees with just about everyone about everything.

monty924 said...

Elissa gets on my last nerve most of the time and I only have the feeds. I couldn't even imagine living in the house with her. I absolutely see where Spencer and Andy are coming from.

Sharon said...

Monty, that's the way the world goes 'round. Elissa doesn't bother me, but then, I don't have to be around her 24/7.

I like her a LOT more than Amanda! She's just GROSS.
To me, Elissa is one of those easily ignored people... just exchange a few pleasantries and go your own way.

Petals said...

Same here, Sharon. Elissa is not my favorite person in the World, but she is for sure my fave in the house.

Irritating or not, at least she is cultured, mannered and clean.

Nina said...

T Town, I agree, Amanda and McCrea are on the wrong Reality Show or any show. If we wanted to watch porn, we wouldn't be watching BB. It would be entertainment after hours, which I might add, I'm not interested in. We should not have to be subject to this type behavior. JMI

pat rw said...

people need to learn acceptance, no one ask to be loved, but only accepted....if a person is different and instead of askin questions to find out, they get scared of the difference and start to react by hatin on the person...accept a person to live in harmony, lol...that's all, now I feel free, lol...

monty924 said...

I was being generous. I said most of the time, not all of the time! ;-)

Peggy said...

Pardon my need to vent but here are some random thoughts/observations:
The HGs got beer & wine tonight. Amanda took the wine & told Elissa she couldn't have any because El had had beer last night & today. After drinking straight from the bottle of wine several times, Amanda gave El about a fourth of a glass of her back washed wine. Amanda later apologized in a perfunctory manner.

I think Andy, like Amanda, is playing a good BB Game but is loathsome on a personal level. I looked up Andy's teacher feedback at College of Dupage & he is very well liked there.i despise him for his duplicity but commend his urge to get out the one person (Elissa) who is on to him. In the end, I prefer Elissa.
McCrae suggested a card game tonight and all HGs played, eventually. McCrae was very animated & endearing. Very much like we all thought he might have been sans Amanda.

I have every confidence GM will stick to her word & not nominate Judd or El. Please send Amanda away...

Anonymous said...

Am is such a biotch.

stormy said...

Amanda - Spoiled brat, no morals McCrae dirty, smelly. Both stay in bed 20 out of 24 hrs. GM potty mouth. Spences picking his nose all the time , that is when he does not have his hands down his pants. Elissa walking around like she smells something unpleasant (people) Andy biggest rat and wheasel ever. Only leaves JUDD to pull for. GO JUDD.

Anonymous said...

I just don't understand the people here,the dislike of Elissa puzzles me,what has she done, other than being Rachel's sister, I would hate for for someone to dislike me because they did not like my sibling, in fact I didn't have a problem with Rachel at all. Elissa minds on own business with class, all I can say is that it sounds like a little jealousy here As soon as people recognized that Elissa was Rachel's sister the dislike began.

Petals said...

Anon, I agree.
Maybe jealousy of Elissa? Some people have mentioned that she shouldn't discuss how nice her "real life" is. I disagree. Why should Elissa pretend that her life sucks? Whatev.

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Anonymous said...

I agree.. what's wrong with Elissa? What's wrong with using manners to answer the phone? I was taught to answer it like that too. I like Elissa. The houseguests jumped all over her from the very first week! I'm so glad just to see her smile now at all their stupidity. Spenser has an awful dirty mouth.. Sorry for Marylin.

AndyTheFloaterSux said...

Add me to the chorus of what has Elissa done that is so awful? So she's Rachel's sister, big deal. And some think she acts like she is better than the other houseguests. Oh, wait, she is. Money can't buy couth/manners. Only a proper upbringing does that.

pat rw said...

misery loves company but hates happy...Amanda/elissa