Saturday, August 10, 2013

Big Brother 15: Live Feeds Saturday into the Evening - August 10

Such a good look for her!

Here's what's gone down today inside that Big Brother House of Loonie Losers:
  • The hamsters started their day on inside lockdown due to the PoV comp being erected in the yard.
  • Heh. I said "erected" and wasn't talking about McCrae.
  • Oops. My apologies. I had a Beavis and Butthead moment.
  • Andy really wants the Zingbot to come. Others might regret it if he does.
  • Amanda called Aaryn fat and McCrae called her on it. He told her that's how eating disorders get started.
  • Um, not quite. But no one should be calling anyone fat. Aaryn's not fat. Spencer is a bit hefty, but I think he's lost quite a bit of weight since entering the house.
  • McCrae has been speaking up to Amanda when she says stupid or mean things lately.
  • She doesn't like that.
  • How ever will this "marriage" work out?
  • Bwahahahahaha!
  • Elissa, Andy and Helen talked about making a big move and shaking things up ... next week.
  • I won't hold my breath.
  • I wouldn't advise you to hold yours, either.
  • Helen, Amanda and Elissa were the three extras (no MVP nom this week) chosen to play in the comp.
  • GinaMarie told Aaryn she would never put her on the block.
  • Meanwhile, Aaryn has been praying that someone, anyone, would put GinaMarie on the block. But she won't do it herself. She can't.
  • Aaryn told Helen that Amanda said she doesn't think Helen has any loyalty towards her (Aaryn).
  • Helen told Aaryn she loves her.
  • Oh, gag me right now.
  • At least she didn't compare her to Janelle again.
  • Andy has pretty much decided to put GinaMarie on the block if veto is used.
  • He says that if Jessie wins veto, GM will probably go home.
  • Helen told Elissa she doesn't want to push Andy too hard to make the big move or he'll go to the other side.
  • Hate to tell ya, Helen ... but he's already there.
  • Now Andy is scared to put GinaMarie up if veto is used.
  • @@
  • (Then put up AMANDA, Andy!)
  • Uh-oh. Andy told McCrae and Amanda he'd rather keep Jessie in the house because Spencer has lied to him.
  • Not that he has a vote, mind you.
  • The Have Nots are complaining that you need butter to prepare mung beans and they aren't allowed to have butter.
  • I have no clue about mung beans other than they sound too much like dung beans and I don't want any.
  • Aaryn doesn't know how anyone could like Candice.
  • That doesn't surprise me. 
  • Elissa and Jessie, on the other hand, thought GinaMarie was hateful when Candice gave her speech.
  • I personally thought that GM should have had a penalty nom for a catfight on the live show.
  • But no one listens to me.
  • Right now as I post this, the live feeds are blocked with trivia. So the PoV comp must be on.
  • I'll report back on the winner once it's known.

Braided pink gangsta

Braids and blue

Mr. On the Block Weekly


Delee said...

Never have eaten Mung beans, but I have eaten them sprouted in Chinese food. Have even sprouted them myself for stir-fry.

Will someone in the cage please shake this house up?

~~Silk said...

Amid rampant rumors that either Candice or Judd will be returning, I am wondering. Let's assume one of them will be back. If so, then:

We didn't see Judd arriving at the jury house. Can we conclude he didn't join Candice? Neither of them will be allowed back if they have been "contaminated", so they are likely being kept in solitary confinement, with no outside contact of any kind. Anything more than a few days of that is considered a severe punishment even in jail.

Therefore I conclude that if neither has returned within a week, then neither will be returning at all.

meb said...

Do you think they may be pulling a survivor and the two jury members have a comp and whoever wins between the two, that person gets to go back into the house? Or maybe the loser goes home and the other stays on jury to fight the next evicted houseguest. That would be fun to watch.

Sharon S said...

I like your idea meb, but Julie said there will be 9 jurors, so I don't think they'll go home.

uncartie said...

Andy won POV

Sharon said...

Unlikely, but it would be nice if Andy developed some guts, took down Jessie or Spencer and put up one of the power people. But Amanda won't allow that to happen. @@

Sharon said...

Unless Amanda suddenly decides it would be smart "for Andy" to get out Helen instead... backdoor while she can.

Anonymous said...

I say get Helen out.

Know what I mean??

Sharon said...

I'd rather see Helen reach the F2 or F3 than Amanda, Aryan or GM!!!!

Sasha said...

Jackie...good one...Mr. On the Block Weekly :)

Brent McKee said...

Andy's on the other side? Jackie, Andy is on every side. Everyone trusts him but based on they way he's blabbed everyone's secrets, nobody should trust him.

Terry is a Texan! said...

ink Andy will make his BIG MOVE when he is on the block...sheesh!
This is the perfect time to get out a big player