Saturday, August 24, 2013

Big Brother 15: Live Feeds Saturday into the Evening, PoV Winner - August 24

Could it be a dunce cap?

Well, well, well ... the more things change, the more they remain the same. Here's what happened today in that Big Brother House of Dollar Store Toys for All the Girls and Boys:
  • An extended feeds block went down shortly after the hamsters got up.
  • Yep, it was the PoV comp.
  • And, Amanda finally won something.
  • Wah. Woe is me.
  • All of them have dunce party hats and gift bags of dollar store toys like finger Rock 'em Sock 'em robots, whoopie cushions, noisemakers, and such.
  • Those precious little hamsters are so easy (and cheap) to amuse!
  • Spencer checked with McCrae to make sure he'd be safe on the block against Aaryn. Both guys agreed that Aaryn is shady.
  • Only after Amanda won the veto did Aaryn tell her that Elissa had planned to backdoor her (Amanda).
  • Amanda told Aaryn that she (Aaryn) will be safe because she (Amanda) will make sure GinaMarie is the replacement nominee.
  • Now, how is she going to do that?
  • Elissa outright promised Judd, GinaMarie and Spencer safety.
  • That would leave Andy (who isn't trusted by Elissa) to go up replacing McCrae.
  • Amanda told Aaryn she would keep her over anyone, including Andy.
  • Hmm.
  • Truth or lie?
  • Aaryn thinks Elissa will try to work with Amanda now and told her as much.
  • Amanda said she'd murder her eat her in her sleep.
  • Oh my.
  • Oh, I don't think seriously murder her. No need to involve the authorities.
  • Elissa told Judd she doesn't trust Aaryn.
  • Well, duh. We knew that.
  • She also told him that she would put Andy on the block as the replacement nominee.
  • Well, I had that one right!
  • Elissa isn't laughing now like she did yesterday. She's very worried that she'll be going home next week. She really didn't think Amanda had it in her to win a comp.
  • Judd told her that if he wins HoH next week, he'll keep her safe.
  • Aaryn tried to convince Elissa she's on her side.
  • Oh, yeah, right. Elissa ain't buyin' those goods.
  • Amanda thinks the only person next week who might put her (Amanda) on the block is GinaMarie.
  • Thus and therefore, GM must go!
  • Amanda gave Aaryn a week to either get GinaMarie on the back or back under her (Aaryn's) control.
  • Oh my.
  • Andy fussed because the Zingbot called him a floater. Apparently the Zingbot made an appearance in the house today before the comp.
  • I say Andy's not a floater. He thought he was some kind of double agent, but he's just a spying lying tattletale who can't be trusted unless he's with the almighty Queen Amanda.
  • McCrae and Andy think if Spencer goes up, they'd rather keep him than Aaryn.
  • Meanwhile, Elissa and GinaMarie confirmed they had each other's backs. GM has lost all trust in Aaryn.
  • Amanda told Spencer and Judd that it's best to keep Aaryn as they can use her to go after targets as Amanda dictates.
  • @@
  • Elissa told GinaMarie that Andy must go on the block.
  • Judd, Andy and Spencer all tried to convince McCrae that they wouldn't be able to get Elissa to put GM on the block.
  • They're right.
  • But that's what AMANDA wants! And, if Amanda wants it, she should get it! [stamping feet]
  • McCrae thinks that Aaryn is lying and that Elissa isn't getting close to GM. He thinks Aaryn is just saying that because she doesn't want to be on the block with GinaMarie.
  • Ha. Right. No.
  • Amanda's new plan -- convince Elissa they have the numbers for Aaryn to stay no matter who is put up.
  • Aaryn tried to convince Elissa that GinaMarie won't still be working with Elissa next week.
  • GM told Aaryn that if she (GM) wasn't on the block, she'd vote for her (Aaryn) to stay.
  • Elissa confirmed with Spencer that he and Judd are safe this week.
  • Amanda's new plan -- a fake fight so they're all safe this week.
  • @@
  • It dawned on Andy that he's likely to be the replacement nominee.
  • Andy cried.
  • Andy vowed if he wins HoH next week, his targets would be Judd, Elissa or GinaMarie.
  • Then he cried again.
  • Spencer told Andy that McCrae told him that his (McCrae's) only chance of winning the game is for him (McCrae) to take out Amanda around the final four time.
  • Andy told Spencer about the 3AM alliance.
  • Aaryn told GinaMarie she realizes that Amanda isn't trying to keep her. If she were trying to keep her (Aaryn) in the house, she wouldn't want GM to be on the block as that would be a vote for her to stay.
  • Meantime, Andy's working himself into a frenzy about being put on the block.
  • Poor guy.
  • He cried to Amanda. He cried to McCrae. He cried to Spencer. He cried to himself.
  • Amanda started yelling at Elissa to go ahead and put Andy up! They will vote for Aaryn to stay no matter what and they'll all come after her.
  • Well, except Andy because he'd be home.
  • Hmm.
  • Amanda declared war. (She said that, not me. I'm just the messenger.)
  • McCrae told Amanda it doesn't matter that Andy goes -- it would be a vote for them in the jury house not done in by them. Same if Aaryn goes.
  • Andy cried to Elissa.
  • Spencer told McCrae that he thinks Elissa and Judd have a final two deal.
  • What's Spencer? The new Andy?
  • Spencer pledged loyalty to McCrae, Amanda and Andy.
  • Hmm.
  • All Elissa wants now is a nap.
  • Andy, too.
  • Me, too.
  • Laters! 

Maybe the noisemaker will keep him from biting his nails

Oh geez ... look who won PoV



~~Silk said...

[Sheesh. I posted this on the previous post jut as this one went up, so I'm repeating it here. I spent too much time on it for it not to be read!]

For those complaining that Elissa should have put both Amanda and Mccrae up - that's hindsight. Elissa did it right, the best plan for getting Amanda out, and this is why:

Stick with this. It's not rocket science - after all, Elissa saw it intuitively.

Let's assign points to the players in order of their likely ability to win POV. (Of course this is debatable depending on the type of comp, and only Mcmanda seems to often know what to expect, but the rankings won't change by a significant factor.)
Elissa - 5
Aaryn - 5
GinaMarie - 5
Judd - 4
Mccrea - 4
Andy - 3
Spenser - 2
Amanda - 1

So if Elissa's goal is to end up with Amanda and Mccrea on the block, and assuming that Elissa, Aaryn, and GinaMarie would take Aaryn off the block if they won POV, then by putting Aaryn up with Mccrea, there's a 15 out of 28 chance, better than 50% at a minimum, that she could backdoor Amanda and one of the two would definitely be out the door. Even better odds if Judd cooperated. (And note that 10 of those 15 points would be definitely playing on the POV comp, the rest being random draw.)

If, however, she initially put up both Amanda and Mccrea, then the only person she could count on to leave the nominations the same is herself, and possibly Judd. Almost any other person would take one or the other off the block "to prove their loyalty", and the replacement nominee, not Mccrae or Amanda, is almost guaranteed to go home. The chance of Amanda or Mccrae going home in that case is something like 5 or 9 out of 29. Not good odds.

So Elissa made exactly the right move in starting with Aaron and Mccrae. That was her best chance. The chance of Amanda winning POV was very low. Unfortunately, people do win the lottery or get hit by lightning with worse chances.... and Amanda did hit the lottery.

Susan said...

It's things like Amanda winning the veto that make me think the show is fixed.

Nickelpeed said...

Well, crap, CRap, CRAP! Was this a game geared toward Amanda?

This just totally stinks!!! And, it stinks even more that Aaryn ran back to Amanda. Which means Elissa is in even more trouble than ever.

Now that the hamsters know that neither Amanda nor McCrea is in trouble, they'll go back to supporting Amanda. It stinks.

Crap again.

In OFF TOPIC news. Did anyone else read that Cochran from Survivor is a writer or the new tv show "The Millers" He's been writing scrips for awhile and CBS gave him the chance with one of their new shows.

Great going Jon!!!!


Nickelpeed said...

I agree Susan.

Jackie said...

Knowing someone who used to be in production on the show, the most rigged it is might be the Diary Room prying around for info and planting seeds. They really don't care who wins.

I saw a comment on the last post (can't remember who posted it) concerning the length of the feeds block for the comp. Trust me, 3 1/2 hours is nowhere near the record. Over the years I've seen feeds blocked for between 6 and 8 hours during a comp. Not the norm, but it does occasionally happen. 3 and a half isn't unexpected.

Anonymous said...

I am not surprised that Amanda won the PoV. This is TV people. Keeping people like Amanda and Aryan in the game is good for "TV". I also do not see Elissa being voted out the following week. The producers love the heat right now with "Amanda vs Elissa". I would take every juice of that battle as long as I can as a TV producer. The producers don't care who wins but they do care what they want to present in their TV show.

~~Silk said...

That long feeds block started when they were just waking up, so they had Zingbot, POV comp, breakfast, and dressing and makeup --- possibly in a jumbled order --- during that time. So 3.5 hours may not have been so much, especially if they wanted the Zingbot talk to slow down before coming back.

Nickelpeed said...

ciaWell, either way, Amanda won and we're right back where we started. All of them will go back to Amanda and McCrea.

Andy's mad at Elissa, Spencer is mad at Elissa, Aaryn's always been mad at Elissa. It's the same old same old.

Now nothing will change. Elissa can not win HOH next time. The only hope she has is Judd winning because all the other will probably turn on her. Don't know if she can really trust GM.

This just stinks all over again.


Petals said...

inch by inch, minute by minute... I am losing faith in this game.
It just isn't fun to watch when you already know who the winner is!(oops. sorry,wont say a name)

Sharon said...

I don't think Judd or GM are willing to go back to Amanda... yet. Maybe never.
What happens totally depends on who wins HOH next week (hope for Judd or GM). Elissa can't play, but if Judd or GM wins HOH, I don't think Elissa would go OTB. They both want Amanda out!
And don't forget, Elissa CAN play for POV... a win would remove her from the block AND make CBS very happy. lol

Jackie said...

Petals - I realize Jokers posts rumors and people believe them. But I really don't do that here, never have. IF Amanda wins it, trust me, it's by her own work. I don't like her, no. But she's playing a remarkable game. As much as I personally don't like her as the person who comes across my live feeds, it's well-played.

Anonymous said...

All I can say is Elissa made the biggest mistake EVER, she made a way for them to stay together, there's no other way of looking at it with grafts and charts or anything else one of them should have been going home this week, now all that praising Elissa got for be a wise player just went out the window, because the joined the rest of the psycos in the house and made a decision based on personal feelings, she could have waited to get Aaryn out, instead she put her on the block for personal reasons and now they're right back to square one and MCRanda is running the house again and it's all Elissa's fault. Amanda really deserves to win this game.

Sharon said...

Anon 11:31 - We'll have to agree to disagree on this issue. But I suggest people go to the top of this thread and read Silk's well thought out post. I have to agree with her 100%. The fact that Elissa's plan didn't work out as she hoped... well, it's just the way it goes in BB.

Elissa has moved on to a new plan and, so far, it seems to be working better than Amanda's plan... as of right now.

Again, we shall see who wins out in this battle of wills.

monty924 said...

I agree that Elissa made a mistake if her goal all along was to get either Amanda or McCrae out. With this few people in the house, your opportunity to truly backdoor someone (I would suggest scumbag be a better term because Amanda did end up playing in the veto) is almost nil. The odds were very high that Amanda would play anyway, so she should have just put McCranda up against each other in the first place.

She didn't, and boohoo her plan didn't work. She made a mistake and now she isn't going to get one of them out. Of course now she's saying she wants Aaryn out. That's fine by me, but she was all giddy and excited to work with Aaryn last night to get Amanda out. Elissa's problem is she doesn't weigh her options carefully. Plays on emotion and not logic. JMO

~~Silk said...

It would be funny if Spencer won the next HOH and put himself on the block out of habit.

Sharon said...

LMAO Silk!!

~~Silk said...

Monty - It didn't matter what Elissa did, or who she nominated, IF Amanda won POV. If Amanda won POV, then neither Mccrae nor Amanda would be leaving. The replacement, no matter who, would be leaving.

monty924 said...

True, Silk. It's all a moot point now. She never really had the numbers to get either one of them out, unless it would have been Amanda up against someone other than McCrae after the veto. :))

~~Silk said...

Mccrea realizes that the only way he's gonna win this thing for himself is to be instrumental in getting Amanda out. He has to be the one to do it, or he will be seen as just a coattail rider and will lose the jury votes. He can't wait until the final four, or someone else might take her out, leaving him sitting on coattails. It's going to have to be soon, as soon as he can resurrect the Moving Company.

Sharon said...

Silk - yup, he's already talking about unloading Amanda in the F4.

Nickelpeed said...

I just think Elissa made a mistake at this point and time in the game.

With this few people, back dooring has to be really thought out. If she had put Amanda and McCrea on the block, only one could be saved. Amanda would have saved herself.

Now, neither one leaves and others are on the warpath. They are going to make Elissa's final days in the house will be horrible. If anyone else wins HOH aside from BM or Judd, they will put Elissa up and really make her life miserable.

If she had just put up Amanda and McCrea, at least one could have gone home.

The problem would have been getting the votes to save the other one. It's all hindsight now, though.


Nina said...

LOL about Spencer nominating himself Silk.

Dramahold said...

Watching BBAD and these people are getting nastier. I didn't think that was possible.

Sharon said...

Not that it has anything to do with the game, but does Amanda ever stop eating? She is constantly shoving food in her face.

Petals said...

*harumph* I know, I know. I knew when I typed it. I just thought a "deleted posted by author" was worse than me just taking my lumps.

today is something special, i cant remember what. tomorrow is US Open. What is today?

Petals said...

who said it got even worse, that the HGs get more & more vile as the nights go on? yes. it is terrible.

monty924 said...

Penny, I know you meant GM, but BM is hilarious ;-)

Sharon said...

Hope Elissa sticks to her gut-feeling and doesn't put GM up.
Sounds like Judd has been snowed by jerk-Andy.. that he would vote out Aryan. Yeah, right. Gotta be dumb to believe that one!

~~Silk said...

Heh. When I read "BM", I automatically thought that referred to Spencer. Didn't even think about it.

monty924 said...

Sharon, even Elissa is saying she want's Aaryn out now. I don't think this will end well for Aaryn this week. Can't say that I'm sad though.

monty924 said...

LOL @Silk... the BM joke was just too funny to pass up.

Sharon said...

I don't care what Andy says, IF Elissa gets tricked into putting up GM instead of Andy, GM will be gone. It will be McC, Amanda and Andy voting her out.
How many times does Andy have to lie to everyone (except McRanda)? He always says things like, "swear on my life" and "I love ___, so much, I would never hurt ___" do what he says he will before they catch on. He never has any intention of sticking with his word.

T-Town said...

"One step forward, two steps back." That's how I feel about this whole season. However, if Andy goes this week I will be very happy. All he does is shovel everyone's food in his mouth and run to Amanda about everything. The fact that he has realized that Aaryn's higher on the totem pole than he is must be a huge punch in the gut.

monty924 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

I don't think the others will make Elissa's life miserable in the house for the next couple of weeks...She lived most of her life with Rachel. If she can handle Rachel, she can handle these people, none of whom she cares about anyway.

On a side note, I will not be sorry to see Aaryn go...mainly cause I'm looking forward to her exit interview with Julie who rumor has it means to confront her on he racist comments. Personally, I would rather for her to confront Aaryn on the Talk with the help of Aisha Tyler cause I want to see them tear her a new one. JMO

monty924 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sharon said...

Anon 1:59 - Rumors are wrong. Julie Chen has publicly said it was tempting to face Aryan about the comments, but then made it plain that she has no intention of stooping to that level. Julie has said she feels the public and Aryan's former 'employer' will make it plain how she is perceived. Now, Julie might make a 'hint' but it's certainly not going to be the blow-out some people have been craving.

monty924 said...

If this plan works, it reminds me of two really hilarious moves in BB history. One I liked, and one I hated.

Don't forget that Howie fell victim to a bad move for the Sov 6 and put James up. Doh! The other one was in S8 when Evel Dick and Daniele though that they masterminded Dustin's demise. They didn't we did.

Andy is working this hard with Judd and Spencer and by pure luck, he may just get Elissa to renom GM. You never can tell in this game.

Sharon said...

If Elissa falls for the GM nom, then GM will be voted out and Elissa will be making a serious error.
I find it impossible to believe ANYTHING Andy says! It's weird that Andy still hangs with McRanda. He has NO chance of winning next to them. Or is he satisfied to make it to #2.

Sharon said...

oops... the furthest he will get is #3 ... but in reality, he'll probably be gone before Spencer.

monty924 said...

But, you can't win the game unless you do make it to final 2. You only need to make it to final 3 to make your own fate in BB. Once you get to final 3, you have to win and decide who you will take to final 2 or be really convincing/lucky. Janie made it there twice, but she wasn't good enough to seal the deal.

monty924 said...

I don't believe in all the conspiracy theories either. Bringing this over from ED's FB page:

Addressing this letter from some supposed Employee of Big Brother saying that Amanda is the predetermined winner...

Do you really think the head of CBS, Les Moonves is going to let ONE producer from ONE of the 200 or so shows, including late night, primetime, news, sports etc... Let this ONE producer from ONE show compromise the integrity of the ENTIRE NETWORK to let a friend of this ONE producer win a show?

IF this was true, don't you think CNN, NBC, ABC, TMZ and all other LEGITIMATE news agencies would be all over this? Don't you think it would be an enormous scandal?

ALSO, this supposed employee would make millions getting paid to make appearances for the talk show circuit, write a book maybe?

If you ask yourself honestly, you will have to agree why I am calling bullshit on this. It doesn't make sense and the head of CBS would never let this shit happen, no way.

Just my opinion, believe what you want."

David said...

I still can't tell if Elissa is buying this Andy BS or not. I am still waiting for Andy to go running to McManda to tell them that their plan is working like they think.

I sure hope Elissa is not buying it or that Andy is for once telling the truth about wanting to finally break away from McManda.

Anonymous said...

Well looks like Curella Deville and McP is back on top. We will have to listen to Curella's mouth until at least Thursday. What a bad bunch of house guest we have. Howdy Doody is about to run his legs off.

Joe in NY said...

He problem all along is that 3 a.m. was going to be in control of the house no matter what happened this week. That's why I've always felt Helen was right to work with amanda rather than declare war. The problem has always been numbers. When Helen lost Aryan and continued to trust Andy, her game was over.

Elissa is all but done, but not for any reason but numbers. Even if Amanda had gone home this week, it was still Mc, Spencer, Andy, and Aryan against Elissa and GM. (Don't know about Judd) How do you like those odds?

You can hate them all you want, but we really should be celrbrsting one of the best alliances in BB history.

BJ said...

Well said monty924
If Amanda wins it is only because for some insane reason the others are to scared to take her down. I hope McC is serious about taking her out when they reach 4

~~Silk said...

Joe said: "Even if Amanda had gone home this week, it was still Mc, Spencer, Andy, and Aryan against Elissa and GM. (Don't know about Judd) How do you like those odds?"

In your scenario, let's put Judd with Elissa and GM. Now let's say GM or Judd wins HOH. The ones on the block can't vote, so it would be 2-2 and the HOH will break a tie. It would work. It's still possible if Judd or GM win HOH, but only if Andy and Aaryn are both up this week.

Anonymous said...

Joe In NY is right, Elissa doesn't have the numbers to get Aaryn out, now that everyone has jumped ship again, she missed her possible chance to get either Amanda or McCrae out with her on the block choices, it seems now the only person that they can get out is the one MCRanda wants out. I guess people gave Elissa too much credit, still it amazes me how Joe In NY can say only after Amanda won POV that they never had the numbers to get one of the 3AM out, they only needed 3 votes Judd, GM and the rat(Andy) remember he would have voted what ever the person in power at the time wanted him to so if that would have left only Amanda and Spencer to save McCrae but once she allowed them to get back in power, Joe's right now all bets are off, remember again this is a group that votes with the house,all of these peole were ready to vote the way Elissa wanted them to because she was in power because they have no thought process of their own, I too think that the last three standing will be an all guy alliance, because McCrae will throw Amanda under the bus by way of Judd, Spencer, or Andy. Remember the young lady from last season(I can't think of her name) thought Dan was going to take her to the final 2, but little Ian said "Not in my house"
So Elissa more than likely you're toast next week, unless you win POV,and then again I'm not so sure you won't.

Witt said...

A lot of Anons posted yesterday...I'm sure they were not the same person. Would you consider using a name? Instead of clicking Anonymous, just click Name/URL and put it in the name you'd like to use.

That way we can use your name when responding!


Witt :)

Anonymous said...


I guess what most of us really wanted was just to break up Amanda and McCrae, no one can really say who would have been in an alliance then, probably an all guys alliance, I honesty made that prediction that Amanda would win the POV before she won it, only because she stayed in the HOH comp on her own longer than she had in any of the other comps. She became a little more determined.

lynn1 said...

In my opinion it wouldn't have changed anything if Elissa had put Amanda and Mccrea up for eviction. Amanda wins POV she takes herself off. Amanda is replaced by Aaryn. when it came down to the vote Amanda, Andy and Spencer would vote to evict Aaryn. Gina Marie and Judd would vote to evict Mccrea. Aayrn leaves and Mccrea stays.
With Amanda winning POV there is still no chance of getting Mccrea evicted.

Joe in NY said...

Anon: I never said they didn't have the votes to get out Amanda or McCrae THIS WEEK. In fact, what I said is that even if they did, the remainders of the 3 a.m. alliance still had numbers in the house.

As for Silk's comment. Yes, you are somewhat right. IF IF IF Judd joined Elissa and GM and IF IF IF Judd or GM won HOH then they could have taken out another 3 a.m. member. But that's a lot of IFs. You could just as easily say that you can win BB if you have a strong 2 from Day 1 as long as you alternate winning HOH. The point is that even if Amanda had gone home this week, odds favored 3 a.m. taking it to the end because they are the stronger alliance...and always have been since they took out the Moving Company.

Joe in NY said...

lynn1 Totally agree. The later in the game, the more important POV is relative to HOH. There was never a way to guarantee Amanda or McCrae would leave this week even if both went up. In fact, it didn't have to be Amanda winning POV. IF Amanda or McCrae had both been up, then if either of them won, then they were coming down and there's no guarantee that the replacement doesn't go home. But if Andy or Spencer or Aryan had won POV, they could have taken down Amanda and the replacement might still have gone home. Now, I don't think Andy would have had the stones, but I do think Aryan would have taken Amanda down. She's never liked Elissa and even if Andy or Spencer went home as a result, it would have improved Aryan's position in 3 a.m. Same with Spencer.

So, honestly, it is petty hindsight to blame Elissa for the noms. She might have been a little emotional in throwing Aryan up there. But it all came down to POV anyway.

Joe in NY said...

Silk, I don't know if I totally agree with your odds, LOL, but boy you must have been bored this weekend. :)

Anonymous said...

I come to read the comments..but mostly Joe/NY....Once again he is the man of reason regarding the game. Such a pleasure. No hate or blasting other posters.

Amanda is playing a gret game.

Anonymous said...

Joe in NY,

We really can't say what might have happened because these people jump with who ever has the power, So if she had put the McCrandas up she might have got one of them out Spencer is flaky because he really doesn't like Amanda either and not real sure he can trust them, Judd would have stayed with Elissa, because McCranda voted him out, Aaryn at one time felt that she and GM were being used by McCranda, so Elissa may have had the numbers with Judd GM Aaryn, and maybe even Spencer, to vote out McCrae, you just dont know, none of these people have their own thought process, she needs to replace McCrae with Andy and get them to vote him out and I think Aaryn will join Elissa's side if they save her. JUST MAYBE and if Amanda wins she deserves it, as much as I really don't care for her becuase of some of the hateful comments she has made I will not say I dislike her because I dont know her, it's a game she trying to win the money, like everyone else, and if she was fortunate to get in house with a bunch of people that she could manipulate and make complete fools of so be it.


Anonymous said...

Hey Joe in NY,

I had to LOL at your post where you said Aaryn might have improve her position in the game,but that would have been just by luck, because she would have never figured that out on her own, they are still playing likes and dislike I wonder how much she'll like Amanda when she sends her out that door.

~~Silk said...

[Jackie's next post is up. ----->]