Sunday, August 11, 2013

Big Brother 15: Live Feeds Sunday into the Evening - August 11

At least she's not a Have Not

For the most part it's been a ho-hum Sunday in the habitrail. There's so much down time on Sundays that, except for the occasional brouhaha or cat fight, it might as well be nap time for all. Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Horrors:
  • Have to give her credit for trying -- Jessie told the others she thinks Spencer is really good at comps. (And implied that she's not and they should vote him out.)
  • Lots of talk about how Judd did this and Judd did that. Judd pretty much did whatever others wanted him to do.
  • Andy told Helen he's only lied to the people he wasn't loyal to.
  • He's not lying about that.
  • But, do note he didn't tell Helen he hasn't lied to her.
  • GinaMarie was happy Andy won PoV as she thought she'd be the replacement nominee if veto was used.
  • She would have been.
  • Jessie thinks that Amanda/McCrae/Helen/Elissa have a final four deal. She doesn't know anything about Andy's involvement with any of them, or at least how strong his ties are.
  • Both of the power couples work together, but things will end up with them pitted against each other.
  • Helen keeps talking about getting Amanda out.
  • Unfortunately, she's telling that to Andy, Amanda's puppet.
  • Andy, who's been on the fence over which nominee he really wants out, told McCrae that he guesses Jessie will have to go as she told him she wants Amanda out.
  • @@
  • McCrae is worried that Amanda will betray him.
  • Heh.
  • They think Rachel might show up in a Pandora's Box.
  • Andy and Spencer think they trust Amanda and McCrae more than they do Helen.
  • Elissa, though part of that power pair with Helen, is easily dismissed.
  • Spencer thinks Aaryn is a wild card. While her two HoH had the nominations controlled by others, he has no idea what she would do on her own.
  • He has a point there.
  • I'd say she'd just do whatever told by whomever.
  • Now Helen, Andy and McCrae are in a final three deal.
  • Whatever.
  • I can't even try to keep these whacko deals straight.
  • Although I do admit I wouldn't mind seeing that particular final three. I just don't think it's serious.
  • McCrae said, though Amanda has sworn love and future marriage, he feels trapped and depressed. He called her a maneater (not to her face) and said he feels like the girl in the relationship.
  • Good. Now he knows how some girls feel!
  • Andy told Jessie he can't keep playing everybody's friend.
  • He also told her that Spencer has lied to him.
  • He didn't tell her that she's the target this week.
  • Then Andy went off to be Helen's good friend.
  • And on it goes ...

Symbolic of her life?

HoH entertainment

He DOES have Spock ears!

You can run, but you can't hide


Lissa said...

I think Andy looks like a little red mouse.

pat rw said...

I hope they backdoor Amanda

pat rw said...

have anyone question the diaryroom staff or past guest about the diaryroom's staff persuading people to change their vote, or tellin other hamsters about other hamster's decisions??? I THINK THEY ARE PAYIN THEM TO CHANGE THEIR MINDS AND GAME PLAY, CAUSE AARYN SHOULD HAVE BEEN GONE...

Anonymous said...

why wont Andy join Helen???? I DON'T GET his LOGIC at all???? why on earth would you make a final 3 deal with a showmance!?!?!? Is he delusional enough to think McCrea or Amanda would take him to final 2???? I just dont get it. Why not join Helen, who has the vote to get rid of Amanda. So frustrating to watch him talk about making big moves but then just make the dumbest and safest puppet move.

Anonymous said...

If you watch Grimm there are these timid mouselike characters and that's who Andy reminds me of. He even talks like them.