Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Big brother 15: Live Feeds Tuesday into the Evening - August 13

Hurricane Jessie all worn out

Oh my. I don't even know where to start. Here's the lowdown on what's been happening inside that Big Brother House of 10,000 Maniacs:
  • As I mentioned in my last post, Jessie eavesdropped and heard something that she didn't really want to hear.
  • While she's been the target this week, they had been assuring her she would stay and was but a pawn.
  • She found out that was SO not so.
  • So, she's decided to be a hurricane running amok through the house trying to turn everyone on each other.
  • The only one she trusts or likes at the time of this posting is GinaMarie.
  • @@
  • With the exception of damage she did with the Aaryn/GinaMarie relationship, it seems like she's only solidified the McCrae/Amanda/Helen/Elissa camp.
  • As the day wore on, the truths she was sprouting got mixed with some lies or exaggerations and the others knew it. 
  • Andy is disgusted with all of them because this is exactly what he didn't want to happen.
  • Jessie is chain-smoking. Unfortunately, though she is indeed chain-smoking and said she's doing it, she doesn't know the meaning of the phrase. She told Spencer it was smoking when you wanted to. Um, it's actually one after another, hence the word "chain" in there.
  • McCrae keeps joking that he wants to tell her he'll vote to save her if she gives him her cigarettes.
  • Throughout the day, Jessie deliberately did things to annoy the Have Nots -- Helen, Aaryn and Elissa in particular. She cooked bacon, she loudly smacked food, talked about food.
  • It's obvious her original goal was to get McCrae and Amanda to vote to keep her. If she could get them and GinaMarie. That would at least bring it to a tie.
  • Amanda is using the situation to keep prying for information.
  • But even Amanda is finding that not everything Jessie is saying is indeed the truth and that the truths kind of have to get extracted from the anger exclamations.
  • As the tirade/rant/hurricane/whatever continues, Spencer is getting more and more smug.
  • While I realize that Jessie, as an underdog, has fans ... overall her social game in the beginning desperately looking for friendship blew her chances.
  • She keeps going on about people lying to her. 
  • She's in the Big Brother house. What game did she think she was playing? It's known for deceiving, lying, backstabbing and then, upon returning home, it's even worse on the Internet.
  • Yes, she probably is too "nice" for this game. That's probably a good thing in the game of life.
  • But in the game of Big Brother, it's a shame that she didn't play with a smidgeon of the toughness she's showing now from the beginning.
  • Too much, too late.
  • Gah. We have two more days of this.

Jessie's game face as she storms the house

Helen doing damage control

Andy and Spencer laughing about Jessie's eavesdropping

Synchronized yoga


Terry is a Texan! said...

thanks for the great update...Im really sad Jesse has self destructed....nothing new in the house. As annoying as Aa and GM are I want Amanda and Mc crae up on the block..come on Helen and Elissa...win one for crying out loud!!!

Nickelpeed said...

Thanks for the update, Jackie. I, too, am very sad to see Jessie self destruct. Very sad.

I have Andy as my pool pick. I'm really not liking him. Such a gossip and rat. I'd like to see Amanda and GM up on the block. I can handle McCrea, but Amanda is annoying.

Helen is really good at manipulation,I kind of wish someone would catch on.


Sharon said...

I'm of the mind that it didn't matter if Jessie self-destructed or not... the plan was already in place to evict her, and nothing was going to change that unless she had won POV.

To her mind, she must be thinking that she might as well do some damage to those who have pretty much tortured her from day one.

The others say they don't believe her lies, except they KNOW some are true, so I'm sure the seeds of distrust have been planted.

Andy is unhappy.
Poor little elfin Spock.

~~Silk said...

The Monday night fights: Flashback times provided by Dingo: 8/12-10:53pm, 8/12-11:23pm, 8/13-12:40am, and house meeting 8/13-1:12am NT (from Jokers)

monty924 said...

And the 2:52 a.m. which was the big house meeting called by GM after the GM/Aaryn fight. To see it set up though, start at 2:49-2:50 on Cam 1 (with Andy and Spencer in the HoH room). As I said, a very LONG time/fight.

Anonymous said...

If the wedding takes place tonight, does anyone think Jessie will keep objecting to this marriage? She might accidently stick out her foot and trip the bridemaids. Heck, Jessie might even provide the music, banging the pots and pan! Nothing will surprise me at this point.

I have my asprin all lined up for tonight.

Patty said...

The previous post was by me as Anon. I had to prove I was not a robot. Sorry.

Sharon said...

Elissa asks Amanda if they should invite Jess.
Amanda says why so we can give her the opportunity to do something crazy.
Elissa responds with "I love pineapple on a tray".

Elissa is kind of like... oops, Shiny Penny. (Talking about one thing and then suddenly, off in a totally different direction.) LMAO

Petals said...

GM is eating ice cream. I thought she was a Have-Not? So she is exempt from the rules?

This season sucks.

Sharon said...

GM is a HN. It used to be that BB yelled at people doing breaking the rules. Now they only yell about Production and microphones.

Maybe they've decided to let the other HGs discover and call people on things? @@

monty924 said...

No, it's homemade Petals. Amanda concocted a recipe during the first couple of weeks for the have nots. It's made from milk, creamer, etc. Not cheating on this one.

Sharon said...

Since Jessie isn't invited to the wedding, I think it would be funny if she sneaks into the SR and grabs a whole bottle of wine for herself... before they know what's happened! lol

Sharon said...

Thanks for clearing that up Monty.
It's so easy to dislike most of these people and the majority of things they do!

uncartie said...

GM has disobeyed the have not rules before. She has yet to be punished.

If you think Jessie is bad now,just wait until she gets to the jury house. Since this will no doubt be another exciting,hold on to the edge of my seats landslide shutout (grrr) every one in after her will feel her wrath.

monty924 said...

I know, lol. They make it easy this season, but no harm, no foul on this one.

uncartie said...

Just saw your post Monty. Ignore my comment on GM

monty924 said...

I'm praying Jessie goes and stirs it up some more. With a booze delivery would be icing on the cake. She's convinced for the time being that she's working with McCranda, so if she lashes out at anyone, it will be Helen, GM, Aaryn, etc.

The feeds will be good again tonight. About time!

Sharon said...

uncartie - I know there was a rumor that GM was drinking Soda as a HN (a while back), but it turned out that she was drinking something else (Seltzer water?). So it wasn't against the rules.

Jessie will do fine in Jury with Candice, but I think Judd will give her a bad time for a while. What will be really hard is when their peace and solitude is broken when Aryan and nutty GM enter the scene.

uncartie said...

Sharon,It was ice cream previously that confused me. I didn't know it was a homemade concoction that was legal

Sharon said...

uncartie - yup, I saw your post after I replied. We crossed paths! lol

Sharon said...

BB must be afraid the wedding might turn into an all-out Brawl-by-Jessi.
Only gave them ONE bottle of wine!!

monty924 said...

BB's really being cheap tonight. One bottle of wine and no beers. That's no way to bring excitement to the feeds, BB!

Sharon said...

On the other hand, BB might be thinking everyone will be so aggravated that "someone might explode." :D

Talk about BB tossing a downer into [what I'd call] "renewal vows," but maybe they are getting tighter with the booze since they've already had bachelor and bachelorette parties, plus the first wedding. From what I read, BB was apparently not prepared for the 1st wedding (for publicity shots... or something). McC doesn't even want to participate this time. Talk about forced entertainment!